Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Post Where I Show You Too Many Pictures

Sam had an early cross country meet up in Lyons, Colorado. It was in incredibly gorgeous fall day. This is Longs Peak – probably the only time of year this peak does not have snow on it:



While waiting for the race to start, I found the house I might want to live in. You can all come visit and we can party on that deck:


While Emma was waiting she played some tackle. I hope she did not break a nail because I will hear about it all day long:


Sam yelled at me more than once about taking pictures. “Mom. It is too early. I am tired. I am not in the mood.” Well, I am in the mood and I am your mother and therefore the boss so shut your pie hole. Mother of the year.

Sam is #548. In this picture he is talking to his friends about how great his mother is.


The start of the middle school boys’ race:


There they go for the two miler. Good thing the do not have to run up that small hill:


Sam did really well. The course was about 600 feet short of 2 miles and he did it in 13:59. There is this local kid who wins EVERY race EVERY year. He did the race in 10:25. Show off.

Here Sam goes, the only picture I got of him running:


Post race. When he got his haircut last time, he actually asked for a mullet. I am not kidding:


For some reason I have boobs in this picture. Remind me to always hunch over like that.


We then headed to a favorite coffee shop for some treats. I had a bagel breakfast sandwich and coffee. The perfect combo to make me have to crap:


Now, I’m headed to the mountains of Frisco, Colorado (near Breckenridge), with two of the best girlfriends in the world, Julie and Erika. We make this trip at least once per year to stay at Julie’s parents’ place when they aren’t using it. It is very shabby, almost like trailer park trash, but I go anyway. It’s good to slum down every once in awhile.


You may remember pictures from last year. It’s important to wear slippers with a bikini while make dinner:

There is nothing – and I mean NOTHING – like getting away with the girls. Don’t get all excited when I tell you we brush each other’s hair, share the same bed, spoon, talk each other’s ears off and give back rubs.  There will be no training or elevated heart rates or sweating. Just mucho laying around.

I am craving a “dirty.” I LOVE dirty martinis, but don’t have them often. Something about the salty olives, the smooth vodka and the dry vermouth is perfection.

No, my name is not Sue.

Hopefully I’ll have some hot tub/martini pictures for you tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, when I get home I’m hoping to run 11 miles to commemorate/remember 9/11.

Are you going to try to run/walk/bike/swim/crawl 11 miles tomorrow?

What’s your favorite “special occasion” drink? The dirty.

Did you run cross country in middle/high school/college? No. I ate nachos.



  1. My favourite special occasion drink is wine!

  2. love girls weekends. There is nothing like them.
    Congrats to Sam for a job well done. To bad he couldn't trip the show off;)

  3. Good job, Sam.
    You make me want a girls weekend SO much! I just can't seem to get away from work, sadly.
    I didn't run cross country, but when I was little bitty, like 7, I was in AWANA at church and I was the running champ. I would compete with the 12 and 13 year olds and smoke them. Everyone called me "tugboat feet" because I had huge shoes; I'm one of 9 kids so yeah, we all wore hand me downs all the time.
    By the way I think "oceanliner feet' would be better hyperbole.

  4. oh these pics make me miss CC so bad! i ran CC from 9th grade til i graduated's my favorite sport. :)

  5. My Oldest Boy (8 1/2) just ran his first cross country race EVER on Thurs. I blogged about it. It was crazy. But I am so very proud. Two miles seems l-o-n-g for 8, but he did it!
    In HS I only ran when being chased. Sadly, no one ever chased me. :(

  6. Love that the boy sports a JMU t-shirt. Way to go Dukes!

  7. I am so glad you're turning this into a multipost event! I LOVE me a good miniseries :)

    Bikini hottie! Brushing hair and spooning…how about pillow fights?

    Go, Sam! Does he like running cross-country? Or do you make him? I did no running until they made us for crew in college. I hated running for a long time.

    Those houses are rough seriously spectacular. I'll party with you at either :)

  8. Never too many pics! Congrats to Sam on his solid time. LOL about the hunch for the boobs. Have a great weekend with your girls. Looks divine (not the slipper/bikini look so much). I'm a margarita girl. Occassionally go for the amaretto or medori sour. Yum! Not so much on martinis.

    Never ran in HS (husband did XC and track, but doesn't run at all now). I was a dancer for the first part of it and worked crazy long hours after turning 16 to save up for a car and college. The only thing I can hope to do for 11 miles tomorrow is bike so I'll probably shoot for that.

  9. Love that house! I will stop over when we are in the area skiing in January - OK ?

    Yup - training program has 10 miles on the schedule - will be doing 11.

    Have a great girl weekend!

  10. Very fitting tribute to 9/11!

    ...and I also LOVE that house. :)


  11. I danced back then. The dance teachers did not approve of sports. I think that made me scared to even try to catch a ball.
    I think we should rent that house and have a kick ass running conference with SUAR and Digital Running!
    Alice had her first meet today too. Her tendonitis did not make for a fast 5k. She is now bumming on the couch with a bagel and some "Good Luck Charlie".

  12. 1- Who is the chick trying to show up the middle schoolers?

    2- Do they have to line up in height order as they walk?

    3- That coffee shop sign looked like a pair of women's underwear or maybe I just thought it would be because of your posts.

    4- Not just slippers but fury slippers with a bikini....classic!

  13. Love the pictures!! Congrats to your son, he is getting very speedy!! WE need a girls' weekend sometime...we'll grab tara and Julie and whomever wants to go. Have a blast!

  14. Can I tell you how much I love the bikini shot in the kitchen?

  15. Rock on Sam!! Colorado is very pretty. It reminds me of Utah. Have a great time at that amazing cabin. :)
    merlot. mmm.

  16. Love the photos, especially one of them. You guess which. Fave tipple is wine. That's easy. The dirty martini looks nasty.

    Lets see, 11 miles translated into civilized units is 17.7 K. Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll run that tomorrow.

    I did not run cross country in high school, though I was the fastest runner in my gym class for up to about a half mile or so. The coach told me I ran like a football player and didn't want to have anything to do with me.

  17. My 22 year old husband thinks you have a hot bod. Just thought you should know.

  18. Holy cow girl ...I was not expecting the bikini shot in the kitchen ..shoot I cannot strut in a bikini in the lake without being half covered up...the bottom half for me. UGH..issues.

    I love how you say it like it you always talk this way? To family members? friends? I have in the past and I must admit it has gotten me in a bit of trouble.

    My mind runs nuts now when talking with certain others filtering out the shit I really want to say and answering ever so politely instead.

    you rock...

  19. We do girl's week every July in Vail. About 7 women, lots of wine, good food, good conversation, & hiking!

  20. special, vodka tonic, dirty martini...heck my whole life has been a special occasion! In high school I played soccer...a lot of soccer...and occasionally hockey (but to impress the boys) today's run? 5 miles or so.

  21. Wow--what an amazing place to run a x-country race! Great job he did too!

    Have an excellent time up in the mountains. And enjoy that run. Wish I could commemorate like that!

  22. Way to go Sam!! He's going to be fast like you!! Oh, and you can never take too many pictures! I ran track in middle school. We didn't have a xc team. I ran xc in hs and college. Tell Sam to keep it up so he can get a scholarship and you can come watch him run and take more pictures. :)

  23. I didn't run cross country when I was in school but I wish I would have... I ran track 7-9 grade then quit for some odd reason and ran my senior year... wish I would have run those two years... I love love LOVE running now :)

  24. Loved this post "mother of the year" lmao. I would love to say i ran 11 miles to commemorate this day, but instead i stuck w/ my novice 1/2 training program and ran my long run of 4 miles. and mind you, 4 miler after a 3-kid-birthday-party weekend!!!! so, that was def like 11 miles. As i ran, i just felt like i was in such a meditative state. it was a gorgeous day today and i was just so thankful God allowed this day to be so beautiful. It was a wonderful run, despite my tired aching bones from too much homemade buttercream frosting and coming up w/ new "ewwws and awwws" for the 900 gifts each child got. ha. Loved your pics btw!! you live in such a beautiful place! jealous!

  25. I also enjoy a good martini and of course, wine.

    Enjoy your girls weekend! : )

  26. Bah! He asked for a mullet. That cracked me up.

    Your body is amazing and it looks rock hard! I hate to say I'm jealous, but let's be serious, I am.

    XC is so fun to watch. I love it! I wish I could go back in time and join the XC team. I'd do it in a heartbeat. It's my only regret.