Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is Getting a Tattoo On Your List?

As we enter the new year, I am thinking about goals. I am original that way. No one thinks about goals this time of year.

I’m not necessarily contemplating measurable goals like winning the Boston Marathon (because I could if I wanted to) or doing 180 strides per minute when I return to running , but self improvement goals. How can I be a better mom?  Wife?  Daughter?  Friend? How can I be kinder to myself?

The common theme seems to be making sure I am present when I am with the people I love. Small things like giving the kids my undivided attention when they walk in the door after school. Making eye contact. Really listening before responding. Giving spontaneous hugs.

Being kinder to myself involves leaving self doubt and perfection behind. Prioritizing. Listening to my body when it says “I need a break.”  Giving myself permission to take a nap, to respond to those emails tomorrow. Concentrating on and saying “yes” to the things I am passionate about, and letting some of the other obligations go. And, giving back. Taking myself out of the equation sometimes, because the world does not revolve around me. I think sometimes we are all a bit guilty of too much self focus.

In actuality, I have a LIST of stuff. But it’s kind of personal, so you’re just getting the generalities.

Maybe I’ll just visit GFTW and do whatever Anne Marie does because she seems to have it down!

Talking about goals, for some reason I found this list fascinating (from HERE). Go #20!!

I am shocked “start smoking” and “become constipated” are not contenders. And, what exactly is the difference between #25 & #45?

The world's most popular goals

  1. lose weight 39656 people
  2. write a book 29031 people
  3. stop procrastinating 29016 people
  4. Fall in love 26705 people
  5. be happy 23976 people
  6. Get a tattoo 22150 people
  7. get married 20618 people
  8. drink more water 20434 people
  9. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination 20427 people
  10. travel the world 20355 people
  11. see the northern lights 18596 people
  12. Learn Spanish 17059 people
  13. Save money 15895 people
  14. Kiss in the rain 15485 people
  15. Take more pictures 15121 people
  16. Make new friends 13851 people
  17. Learn to play the guitar 13761 people
  18. Buy a House 13662 people
  19. get a job 12081 people
  20. run a marathon 11964 people
  21. learn french 11925 people
  22. get out of debt 11853 people
  23. Read more books 11834 people
  24. To live instead of exist 11797 people
  25. Skydive 11272 people
  26. be more confident 11226 people
  27. exercise regularly 11153 people
  28. eat healthier 10918 people
  29. write a novel 10593 people
  30. Learn Japanese 10442 people
  31. get in shape 10046 people
  32. Quit Smoking 9312 people
  33. Start my own business 9240 people
  34. Learn to cook 9084 people
  35. Read more 8500 people
  36. travel 8374 people
  37. learn sign language 8362 people
  38. have better posture 8227 people
  39. Learn to play the piano 8161 people
  40. Swim with dolphins 8059 people
  41. identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) 8014 people
  42. Learn to surf 7956 people
  43. visit all 50 states 7871 people
  44. wake up when my alarm clock goes off 7725 people
  45. Go skydiving 7520 people
  46. stop biting my nails 7466 people
  47. decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life 7447 people
  48. make a difference 7152 people
  49. Lose 20 pounds 7117 people
  50. learn to dance 7028 people
  51. learn to drive 6776 people
  52. graduate from college 6523 people
  53. Get organized 6454 people
  54. Be a better friend 6306 people
  55. Lose 10 pounds 6301 people
  56. learn italian 6257 people
  57. Have a baby 6217 people
  58. Visit Japan 5921 people
  59. Become Financially Independent 5858 people
  60. create my own website 5826 people
  61. live passionately 5758 people
  62. Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working 5644 people
  63. Lose 30 pounds 5520 people
  64. exercise more 5519 people
  65. make more friends 5482 people
  66. get my driver's license 5459 people
  67. be more social 5456 people
  68. Volunteer 5400 people
  69. backpack through Europe 5237 people
  70. learn german 5010 people
  71. travel around the world 5000 people
  72. love myself 4948 people
  73. write a song 4934 people
  74. design my own tattoo 4863 people
  75. Worry less. 4819 people
  76. learn to play guitar 4741 people
  77. learn how to drive stick-shift 4596 people
  78. go on a cruise 4594 people
  79. meet new people 4404 people
  80. go to college 4350 people
  81. Practice Yoga 4319 people
  82. meditate daily 4317 people
  83. Stop caring what other people think of me 4307 people
  84. Get more sleep 4298 people
  85. sleep under the stars 4168 people
  86. design my own clothes 4166 people
  87. create my own tattoo 4152 people
  88. Never stop learning 4113 people
  89. get a dog 4106 people
  90. Send a message in a bottle 4082 people
  91. Learn another language 4079 people
  92. Finish what I start 4066 people
  93. win the lottery 3986 people
  94. learn to sew 3965 people
  95. grow my hair long 3955 people
  96. figure out what i want to do with my life 3933 people
  97. be a better person 3870 people
  98. bungee jump 3833 people
  99. Learn to knit 3805 people
  100. Go on a road trip 3787 people

Are any of these things on your goal/bucket list?

Exhausted just thinking about it all and might have to go back to bed,



  1. Wow I have a lot of those on my list!!!

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  3. There are some fantastic goals on there! The message in a bottle....I suppose it depends on the message and if its found.
    AnneMarie certainly does have it down!
    One of the keys to barefoot running is to get that 180 bpm :)
    Happy New Year!!!

  4. No doubt that I am on this list:

    #2 - Write a book....should be out January 15th
    #4/#5 - Everyday with my wife
    #6 - Get ANOTHER tattoo ( is my site and logo....the 26.2 and 70.3 in each fin with 140.6 and ???? for the other two once they are done) --- So April I will get it
    #16 - make new friends.....always and daily
    #20 - and qualify for Boston
    #33 - the non-profit is happening this year

    And in all honesty --- your {making sure I am present} is mine as well. No time like the present to show love.

    I did it this morning when I got back from my run and just started dancing in my living room. Spontaneity is 2011!!!!!

  5. That's really funny. I thought I was the only one that used "win the lottery" on a resolution list! And this year I added "run a marathon", and a couple of others. I suddenly feel connected with strangers, that there are so many freaks with the same goals. 2011 is going to be awesome.

  6. Mine is definitely to run a marathon. I've commited to it, but I'm still not at the point where I believe its actually going to happen! If that makes any sense?

    And I was surprised that quitting smoking was so far down the list. Then I thought, maybe its because most people have quit smoking already? That made me happy. :)

    Happy New Year, everybody!!

  7. There is nothing on there about hookers or beer so I am out.

  8. Haha! I'd like to do some of the things on that list and have already done a few. One of mine that is not on that list... improve my sex life. TMI?

    And Anne Marie sure does have it down. I'm glad she sort of gives lessons... or at least sets a good example for us :)

  9. I'm with Jamoosh - there's no wine on this list. Therefore, it is dead to me... hehehe. Just kidding! No, seriously, there are several things on this list I'd like to do someday. Isn't it interesting to read about other people's goals?

  10. Well, I certainly have a bunch of those on my list!! Especially #20!

  11. Hmmm. Already done many of those things, and have no interest in doing some of them. What's left is actually a pretty small list. I'd write it out, but #62 is one of them, so you'll just have to guess. As for the tattoo, I have been told that if I was going to get an IMC related tattoo, I'd have done it by now. So I guess I'm not.

  12. interesting stuff....
    I dont make lists like that...
    but 20 is one I like for sure

    I will start with half of 20..!!

    happy new Year to you!

  13. I love the "be happy" goal. hmm, can you get less specific than that?
    Happy New Year, Beth! Just keep doing what you are doing, no need for changes... Lets hope for an injury free 2o11 for you. Your 2010 sounds a lot like my 2008...but things turned around after that (no injuries since).

  14. A pretty good list. I've been using 43Things for a while now and my personality fits the satisfaction of checking things off that list :)

    I share some of those goals. Mine are of varying magnitude and I tend to prefer measurable goals (over fairly general "be happy"). Some are simple like "try hookah" and others are more difficult "become an SLP". Here goes.

  15. I'm wondering who DOESN'T want to win the lottery?

  16. lol i love it! all those goals are so typical!

  17. What the heck! 25 and 45?? And seriously, as many people want to kiss in the rain as save money? Don't wait for it to rain, kiss in the shower for crying out loud!

    I love the being kinder to yourself-boy do I get that! You deserve it! Also, love the being present....

    I'm pulling for you to win Boston!! Kara is running though and being as she just had a baby and you likely sympathize with her time off, I can see you putting your pride aside and letting her have this one!!

    Have a great New Year! Plenty in store for you in 2011!!!!

  18. Getting a tattoo was on my list for 2010.

  19. I'm not on that list for 2011 so I made up #101 ....

    2011: #101 - Run a Half Marathon
    2012: #20 - Run a Marathon

    Happy New Year! Love your blog!

  20. Lose weight is #1...but eat healthier and exercise more? #28ish. Love it.

  21. I think more people need to resolve to read entire lists....this seems a little light on participation toward the bottom.
    I think I will refrain from getting another tattoo or piercing.

  22. I have so many on that list, but I definitely won't be getting a tattoo. I can never decide on a design.

  23. That list was awesome! Like others, I have a lot from that list too, but getting a tattoo is definitely not one of them!

  24. lol, getting a tattoo actually IS on my list! I always said I want to get one to commemorate my first marathon, and that's happening in one week!

  25. Run a marathon :)
    Happy New Year to your and your wonderful family Beth!

  26. great list! happy new year!!

  27. Nope, BQ is not on there. And, I already accomplished my #1 Bucket List item earlier this month by meeting Mr & Mrs SUAR in person. What else is there?

  28. The GFTW link doesn't work... I thought it was "Go For The Win" instead of "Goals For the Week" anyway.

    "Grow my hair long and bungee jump with it" would cover numbers 95 and 98. Sounds like a goal to me.

  29. Get a tattoo? What a random thing to be that high on the list. See the northern lights is similarly just as random.

    My biggest / hardest goal will be that I will take a stab at a 3.10 marathon at some point this year. I WILL!!

  30. I wouldn't mind some of those goals. Thank goodness, I don't need to quite smoking and my baby making years are behind me, and I can drive stick shift - the rest seem good to aim for.
    Happy New Year.

  31. I've added 'become a personal trainer' (a good one) to my's top priority for me. I may run a marathon too, it's still a little up in the air. I definitely will not be getting a tattoo in 2011, the one I got in 2010 took 11 1/2 hours to complete...that's enough for me for a while. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  32. For some reason, I laughed out loud at "Learn German".

    Yep, some of those are on my list!

    Have a great year!!!

  33. i love your idea of goals. i don't really think of running X miles in the year as a goal. i like the goals that make an impact to others, ourselves and the earth. happy new year.

  34. Personally I think it's funny #18 comes before #19. And 6 before 7. Wonder who the target polling pool was for this? :) I'm with you on the "being present" goal. Making sure to focus on the people I'm with, the people that matter most.

  35. Just discovered your blog and so I'm a bit late on this comment, but how can "win the lottery" be a "goal"?! That's messed up.

    Great blog, BTW!

  36. People have some great resolutions. All mine are on there of course. Although I think I might just keep them for next year lol.

  37. Greetings from Brazil, Beth! :)
    At least 20 of them are in my list - I'd just add "break my own record in a 10k and in a half-marathon" and for that I'll keep reading your blog and getting inspired! :)
    Happy New Year to you!