Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Robbing the Den

All this running and recovery talk is exhausting. If I had Dr. Drew here to help me rehab, it would be a lot easier. Especially because I have a slight crush on him.

So, I’m lightening the mood.

Do you know what an anagram is? It’s word play. You rearrange the letters of something like your name and come up with a new phrase. Kovas brought this up recently. I can’t remember what his anagram was, but probably “I love my thermajock.”


postmaster = stamp store.
slot machines = cash lost in ‘em.

Get it?

For some reason I love the anagram. I like to believe it reveals something very deep about ourselves.

For example, my name in anagram is many things, but my faves are:

  1. Inbred Host – this must have been from the days when I lived in West Virginia and was the product of my mother and uncle’s secret union in the barn out back. I liked to entertain at my house, so people called me a host. An inbred host.
  2. Rob Den Shit – this was when I snuck into the fox’s den in the middle of the night and stole some turds.
  3. Honest Bird – this is my favorite and I like to think it’s the best description of who I am.

I just wish my name was Polly Pool because then I would be Poop Yell Lo. Poop Yellow!! Don’t even ask how long it took me to figure that one out.

You try it HERE. Don’t be afraid. If you get something good, leave it in the comments and tell me why it describes you. Play along! I’ll send a SUAR sticker to the top five!

Always an honest bird,



  1. My anagrams s.u.c.k - the only two worth repeating are:

    All Is On (which is how I learned to tell people how to spell my name.... people always ask "1 L or two, an I or a y")

    All Is No - Bill would agree with this one "No we can't have the Foosball table in the dining room forever, no we can't put the kegerator as an end table...you know the usual

  2. My name is Andrew Opala
    (1) A Warplane Do (cuz I was a pilot in the military)
    (2) Anal Padre Ow (cuz I'm a Roman Catholic)
    (3) A Lard Weapon (cuz I'm losing weight)

  3. Jail Pal An Pic--Everyone has one, you know, the Jail Pal an Pic...It is like a meet and greet with the inmates. Get your picture taken with your new pal.

  4. My last name is Montgomery:

    TEN ORGY MOM : ) That was the best one I could come up with.

    First name is Twila and the all suck! A Wilt and Law it are the only two worth writing on here.

  5. I guess the Jail Pal an Pic completely typifies me because my wall is covered with my latest inmate crushes!

  6. My three favorites are:
    1) Jam Pencil Eye
    2) Jam Icy Eel Pen
    3) Jay Lice Me Pen

  7. If I do just my first name I get:
    La Cry - which seems to be a fancy way to say that I'm a big whiner. Sort of true, I suppose. :-)

  8. Ha - the only true SUAR worthy one is Gases Hark All! Hee Hee.

  9. Koala Nice Reel (cuz I am Canadian we are known to be softy and NICE)

    Calorie Leak En (cuz I lost 70 lbs in 8 mos not by choice)

  10. um, my name spells out LADY SIN! haha. So true.

  11. Margie becomes A Grime; I R Game; and Mirage

  12. I think I hurt the program, my name has too many damn K's in it (not a popular letter in the english language).

    An interesting one I got: Enema Via Kite, Kirk
    I'm not sure it describes me. It describes a command I never want to give. Perhaps it represents my ingenuity: We'll unclog this 'plumbing' there any damn way we can!

    Or this one: Make At Kinkier, Vie! I'm telling someone named Vivian to make it kinkier and using a accent.

  13. Okay, I got two that both involve Penis slang.
    1. Lechery Ween Tour --The kind of tour I like!
    2. Erectly Ween Hour --Erect and Ween in the same anagram, how lucky can I be?!?!?

  14. Brenna Schwert =

    "Her Brawn Scent"

    This is highly applicable after I get back from a long run. And I smell.

  15. Racket Them Ill (in other words, talk them to death. Lots of people would say this is me.)

    The anagrams of my name that I like are:
    Chalet Elk Trim (where else would you trim an elk?)
    Calmer The Kilt
    Rectal Them Ilk
    Team Retch Kill (If I'm ever part of a relay team, this is the name I want.)

  16. too funny! I'm Bobbi Welch. I got:

    Bib Belch Ow

    Pretty much describes every race I've ever run....

  17. Using my real name I only got this good one
    A Relearned Tilt Mount- old lady having sex after a broken hip!

  18. Wow thanks for sharing this. I know now my name is code for juicier slut. Now undergrad makes sense.

  19. Add some punctuation and this is quite apt:

    Bar (?) Ginned (?) Never (!)

    I hate gin. Tastes like pine trees (and, yes, I know why).

    Then we have:

    Bang Nerd Ever In

    Well, I did marry a nerd....

  20. This is the best I could get! My competitive nature says she's hurt and I get a mile on her!

    Ice Her Miler Me

  21. This is what I will ask to be called in yoga classes from now on:
    Browned Yogi Milk

    Many of my names are related to training:
    Bodywork Leg Mini
    Goodby Miler Wink
    Bodily Grime Know
    Bodily Me Working
    Body Mile Working
    Biker Windy Gloom

    Sometimes it seems like my name itself is telling me I am aging:
    Goodby Wrinkle Mi
    Big Moody Wrinkle

    Which makes me feel like I need some:
    Bodywork Lime Gin

    After which I will be forced to:
    Obey Mild Working

  22. ok, when I put in my first and last name I got this:
    "Processing time limit (60 seconds) exceeded while generating anagrams. The most likely reason for this is that the word or phrase you have entered is too long. Please try again using a shorter word or phrase. The limit has been imposed to prevent the server from becoming overloaded."
    I overloaded the computer. Not cool.
    Allison: see above, duh.
    Milancewich: (more fun) out of 280, I picked:
    Malice Winch
    My fav: LAWMEN CHIC I or Law Chic Me In
    <--I used to be a police officer!!
    First and middle, Allison Irene:
    Linear Insole
    Leaner I Loins
    Alien Loser In
    *such a fun site! Thanks for sharing!!


  23. My fave is "Nail Molester" cuz I have been a nail biter since birth!

  24. How fun! Thanx for the entertainment. Unfortunately my name isn't very anagramy (is that a word) the best it came up with was:
    Satan Ha, so Natasha which I realized one day when I was very young when I put it up on my bedroom wall backwards was Ah Satan, I just didn't know it was an anagram at the time and my mother didn't find it very amusing ;-) but we've all grown up right!?!?

  25. Oh anagrams how I love thee:

    A Random Sloth- explains the PR's.
    Hoards No Malt- explains the alcoholism.
    Anal Dorm Host- explains why I was so popular at college...and the nightmares.

    Jokes aside, I'd say the one that best describes me is: Marathon Sold!

  26. OK - here goes - name is Linda Schaack

    Anal Sad Chick - although I am NOT sad - I am a bit anal and last time I checked - I am still a chick!

    Anal Cash Dick - no comment!

    A Sandal Chick - how appropriate - middle of the winter and from Wisconsin!

  27. Using my (double) first and last names, I got a lot of combinations with unholy, horny, and runny. I also scored angry and annoying(ly). Best of the first 1000 choices - A Nunnery Girly Ho. And just using my double first name? Laying her. I sense a theme...

  28. I decided to put in "tutu runner" just to see what it could come up with... "Nurture Nut" well isn't that sweet? I just love to nurture folks. Then I scroll down... "true nun rut". Great. Even the stupid angram knows I'm not gettin any. Haha. Lame.

  29. ok, if these arent in the top five i dont know what is!
    name: laura buchanan
    anagrams: anal aura bunch, aha anal bun cur, a anal cab uh run, a anal can run uh

  30. Angela Hotz

    A Zeal Thong
    Goal Hat Zen

    Angela Bee Hotz
    Aloha Beget Zen
    Eatable Zen Hog
    Bagel Hate Zone :)

  31. shrinc rokr = I'm a pleaser and SUAR likes the shrink Dr. Phil and he roks her world.

    Anyway, I already got my sticker (and delivered) and only two people in the world know where it's gonna end up. Soon, the whole world will.

  32. wow, over 12000 anagrams for my name..i couldn't even look through them all, but this one caught my eye: A Child Mindset

  33. My fav..Cam Crams Men In..people always accidently call my Cameron (my name is Carmen) and I have gone through lots of men;) So this is perfect for me!

  34. My favorites:

    Tan Linguini - Not sure why, but I love this one. Makes me laugh.
    Ailing In Nut - Seems more appropriate for Kovas pre-therma jock, no?
    Nailing Unit - because I am just that baller!

  35. A Nasal Unload - Ironic that I can't do snot rockets...

  36. I used my maiden name becuase my married name produced lame resluts. Marcia Parker:
    A Carpi Marker ( hmm, makes me think of pooping my pants)
    Crap Maker Air ( Farts.)
    A Crap Marker I ( yup....a fart that produced skid marks)

    I should have used me married name for this game.....

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  38. Here are my faves from the 496 created from my first and last names:

    Camel Jeer Chili --> I didn't know camels could jeer.
    Jail Creche Mile --> Perhaps the one-mile marker for a race on Alcatraz?
    Rich Eel Lice Jam -- Sounds tasty, no?
    He Cleric Me Jail -- You know what they say about Catholic priests...

  39. Seaman Wad Orb. Don't know why that one stood out but the seaman wad part stuck out. Even though it isn't a semen wad, it still sounded funny.

  40. If I use my whole name... and I didn't have the patience for the anagram service so I made these myself... I got:

    I C eerier shart joker mom... which works for me because: I see YOU (the shart joker who is a mom) and anyone in that undies/swimsuit/goggles get-up is more than a little eerie.

    If I just use my first and last names:

    O, Shart! Joker Mice!... which is what I exclaim whenever I am confronted with pesky, practical-joking rodents who are up to their shenanigans

  41. Gareth Lambert-Jones becomes 'A Legman Throb Jester' - Very apt due to the fact that I have been injured for 3 months and it's all becoming a bit of a joke!!

  42. if i ever get around to changing my maiden name to my married name... i'd be "Slays Nimrods"

    i think that speaks for itself. kovas, watch out.

  43. Oh! But if I use my maiden name I get Blowy Dinners. That sounds like it should go along with one of those pleasure parties.

  44. Mine is "Nacho Roars On". Doesn't that sound so motivating? And appetite-inducing??

  45. Margaret is my middle name:

    Rag Rat Me

    A Rat Germ

    A Rag Term

    Gear Mart

    Gamer Rat

    Gamer Art

  46. Wow.

    "Anal Per Hour"

    Too bad I didn't see this anagram thing before I named my blog.

    The only other one I really liked was "Aloha Per Run" - I love running and my honeymoon was in Hawaii, so it fits.

  47. Mine are all BORING but I am laughing my butt off at yours and everyone else's!

  48. Mine is perfect!
    Mama Heart Win
    I am mom to five kids that fill my heart ... and do you know I have only run one race, but I won it (first female)? Love my anagram.

    Not so much this other choice:
    A Mean Rat Whim

  49. How fun! I had a lot with "snot" in them which made me giggle, but the one I liked the best was "Age Tones Errors." Yes, I still do incredibly stupid things as I get older, but at least they are accidental usually!

  50. Here are my top 3:

    1. Drab Issue Nun - I'm Catholic and dress like a prude.
    2. Unraised Buns - I have a flat butt. It flaps when I run.
    3. Unbiased Runs - I'm not talking about the jogging type of 'runs.' No friends, I have major intestinal issues, for no good reason at all. I found this to be very SUAR appropriate!

  51. Nothing fun with my boring married name, but my maiden has a few:

    Email Licks Hello
    A Chile Mole Kills
    Hoecake Ill Mills (I think I really just like the word Hoecake)

  52. Vat Bone Semen
    Ant Bee Venoms
    Moans Bent Eve
    Man Beets Oven

  53. I got:

    Sierra Maroon Zit - I'm stranded on a mountain and all I have is a pimple

    Rare Martinis Zoo - That would be cool

    Raze Air Monitors - Down with the constant readings of pollutants

    A Sierra Zit Moron - An idiot from the mountains with a pimple.

  54. This is so funny,

    Titillate Geek,

    REALLY! This was the first one, Maybe because my husband is a geek and I titillate him, lol

  55. This is awesome!! Hilarious! :)

    Marathoners Gas - Technically I'm not a marathoner, but I am planning to run a 1/2 marathon this year. This suits me because tooting is quite normal for me when I run. Oh yes ... I think it helps with my pace, propelling me forward. Ha!

    An Earth Orgasms - I'm a nature lover and bow to the power of Mother Nature and now it's been proven with an anagram.

  56. Inbred Host - so if you and your husband get a divorce, are you still brother and sister?

  57. My anagrams are:
    Run In Hate - (my favorite)
    Hernia Nut
    Inane Hurt
    Hare In Nut

  58. Mackenzie Smith=Hack Immense Zit !

    I know this is a winner!

  59. I feel left out. My name has a Q, a K and a V. And adding the middle name doesn't help.

  60. For some reason, most of my were completely nonsensical (is Nu a word?).

    However there was a chuckle or two. "Laura Klein" comes up with"

    "Leak Urinal"
    I feel so special. I had no idea you could spell urinal with my name. Maybe it means that someday I really will for real learn to pee standing up.

    This one is nice, though:
    "A La Elk I Run"
    It's a bit more positive.

  61. For 'Shut Up And Run', how about a Hard Nut Sunup? That sounds dirrrrrrty...

  62. lol, some of mine are quite riske!

    Best one: Anal Probe Mi

  63. my two favorites:

    lank horny my (mostly because it says horny)
    ran hymn yolk (mostly because it says ran)

  64. Alright really?! This many people came up with them? Alright looks like I am googling an automatic anagram maker... be right back.

    back. My name creates....

    Tomcat Rave (since I am cooler than tom cruise in top gun)
    A Tact Mover (since I have absolutely ZERO tact and tell it like it is at the absolutely wrong time)
    Recta Vat Om (ummmm well it sounds like rectal so I giggled)
    Tract Ova Me (like i dare you to try and run over me!)

    Thats it. Nothing fun and exciting :(

  65. I'm partial to ambigrams myself. Like those tattoos that look the same upside-down or rightside-up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambigram

  66. A Warlord Afire
    Railroad Wafer
    Afraid Rear Low (yes I totally am afraid my rear will be low, aren't you?!)
    Raider Loaf Raw (all those times I ate the raw dough...)
    and my favorite: A Dwarf Rare Oil

  67. WATCH IT LADY--I am a very proud West Virginian. :)

    So the anagrams of my name were all pretty lame, so I put in my city's name. A lot of them are good, but the one that seemed best suited for SUAR was clearly "Anus Soil It"

  68. This was too fun! I usually go by my first and middle name. Two of those anagrams would be:
    Dean Roar (which naturally reminded me of you) and
    A read nod (which also gave me interesting visions!!

    But when I use my first and last name I had 29475 to choose from. Oh my gosh! My favorites were:
    Decathlon Surf
    Focal thunders
    Handsful Recto - I don't want a handful of anything recto!!
    Handful Escort - yeah baby!
    Handful Corset - ooh la la
    Aced Front Lush - I don't even want to know!
    Decaf Sloth Run

  69. Ale Jar Sic Eyes - I guess when I drink too much my eyes do get a little crazy
    I also did my other name "jessie pants" and got - A Jest En Piss ... HA!

  70. My first name came out as:

    Racer I (I like this one),
    Racier (another good one), and
    A Crier (I don't like this one so much).

    My last name produced:

    Affords (meh),
    Fads Fro (eh),
    Fads For (eh),
    Rads off.

    My full name came up with some interesting ones. A few are:

    Acrid Fears For,
    Card Far Froise (sounds French, but I'm not),
    Card Oar Fifers (hmmm).

    And my favorite:

    Face Friars Rod. Need I say more?

    Thanks for the humor on a snow day here in the NE!!

  71. My best last name anagram is "Has Fell Pro"

    I am slightly clumsy but never get hurt when I fall. I always tell people I know how to take a fall well!

  72. Mine says Allay Erotica. I wish I could say that this is completely untrue, that I am a lady and I always conduct myself with a level of decorum and modesty. However, under the tragic influence of satins elixir I am helpless. Maybe this is why my husband never lets my glass run empty on special occasions.

  73. Lets see my favs are:
    Graze Smell Toe
    Graze Melt Lose
    Gaze Melt Loser
    Gaze Melt Loser
    Sleaze Germ Lot
    Steamroll Geez (this is my fav tho I wish it had ers at the end cuz i love to steamroll over some geezers when they are going 50 in the slow lane)

  74. My best one by far was
    Carnal Hairs

  75. What fun. "Heather Down"

    1. Heathen Word - must come from my heathen thoughts after seeing my adopted daughter give birth. Never gave birth myself and even though I stayed 'north of the border' I still questioned if a loving god would put someone through that.
    2. Own Thread, Eh - Must come from my own blog and I'm Canadian, eh. http://themoosepyjamachronicles.blogspot.com
    3. And the Whore - No explanation required.

  76. Got a few interesting ones for my name (Brandon Wood):

    Road Bond Now (something about bonding with the road?)
    Bra Odd On Now (???)
    Add Boron Now

  77. I am thinking one of those stickers has to be as good as mine! Kristi Budin = Bikini Turds

    Running my first full this spring and praying that I don't live up to that name!

  78. This was so much fun... reading everyone's names was hilarious.

    Laurie Higgins produced 5804, I read through the first 1000
    a couple favorites:
    I Rise Laughing
    Hail Urine Gigs
    Leaguing Irish

    Thanks for the laughs. :)

  79. Sorry, couldn't stop there, I put in my maiden name and had even more fun:
    Hernial Tour
    Urethra Lion
    Harlot Urine
    Unholier Art
    To Her Urinal

    I guess I kind of have a thing with peeing.

  80. Completely off topic (because anagrams for my name were not fun except that DEAD always came up) I sprained my ankle yesterday (go me) and I hear I need to try pool running. I will be channeling you, lol but first I need to google pool running. :-)

  81. This IS too much fun:
    Lady Mad Bush
    Bad Lady Mush

  82. My first name is Angela, so here's mine for my first name: A An Leg

    and here's some for my last name:

    Age Tit (thought you would just love this one)
    A Get It
    Tag Tie

    So funy.

  83. Good Hump Day Fun!

    I got:

    A Dear Blowhard
    Bra World Ahead
    Old Rehad Award

    Some really good ones in the above posts!

  84. That was pretty funny. My favorite, from my first and last name was: Animal Me Truly. Because truly. Me animal! Hahaha

  85. I came up with "Fleshy Poet" which fortunately no longer describes me, but does capture the overweight, sedentary English major that I was some 15 odd years ago. I am down 40lbs. from my college years and while I still love to write, this no longer fleshy poet loves to run even more!

  86. Usually I like having a "z" in my name, but in this case it sucks. The "tips" on the site actually advise against having certain letter, including "z" and "k" (both of which I have) if you want good anagrams. But here are my top two:

    Tzar Beer Heck
    Back Ere Hertz

  87. OK, I followed Laurie's example and used my maiden name. These were at least sort of intelligible English, despite the addition of a "w":

    Hazer Twinge
    Wager Zenith

  88. What a great way to waste time... I love it:

    Rangy Mob Set - the people I run with
    Mangy Best Or - should end with "else" - but it would be a good relay team name
    Stab Men Orgy - that explains alot
    Abs Toner Gym - what I will call my core video (if I ever make one)
    Botany Germs and Gnat Embryos - I teach Biology so this makes sense
    Mastery Bong - that could be a good time
    Barge My Snot - if you run with me on a cold day
    Garments Boy - oh garments boy please bring my running shoes, swim suit, tri shorts...etc
    and I leave you with...
    Orgasm By Ten - let your imagination run wild

  89. Phat Men No Son

    Tampon En Nosh

    he he he

  90. ha ha ha ha my husbands is:

    molten poohs

  91. The winners:
    Baa Anus Mid John

    BAA - The Boston
    Anus - Need I Say More
    Mid - John

    During THE Boston my Anus flaired up and i didn't make it all the way left some shart brownies in the middle of the john.

  92. Just using my surname gives me these:
    Anal Fruit Toil
    A Fart Until Oil
    A Fart Unlit Oil

    Both my real first and last names gives me this:
    O I Chill Anus Fart Tit Rain.

    Top that, people.

  93. I get:

    - Who Nils Fuck (my name is not Nils)
    - Fuck Low Shin (reference to shin splints?)
    - Chunk if slow (pretty technical)
    - Lick Show Fun (NSFW?)
    - Sick Fun Howl and Suck Fin Howl (WTF?)
    - Luck If Shown (my favorite)

  94. Using my full name:

    - I Rid Anal Jam Nice

    Oh dear!

  95. Leek Manly Tang

    Not as great as some..but ew.

    Taken Manly Gel
    Gay Man Tell Ken

  96. Laura Denner

    A lead runner -- I wish!
    Anal deer urn -- much more like it!
    Anal deer run -- don't stand too close.

  97. Using my first middle and last, I spotted this funny one:

    Hair Bank Dry Fin

    Why is this one particularly funny? Well, because I'm bald....

  98. How did I miss this post!?

    My anagrams were so strange. Your husband's name came up a lot with the word BABE. Hmmm.

    My favoriet was:
    Back Bean The Nut

    I guess this refers to my backside, where the bean smell comes from. Beans make me fart, and I am the nut.

  99. *I promise I know how to spell Favorite. That was a typo.