Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Blow-Dry Your What?

I may fart a bit (understatement) and have to take the occasional dump in the bushes, but sometimes people still want to run with me. One of life’s greatest gifts is a long run with a good friend. I said “good friend.” Not some skank who gets on your nerves.


A friend who does not judge you when you stop ten times to get that rock out of your shoe. A friend who listens for 58 straight minutes while you unload about the happenings of your life (well, they do say you should be running your long runs at a conversational pace and I take that very seriously). A friend who only asks that she not be downwind when you let those ginormous farts rip. A friend who obliges without question when you ask her to take multiple pictures of you for some stupid ass blog.  


Those are not weights on my wrist, just rolled down arm warmers. You like the big breast shaped mountain in the background?


Like my new shirt? Ever heard of Team Marathon Bar? They have asked me to be an honorary member at the Denver Rock ‘n Roll in a couple of weeks. I’ve never been an honorary member of anything, so this is making me feel all honorary or something.  I have lots more to tell you about Team Marathon and will do so next week with an awesome giveaway. Hope you like Marathon Bars. What’s not to like, right?

J and I ran 12 miles on the dirt/back roads of Boulder County. It was a glorious morning with temps starting in the 50s and reaching well into the 70s by the time we were done.


In two weeks I will be pacing J at the Denver Rock ‘n Roll Half as she smashes her goal to break two hours. Can she do it? Shit yeah. This is the same friend who ran her first half two years ago and her first marathon exactly one year ago. She has come so far. She also blow dries her pubic hair but I already spoke of that in a prior post. Sorry you missed it.

I love this picture at the Colorado Marathon last year. She is steps from the finish line of her first marathon and is literally flying.


Today’s run was surprisingly crap-free and void of drama. No rushing dogs, snakes, weather changes or medical emergencies. I’ll take it!

Do you prefer to do long runs with friends, your spouse/partner, or solo? I LOVE my solo runs, but sometimes really enjoy the company of a good friend.

What’s your favorite energy/protein bar? I actually like all of them except those PURE PROTEIN ones that contain sugar alcohols and give you the runs. My fave is probably Luna’s chocolate chip cookie dough.

Have you ever been paced in a race? Did you meet your goal? I have never been paced, except by that paper pace band on my wrist.

Happy Weekend!



  1. I love both... I would hate to always run alone, or always run with friends. I like some of both. :)

    Maybe Joie should trim her pubic hair a bit...

  2. Why does your friend even have pubic hair long enough to need drying? That look is in the past along with bell bottoms.

  3. I love that last pic of her!

    And that pic of you running away... I totally thought you were running with a bike helmet on! I had to go up to see that it was a hat :P Seriously need my eyes checked!

    I've never been paced. I think I would really benefit from it. It would keep me out of my head... which is my own worst enemy. Sometimes.

    I like ProMax. I saw that thing about the sugar alcohols on the side of the Pure Protein bars and quickly put them back on the shelf! I don't need shit like that... for real.

    Sounds like you had a great run! I like running with friends mostly. My husband and I are too competitive with one another. He just started running again. And is talking about starting a blog. Great.

  4. Most of the time I like to run alone, but sometimes it's nice to have other people around on an easy run to pass the time (especially really long ones).

    I like Clif peanut butter chocolate chip & toffee flavors; not really the rest. I am also really enjoying Luna bars right now, especially nutz over chocolate (long-time favorite) and the new chocolate covered coconut flavor. (I think we all know they are really just candy bars, but that doesn't make them any less carb-licious.)

    Never been paced!

  5. I hate solo runs but I love running with my spouse (who paces me). And I too, continously toot as I run. I've finally learned to turn on the Ipod full blast so I can't hear if they are loud and just pretend that my husband did it intead of me. After all, He's a guy - we all know guys fart.

    I showed him pics of your run today - we agreed that it must really suck to be you and have to run with such amazing landscape!

  6. I love my solo runs, but have found I really running with someone else.

    My husband paced me in the last half we did and I PRed by 17 minutes...oh wait, I guess that doesn't count though, since he's a guy and all.

  7. I love a good solo run, and I love some with company. Changes with what's going on in life.

    I have yet to enjoy a protein bar of any kind. After a Power Bar fail (couldn't even choke it down), then Luna fail, then some other things at the Boston Expo, I have just given up, even though I know there is more to try.

  8. Lol, I was out running today and had my headphones on and really needed to toot. Usually, I'm pretty reserved, but today I let loose... a couple three times. I was running around a local lake and was in my own zone, thinking I was alone, unleashed my toot's and looked up to see 2 guys in a fishing boat right near the shore. Well, since I had my headphones on I do not know how loud I was, but they were looking my way. If I wasn't already re faced from my run, I was after that. lol

  9. I've literally never really run with anyone bc I think I'm too slow for most :) I'd like to have company sometimes though--might make the miles less painful!

  10. HI- I saw your post title on my side bar and had to pop over and say HI!

    love to run SOLO- running is my form of journaling...;)

    have been paced 1x by my DH...and it worked and I loved it.

    I'm running a 5k tomorrow right down my street..and i'll tell ya right now...I will NOT be running my desired pace from a yr ago. Aw's all good;-)

    Cheers friend!

  11. I don't mind running solo, but I prefer company on my long runs. This makes the time go by much faster, plus you can't get enough of girl time :)

  12. I blow dry my "what". For like 5 seconds. ;-)

    I love long runs with friends but have to do at least a couple longer ones alone for the mental training.

    Yes, I was paced to my half PR this past March. I really appreciated my friend sacrificing her personal time, and I came in way below my goal. But I plan to smash that tomorrow. I have also paced many friends in races. I love it!!!

  13. I run alone.
    Yeah with nobody else.
    I run alone.
    Yeah with nobody else
    Yeah and you know when I run alone, I prefer to be by myself.

    Even if I start with other people, I'm quickly running alone, so it's just easier to start that way. Except my buddy Cath, she was very kind in running at my speed. I doubt her heart rate got out of zone 1.

    Big fan of Clifs bars. Any flavour. I'm afraid to try Lara bars for fear they will take over my life.

    Never been paced.

    Joie is just saying that's what she's doing with the blow drier. I don't want to know if there is a comb involved.

  14. I'm running it too! I'm trying to finish under 1:54 so I will probably be close by. I did it last year and it was my first half. I had a great time so I am really looking forward to the race and the awesome over the top expo!!

  15. Mmmmm, Marathon Bar sent my running club some bars to try and they were super yummy! Looking forward to the giveaway.

    Kim over at paced me to my first sub-2:00 half marathon. We're hoping to pace each other to our first sub-5:00 marathon next weekend.

  16. Great post as usual! I love running with others, especially on long runs. I am fortunate that my wife is a distance runner as well and that she is willing to tolerate me for 20 miles. I have a great friend that I try to get together with once a week for long runs as well. Wouldn't be the same alone (though that is nice every once in a while).

    Don't have a fave energy or protein bar, but marathon bars are good, so i'll be looking forward to your giveaway.

    Have never been paced by anything more than a pace band (like you), and it worked as I PRd!

    Keep writing!

  17. I love to mix it up with solo runs and friend runs. With friend it definitely makes the time fly.
    I have been so burned out on protein bars lately. I have just started to try some of the Luna bars and I like them.

  18. Some day, I'm going to find someone slow enough to run with me. But until then, my dog is my only running companion. And she is sick of my farts and boring conversations.

  19. I don't know what being paced means, so I don't think I've been paced.

    What does it mean??

  20. i got paced in a half once. i lost rhe group and when i crossed the finish, i looked over and was right next to the pacer. I have trouble with the pressure of running with a pacer. I need someone who has to stop every few miles and say, "you go ahead, i cant keep up with you, this is way too fast for me".

  21. That breast shaped mountain is nothing like the fake ones I saw bouncing around the pool this summer.
    I'm showing my age again but do you remember the Marathon Bar from the stone age? It was chocolate covered caramel in sort of a braid shape and like 2 ft long, I'd cross way too many uber busy intersections on my bike as a kid to get to the White Hen for one of those bad boys. You're not that Marathon Bar honorary grand poobah are you?

  22. I've never been paced, but I would love it if I could be! People help distract me from my self doubt and questions.

    LOVE Marathon Bars, of course that's probably why I've been on the team for two years, haha. I was so excited when I saw you wearing one of the shirts. If you get a big response and don't have enough bars to share, feel free to send people my way. I have TONS and would be happy to hook some people up too!

  23. Tricia: OMG the original marathon bar was my favorite thing ever. I don't know if you can find them anywhere anymore.

  24. Long runs with buddies are the best. However, I truly value running with my hubs (Dolvett junior) as he is SUPER busy most months of the year. We push each other AND hold each accountable.

    I have never been paced in a race, but would LOVE it as I'm so inexperienced!! WOuld love a good push at some difficult points in the race - TWSS.

  25. I love the Marathon Protein bars (as a former team Marathoner myself). I used one to get my BQ as well as before my HIMs. I really like the cliff Builder bars too, and Luna bars.

    I have never been paced in a race, just used the Garmin and gone with a plan.

    I like doing long runs with a friend. I am bumming with the move, since I have yet to find someone to run either a tad faster than me to push me, or someone that I am a tad faster than to push them. I miss it, and have been doing long runs on the treadmill set at "Cristina" speed. Sometimes I will call her or Valerie on the phone while I am on the treadmill, except I think I scare people around me with our conversations about the dangers of OWS. The treadmill also gets really yucky puddles on when when I am on the phone that wouldn't normally be there because the sweat drips down my elbow. Yuck.

  26. Ran a 10mi race today with plans to stay with the pacer. She was running 20-30sec faster then the planned pace for the race, but slowed/walked for water stops. I didn't stay with her but she was always within view. It was nice to have something other then my Garmin to focus on for pace. And I finished ahead of my planned time!

  27. Love my bird-boned running buddy, she doesn't even run, she flies....we do our long runs together and there is nothing better...We used pacer during Grandmas Marathon and stayed right where we wanted to end up (especially helpful at a very long water stop.pacer saved our a%$#s...and I do eat Pure Protien Peanut Butter Bars gut issues here....

  28. Favorite running partner? My twin 14-yr old boys, who pace me on their bikes and carry my water and food. Not to mention the on-going conversation and distraction they provide when I'm putting in a long run.

  29. I've learned that I prefer to run long runs be myself.

  30. Heel strike? What heel strike?

    I do love long runs on my own except as I get closer to races and then I want that partner there to help push the pace. It keeps it awesome b/c I'm holding conversation at 7:31/mi knowing I could be going faster and throwing up at the same time. Good times!