Sunday, September 18, 2011

Favorite Things September 2011

Here are some items that I’m glad were invented.

1. Pearl Izumi Arm Warmers – $20.00

Many people have asked which arm warmers I use. I love these things. If I am going to bother with arm warmers, I want them to provide enough warmth to matter, but also be small enough to roll up and shove somewhere (no, not there). These stay in place on my arms (no falling down) and I dig the jazzy design. I ordered mine from REI HERE.

2. Dear Foam Slippers – on sale at Kohl’s for $16.80


I don’t think these are made from actual foam from a deer, but I could be wrong. I live in these things. I hope wearing a cheetah print makes me more of a MILF. I hate being barefoot once we hit September because my feet have the worst circulation and are always freezing. If you don't believe me, ask Ken, because when we get in bed and I touch him with my feet he usually files for divorce. Find them HERE.

3. “Webcam for Seniors 101” on You Tube

This gem was posted last week by these two people’s grand daughter. These two senior citizens were attempting to use their brand new computer to record a video for their grandkids. They didn’t know they recorded themselves until later. The stars: 86 year old Bruce Huffman and his 79 year old wife Esther. It will make you smile (teaser: burp and boobs).

4. Wacky Cake

I grew up on this cake and it’s still a family favorite. It’s called “wacky” because it has no eggs, milk or butter. Plus, it has vinegar in it which is really gross and cool at the same time. People also call it “Depression Cake” because during that time it made sense to bake a moist cake without the expense of milk, butter or eggs.  It’s also vegan and dairy free!

I top it with caramel frosting. Last week I really wanted to bake something but had no eggs so I made this.

See the recipe HERE.

5. Yurbud Earphones – $29.99

Many people have also asked me which are my favorite earphones for running. I have a pair of Yurbuds that I got almost two years ago. I can’t say enough about these for sound quality, reduced wind noise, and MOST importantly, how well they stay in the ear. Get them HERE.

6. Profile Design T2 Aerobars – about $100

Profile Design T2+ Aerobar

In action here (although I’m going around a turn on not using them):


The week before my half ironman, I added these aerboars to my bike. They are just simple clip ons. I didn’t anticipate a huge jump in speed, but I wanted to be comfortable for 56 miles on the bike and was hoping these would help me settle in more.

I am not kidding you when I say my speed increased from about 17-18 mph average to 19-20 mph average.  I am also incredibly comfy when I drop down into these things. I feel I can just power through and GO! I got these at Bicycle Village, but I found them online for much cheaper ($82) HERE.

7. Polar insulated water bottle – $9.99

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle - 24 oz

I know these have been around for awhile, but I am just getting a clue. The two things I love are the size (24 oz) and the fact that they keep your drink cold (duh, hence the “insulated” part). They come in lots of fun designs. I got mine for about $10 and picked up a second one at the Irongirl event for $5. Score. You can get them for $9.99-$11.00 HERE.

8. Room

I actually read this a few months back, but it has been one of my favorite books of the year. It sucks you in. You won’t be able to put it down. That’s all I’m telling you.

What are you liking this month?


PS: As is the case with all of my “favorites” lists, these are my personal opinions of tried and true items. I was not asked by any companies for reviews or endorsements.


  1. Great tips! A question if you don't mind. I saw a hydration belt that you were wearing that looked like it velcro'd in the front. What kind of belt is it. I have a Nathan belt that clips and is adjustable, but that looks much more comfortable. Thanks!

  2. I can't do Pearl Izumi. I just can't. They diss slower runners, and I'm in favor of anybody running any pace they can manage, because I see so much pain and disease related to inactivity. And I think that any company that uses an "us against them" advertising campaign that sends even one person back to the couch is morally reprehensible, and I can't support them. Which is too bad for Pearl Izumi, because this slow chicka has a reasonable amount of disposable income, and I don't mind spending it on my hobby.

  3. I love those two old people. I want to be a little dirty like that when I'm their age.

  4. Texicalgal: Here is the one I have. It has two 10 oz bottles and does velcro, not clip. I LOVE it.

  5. I'm about $100 poorer after reading your blog today. :) I'm about 100% happier after reading your blog today. :) I'd say it's a win, win!

  6. Love learning about tried and true products from a serious athlete! The "Room" is on my Kindle wish list so I'll be uploading (or is it downloading) that sucker soon!

  7. Wow I felt like you wrote this for me! I too have freezing cold feet and like to torture my boyfriend with them. Hey thats what he gets for going to bed early, I have to announce my presence somehow. Also, I LOVE depression cake, grew up on it and always wanted it for my birthday. We make it with cream cheese frosting and it is the best.

  8. Ok that video cracked me up!!!!

    I'm really going to have to get brave and try the aerobars next year...

  9. Gotta love frisky octogenarians. Especially when they're trying new technology.

  10. I TOTALLY have those arm warmers!! My husband got them for me last christmas and they are SO super toasty and cute! I'm gonna have to check out those aero bars, too, I want my speed to jump 2 mph!

  11. Those arm warmers look awesome!

    One thing I am loving right now is CANDY CORN is back in the stores! Gotta get my fill in while I can

  12. So many cool things! I'm loving Ghirardelli 62% Cacao chocolate chips covering a spoonful of peanut butter. And I'm loving that school has started :)

  13. I'm with ya on the cold feet. Have you ever thought of a heated mattress cover? It keeps my tootsies warm and my hubby happy :)

    Here's the one i have but there are lots to choose from!

  14. I made a wacky cake on Friday because I didn't have enough butter for a regular one. It's now gone. Topped with hand-whipped cream (I don't have a mixer) and blueberries = perfect dessert! :)

    I so need arm warmers. Definitely have my eye on the Sugoi jailhouse ones.

    Right now loving my new shoes. They're the same old same old, but feel like I'm walking on clouds. Also loving wine. My in-laws live in BC wine country so my husband couldn't resist starting a wine collection...

  15. I still don't get the arm warmers thing - what's wrong with a long sleeved shirt?

  16. Jamoosh: so if you start out and it's cold and it later warms up you can take them off. Duh! Hard for a girl to take off a shirt.

  17. Wacky cake! I grew up with wacky cake too but had forgotten all about it. I think it was the first cake I learned to bake when I was a kid. Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to make it again.

    I just bought a "grass" drying rack for baby bottles but we're using it for all of our bike/run water bottles, as well as the kids school water bottles, so they dry overnight. It's cute, it keeps the bottles nicely contained in one spot, the rack cleans easily, the bottles dry fast and it was only $15 at Target. That's my find of the month.

  18. Katie: I LOVE that idea. I might have to steal it.

  19. My family has a similar cake we make, but we call it "unemployment cake".

    I really like those arm warmers. I have some boring ones, but they are knit and do nothing to cut the wind. Do those help with the wind at all?

  20. For only $20 I think I'm going to have to look into those sleeves - we froze our asses off heading in from mountain biking yesterday!

    We have four of those polar water bottle and every single one of them leaks no matter what. The rubber sucky do-dad never seals right. I don't know why we kept buying them...the back seat of both of our cars have water stains from all the leaking!

    And they have always been hand washed, so its not from the dishwasher or anything messing with the rubber.

  21. I read Room this year. It took me a little while to get into it, but I freaking loved it. When my husband asked me what it was about, he thought I was insane. He referred to it as the creepy book.

  22. Room was very good. We read it for book club and I have to say, it was the most fun book club we've ever had. We brought whatever items we'd want to eat if we were trapped in "room". There was a lot of wine that night.

    I am loving Glee this month. I became obsessed and watched the first 2 seasons. I am all caught up and ready for the premiere. I also constantly make Glee references and I think I'm losing a few friends because of it. Hmm..

  23. Thinking about getting some arm warmers for my December race -- I'll definitely look into these!

    I've heard good things about Room, but I'm really afraid I wouldn't be able to get through it. :(

  24. Can we be family!!!!! Rarely do I find a vegan recipe on a non-vegan blog. Love!!!!! And I have Room in the mail for me!!!! Yet another reason to get to Colorado...become your twin ;-)

  25. As I ditched my sweat shirt in the bushes the other day I thought I should look into arm warmers. Thanks for the recommendations. I might have to get aerobars too. I am starting the Christmas list early this year!

  26. OOOOHHH I can't wait to get on a bike with aero bars!!!

    LOVED Room. Awesome book.

  27. Thank you so much for your list...I got the arm warmers the next day and I love them....Also got Pearl them as well. I think Im gonna stick with the Pearl brand , they seem to have great quality.

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