Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pearl Izumi Running Gear Review

Outside PR spoiled me with some great new running gear this month, all made by Pearl Izumi. I have never been so color coordinated in my life.


First there were the shoes:

Synchro-Float IV ($110). Weighing in at 10.4 ounces, this is a lightweight stability shoe.  It has been updated from previous versions to include springier cushioning in the heel and forefoot for “more energy-return with each step and a smoother overall ride.”


I have to be honest. Coming back from an injury, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of getting a pair of shoes delivered to my doorstep without having been able to try them on first. Shoes are so damn personal! I think ordering shoes online is challenging to say the least, and that’s why I never do it unless I have worn the shoe before.

However, I took a chance because I like to live on the edge. Oh, and free shoes are good. I requested these shoes based on their description and got them in a size 9, one full size larger than my regular shoe size.

Before doing anything in these shoes, I had my PT evaluate me on the treadmill wearing them. Once she gave me the thumbs up, I was off and running.

I like to be very honest in my reviews and give the good, bad and the ugly.Yet, I couldn't find the bad and the ugly no matter how hard I tried. From the moment I put on these babies, it was comfort all the way. The fit was true to size, the cushioning was ample but not overdone. The toe box is generous for my right foot bunion, but not bulky. And the shoes breathe, which means you’re feet aren't sweating as much as your balls.

Of course the true test comes with testing the shoe in action. I have now run at least five times in these shoes (totaling about 30 miles) and have walked at least ten miles. They are lightweight without being wimpy. They are supportive without being bulky. The heel height is moderate, unlike some shoe models you get with a very elevated and thick heel. Bottom line, they are comfortable and have performed well for me on the road, the trails, the bike path and  the treadmill.

I trade off wearing these with my Mizuno Wave Inspires and I have to say I’m actually preferring the Pearls.

While I don’t buy shoes based on how pretty they are , I do dig the look of these babies (wow, check out how bow legged, I am. Can’t even touch my knees together if I tried. Anyone have a shoe to correct that?)


Then there were the Infinity Split Short ($40.00) and Infinity In-R-Cool Top ($45.00):












Shorts: Size small. Perfect fit. At 5’5” and 110 pounds I had initially ordered the extra small. They were like a speedo on me, so I exchanged for the small. Very short, but I like ‘em short. The zippered pocket in the back is a nice touch so you can carry gels and condoms. There is a small slit on the side of the short that makes you run faster. Very comfortable, breathable and true to size.

Shirt: Size small. Perfect fit for my 34B size. Comfortable, with R Cool technology to keep you optimally cool. There are fancy screen print designs on the back with reflective elements.



This is all high quality running gear. Pearl has been around for 60 years and continues to perfect their shoes and apparel to meet the demands of the competitive and recreational runner. Yes, it is pricey, but no more so than any other reputable running gear brand.  It’s solid stuff that won’t disappoint. For cheaper prices, consider visiting the Pearl Izumi Outlet online. Most sale prices are 20% off.

Now for the outtakes. Ridiculous as usual:






Now go get your Pearl on! (and don’t look at what time I posted this. Shut up and be an insomniac!)


Fine Print: Outside PR sent me all of the above items to try for purposes of a review on this blog. I paid nothing for them.


  1. Super cute! Love Pearl Izumi gear! and I am happy you posted at this time of the night, I am at work and needed something fun to read!

  2. Love the color of the top! Hadn't considered PI before, might try the clothes - shoes would have to deal w/ my wide foot and orthotics...

    Looking for the best running bra for 36A/34B (big rib cage and shoulders, not huge in actual "girls"). Have preferred seamless (Champion double dry) in the past, but as I get older and miles go up, could use more support. Suggestions?

  3. Nice!!
    I love PI for cycling and would certainly be willing to give their run stuff a go :)
    Those are some good looking shoes and you look super duper in them too!!

  4. You make their clothes look good! Thanks for the review -- I have seen those shoes before (and like the way they look) but I wouldn't have ordered them because I've never seen them in person before.

  5. So nice you have others dress you, nice job they did. Why are those last photos outtakes?

  6. I love your review - especially that last photo. That's not an outtake. That's what I call an "action shot", lol. That colour looks great on you!

  7. Hm... Shorts with room for a condom? That will solve a lot of problems I've been having after run. Your review made me laugh out loud! Def going to check out PI! Thanks for the review!

  8. I've had about the same experience with the shoes. I find myself preferring them over my Gel Nimbus, which is not at all what I expected.

    Great looking shirt. Really like their stuff. Kinda pricey. If I were a wealthy man (sung to the tune from Fiddler on the Roof ... use your imagination).

    Go get some sleep.

  9. Love PI shorts! Chafing be gone;) Pricey but I usually wait and get them on sale

  10. Wow. It looks like they really have some quality stuff. I'm going to have to look into them a little more.

  11. They look good. I like the color of the top. And your legs are ripped!! Awesomeness!!

  12. Shoes are SO NOT personal! You might like them or not, but there's nothing personal about the relationship. What your physician and other medical people do to you, especially as you get older, now THATS personal.

    You know what just kills me about your photos? There's no snow in the background. In fact, one could easily believe that it has never snowed there. Bastards!

  13. Love the last pic! cheesy perfect! I need new shoes so very bad and a bit overwhelmed with all the options. I may go try a pair of those on.

  14. Wow you like those better than the Mizunos? Love the blue top!! You look really happy!!

  15. Cute clothes. Cute shoes! Very surprised the Pearls beat out the Mizunos.....I haven't strayed from Brooks for six years. Yes, six. In fact, my feet would probably have a heart attack if I ran in anything else!

  16. Very cute stuff. I have been hearing alot about PI. I just need to get something on sale. THANKS for the review. Hey I know what you mean I dont sleep either.

  17. 34B? :) Love ya Beth but you always say how tiny you are...34B isn't tiny in my book but you've never met my wife :)

  18. Love Pearl Izumi. You look great in it. So you should; it's Canadian:) and you're you!

  19. You look fabulous!
    P.S.: I can’t even touch my knees together if I tried either. Blame it on my juicy thighs!

  20. Nice loot. Love that top. That color looks really good on you.

  21. Found you site via Athleta, nice!
    I too got some sweet gear from PI. It was fun to read your review!

  22. Pretty snazzy! I'll bet if I were outfitted like that instead of my normal 20-year old Sporthill pants and race tee from 1989, I would probably have need for that condom pocket ;-)

  23. You could be a model for them. You look great in their gear. Makes me want to buy the entire ensemble.

  24. man, i can't stop hearing good things about the new PI gear! those shoes look awesome and i particularly like that you said they have a roomy toe box--a must for my feet. the shorts and shirt look great too, but i do not have short-short legs (you totally do). thanks for the helpful review!

    PS i have the polar opposite of your bowlegs--knock knees. makes my thighs rub together (at least that's what i tell myself!), hence no short-shorts for me. gotta cover those thighs up with slick enough material so that they can glide by each other as i run!

  25. Wow! Your legs are super muscular; I love it! Nice review, I've never tried PI shoes before but might try them on next time I'm shoe shopping.

  26. You are the Elle Woods of the blogging community. That outfit is lovely.

  27. Saw u at the race today. I was a bit pissy after the race so I didn't say hi. Plus, it felt a little weird as you have no idea who I am. Just wanted to say that you're a total rockstar and seriously inspire me as I am currently battling through a metatarsal sfx. Good luck in Boston!

  28. Bahahahaha...The "Manly" Runner just said "You are the Elle Woods of the blogging community. That outfit is lovely"...Bahahahahaha!

  29. so cute, and I love that color blue.

  30. I just found your site and thought I'd visit this page and to my surprise there are my shoes! I'm running my first Half Marathon and went to a prof. running store and got fitted with these shoes. They are AWESOME! I've logged 194 miles in them so far and am thinking of buying a second pair-if you like something why stray right?

    Now I'm really interested in the clothes too

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