Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby Smeller

I know I do things that people don’t understand. In an effort to be myself, I don’t hold a lot back in public, but that sometimes makes for awkward situations. It’s not like I have no filter – I do, in fact, monitor what I say - somewhat. But, there are times when things escape my mouth and as they are spilling out I am a bit astounded at myself.

Case in point. Last weekend Joie and I were having a post-race dinner at some hot spot in little Pagosa Springs, Colorado, called Kits. This place had amazing fish tacos – tender pieces of fish in soft corn tortillas, covered in grated cheese and huge slices of avocado. We were listening to some mellow acoustic music, drinking wine and reminiscing about our day on the trails.

That’s when they showed up. A man holding a baby. But, not just any old baby. A 5 month old, chubby baby boy with bright white hair and rosy cheeks. A baby dressed only in a diaper, so that you could see all of the sweet fat folds and creases. An angel baby.

I could feel my dried up eggs sitting in my old ovaries. If I had any milk left in these ducts, it would have let down and started spraying onto my fish tacos. If you are a mama who has ever nursed a baby, you know what I am taking about. It doesn’t take much to spout a leak.

I knew I would be producing no more babies of this kind.  Yet, my maternal instincts kicked in, as did Joie’s. At that moment, we craved baby. Just then, that little baby’s big blue eyes locked into mine. His tiny lips curved up into a slight smile. His dad leaned over and told me the baby’s name was “Tev.”

That’s when I popped the question. I just had to ask.

Me: “Umm…well…do you think I could just smell your baby for a minute?”

I swear this dad did not even miss a beat.
He must be one of those ultra sensitive dads who just “gets it.”

Dad: (leaning Tev’s chubby naked body towards my nose): Sure!

Me: (breathing deeply through my nose): Okay, that’s so good. Thank you.

Joie, who was across the table, was trying to live vicariously. “What did he smell like? Was it really good?”

Yes, it was really really good. It’s hard to explain that baby smell, but I would buy a Yankee candle in baby scent if I could.

Weird? Maybe. Sue me. I’m a baby smeller and I like fat babies. I had a couple of them myself.


Emma at…maybe 4 months?

The thing is, sometimes I think it’s good to say right what’s on your head. It makes you real. It makes you authentic. Maybe sometimes it makes you weird, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Happy Friday! I’m off to hug (but maybe not smell) my big 11 & 14 year old babies.



  1. Oh I just loved this post! Especially the part about your milk letting down...laughed out loud on that one, because, being a mommy of 2, I know exactly what you mean!! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy my babies, while they still have a little of that "baby smell" left. Happy Friday!

  2. Love this post. I am one of those that often lacks a filter and it is with great self restraint and a whole lot of work that I hold myself back. But it still comes out in certain situations or the people that I'm most comfortable with. I haven't had a baby - would love to someday - but I know what you mean by that baby smell and would've done the same thing. ;)

  3. I think saying what is on your mind is the way to go. I would rather someone be upfront and real, than to go behind my back and say something. I got my tubes tied after number 2, so now I can smell all the babies I like and have no worries. LOL!!

  4. I looooove baby smell. The best baby smell is the top of a newborn's head. Mommy truth here, I've been known to sniff my kids' hospital hats and my kids aren't that big...yet. I'm in a little bit of denial that they'll be teenagers some day. Glad you got a good sniff in!

  5. As a mother to three who will not be having any more children I know exactly what you mean. It's such a motherly instinct. Do you have a very difficult time hearing a baby cry? It is physically difficult for me. I took care of babies for so many years one after another that I still feel the strongest maternal urge when I hear crying to soothe them.

  6. It takes a parent to understand a parent. I truly believe this. So I'm sure this Dad totally understood. :) Your Emma looked so adorable!!

    I sniff babies for two reasons: the baby smell...and THAT baby smell. Usually for the 2nd reason, it's b/c I'm at the church nursery and need to decide if mommy or daddy needs to be paged to get their baby's diaper changed....

  7. hahahaha!!! i am a baby smeller too!!!!
    LOVE it! i may or may not have actually have smelled strangers baby in public....
    now that ive got yet another sweet newborn,i will have my fix for a few months!!!

  8. I am holding my little one reading this while he sleeps. Yes, I just leaned down to smell him.

  9. I think once they start school they just start to smell funny. Babies just have that new skin, soft, lotiony, fresh milk smell. Ahhhhhh!

  10. I love big, fat squishy babies! My youngest had food allergies that resulted in a lot of vomiting and diarrhea so he smelled pretty bad, but he was/is so cute! He had a poopy moment at the library that had everyone looking around and wondering what the heck just died in the library. I took him to the parking lot to change him (it was that bad), brought him back in and instantly everyone loved him again.

    Now you've gone and made my ovaries twitch. I need to find a baby to sniff, preferrably one with chubby cheeks to smooch!

  11. My babies were skinny. I'm actually not big on fat babies. I totally "get" the smell thing, but my milk ducts tingle for naked baby TOES! They are just all too cute and soft for words!

  12. Emma is soooo cute! She looks a lot like Ken in that picture! :)
    I love holding babies...but just for about 20 minutes.

  13. ahh yes. thanks for making my uterus ache! lol. I miss those squishy baby days.

  14. I still smell my daughter's 25 year old head when i hug her.

  15. Totally get this. Kiddo #2 is 4 weeks old, and I breathe him in every chance I get. *swoon*

  16. So if you really wanted to have another, you might be able to. I had my 4th at 46. Just sayin' ;-)

    I do miss having a baby around...sort of. But I promised myself that I would not lactate after the age of 50, so no more until some grandbabies start happening.

    How awesome that he 'got' it and you got to get a whiff of baby goodness :)

  17. I used to LOVE smelling the back of my childrens necks. It was so nice:) I really miss that.

  18. I adore Tev. And Emma (who I have smelled and it was niiiiice) and Tev's Daddy for letting you do it.

  19. This is awesome! I'm also a baby smeller, you are not alone. I have 5 kids, and if I thought we could afford it, we would be the Duggars. I love the rolls on babies, and also their little feet!

  20. Mmmmm....I sniff babies as often as possible and the fatter, the better. I had two fatties, myself. :)
    Occasionally, I long for another baby but then I remember that I enjoy sleeping through the night....and I kind of like that my boobs don't leak anymore. ;)

  21. Totally get the milk letdown thing! I loved to smell my kids' heads right after their baths. Such a sweet, delicious smell. Every now and again I smell their heads after they get a shower, just for old times' sake, but mostly what happens is I have to bust them for not using shampoo. (My boys are 10 & almost 14.)

  22. And when I saw the title of your post, I thought it was going to be about having to do a "sniff check" on a diapered bottom. Ha! I miss the sweet baby smell, but poopy diapers, not so much.

  23. Your honesty and forthcoming is what I love about you...and there's nothing better than the smell of a clean baby

  24. Your honesty and forthcoming is what I love about you...and there's nothing better than the smell of a clean baby

  25. I am a baby sniffer, too, but I'm mostly still in the closet, occassionally just doing a little sly, surreptitious sniffing. Mostly I like to sniff their baldy heads and their fatty neck creases - ambrosia!!!!!!

  26. Do I get it? I'm pretty sure my milk let down just reading about it! Love baby sniffing. I wish someone could bottle that smell.

  27. Oh Lordy Lordy...I am a baby smeller! Especially their heads, ohhhh they smell so good. I tell me beautiful 4month old niece all the time that it is chubby little bubbies like her that make Aunty Hanna's uterus ache!!

  28. Funny! I had someone ask me to smell Ella a few days ago. You are not alone! She does smell so delicious and her chubby little dimpled hands and feet...I just want to eat them up all the time. Oh and the cheeks...totally wish I was kissing them right now rather than pumping at the office.

  29. I have no words. I was born without the love of babies or baby smell. Hence, it probably makes sense that I do not want any babies. Oddly enough, though, I think kids (over 4 years old) are awesome! I'm equally weird, just in a different way...*sigh*

  30. Oh, the smell of a baby is just dreamy. I still wish more babies were in my future, but, at the same time, I realize it would cut into my running days, so am also glad it's out of the picture. :)

  31. I love this post so much. So very, very much.

    I think I need to get pregnant. Immediately.

  32. Omg I love you! I'm not a mom but I LOVE sniffing babies! They smell, just so...heavenly! Everyone thinks I'm weird but I can't help it! My goodness! I remember my aunt took her my cousin away because I couldn't stop sniffing him. He loved it so much that he'd actually crawl and sit RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE and push his head or little hands in my nose, lol. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone!

  33. P.S.- I also love chubby babies and that little angel on your page is sooo squeezable!

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