Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who Can Eat the Most Calories First?

First thing this morning, Ken and I did a brick workout – 28 mile bike and 30 minute (3.5 mile) run. The whole thing took about 2:05. Not too shabby considering this is the one and only brick I’ve done during this training cycle. And, since my race is next weekend, that’s all she wrote for bricks, except for any I leave on the side of the road. My goal is to be an under achiever for a few minutes of my life.

It’s our 17 year anniversary today so we held hands and made out for the entire 28 miles.

Halfway, I stopped and had a Honey Stinger waffle. These were the staple of my diet last summer while training for the 70.3, but I haven’t had one lately. I’ve missed you Stinger waffles. Especially when I smother you in peanut butter and Nutella.


Today I really wanted to ride the course for next weekend’s Oly tri, but there is a huge forest fire up that way, and we weren’t sure if the roads would be open. So, we settled on doing the Froot Loops course outside of Lyons. I like rides named after sugary cereals. We then went and drove the Olympic course instead. I had heard there were some good hills, and based on the look of the elevation map, I had heard right, dammit.

Bicycle route elevation map

At one point you climb up to the Horsetooth Reservoir outside of Ft. Collins. I actually did a half marathon up here a couple years ago. That’s one to try if you are into hills and crying.




Ken and I agreed it was as do-able ride, but that we might not exactly feel like running a 10K afterwards. But, as I always say, it doesn’t matter what you FEEL, you just have to shut up and do it, right?

On the way home we spotted this contraption.


Yes, that is a real dog and yes he is wearing goggles. Do you think you have to take your dog to training class at Pet Smart to get him to wear goggles? Do you think he also cleans up his own poop?


In lieu of some heavy burger/beer lunch, Ken decided to stop at Menchis (fro yo). We are such rebels.

Me to kids: Do you want to stop at Menchis for lunch?
Emma: For lunch? Like, we’d have frozen yogurt for lunch?
Sam: Sure, if you’re really not kidding. Don’t mess with me.
Me: No, I’m serious. Dad wants to go there.
Sam: Yes! You guys are finally cool parents.

Oh, so I guess I wasn’t cool when I carried you for nine months, pushed your watermelon head out of the opening of a straw and let you suckle my breasts for another nine? Or, how about when you put that penny in the outlet and blew up the wall, and I remained calm? Volt Sleeveless WetsuitI’ll show you cool.

The kids and I gave Ken and wetsuit for Father’s Day. Xterra is having a great clearance sale and we got this one for half price (regularly $200, now $99). I also have an Xterra wetsuit (review here). I think it’s a great product – durable, comfortable and it doesn’t disintegrate when you pee in it while swimming.

Tonight my dad comes for dinner. He’s been lonely because my mom is out of town. Either that or he is having keg parties with the neighborhood girls every night. He can be wild like that. In any case, my dad is the best. Kind, funny, smart. He’s taught me everything I know about farts. In fact, I found this perfect card for him (Dad, if you are reading this before coming over, don’t look):



I’m making a very healthy and light meal of BBQ ribs, Tatar tot casserole, green beans, and Ghirardelli brownies with Baby Ruth ice cream. Trust me, you don’t even want to know what’s in that casserole. It makes me clench just thinking about it.  We’re going to have a contest to see who can ingest 10,437 calories first. Tomorrow - back to spinach smoothies and flax. Everything in moderation, right?

What did you do for Father’s Day?

Favorite fueling food while working out? For me, it depends on the activity. I don’t fuel unless I’ll be out there longer than 1.5 hours. For running, I usually do just gels and water.  Sometimes, Chomps or Blox. For biking, I’ll do waffles, protein bars, PB&J.



  1. I had 5 HoneyStingers on my ride this morning. It was glorious!

  2. LOLOL - that is like TEH AWESUMMEST card EVAR!! I'd totally get it if I didn't have to worry about daycare staff calling me tomorrow to discuss why my daughter was loudly announcing "Fart Day" in daycare....

  3. Fueling for workout: I'm not big on having to chew anything or sticky stuff in my mouth. I might have Chomps or the Jelly Belly beans if its a long training run. I like Heed Sports Drink for longer runs too.

    My dad lives quite far from here, so I called him for Father's Day and had a great chat!

  4. This by far the best blog on the net. You are a beast girl! I can only hope to do half of all you do. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I just tried these little Honey Stinger brand chewies...they were red and not too bad. And wow...frozen yogurt for a meal...y'all eat way healthier than we cream sundaes for dinner on Thursday. Moderation in everything ...even healthful choice...I totally agree!!!!

    Hills of brutality...that's what those are. And as to that motorcycle and sidecar...once in France we saw a sidecar with a fucking CAR SEAT in it. Let's be safe :P

    1. LMFAO. Did the baby have goggles on?

  6. I only wish I had found that card for my husband. My 18 month old daughter already says "Daddy Toot" "Mommy Toot", so yeah... it would have been a hit in our family too.

  7. Wish I had my knees back to what they once were. Used to enjoy running. You sure seem to enjoy it.
    I’ve been a follower on your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation

  8. Not even joking, they are called doggles!

    Just had my family over for a Mexican fiesta. I've lived out of the country for the last 7 years and my dad had a stroke on New Year's Eve so I'm glad to be around for this one.

    Keep up the hilarity!

  9. I finally found the fuel that doesn't make me poop immediately: Honey Stingers! But I don't fuel unless it's more than an hour or so. Otherwise, I waste a lot of time on the side of the trail or in the port-a-pots!

    Had a 3-mile recovery run this morning and then called my Dad in Montana. Easy peasy lemon squeezy...

  10. Hhhaa! I totally got my husband a fart card too! good stuff! I once saw a family of 4 on a moped in Mexico. The mom was totally just hanging onto the tiny baby in her arms, sitting side saddle! OMG!

  11. Fuel while I beans or Swedish fish ( I'm a complete addict and I figure if I eat them while running then it really doesn't count!)

    And I bought the exact same card for my husband!!! In fact, every card I buy him has something to do with farts...the man farts more than 20 people combined...and the smell, holy crap!

  12. Ha, yeah, the L2L bike course is no joke! I remember getting so pissed on one of the climbs because I dropped my chain so quickly that I almost fell off my bike...sure sign I was going at a snail's pace :) You'll do great!

  13. No joke, that guy is my neighbor in Loveland. We see the two of them on the road a few times each summer. It's amazing.

    I hope the smoke clears and you all can race! I know several people planning on doing the Olympic, and it is such a pretty area that I hope it works out!

  14. I'm on a trip with our daughter, so the hubby has been partying with our neighbors, probably telling anyone who doesn't really know him that well that he's a single college... so, that's his Happy Father's Day!

  15. Happy anniversary!!! I think I need some fro you for breakfast now.

  16. Good luck on the upcoming race and going after those hills. I'd avoid them at all costs. Yikes!

  17. Love the stinger (that's what the COOL kids call them) but I have to try and only eat them while training otherwise I go through boxes of the stuff.

    Some people are chowing on chips and popcorn in front of the TV and I have a Napolean of HS waffles with vanilla, honey and strawberry.

  18. Fro yo for dinner--now that's the way to celebrate! Spent the morning with our 3-year-old grandson watching Veggie Tales (he will watch them over and over and over, loves them); both my dad and father-in-law are gone, so that was bout it for Father's Day. We did get out for a slow 10 miles in the afternoon (after a 2-hour nap), and I tried a Hammer gel (apple cinnamon, yum!) and Power Bar gel along with some Power Bar chews, worked well. I have tried the Honey Stinger waffles, not a big fan of them--but then I haven't slathered them with PB and Nutella either.

  19. I saw a motorcyclist with a dog wearing goggles in his side car a few months ago here in Minnesota! Hmm, perhaps a trend is starting? Or the same guy is taking his dog cross-country?

    Oh, and I'm definitely an advocate of ice cream or fro-yo as a meal. Nothing better than Dairy Queen ice cream cake for breakfast...

  20. Happy 17th Anniversary!!

    And that dog! hahahha As if he had goggles on! Too good!

  21. i'm a newish reader. i felt compelled to comment on the dog. dogs in motorcycle sidecars must be a growing trend. i saw one a year or two ago. it was the funniest thing ever. different dog though. the one i saw was a white standard poodle with red framed sunglasses/goggles on. i wish i had gotten a picture.

  22. Hope you're able to do the tri. Fort Collins is my hometown, and it's so hard to watch this from afar. My parents just got a pre-evacuation notice last night, and they live southeast of the reservoir--those winds are wreaking havoc!

    So great to see pics of the hills around Horsetooth. Hope you get to race so I can see more and live vicariously!

  23. That card made an appearance in my house, too. You just gotta love a day celebrating "He Farts Day!!"

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