Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Scale Says What?

I’m wiped. 18 miles took a lot out of me today. Tapering is always a bit hellish, but I’m glad to have my long runs behind me for this training cycle. Here’s what I did for long runs this time around (a LR being anything more than 10 miles):

Week 3: LR = 14 miles @ 8:53 avg

Week 5: LR = 16 miles @ 8:50 avg

Week 6: LR = 15 miles @ 9:44 avg (mountain trail run at 9,000 feet – 1,500 ft. elevation gain)

Week 7: Half marathon race @ 8:12 avg (1:47:31)

Week 8: LR = 21 miles @ 12 avg (Run with Dean!)

Week 9: LR = 11 miles @ 10:30 avg (trail run – 1,000 ft. elevation gain)

Week 10: LR = 16 miles @8:53 avg

Week 11: LR = 20 miles @ 9:15 avg

Week 12: LR = 19 miles @ 8:49 avg.

Week 13: LR = 16 miles @8:30 avg

Week 14: LR = 18.08 miles @ 8:39 avg

The average paces are moving paces and do not include breaks taken to crap, vomit, cry, stretch, GU or wait at lights.

The weather was on my side today: sunny and high 40s at the start. I wore my new Pearl Izumi arm warmers and fell in love with the arm warmer concept. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to grab a pair. And for only $20! Takes me back to my favorite leg warmers in the 80s. Only cooler.


Even though the run was done at a pretty quick pace (I was trying to keep it closer to 9 minute miles) it did seem to drag on. My legs felt more sore than usual and I’m attributing that to my tough speed work and tempo runs this week.  I do feel it’s time for a rest and in that sense, I am welcoming my two week taper. I want to show up at the start line of the Denver Rock ‘n Roll rested, strong and fresh.

Tomorrow I am running the Race for the Cure in Denver (5K). My friend Kathy started running in July when I created a training plan for her with this race goal in mind. We will run together, and her goal is to come in under 32 minutes. We’ve got our pinks shirts and “Save the Tatas” socks laid out and ready to go for a 7:00 a.m. start. I feel privileged to be with Kathy as she crosses her first race finish line ever.  And, for such a great cause. Should be an emotional morning.

On a closing note, I don’t step on the scale often, but I did today after my run. I think I’ve lost about five pounds in the past month. Weird. Usually I will gain a pound or two during marathon training due to eating more and building muscle. Great, could it be possible I’ve lost even more weight in my already itty bitty boobs? Super. I’ve never trained for a marathon through the summer and am wondering if this is part of the weight loss. Sweating more? Not being as hungry? I also think there have been some stressful events (Running with Dean, being the volunteer coordinator for my first race, gum surgery, skydiving) that all hit within weeks of each other. I am the type who responds to stress with a decreased appetite. I know, hate me.

Do you gain, lose or remain steady during training?

PS: I have a series of cool giveaways coming up with a motivational and goal-setting fitness theme. Stay tuned for this at some point in the next week or two. I’m really excited about it.


  1. wow. you've had some stellar long runs this cycle! way to go!

    i respond to stress with a decrease in appetite too. so i tend to lose during training as well.

  2. With those paces and miles, I can't see where you wouldn't loose weight. Especially with the heat wave we had this summer.

  3. Nice long runs! Sheesh! I tend to eat everything in sight when I'm stressed so I'll take your advice and hate you. Okay not really but good luck on the Denver RandR.

  4. I definitely do not lose weight in marathon training without making a concerted effort to do so, much to my chagrin!

    You've had some great long runs. Congrats on your last one and happy taper!

  5. Wow! Amazing job!! I've not trained for a marathon, but I have lost with my half training (it's a nice side effect..) When stressed I tend to loose my appetite too. Good LUCK!!

  6. I don't lose weight without a major effort. my body thinks getting up at 4 or 5 AM to do a long run gives me free license to pig out the other six days a week.

    do you keep track of the total time it takes you, including GU-ing, crapping, traffic lights, etc? I just ask because I don't, but always feel a twinge of guilt at the elapsed time that the Garmin will show when it's 10 minutes slower than my run time. I usually stop twice for water/gatorade/whatever for 3-5 minutes each.

  7. Yay for completing your last long run! I did my last long run today too, my 20 miler today! Woohoo! Now, we're both on to the taper! Yay!

    I hate you for loosing 5 lbs! Just kidding! :)

  8. I know where your five pounds went! I found it hanging out over my jeans this morning.

    Awesome long runs. I didn't know who Dean K. was and after reading your blog I read Ultra Marathon Man. He is crazy. You two make a great team!

    Love those arm warmers!

  9. That's a strong training cycle. Your weight seems to mirror mine. I panicked at the doctor this week when he weighed me at 110, then realized that he calculated (kg to lbs) incorrectly. Five pounds can make such a difference. I'm sure you're feeling the effects of a busy, positively-stressed summer.

  10. I too, in most cases, lose wt. over stress. It has some weird metabolic thing goin' on-which is not as great as it sounds! As far as tapering for marathons, forget the scale, as it is just one more thing to get into your head for race day.

    My friend running the Wineglass (sounds awesome!) Marathon tomorrow is to be sporting "arm panties"-love the moniker and will probably adopt it myself!

    Run Happy!

  11. Have fun at your 5K! You are so fast! You rock :)

    The arm warmers are quite the fashion statement! I just ordered my 1st pair - can't wait...

  12. Have fun at the race...inever used arms warmer maybe i should since you recommend them :)

  13. Great LR paces... I am averaging about 1030 and my first marathon is on Oct. 31st.

    I have lost about 15 lbs since I started training in June... of course I needed to lose some of it... but you are right... my tatas cannot afford to lose any more weight.

  14. I always gained a few pounds while training for a long run. I think my body also told me, " are working!"

    I like the arm warmers. And am groaning at the memory of leg warmers. Which I wore with my ripped-just-so flashdance sweatshirt. Wow.

  15. Wow, my friend. Double up on that cinnamon raisin toast in the morning while you are drinking coffee through a straw. Then go to your nightstand drawer and finish off those dots. We can't have you losing weight! Your pacing is amazing. Under 9 min for long runs. Holy crap, what a goal and you nailed it.

  16. Sounds like you are ready to taper--good timing. I can't wait to see how you do at this one.

    I am not one to step on the scale very often either, but I am finding my jeans are starting to loosen up a bit right now. I have really been concentrating on my eating. I have gained weight in marathon training before, and I think it's because I mistakenly gave myself permission to eat however much I wanted. Doesn't work for me!

  17. I gain weight when I train. :-( I feel absolutely starving the whole day following a long run (which for me these days is anything over 7-8 miles since I'm still working my way back into it). That means I eat and eat and eat! Even though I try to make healthy choices I manage to pack on about 5 lbs. over the course of a training season easy. Sigh.

  18. I lost weight when I ran my first marathon in 2006. Like I could not keep the weight on... I think I lost about 10+ pounds? But I was going through a rough period in my life, so maybe that is why?

    This time around I think I have stayed the same weight? But I am not quite sure as I do not own a scale!

    Your LR paces are all so great. I should go back and sort of look at mine... I had some reallly ugly ones when it was super hot/humid here, but for the last 6 weeks or so, my pace has been great so hopefully it will be great in Portland next sunday!

    Hope the 5k went well! How fun to run a first race with a friend!

  19. Hey Speedstress, your pace is amazing! I have lost pound or two in the past week. Probably because I am feeling horrible and didn't want to cook and have been surviving on PBJs.

  20. This is my first time training for a marathon and I've lost about 8lbs. I blame the increased mileage as well as a busy work schedule. When I'm busy, or stressed, I forget to eat. I wasn't trying to lose weight so I'm looking forward to putting it back on over the holidays!

  21. I haven't checked out a scale in a very long time. My running tights are a little looser than last fall though, so I think that's my answer. Maybe they just need to be washed.

    Also, another comment on yesterday's post. Check out the last two sentences of the second paragraph on Dean Karnazes's blog I still don't approve of a straw in coffee, but I guess this is the exception.

  22. Now THIS is my subject! I weigh 160 when not running at all, 158 when training for ultras, 155 when training for 10K's and 152 when in shape and gunning for a fast marathon.

    160 this morning and I have a marathon coming up!

  23. to lose 5lbs unintentionally?? Nope, never happens to me.

  24. Holy awesome long runs...
    I am guessing I stay the same...haven't been on the scale of late so may have to check it out tomorrow...

  25. Nice!!! I need to do some sort of review of my long runs. I feel like mine were WAY more up and down than yours were. Blah

  26. I never lose weight during training... I'm too stinkin' hungry. ;-)

  27. I've remained really steady throughout this cycle - aside from the occasional I-sweat-Way-too-much water weight loss after a run, which has led to some reevaluating of my hydration strategy. oof.

    Two weeks!!! :)

  28. i don't lose weight regardless of what point of training i'm in. grrrrr.

  29. Hate you! I lost weight at the beginning got super sick had to put it back on to train properly, but damn do I miss looking like that! I always say I'd be super thin if I didn't run ;) Too bad I love it so much!

  30. Running doesn't really effect my weight much besides keep my from gaining. Whether or not the husband and I spend our evening drinking and snacking is what makes me gain or lose!!!

    Since my goal in life is to impress you and you don't follow my blog I have to tell you that I did well on my 24 hour race! 58 miles, 1st in age, and 7th individual finisher over all!!!

  31. Those are excellent totals b!

    I wannabe just as long as you one day!

  32. This is the 1st time I've ever trained for anyting, but I've been losing so far (only 11 weeks into it).

  33. Man it's hard to leave a comment on your site when I've got multiple identities (google identities that is). Preview, log out, log in, comment, pray that you I did it in the right order :)

    Sorry about the rant, here's my comment: I've been running hard for the last 3 weeks and I've gained a few pounds. I'm always hungrier when I run a lot and tend to over eat a little bit. I find it amazing that I can run for 6-7 hours per week and still gain weight. But it's true. You can't out exercise a bad diet plan. So I'm back on track, starting today!

  34. All of those paces sound right on! Be proud!
    And those arm warms are sooo cute! I think I might have to copy you and shut up and buy some!
    I usually loose a pound or three during marathon training, too. I am not a hungry person after running. But by the time the recovery week comes around, it squeeks back up!

  35. I am officially injured and won't be able to run my first marathon (f*^& S(*&&^ God D(&* it!) yes. I am mad. But.. I had accidentally lost weight as well during training. I was up to 18 miles in my long runs and I hopped on the scale one day to find out I also lost 5 lbs since starting training. I wasn't complaining. :) Now, lets hope I don't pack it all on while I am unable to run.