Thursday, March 24, 2011

Only Dogs Could Hear It

It better be freaking worth it.

I got needled again today. That sounds dirty, kind of like “corn dogging,” but it’s really not.

I talked about dry needling in this post. Basically, it is to release really tight muscles that haven’t loosened up with massage, stretching, rolling. A practitioner (usually a PT, but could be a doc) sticks an acupuncture type needle directly into the trigger point muscle causing it to spasm and release. So far I’ve had great success with it.

Today I realized the first go-round my needler had been quite gentle with me. I be-bopped into my session, singing the praises of myself and how well I did post-needling: very little achiness, able to run the next day. She must have taken that as a green light to needle the eff out of my muscles.

My IT band is so tight that if it could fart only dogs could hear it.


You have to be really advanced to get that joke, so I hope it didn’t go over your head.

And yes my dog is in every picture because he cannot be more than three feet away from me at any given moment. I think it goes back to that one time I used KY Jelly on him (not kidding). I’ll have to post that story sometime. It’s a keeper.

She stuck me twice in the gluteus maximus (ass). She then started at the tightest part of my IT (by my knee) and worked her way up doing a total of five needles. The twitching, cramping and achiness flips me out a bit, only because you never know what to expect.  She then attacked my TFL (kind of to the outside of your hip).

I told her, “Okay, try not to hit the bone.” I have boney hips. She said, “That’s the point, we want to hit the bone, it helps us know where we’re going and lots of time the most cramped muscles are by the bone.” Me: “Shit.”

It hurt like a mother. But only for a few seconds.

I walked in the Center for Sport’s Medicine with a spring in my step. I walked out with a limp. I know this is normal and by tomorrow I’ll be fine. I know that the last session of needling really loosened me up and was totally worth it.

I have my eye on the prize and the prize is NOT Boston, is NOT running faster, is NOT putting in high mileage weeks. The prize is running pain free and loving to run again because it feels good and it’s what I want to be doing well into my later years.

Okay, so tomorrow I am hoping to finally get up a review of some cool Pearl Izumi gear I received (shoes, shirt, shorts). I always associate PI with cycling stuff, but seems they are really coming into the running world and I’ve been incredibly pleased with the quality and performance of my gear.

What’s your favorite brand of running gear and why? – I’m all over the board. I like Mizuno shoes, UA mock turtlenecks, Asics socks, Athleta running shirts.

What’s your best injury recovery tip? – Mine is plain and simple. Rest and not being hard on myself.

Feeling the need to make a chocolate cake (wait until I give you this recipe!),



  1. I get the tightness problem. We don't have fancy needle people in rural Tennessee. I had fix my post-surgery tightness the old fashioned way - day after day of yoga with a strap.

  2. My favorite running gear is anything cheap that doesn't get vacuumed into my vagina. Which is why I don't like loose running shorts. Crotch clump!

  3. You're right, farting out of your ITBand does hurt. Best wishes on pain free running!

  4. THAT, my friend, is indeed the PRIZE!!!

    I totally want my right leg and hip and butt cheek dry needled. I need to make someone do it. My PT isn't familiar with it and neither is my acupuncturist. If I didn't love them (as in I would marry them if I weren't already and they weren't already) and think they were smarter than I am, I would question their knowledgeability. Well, I understood what I was trying to communicate.

    Favorite brands? sheesh... you are mistaking me for a gear hound. I was already that in my previous life ;-) Now I run in... shoes that fit and don't hurt. My butt is covered by... 20-year old fleece tights (Hind, I think) when it's cold and 20-year old Sporthill pants when it's not cold. On top I wear my 1989 Philly Zoo Run cotton/poly blend tee or my stinky REI 'wicking' tee with my awesomely low-tech 100% cotton 1996 Clarksburg 30K race tee thrown over when it's chilly. Thin socks... don't know the kind. My hotness transcends the need for trendy fashion ;-)

    I want the cake recipe... now that I am all that in the kitchen. But... is it gluten-free? I only do gluten-free. Really.

  5. XLMIC - no not gluten free, but I have a great peanut butter cookie recipe that is flourless if you'd like it.

  6. GAHHH that sounds painful. It will all be worth it - it has to be!

    Fave gear - I always wear Saucony shoes. My fave bottoms (shorts and capris) are Nike. I'm all over the board with tops but New Balance seems to produce the best race shirts around here.

    Did somebody say CAKE?

  7. If you give me the cake recipe, I can try to do it GF on my own, but I am sure I will need to be wearing a green bikini in order to achieve the proper energetic vibrations to get it to work. Thank God they have "swimwear" already in at Target! And get me the cookie one, too. Do either of them require any gadgets?

  8. Oh man... you are tough! And I laughed outloud at your joke. :)

    My fave gear is Brooks... love the shoes and the clothes. Nothing Nike ever fits me well. Haven't tried PI but have seen lots of bloggers giving good reviews.

    Enjoy the cake! It's my birthday so eat some for me! I picked butterscotch/chocolate bread pudding instead of cake. :)

  9. I'm a huge Nike fan.. huge as in I like it a lot or maybe it's huge because Nike fits my huge butt and thighs. ha! I do like UA tech tees to run in though. I'm on the search for great running bra(s) on the cheap(ish) end. But my shoes, the most important running gear of all (to me) are my beloved Asics..2140,2150, feet, legs love them all!

  10. SupermomE12 I seriously need that bread pudding recipe. Please.

  11. 1. Your hair looks fab.
    2. Crazy, but I bought winter running tights at Walmart and I love them. Actually my socks are from Walmart, too. And so are my Fruit of the Loom jog bras. Hm. I might be really cheap.

  12. Funnily enough, my best injury recovery tip is chcolate cake. Maybe that's why I'm still injured after 6 months...

  13. Gear:
    shoes: mizunos, they just saved me after using Nike and being in pain for 8 mos...

    Nike for compression shorts and for all tops
    Asics socks

    Moving comfort for bras

    never tried skirt...I am too tall, skirts are always too short in the smaller sizes.

  14. did you get a new haircut? looks good...

  15. I'm with Rose - "crotch clump" it bites.


    this. is. going. to. be. a. party!

  16. God, you make me laugh! KY on the dog. It wasn't that warming stuff was it:)

    Great outlook on the "prize"!

    I wear a lot of Brooks but I'm all over the board too. My hubby SWEARS by Pearl Izumi shoes.

    I'm definitely with you on the injury recovery tip.

  17. I swear to God, if I had to choose between having a doctor bore a needle into my bone or never running again for the rest of my life, you can bet your sweet ass that these feet would never see the inside of a pair of (my favorite gear) Mizuno Wave Riders again.

  18. Best recovery tip?? Listen to your body do not run through pain.

  19. yeowch...I hope it's worth it too!
    I've had the same Brooks shorts for about 8 years..they're pretty awesome. Lordy I'm cheap.

  20. I am not sure if I would choose to get stuck by a bunch of needles... Okay, I would choose it over not ever being able to run again. But owwwwwww!!!!

  21. Yay I got the joke immediately. That means I'm advanced in fart joke intellect.

  22. The real joke was "we want to hit the bone...." I cringed when I read that.

  23. My IT Band has it's hand raised. It wants to be needled! I knew there was a funny smell coming off my hip :)

    I'm Asics on the feet and to be honest, I'm torn between Champion and Nike gear.

  24. My best recovery tip? Eating that chocolate cake you're talking about. Kidding but not really. Been sidelined with a stress fracture since November!

  25. first, I love LOVE love reading your blog!!!
    For my shoes I loved my mizunos but recently switched to nike free's. I like them so far (5 months of running in them). I also like nike clothing.

  26. You are so brave and determined to get better! The thought of those needles gives me the willies...

    Favorite gear-
    shoes: Nike Lunaracer+2
    Bra: Moving Comfort
    Shirt: old tech race shirt, or long sleeve nike
    Bottom: Road Runner Sports capri tights
    Socks: CEP compression socks, or anything else that isnt above my cankles...

  27. nike stole my heart since they made a shoe that keeps my feet from hurting! <3

  28. i love this post...and your blog. SO funny! i'm all over nike tempo shorts, mizuno running shoes, and race t-shirts. really though, i could buy running gear

  29. Oddly, my absolute favourite running leggings are from Target - I have no idea what brand they are, but they a) are cheap, b) are comfortable, and c) have a drawstring for extra security. (I tried a fancier pair of leggings once... they are low-rise and slip down if you run too fast. Um, seriously?) I have three pairs of these Target leggings. Or maybe four. I've lost track.

    Best sports bra ever was Saucony, but (sob!) they don't make it any more, so now I make do with whatever's inexpensive and comfortable. I'm all over the map, brand-wise.

  30. Oh, but Sock Guy socks? Best things ever. I despise white socks.

  31. I have not suffered any major injuries but I could not run while I was pregnant, and it was hard.

    Sometimes I have pain in my Achilles tendon, and I think what if it tares, my husband tore both of his and he could not run for 8 months. Logically I know mine will not tare but the thought of being out for that long freaks me out.

    It is easier said then done but rest and let go, I think it is the only way to get healthy again.

    Enjoy the break,


  32. Rest seems to be the best thing for injuries even though it's so frustrating.

    Gear I like:
    Shoes: Nike Frees, Brooks Ravenna and Newtons (I rotate religiously to avoid injuries, seems to be working)
    Bras: Handful (gives me some boobage)
    Tops: Target and Nike
    Skirts: North Face and Atalanta
    Capris: Target
    Sock: Injinji toe socks

    Mmmm chocolate cake!

  33. As I am reading your post laughing, I have a little schnauzer beside me pawing at my hands. You know they should be rubbing him at all times and not on the keyboard! Duh!

  34. Did I honestly read about vaginas eating panties and shorts and crotch clump?! Jesus, Mary AND Joseph!!!!

    Can you just post your comments tomorrow? LOL.


    Alright, dead serious, my magic recovery tip, I drink beer. Only a couple-few a night. Carbs, low calories, liquid so quick absorption :) Works for me :)

    Love your comment on your goals too, I am 100% with that. That is until I toe the line and get the race day adrenaline going ... ... ... I mean, yeah, I am with you on that.

  35. ouch, your poor IT band!!! sounds painful but i'm glad you are getting some relief from it!

  36. I love your attitude (and your dog and your hair). I was all into the idea of needling to release my tight hammies, until you talked about the needle going into the bone. Now, I just don't think I have it in me to endure that. But hey glad it's working for you. As for favorite gear, hmmm. The shorts, long pants, and couple of sleeveless shirts I bought from Walmart/Target have been my favorite and I have been wearing the same ones for years now (I even hem the shirts so that they don't hang down to my knees--i give good sew-jobs teehee). I spent a crap load of money on a pair of lined tights this winter and I hate them because they slide down my hips so that it looks like my crotch starts about two inches above my knees and they bunch up at my ankles. :-( So still looking for a good pair of tights. Asics 2110 are my favorite shoes. Still looking for a sports bra (i've tried 3 or 4) that doesn't rub all my skin off right under my boobs. I have permanent scarring there now LOL. Any suggestions? Recovery food for me is cheese enchilada, chili relenos, and pineapple Jaritos or gingerale. Mmmmmmm.

  37. Beth you wrote: "The prize is running pain free and loving to run again because it feels good and it’s what I want to be doing well into my later years."

    I have a running friend who was on my high school track team in the early 1970's. He has been an extremely successful youth track coach over the years coaching several Junior National Champions.

    He has two rules for running:
    1) Have fun
    2) Stay Healthy

    Your comment reminds me of is two rules because it falls squarely on top of them.

    What’s your best injury recovery tip?
    Avoid injury in the first place.


  38. best injury prevention: Fish oil (no more tendonitis)... Athleta clothes are beautiful but they are not designed for real running every thing I have from them chafes! (but I look good in them apres run) :)