Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Ways I Break the Rules

These days pick up any magazine, watch any news show, talk to any doctor/therapist/professional, and you are told what you should do and how you should do it.

Drink more water! Eat more fiber! Sleep 8 hours! It’s stinking impossible to follow all the rules.

So, I don’t. Let’s face it. I’m not perfect and it takes way too much work to be that way. Some things have to go and I’m not going to feel badly about it unless it is going to kill me, hurt someone else or send me to jail for life.

Here are ten confessions that were so easy to come up with I’m sure there are a lot more:

  1. I always drive ten miles over the speed limit. I’ve only had one speeding ticket in my whole life. And a few warnings.
  2. I spend a lot of time on my computer working and blogging, but tell my kids they can’t. Double standard? Maybe. I’m an adult, they are not. Life isn’t always fair.
  3. I never walk my dog. Just let him out back. He can’t walk that far anyway on three legs.
  4. I don’t drink 64 oz of water a day. Not sure how many I drink, but it’s not enough.
  5. I pick my cuticles and chew the inside of my cheek. Nerves I guess.
  6. I don’t floss. Maybe once a month. Gross, I know. I usually lie at the dentist.
  7. I eat way after 7pm. Like up until 9pm at least. Candy, pita chips, popcorn.
  8. My library books are always overdue. I have an overdue fee of $4.70 right now.
  9. I don’t always stretch after I run or do my PT exercises.
  10. I didn’t shower after I ran yesterday and went right to my massage. I ran out of time. I used Huggies wipes in the car to clean up on the way there.

How do you break the rules?

Let’s get the ball rolling and be real. You are all tagged. Post about it on your blog under “Ten Ways I Break the Rules”. Or, just leave me a comment.  It’s fun to confess.



  1. Soooo I totally fall under all of those except telling the kids they can't... but I am on the comp. all day.

    We try to walk our dogs... training gets in the way.

    What's a library?

    I don't have B.O. ... I don't shower after I workout regularly... pisses wife off, not that I am dirty... more on the lines of that she has to shower LOL.

    Great list!

    Flossing is over rated!

  2. 1. I drive about 10 miles over the speed limit in 25 mph zones and 10 miles under on highways and interstates. Weird. I have no fear that I'll kill a dog or a kid or squirrel...but put me with tons of cars and I have an irrational mindframe that the slower I am the more control I have. I get made fun of. I deal.
    2. Same on the computer-kids situation.
    3.I didn't get a dog so that I don't have to walk them. Cats walk to and from their food dish and stretch every once in awhile. That's how I like my pets activity level. That...and I hate drool.
    4. I put a great deal of effort into drinking enough water at LEAST once a month. And that is all.
    5.We have a classic family photo of my mom and all four of us girls absent mindedly chewing the insides of our cheeks at the same time. So.strange.
    6. Ryan told me that we're going to be flossing fools this year because of the health benefits. The string got lost in the bottom and I can't figure out how to get it back out. So I don't.
    7. When the kids aren't home..I eat at 9pm EVERY NIGHT.
    8. I have exactly one book and one movie from libraries in past cities. I get a pang of guilt every time I see them in the collection. Hurts.
    9. My main purpose in stretching is to make it look like I'm doing something when its necessary.
    10. I wish I could not shower and get away with it. The moment I start to smell bad (any time after I workout) I do myself a big favor and shower. I haven't embraced my inner stink yet. Good for you!!

  3. Oh yea, I break tons of rules, who has time to drink 8 glasses of water a day! I have a tiny bladder anyways, I would be peeing every 1/2 hour lol
    I know that I don't get the right about of servings of all the food groups, I am working on it, but it's almost impossible, I just don't eat that much every day lol
    I try to stretch after each run, but sometimes I forget.
    I work in a law firm but I constantly use my computer at work for balancing my bank account, online shopping, registering for races, reading about celebrities etc...I'm sure that's frowned upon lol

  4. 1. I totally let my two year old eat stuff off the floor, sometimes it's food sometimes not. Builds character
    2. I never get 6-7 hours of sleep a night, ever.
    3. Most of the protein in my diet comes from bars or's faster/easier than cooking.
    4. I never change the air or water filter on time.
    5. Sometimes my kid eats baked doritoes for breakfast, I'm not proud, just honest.
    6. I feed my cat dog food in a pinch.
    7. Sometimes I just cuss like a sailor.
    8. I never pick up the dog poop in the yard...I just let it be.
    9. Most of the time I push myself through pain, even though I advise all my clients to "listen to your body"
    10. I'm way harder on myself than I ever should be.

    your honesty and realness is refreshing, keep up the great work!

  5. "I’m an adult, they are not. Life isn’t always fair."

    Love this, and agree with it. As a teacher and a mom with two young boys, I feel this way of thinking is missing from society. In general, parents seem so concerned with nurturing and catering to the needs of their children. I think, of course, a balance is need with children, but I feel like lately we are more concern with making our children equals.

    Okay, thanks for letting me go off! :-)

  6. I break a lot of those rules too! I bite the inside of my cheek too and it drives my husband crazy!! I don't even realize I'm doing it until he mentions it to me.
    My poor dog...he doesn't get walked nearly enough! I feel sorry for him, but with 2 kids, cleaning, work, training, he's just not a top priority. I know, I'm horrible!

  7. I am an adult, and I get to decide what that means.
    1) I will eat cake for breakfast if it's around. If not, I eat Cocoa Pebbles. I am 34.
    2) I floss about 3 times a week, which is an improvement over the "never" I did before.
    3) I don't believe in stretching.
    4) I slouch terribly when I am at work, in my cubicle.
    5) I prefer white bread to wheat, because it is closer to cake.
    6) Before a race, I carb load with beer.
    7) I ALWAYS let my dog off the leash when we are hiking, even when there are leash laws. She is better behaved that way.
    8) I am lucky to drink 8 oz of water a day, but probably 64 of coffee.
    9) I believe it is unhealthy to go to bed without a snack because I will be up at 3 starving to death if I don't.
    10) I rub my eyes when I am tired, and my face. I know you aren't supposed to, but I can't help it.

    This is fun! I also take at least 3 extra breaks at work, show up 20 minutes late, and never, ever make up the time. Because I can.

  8. I'm a law-abiding citizen. Keeps my life structured that way. Though I do drive 4-9 miles over the limit. 10 is the point where the police start giving tickets, just so you know.

  9. Kovas - yeah I know. I never go over ten, never get pulled over.

  10. Driving a Corvette made me a stickler for the speed limit. Maybe I'm wrong, but it just seems to me like a cop would come more near pulling over a Corvette going 10 miles over the limit than a regular car going the same speed.

  11. Love this.....
    I'm doing it.

    my big one - I NEVER stretch. I know Ilead a crazy life. ;)

  12. Pam - I swear I've heard that cops pull over sport's cars and red cars more. So you're probably right. I drive an old Ford Explorer. No one cares about me.

  13. - i bite my nails chronically
    - i rewear running shorts/sports bras/cycling kits (yup i'm the smelly one on the bike in front of you)
    - i rarely stretch after riding, and only sometimes after running/swimming
    - i always go at least 10 mph over the speed limit, but if it's 5am and i'm headed to the pool, every road is 70mph

  14. 1. I don't always wash my workout clothes after a workout and I wear them again...I don't have many workout clothes and don't want to do laundry everyday.
    2. I swear way too much.
    3. I speed.
    4. I don't wash the sheets on the bed as often as I should.

  15. I walk my dog maybe once weekly and I am a veterinarian for crying out loud. But I'm a firm believer in picking up poop.
    I never stretch... I pulled a hamstring doing that. Ran a marathon without injury, but hurt myself stretching. Enough said.
    I'm with the coffee drinker... drink a million cups of it but when it comes to water? Meh.
    If I spent as much time training as I do on Facebook, I would take first place at Kona.
    I'm not confessing to how many speeding tickets I've had. Wish I could get one while running...

  16. REBEL!

    I break a lot of your rules - speeding, cuticles, flossing.

    I *do* however drink a ton of water. 5L+ (170oz) most days PLUS what I drink while running. Yeah, I pee a lot.

    I also generally get 8-9 hours sleep per night. Other than that, I break ALL the rules!

    Sometimes I'm too lazy to even brush my teeth before bed (though I ALWAYS do first thing in the morning)

    I often go to bed after a run without showering.

    I slip my running shoes off without untying them (use the other foot to pull it off).

    I eat in bed.

    I eat in the bathtub.

    I pause my Garmin at red lights.

    Ahhh it feels good to let it all (hang) out.

  17. 1. Usually only 5 miles over for me. I'm scared of the cops...not really please don't make fun of me.
    2. OMG. I thought I was the only parent to do this. Whew. So good knowing I am not alone.
    3. My dog was never good on a leash so the no walking thing is totally her fault...Not mine.
    4. I shoot for 100 oz and fail sometimes. I like Diet Coke and coffee at some point in my day.
    5. I've been a cheek chewer as far back as the 2nd grade. My dentist fusses at me over this...I can't help it.
    6. I use to be the same way BUT I have braces and have to floss 3 times a day or I just feel gross. And the dentist can totally tell if you don't floss regularly or at least the hygienist can. ;)
    7. Guilty there too.
    8. I don't even go to the library for fear of overdue books. I'm also afraid of the library book police.
    9. Guilty again. And I always say I am going to do better and stretch til I have nothing left to stretch.
    10. Adding huggies wipes to my gym bag.

  18. and I'm back!!! after about two weeks of being in the dark blog reading wise I finally found some free time.

    I think that I might turn this into a post. But off hand, I don't follow many rules.

    1. With running, I sure as hell don't fuel right. (e.g. I did 10 miles this morning without water)
    2. If someone has a camera looking into my house's front windows, they get QUITE a show of indecent exposure. underwear after a run are totally overrated.

  19. I'm definitely doing this tomorrow.

  20. I pick my cuticles and chew the inside of my cheek too. Its totally gross, but I don't know how to stop!! I pretty much do everything else on that list, too. Oh well.

  21. Ok all the rules you break, I break too! Glad to see I'm not alone.

    I can't think of any other than the ones listed here but I KNOW I break rules all the time.

  22. #2--so me. My kids get virtually no time on the computer and very little with TV. No handheld games exist in this house, etc. Yet, I am on the computer all the time.

    #9--I don't think that's such a big deal...stretching is perhaps not the best way to finish a run anyhow.

  23. BOOM:

  24. Ok, fun post idea! I am going to think about it and do a post on it tomorrow. I definitely am regularly breaking rules (aren't we all???) :)

  25. We do the same with our dogs, and then wonder why they're still running around the house like hooligans.

    Great idea for a blog post trend - I'll put mine up tomorrow!

  26. I love this so much! It really makes you step back and think "wait I don't have to do everything the exact right way every time and I can take a break" This was a very refreshing post!

  27. Yeah, I do pretty much all of those things..

  28. Thanks for the inspiration for today's post, Beth!!!! I shared my 10 ways on my blog

    with a little twist.

  29. First thing I thought was - only 10???

  30. Yea! Confession time:
    1. I work part-time, have a 10 yr old & 13 yr old but I never volunteer/chaperone at school.
    2. I don't run, but I'm a yogi (thanks to Athleta for leading me to this blog).
    3. Even though I'm a yogi of 10 years I don't like chanting & drumming, I find it creepy.
    4. Diet Coke is a major part of my day.
    5. I feel that popcorn is a food group but not microwave style only stove top.
    6. I live at a beach in NC but I don't wear enough sunscreen. Working on that...
    7. I don't enforce my kids to brush their teeth. Their dad is the teeth-police.
    8. I don't iron.
    9. I don't make pancakes. I do a terrible job and leave that to dad too.
    10. I screen my phone calls ~ 90% of the time.

  31. OMG, this is awesome...I'm putting it on my blog!!

  32. Thanks for the blog post inspiration! :-) I totally listed the ten rules I break.

  33. I blogged on this! Thanks for remaking me think a little bit.

  34. 1. We do not change our bedsheets every week (i have heard talk of people changing bedsheets weekly so I assume that is the standard for civilized folk). I'd be embarassed to say how often they actually get changed
    2. I have never dusted and don't even own any 'apparatus' for that.
    3. I eat right before bed often. Sometimes I don't even have dinner cooked before 9pm never mind snacking
    4. I bite my nails. they look terrible
    5. I do not get my bikini line waxed in winter. Poor hubby. I also don't always shave my legs. Sometimes I just wear pants instead
    6. I don't moisturize my face. Sometimes i don't even take my makeup off at night and just wait til my morning shower.
    7. we do not clean the poop from the backyard. I mean, the dogs poop. My own poop I would clean up. Wait, no I wouldn't! I could just blame it on the dog!

  35. I love your confessions. And I too think Flossing is overrated. I will be posting soon on my blog..

  36. Okay, I knew I couldn't be the only one that doesn't floss regularly. Unfortunately, my partner is the dental police and she always lectures me about the importance of flossing.

    I am pretty sure I break every single one of those rules as well.

  37. I love to use the word shit. It can be used in so many ways. I never let me kids swear.

  38. hilarious! i totally eat off the floor if food falls there...

  39. Love it!! Totally going to blog it :)

  40. My high school boyfriend's dad called me Suzanne Andretti. I was born with the LEAD FOOT. I drive as fast as I can get away with pretty much all the time, and I get tickets. Just got one yesterday, as a matter of fact. Damn, time to start using my radar detector in town. (seriously, I thought the speed limit was 35 but apparently it's 30. There are no signs. I'm a lawyer, I will be bringing that up at my court date)

    I eat a LOT of sweets. Like, I need dessert after lunch and dinner, and sometimes I need a few more cookies in the evening while lounging.

    I surf the web at work. And even blog. My job isn't that challenging, so I waste time so I can create a little excitement by having to do all my work in less time.

    Hmm..that's seriously all I can think of. Guess I'm pretty boring..

  41. could I forget? I get to work HORRIBLY late, like everyday. I mosey in around 930-945. However, in my interview, I was told "I don't care when you're here as long as you get your work done." And I do! I kick ass. I also hardly ever take a lunch break. Therefore, I'll cruise on in here when I feel like it, dammit.

  42. ok I will play today I am doing it
    I am Canadian we are known for beiing rule follers to a fault...

  43. I don’t floss. Never. It bugs the crap out of the wife because the dentist never finds anything wrong with my chompers.

    Man, that felt good to get off my chest.

    Oh, in California if your only going ten over you will get lots of dirty looks.

    All the best,


  44. Saw this post linked over on Rose's blog. Oh my gosh, this is awesome. I can totally relate to #3.. and I don't even open the door for them--we have doggie doors. Lazy much? I don't care. I will have to do this sometime--love the idea.

  45. >I chew ice-hear its an iron deficiancy??
    >Love to eat cookies in the morning.
    >Sometimes don't shower after running at night.
    >Speed way too much, but am never unsafe + no tickets.
    >Actually enjoy flossing now that I buy floss picks.

  46. HERE YOU GO!

    check my pic on the side!

  47. i do every. single. one of these. and last friday i didn't have time to shower before work. so i didn't. in my defense i was only going in for 2 hours...

  48. I don't think anybody has enough time to read all the ways I break the rules.

    I have been especially bad lately with hydration before a run and just plain drinking enough water throughout the day. I, like Adam, went on a long run the other day after drinking hardly anything.... and then didn't take anything with me either. I was ticked because of a nagging injury and just wanted to be done. Anything over 10 without water before or during is not recommended.

    I will have a coke occasionally with a meal, even though I know it is horrible and I tell everyone else it is killing them.

    floss - nope
    bath - mostly
    nails - chewed

    And I am eating chocolate right now.

  49. I read #10 "...used Huggies wipes in the bar to clean up". I laughed, reread it and realized that I need to get back to work and stop reading blogs for today:)

  50. I pick my toenails off instead of clipping!

  51. Well.... my husband would have a field day at my expense on this one. I am a notorious rule-follower... except when I am not :)

    *I tend to drive way to fast (I am Italian, after all).
    *I get way less than 8 hours of sleep, drink less than 64 oz of water, rarely floss, eat way late, slack on stretching... all those things.
    *I sometimes leave a kid in the car when I run in somewhere.
    *I used to let my baby nap in the car parked out in the driveway (in the shade, people, and with the garage door open and the windows open... and the door to the house open... it was closer than her bedroom! And I live in a stupid gated community)
    *I am not even going near personal hygiene and housekeeping issues... I'd be here all frickin day!

    So yeah, for all my talk of following the rules...

  52. I love list posts and this is my fav thus far--you've ignited another trend! I was cracking up at the exchange you and Kate had on her blog!

  53. HAHA Im the same way on the computer! And I owe the library over $20!

  54. I could literally just copy and paste your 10 rules.

    I always go 10 mph over the speed limit and I floss about 2 weeks a year which are always the 1st week after each cleaning.

    I fart and trap my wife so that she has to live with it. Same thing for the dog and chico.

    I don't walk our dog either. Just let her out back.

    I don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day.

    I go to the grocery store for no reason because I want to walk around and I always end up buying something.

  55. See, I knew we had a lot in common!

    Sometimes/always I 'forget' to wash my face before bed. I never get blemishes though so I just don't think about it. I have a foam roller and use it maybe once a week, even though I am training for a marathon and need to do it more. I speed constantly and am a very aggressive driver. I always stop my Garmin at stoplights!

  56. I rarely warm up or stretch before or after I work out, unless I feel like I should. I secretly like skipping a shower on a weekend (unless I ran). I can't speed it ain't worth it - DH is a copper and I would have too much crap to take if I did!But I do blow red lights at 5 am when its dark and no one is out and I am driving to some far away race. HA! I eat chocolate at all hours - its my reward for being up and running at 5am most days. And I cuss. A lot. I try not to, but it sails right out.

  57. Loved this post! I did the same on my blog :)

  58. hahaha. this is great. i break a lot of "rules" too. too many to list, but a few are:
    -not enough sleep
    -not enough water
    -too much sugar.
    -and just for this month: watching march madness basketball games on my computer at work...hey I'm a good multi-tasker!

  59. I can totally tell you eat tons of bad food after 7:00 p.m. cuz you are hugely overweight. You should really cut that out because you do not have a good figure at all.

    I am going to break the rules and NOT write about this on my Blog.

  60. I followed the rules (being a married man and all) and wrote them up on my blog.

  61. Um yeah, not a good idea for me to do this!!

    btw, a bit late, but just dump a bunch of food coloring in the toilet bowl and wha-la, GREEN! :)

  62. I don't shower after a workout, I like to marinate in my own sweat. I don't really pay attention to expiration dates- it will make me stronger, or I'll die. I don't always come to a complete stop at stop signs- "no cop, no stop". I fart and blame it on others. I could care less about visible pantie lines- at least I have them on and they're relatively clean.

  63. when I get yerba matte tea from the whole foods- I consider that my payment for the day and refill it when ever I want to.
    I once took TP from work because I was too lazy to go by the store
    I hate dogs that come up to me and sniff me when I run on or off leash but I pretend I dont mind.
    I rewear my socks sometimes and sometimes do not wear undies to work when wearing a skirt! yikes (and I work with kids)

  64. We don't walk our dogs, either. We have five, and it's just too much trouble. We're not very good parents.

  65. (We do play with them in our large fenced backyard--just incase HSUS is reading this blog)

  66. Rules are made to be broken, right? 

    1. Speeding – Everywhere except school zones! (One speeding ticket)
    2. Double standards – I am the adult I have earned the right to be an ornery as I want to. If that means I spend the entire weekend on a computer playing computer games, so be it. If that means I lay in bed eating cookies watching TV all day, I can if I want to. BUT I also am the type of mom who permits my kiddos to sit on my bed with me and have ice cream for dinner!
    3. Dog walking… One dog is 90 pounds and chases cars and the other is 8 months old and 50 pounds. They go in the back yard and play together, trust me, they get more than enough exercise!
    4. Water – I really do try
    5. Cuticles and nails – I get my nails done just to ensure I don’t do this!
    6. Flossing – I try, really! I buy floss almost every week and ever week my dogs get a hold of it and either eat it or bring it to the back yard to play with (I usually get at least one or two goes at it before it disappears)
    7. I don’t get out of class until after 7, if I eat before class I am hungry after and not for the best foods.
    8. I refuse to check out books from the library because of the late fees.
    9. Stretching – nah, usually I don’t have the time. I do stretch before I go to bed. Or maybe I put my foot up in the air to ensure the puppy doesn’t attack it, we will just call that stretching!
    10. The run determines if a shower happens or not. If it is a short run and I just don’t have time, I do what I can and continue on with my day. If it is a long run and the sweat level was through high, I need to do something.

  67. I lie to the gynecologist about breast exams. Something about it just doesn't appeal to me. I like it better if a stranger does it :)

  68. 64 oz of water - nope. And sometimes I get busy and end up wearing my workout clothes around the house all day - after I've worked out in them. There are worse things in life.

    Also, you probably don't have to lie about flossing. As a dental student who has a lot of patients who don't floss, I can assure you that your dentist already knows. :)

  69. I definitely always drive over the speed limit. I've been known to not shower after working out if I'm in a huge hurry and I totally find towlettes acceptable in a pinch. I also am guilty of not always stretching, for some reason usually after my hardest training sessions. :) Great post.

  70. Thanks for the blog post inspiration! Makes us all feel a little better! :)

    At least you use towlettes. It's 9 pm here and I haven't showered from this am's workout!

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  72. I break the rules in so many ways! Including pausing my run tracker at stop lights or when I have to tie my shoes. Haha!