Thursday, September 22, 2011

Biggest Loser Banter

Now that you’ve had 36 hours to catch up on the premier of the Biggest Loser and to digest every morsel (Jennie O Turkey, Extra Sugar Free Chewing Gum), let’s talk.

The good:

1. ‘Vett the New Trainer: I’m really digging this dude. I have never heard that name before, have you? I think it means “lean muscles of beauty” in some language or another.  I always thought a dolvett was a cover for a comforter. Or maybe that’s duvet.

Anyhow, this duvet reminds me of a tough boot camp dude, like from the movies. Remember Officer and a Gentleman? GET UP MAYO!! ARE YOU A PUSSY? Yet, Dolvett’s got this softer, gentler side. Based on the other night, if he was my trainer, I would want to meet his expectations and not let him down. I think he would push me to and beyond my limits. He would motivate me. He’s got that “Shut Up and Run” attitude. And, holy shit when he takes off his shirt, major eye candy. He is the total package, and speaking of packages… or at least that’s how it came across last night.

I did a little poking around on Dolvett and here’s what I found: He’s 38. He opened his own fitness studio in 2004 in Atlanta training and transforming clients. He helped one guy lose 325 pounds. He’s trained big names like Justin Bieber and Janet Jackson. His favorite name is Beth and he likes small breasted women (okay might have made that last part up).

2. The marathon! The marathon is back and with a twist!! I know it’s debatable whether people should lose this kind of weight and train for a marathon in a short period of time. I get that and can’t say I disagree.  But, it’s kind of like putting extra cheese on your pizza, you know you shouldn’t be a fan of it, but you are drawn in and cannot help yourself.


3. No puke scenes. This has to be a first ever for the season premier of TBL. I have a vomit phobia and cannot even watch it happening on TV, so this was good news for me. I would add a picture but I’m too afraid to do Google images on “Biggest Loser Puke.” Go do it and tell me how bad it was.

The bad:

1. Bob’s receding hair line and slicked back hair.


2. Splitting teams up by ages. Not a fan.

3. The fact that the older team walked the first challenge instead of trying to run just part of a mile. C’mon it’s the Biggest Loser. You’ve got more than that. Yes, I’m judgmental.


4. Anna (ah-nah). Let’s talk Anna. I went in with an open mind, well sort of. Honestly, I thought she was very weak. She simply does not have the presence or energy to be a trainer in this capacity. I don’t think you have to yell and scream, but there is a certain charisma that a trainer on this show needs to have. Yes, she is gorgeous, with perfect skin and a kick ass body. And, she can cry at the most opportune moments. But, she doesn’t have the “it” factor that a BL trainer needs to have. Maybe she’ll prove me wrong. Would be kind of cool if she did. Put me in my place. Wouldn’t be the first time.

What did you think of the premier?

Yay or nay on Anna? Or, is it too soon to judge?

Did Dolvett do it for you? What is a Dolvett?

Did you dig Bob’s hair?



  1. Not liking Anna at all, and planning my future children with Dolvett. That about sums it up.

  2. Bob's hair looks like that kid from Jerry Maguire.

  3. Anna is not going to workout. It is going to be a whats-her-name all over again...that blonde one from way back, can't remember...

    Diggin the new guy also. And, he is nice looking!!!
    Yeah, Bob's hair is bad.

  4. Anna was a big disappointment. Ok, not really because I didn't expect much from her in the first place. But at least her being on the show makes my husband complain less when it's on. Still LOVE Bob and always will, he's legit! Dolvett is great too, so far.

  5. mmmm on Dolvett.... no on Anna. I may have a close dmind on this one but am thinking she doesn't ahve any real experience training anyone, does she? (Still haven't watched the episode yet). I agree on the charisma thing. I am not sure she is likeable enough to pull it off.

  6. I gotta say I liked Anna more than I thought I would, having said that I expected to be so put off I would not watch the show.

    sorry did you say something else? Was too busy drooling over Dolvett. LOVE HIM!

  7. I felt the same way you did on every point you made. I was wondering if I could even watch this year with Anna on, but Dolvett has my attention the whole way through!

  8. Anna's skinny arms doesn't look like she's ever pick up a weight! She had a sweet personality, but now sure that is what I would want in a trainer. Now the new guy, WOW!! That's a nice piece of eye candy:) And Bob needs to slow down on the tattoo's. He's must have got 10 new ones between seasons!!

  9. Oh, Dolvett. My, my, my. He makes me want to get off my ass, shut up and run a little more. What a hunk of man he is. Is he single? I wonder...ok, I'm gonna stop. Agree...bad hair on Bob, and doesn't it look like he got a lot of new tats?

  10. I knew Anna was going to fail from the moment they made the announcement. Who has she trained ... ever?

    Also disappointed in "the Bob's" hair.

    Dolvett ... isn't that something that lays on top of your bed? How apropos.

  11. Bob's hair has looked progressively worse every season, IMHO. He's also gotten a little smarmier I think. But he's still good.

    I'd work my ass off for Duvet.

    And Anna...not impressed. She doesn't have the same deer in headlights look of that dumb chick from last season (not a fan), but she's just not impressive. She's an athlete, not a coach...there's a difference.

  12. Bob's hair (and overall sense of fashion) have been an impending train wreck for a few years. By doing that like slicked back thingy he just called ahead to the station to inform them he was gonna crash the bitch into the platform!

    Anna seems a little weak but I still think the jury is still out. Let's give her a few shows.

    That Dolvett guy seems pretty cool.

    Oh, can't say I missed Jillian either ...hmm?

  13. Yes 'Vett' totally did it for me, even if I was flipping between TBL and DWTS and DWTS was winning (I'm showing my age again, sorry).
    Agree on Bob's hair.
    Did not see enough of Ah Nah to comment but hot bod aside, her personality isn't exactly firey, or spicy even...unless we're talking vanilla.

  14. If my current husband leaves me and I'm stupid enough to get married a fourth time, it's going to be to Dolvett. I'm staying open on Anna, but she's going to have to bring out her inner bad ass a little more and turn it up a notch . . . or two or three. Thumbs down on Bob's hair but LOOOOOVE him anyway!

  15. I think I agree with all of your major points! The new trainer is definitely steamy hot! I really didn't like the "old" group in the first episode. I felt like they were using the "we're old, we can't do it" excuse and that annoyed me.

  16. I'm like you, I have a vomit phobia and because of that I never watch the first episode of the Biggest Loser. Most times I don't end up tuning in until towards the end. From reading the post and some of the comments it looks like I need to check it out this season just for Dolvett.

  17. Not a fan of Anna AT ALL. My husband and I were both talking about the fact that she doesn't have what it takes to be on BL after the episode (and he's not even really a BL fan!)... You need to be able to get in their faces, not just pat them on the back and be soft-spoken and good looking. Hopefully she'll prove me wrong, but so far very unimpressed.

  18. Haven't watched this season, but you're kind of making me want to! Vett is HOT!

  19. Agree with everything! I felt horrible when Anna's team did so poorly the first week and couldn't help but wonder if it was because of her style. I felt her embarrasment through the TV set. Should be interesting to see if she can turn it up a notch. New guy...yummmmy

  20. Sorry, I already claimed Dolvett as my boyfriend and he told me himself he likes women who have a little meat on their bones rather than skinny runners who drool over Dean. (I did not make that up.)

    Yes Dolvett! No Anna! She wouldn't be the first trainer who worked a season (or so) and was booted. Remember that other blonde? What was her name? Anyway she didn't have what it took either.

  21. super excited you're talking about the biggest loser!

    I totally agree about pretty much everything you said.

    1. Love the new trainer - I really liked the way he approached his team. I still have lots to watch because I only go to see half, but I liked him so far.

    2. Bob's haircut was not good. It started getting a little wild last year and seems to be continuing in that direction

    3. What qualifies Anna as a trainer? I'm assuming she is actually trained in PT but I mean, is it just because she's a tennis player. Cause I'd rather see Venus Williams on that.

    4. Don't really love the age group thing either. Sometimes, I think that being with people in different "levels" of fitness can help each other grow but you're not really giving anyone a chance by grouping them together by age. JMO

  22. I agree, ah-nuh was pretty lame but 'Vette can come over to my house (move in, even) and kick my butt into shape immediately.

  23. Too early to tell about Anna. Being a "reality show" they may want us to think she's weak at first. She'll have to prove herself through her team and their weigh- ins for her to become credible. And I don't like the teams being split up by age. Also agree the older team should have pushed themselves more. Dolvett looks like the real deal from the start. And I am always a fan of Bob no matter how he looks on the outside.

  24. So glad Dolvett likes small breasted women. My fantasy is complete, so thanks for that.
    Am I allowed to just say I don't like Anna because she's too pretty? I want a hardcore female trainer who makes me want to pick up something heavy, not run to the bathroom and do my hair.

  25. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. Wasn't planning on watching at all this season. I loved Dolvett and Anna wasn't half bad. I think she'll learn a lot about herself from this. I loved the marathon twist, didn't notice bob's hair. :-)

  26. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that wanted to attack Bob and shave his head. Loving Dolvett, meh towards Anna. Maybe she will grow on me? YAY MARATHON.

  27. Love Dolvett, not a fan of Anna, but c'mon... Bob is hot. Dolvett is another word for perfect.

  28. I think you pretty much summed it all up for me.

  29. - Vett won me over in the first 30 mins, he was all nice and charming at first, then he turned into the devil, loved it

    - Anna, she is only a trainer because she is famous, first, NO ONE will be able to replace Jillian, but I really like Cara from last season, wished she was still around

    - Not a fan of the age team either and just as I tweeted that everyone seemed genuine, the older team went all drama at the pre meeting about picking who should go home

    - I noticed that this season, they didnt pick the biggest people alive, Though great stories when they lose the weight, but the some of the problems from previous seasons, like Arthur, the cop twins, the season of everyone playing like it was the big brother and scheming instead of losing weight. I think they went more for "can do" personalities

    - I like Puke, thus the Pukie Award

  30. When I hear Anna talk, she reminds me of Drago's Wife from Rocky 4, but tinier

  31. Anna should have tried to put on at least a LITTLE muscle before the start of the season. There's just not enough 'force' behind her personality...sweet girl but those women walked all over her.

    LOVE Dolvett....WOW! What a great edition.

    Was I the only one diggin' Bob? Love the longer hair and the added muscle...Yeah...!

  32. My predictions - :)

  33. I missed the first show - so now I have to watch so I can at least see Dolvett

  34. Dolvett rocks. Get your hand off my treadmill. Loved it. Would have picked him from the other two.

    Anna looks like the chic from The Sporanos that got whacked. Michael Imperioli's wife on the show.

    Bob lost hair and gained tattoos. He has some cool tattoos.

    Run, damn it even if for a brief moment.

    I need puke, but I got crying from a 400lb football player instead and I'll take that too.

    Will be there for Week 2 for sure.

  35. If I had my choice of the three I would climb Dolvett like a tree. Delicious.

    Is Anna even qualified to train people?

  36. i was so pissed about anna when i found out - the good part was i was able to watch her and she didn't make me want to poke my eyes out. good start.

    the best way to watch this show is on tivo, there are many tims you can just FF and get to the good stuff. challenges, and the final part of the show. they jsut drag it out too much.

  37. Anna? Big fail! She has that typical Russian personality (I am foreign, so I sort of know what I am talking about) that is not going to work out with the (American) contestants. They are going to dislike her too. She doesn't have it in her. Sorry Anna!

  38. I agree on all accounts as well.

    The grouped by age was disappointing. I knew before they stepped on the scale which age group would win the weigh in...duh!

    And, if that one older lady's knees were that bad to begin with...why would you join the biggest loser? You know they are going to be extreme all over your butt!

    Loving Dolvett!

  39. I liked Vett too. Not sure what I think of Anna yet. I was bummed to see that the first person to go home was from MI. I did get me a bit hopeful that there will be more BL former contestants at the Detroit marathon again this year. Maybe as training for the biggest loser marathon? I like the marathon idea, but I agree it probably isn't the healthiest for then. It sort of weakens the accomplishment of a marathon since those guys do it. They won't be getting a bq anytime soon, though! Ryan thought Bob's hair looked like his in his freshman year of HS. Cool for then, but not for now.

  40. Did you hear her reaction to the older lady who lost 4 pounds? "We just have to go longer..." I thought giving that as a response to why she didn't lose more weight was a prime example of why Anna is just eye candy for a different demographic to come to the show.
    I hate the hair on Bob and have been noticing it for a while...
    Dolvett is awesome, I like him way better than both the new trainers last season (where did they go anyway?).
    AND I did a post on the age thing a few days ago. WHERE are the 30 somethings? I know there are plenty of fattys out there my age.

  41. LOVE your blog. :)

    You kill me with laughter on a daily basis. I love that.

    I LOVE the new trainer, hottie buff man. Thanks for the info. on him.

    I want to like Anna- she is sweet and pretty....I'll give her a little time to get settled.


  42. I am a huge fan of 'Vett. You hit it on the head - hot, hard working, and charismatic. Yum.

    I'm kind of hoping that Ah-na gets fiesty after the loss, and goes straight oldschool Russian crazy with her workouts. There were glimmers - "You can talk, you can keep going" - I would love to see her working her team to the point of passing out, measuring their food for them, and calling them fat and lazy.

    I have to say I'm surprised that you didn't even have one comment about the size of the turds that needed to be laid in order to lose 37 lbs in a week. I'm a bit disappointed. Or maybe I'm just jealous that it took me 6 months to lose 35 lbs. :)

  43. Oh, where to begin! I dig Bob but I think I dig his tattoo's even more. I'm still trying to find a career where I can have tons of tattoos and it be ok. Don't know that that'll happen....ever. Dolvette was good, I liked him, but the show needed that extra person to take up where Jillian left off. Anna is gonna be that person. Why does she think that since she plays tennis that she now specializes in weight loss???

  44. I am assuming this is a tv program. The very premis of the show boggles my mind.

  45. Liking:
    - Bob's new tats
    - Marathon winner gets auto to final 4
    - Dolvett

    Not liking:

    - none of the contestants held my interest for 5 minutes

    Wait and see:

    - Anna K
    - the age related teams

    I have been such a fan for so many years and now I think I am just getting tired of it, perhaps.

  46. I completely agree on all your points - almost didn't watch this season because of Anna.

    But Dolvett, oh my, my, sorry what was I talking about...Now I love Bob but the hair's just getting worse...and enough with the tats!

    So glad the marathon's coming back!

  47. I love the show but somehow, the maathon news aside, the premier wasn't the best.

    Anna. Too soon to tell. But I agree she doesn't seem to have that TBL trainer quaility.

    Dolvett on the other hand. He can scream at me to get my hands off "his" treadmill any day!

    I love Bob. With or without hair.

  48. I claimed Dolvett as my new boyfriend within the first 5 minutes so everybody else - back off! I cracked up when the young team took off in a sprint. My only concern is that if the producers are going to cut to Anna everytime she cries, then this is going to be a very loooong season.

  49. I didn't realize there was anyone on besides Dolvett...I guess I'll have to watch again...

  50. ya know, i gave up on TBL...that last couple seasons have been blah...and the whole anna thing is a major turn off.
    it seems it's just one giant commercial--BUT, may tune in for some Vett

  51. Okay!
    Super excited about Dolvett- just so I can look at him for that long each week.
    Not liking Anna even a little bit. As you said, her personality just isn't big enough.
    I was so disappointed that they didn't do the marathon last season (since I had just finished my first), so I'm glad that it's back. Even if it isn't the healthiest way to train for a marathon.

  52. I live in Atlanta and I am wishing I would’ve gone to Dolvetts gym (although it is quite pricey). A friend of mine does work out there and he is just as intense.

    NOT a fan of anna. agree with what you said completely. Also agree about the marathon-however i am more concerned that they are now “racing” instead of just doing it.

  53. Man, I'm now in LOVE with Dolvette!! Torn on Anna too - too many tears for my liking, especially on the first episode. My one main letdown was that I usually enjoy some good laughs during the initial workout. You know, the kind that come when someone flies off the treadmill or wraps a resistance band around their head because they don't know what to do with it. There wasn't any of that this time, and I was a little let down :)

    Did I mentioned Dolvette is gorgeous?!

  54. Dolvette=yes! yes! yes! Anna=no! no! no! I honestly never even like her as a tennis player. And Bob, i just love him with hair or no hair. his tats are a big turn on for me!!

  55. I totally agree with you, SUAR. Your summary is perfect. Though I gotta admit, I liked Anna way more than I thought I would. She kind of got screwed with the old team-- honestly, has there ever been a BL team that gave less of an initial effort? "Our goal is just to finish..." What!? Also could not agree more on the absense of vomit. The puke scenes of the past served no point other than to deter newbies from considering a workout. Totally counterproductive. Last things: I agree that Dolvett is unreal (Jillian who?). And a little prayer of thanks that Cara, the worst trainer ever (even worse than vapid Kim) is gone.

    Jeff, your comment about Bob's hair= funniest thing ever!

  56. I don't watch the show... we don't have t.v. Yeah, I like to drop that bomb because it make me sound elitist :P But I am making that guy's pic the screen saver on my phone. And I'll be turning the ringer off and keeping the phone in my jeans pocket...

    Honestly, I think the show would be way more interesting if they hired YOU to replace Anna. Then I would go buy a t.v. just so I could watch it.

  57. Ahhna is a bust. Loving Dolvett. Excited that the marathon is back. I am okay with it in this setting because lets face it, they aren't out to be setting new world records. Just to finish it.

  58. No way anyone can tell much about Anna on the first show. She wasn't terrible anyway...As far as the tears, a parent of a team-member did pass away. Hopefully less tears from her on a normal week.

    My concern with this year...who to pull for? With exception of Beth (teacher that lost her Dad) and Ramon the 'smartest' on the young team (he was all about Anna) no one stood out.

  59. Pretty sure I am right on board with everyone you said! Except I never gave anna a chance. And she still let me down.

  60. When I read this post it was like you were reading my mind. While I was watching the show I mostly thought three things: Bob's hairstyle sucks. He's hott, he could do better. Anna doesn't yell at them enough or have enough intensity to make people work their asses off. Lastly, the black dude is hott and so good at what he does. His team is going to rock! I can't wait for the next episode.

  61. I have been watching EVERY season of BL until now. I can't stand the fact that they've changed the trainers and to be honest... it's kind of same 'ol same 'ol. Obese people get pushed beyond their limits, break down, spill their guts about troubled childhoods, abusive spouses, bad parents, etc and go on to lose drastic amount of weight in the hopes to win a "few bucks" but then most put a good part of the weight back after the finale. So this year, I'm switching to Glee. I PVRed (by mistake) the season premiere of BL and watched it on fast forward and am happy I'm no longer addicted to this show.

    For those still watching, enjoy the season! And for the record, I don't like Anna, think the black dude is hot and Bob should cut that hair of his!

  62. I completely agree with you on Dolvett, he seems pretty awesome! I am not a huge fan of Anna and I didnt like what she gave us on the premiere. I was stoked about them bringing back the marathon and that all the contestants will be running it. That's going to be pretty amazing!

  63. SO I haven't watched TBL yet, but I was nay on Anna back when they announced she was coming on this season. Seriously? Tennis player, not a trainer. I loved Jillian, because she used to be overweight, so she gets it.

  64. Big fan of Dolvett (so far), he knows how to get into the minds of the contestants. On the other hand, totally NOT a fan of Anna. In my opinion she's not very motivating.

  65. I vote no on Ah-Nah. Not a fan. She was not impressive at all that first day...

  66. Dang...totally forgot it was on...however, I love your blog about the show. I'll have to see if I can watch it on the Internet and get caught up.

  67. We finally got around to watching it last night. Every single time I saw Bob I kept saying "dude, the hair.....really?" I didn't take him for comb-over guy...but unless there's an intervention soon.......

    Dolvett - yummy

    Anna - I feel the same as you. But so far, I'm not convinced.

  68. I finally watched BL last night and have to say Dolvett makes me _ _ _ (rhymes with "net")!

    Thank you BL producers for the eye candy. This viewer is hooked, plus he is a LEGIT trainer, "Let go of my tread mill!" XLMIC pointed me in the direction of this post and I'm with you! The comments here are hilarious from Lesley to Rose. Cracking up!!

    Finally. The.Marathon.Is.Back!!!!!

  69. Adoring bob - still. After all, he is now the trainer for the black team which we know was always Jillians.
    Not opposed to Vette but I'm still debating him. And Anna needs to go back to the tennis court. And yes, I think they can train for the marathon - what better way to lose weight quickly? And inspirational - after all, if they can do it at that size, then I can do it at mine. I secretly hope Anna trips and breaks her nose so we don't have to look at her face.

  70. This had me Rolling!!!! i concur on EVERYTHING! you actually had me going w/ 'vett's favorite name (Beth) and was like, wow that's random. i LOL'd after i read the next part!

    The ONLY good thing about Aw-nuh is that me and my hubby die laughing over making fun of how she pronunciates every single word. it does'nt really even matter what she says, whether inspirational or not, bc it sounds so ridiculous and w/out proper emotions to back it up. she seems happy even when she's crying!! ?? kinda like one of those annoying news ppl who tell a horrific story of ppl dying while having a big a$$ smile on their face!?

    i completely agreed about the older team in the 1st challenge!! i mean, they walk to get their MAIL faster than that! that is so lame. and i will never understand why ppl "volunteer" to go home, claiming "i have support there"...doesn't look like the right kind of support if you weigh 400 lbs. just sayin'. don't sign up for BL if all you wanna do is wuss out and go home. man up!

    Good stuff! and some cool contestants this year. But Bob's hair does look a little creepy!!

  71. Dolvett: oh boy!

    Anna: well, as soon as I heard last season she will be a trainer, I was worried, she never won a major tennis tournament and was more known for her beauty than her talent. It kind of showed in the first episode of BL.

  72. Thoughts:

    -Dolvett can sleep on my couch ANY time! That man is beautiful... His eyes, arms, and every single inch of the rest of him: beautiful! ;)

    -Anna: NOT a fan. You're right; her emotions looked "staged." I thought it was cool that she ran out at the beginning and brought her team in, but I would NOT have given my team the warm fuzzies had they come in last... It would have been "Move your butt! WHY are you walking?"

    -Bob's hair: Bob, you're hot. For God's sake, stop with the skinny jeans and Top Gun hairdo...Please.

    -Age groups: What a crock.

    -And the biggest thing? THE COMPLAINING! Please, for the love of God, STOP the complaining... You joined a weight loss show and probably saw tons of episodes before you got there. JUST DO IT!

    I'm a bowl of roses today, I know! :)

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  73. I must have said "Bob needs a haircut" at least 5 times during the show, probably more, since every time they showed him i said it!

    i was impressed with dolvett, not at all with anna.

    i was surprised by the marathon twist this year, since they didnt even do one at all last season!