Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Freak in the Cereal Aisle

The winner of the $100 fitness challenge is #331 – DLW.  She wants to use the money to run her first marathon (at the age of 50!!) on May 1, 2011. Congrats!!


Moving on…

Today I rode the damn motorized cart at Target. I have been trying to avoid shopping because it is such a pain in the ass with crutches, but I couldn't put it off any longer. Here’s what annoys me about the cart:

  1. No cup holders. Don’t they know the disabled like coffee?
  2. When you back up the thing “BEEP BEEP BEEP”s like you’re a wide load coming through. It is so loud it’s like you’re on a construction site. My ass is not that large. Yet.

I couldn't muster the courage to ask someone to take my picture (“Hey Target team members! I have a blog!’ because who really cares), so I took it myself (I was feeling pretty serious about the whole thing):


Attention Target Team Members: There's a freak in the cereal aisle

Not to belabor the Boston Marathon registration/qualification subject, but check out these stats. Unreal:


Hard to say if it filled 65x as fast as last year because of the sheer increase in numbers of qualifiers (plus those backlogged from the previous year who BQ’d after registration closed), or if everyone freaked and bombarded the site all at once.

I thought you guys had some really good comments and insight regarding the qualifying standards and whether they should change. About 90% of you agreed something needed to give. Two comments in particular really stood out.

Dana makes some very good points that encourage us to look at the marathon itself, rather than just the glory of qualifying for Boston:

“Boston may be the oldest, have a lot of media coverage, a lot of prize money, a lot of hype, but for the middle of the crowd runner, is it really the best marathon? I would say absolutely not. Run Boston to add the finisher medal to your trophy case but with respect to the actual course, logistics of the race, quality of experience, etc. There are many marathons out there that I would easily rank above Boston.

Marathons are really about personal taste but for those of you reading who are not fast enough to qualify, don't get wound up about it, I would argue that there are better marathons out there that don't require qualifying times.

I have been running marathons and ultra marathons since 1982, I can't tell you how many because I stopped counting long ago. I grew up in a suburb of Boston and ran the marathon in 1983. I have been running the Denver Marathon for the last several yrs including this past Sunday. I have to say, I have enjoyed the Denver marathon far more than I enjoyed Boston and you don't need to qualify to run in Denver. Sometimes we make more out of the things we can't have than what they really warrant.”

The Mommy suggested the following in regards to possible changes in Boston qualifying standards:

“I like the idea of only having so many entries at each BAA Qualifying race for the top finishers in each age group (like Ironman), and you have to register right then and there or you lose your spot. That's gold.”

Just some food for thought,



  1. love the picture! and the title... haha so fun :) you make me laugh. love it! (and feel better soon- i hope you at least had fun on the carts. i rode my grandma's scooter was a blast!)

  2. YAY for DLW!!

    Attention Target Team Members: There's a freak in the cereal aisle but she's going to BOSTON BABY!!

  3. Thanks Beth (and! Colorado Marathon 05/01/11! :)

  4. Oh...that picture made me kind of laugh, but feel sad for you too! I like EMZ's comment though...that rocks!

  5. Hope that you heal soon!

    In regards to the cup holder, if the target in Colorado has a starbucks inside it just ask the starbucks team member for a cup holder. We have them, they hook onto the shopping carts, but I am sure they will fit on the electric cart, which yes does suck to use.

  6. kinda looks like you're really in the candy aisle, but if you want to call that cereal that's fine by me.

    enjoy the cart while you can?

  7. Congrat's to Deb. She has a great coach to get her ready for the Marathon!

    Yup - looks like the candy aisle or the dog treat aisle . . . maybe something special for the three legged one eyed pup!

    Get better!

  8. woot deb!!!!

    im probably gonna be right there with you in a motor cart. ill let you know once the doc tells me whats wrong with my bum foot.

    watch out for old people driving those things!

  9. soo funny you bring up the Target carts b/c I was just there today using the 'new' carts and thought' dang! this has to be a blog post topic for sure!' and you did it! nice...

    congrats to the fitness winner!

  10. LOL! You totally took your picture in the cart -now that takes nerve!

    Although the pix could use some glamour - maybe add a hot pink feather boa for the next time you are at Target in a cart that beeps backing up :)

    That is very cool that you get to coach someone to the start line of her 1st marathon - and that she won!

  11. Dang're looking pretty hot in that Target pic!!

  12. You, a wide load? I think that's a loooong way off.

    That is awesome about the winner of the giveaway. All except the part where I didn't win =)

    I love Target.

  13. hahaha! That picture of you in the cereal aisle had me cracking up!! Don't look so glum! It wont be this bad forever!! ;) But seriously... I'm sorry you're injured and hoping you have a fast recovery!! :D

  14. I don't want to imply that you are a disappointment, but I was hoping for something a little freakier in the cereal aisle. For example a story of some perv dry humping a box of Lucky Charms.

  15. I thought you were gonna show us your cart all full of cereal boxes after the story that has been running on the news about cereal prices going up. But your cranky face is pretty good too.

  16. i'm so far behind on blogs...but did you register for boston?

  17. I'm with Denise.....Boston??

  18. I tried SO hard to get my hubby who is on crutches to use the darn Taret cart but his pride got in the way.

    I'd be all over it if that was me . . . however I would be sure never to back up and to just make large circles in the store.

    LOVE Pigeon's suggestion!

  19. Rereading this all I can think about is big bottoms and how many M&Ms would fit into one of those cart cupholders. BEEP BEEP BEEP

  20. Wow, shopping in a cart! Did it have an ash tray????? LOL

  21. Bwahahahahahaahahahah @ the thought of you in a Target moto cart thing. BWWahahahaahahahahaa.

    That is all


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