Monday, October 3, 2011

28 Miles

If you think I ran that far you are high on crack.

I wasn’t going to post AGAIN today (I rarely do two-a-days; who has the freaking time?), but I had to share pictures from a morning bike ride today.

When you are stuck in your head and overwhelmed with crap (and forgetting to focus more on the cone), it’s time to hit the road. On the bike, in your running shoes, whatever. There is no better cure for funkiness, PMS’ing, being hungover or whatever ails you than getting out and moving. Really. It changes your whole perspective, your whole mood. So, if you’re not feeling like it, trust me, you will be invigorated. You will never regret a workout.

It started here:


We hit the road and did a favorite route: the Fruit Loops. This involves a ride up to Lyons, Colorado, then two loops in the foothills. I think the “fruit” came in because there used to be orchards in these parts, but I could be making that up. I like to pretend it has to do with the cereal.

Today I perfected the art of riding my bike at 18 mph and taking pictures. That’s why they suck and are blurry. Now I’ll be quiet and just show you:


Look at me! I’m just happy to be in a blue shirt on my bike!


Me too! Look at my laugh lines! Aren’t they sexy?


I always wondered what I looked like from behind.




Love that the Aspen trees are starting to change. They are the most unreal golden color.


There was a ton of bear crap on this road, but I thought the picture would come out too dark. Ken said I was the only person he knew who needed the correct lighting for poop. Yep, I’m a perfectionist that way I guess.

Told you it was a good ride.

Does getting out and moving and sweating  improve your mood as much as it does mine?



  1. Usually. I had never before considered the lighting needed for bear poop.

  2. Always! If only I would always remember that! Managed to remember it today though, and get out for a little run before dinner.

  3. Nicee.... I need to get on my bike. Love the TriBella kit!

  4. yes. today i was cranky, finally got off my ass and did a 7 mile run and i was smiling the entire run......

  5. I think I am the most impressed with the ability to take pictures while riding. I am pretty sure I would crash! I had a similar sort of day myself minus the stunt photography.

  6. Couldn't agree more. was in a terrible funk yesterday and the bod was beyond tired and sore. Took a quick nap late afternoon and went out for my long run ( for me anyways) and did 6 miles. Felt awesome!!!! ran it much faster than i thought possible and really turned my attitude around. Thanks for the great blog and reminder to keep my focus on the good:)

  7. Nothing better to set your head straight than a good workout! I completely agree. My boss figured this out awhile ago, now on a bad day she actually asks me to leave and go "work it out"... I never argue with her!

  8. Oh, and nice pics. I am the master of photos on the move... but it helps when I am on the back of our tandem!

  9. I love you but I'm kind of done trying to figure out what that fabric hanging is in the background. Numerous SUAR pics have featured it & still I'm baffled. Got anything else you might stick on that wall just to switch it up?

  10. Anything outdoors on a day like this cannot be beat. Sweet ride!! Jealous!

  11. Lovely!!! Love that you guys do this together!!

  12. The only thing that could possibly be better than that Fruit Loops ride would be, um, Fruit Loops.

  13. Moving makes everything better :)

    And I didn't realize those were smile lines... I thought you were going so fast that you were getting G-Force Face.

    What a beautiful ride!

  14. Love the pics! You are one talented lady! And yes, you are soooooo right, getting out and moving helps with the funkiness like nothing else!

  15. Was out running at 05h15 this morning and boy it was great.

  16. Yes, I'm a 'bear' when I don't get my run in. HA HA. I made a funny. But not a poop. Not today, anyhow. TMI, I know.

  17. Totally! Getting my sweat on always tips the balance to the cone side (love that analogy), even when I think I don't want to. Fall has come to the DC area, so pulling on the long sleeves and tights for a 50-degree run after work took some courage (ha).

    Awesome that you can crank out 28 bike miles on a weekday morning!

  18. Completely! Getting out and sweating always makes me feel so much better!
    I love the pictures! It makes me want to go break out my bike!

  19. Kelle: hahaha! was wondering when someone would say something. That is a quilted piece my mom made based on a Picasso painting. It is one of the only places I can do decent timer shots. So, yes, you'll have to put up with it. :)

  20. 99% of the time a good sweat will improve my mood.

  21. Absolutely, a run or ride will improve mood. Good job for channeling that energy into a positive. Lookin' good, Beth!

  22. Running always puts me in a better mood! I want to move to Colorado!

  23. Just got sent to your blog. Love it. I'm a Colorado girl transplanted in Texas, this summer would have been a whole lot better in Colorado. YES I always feel better after a good run, even if it is 98 degrees outside still gotta run! Thanks for the blog, and I miss those mountains, just not the snow shovel.

  24. I'm lucky enough to know that a workout makes me feel better... and to have a husband who has no problem pushing me out the door and locking it behind me when I need the motivation. ;)

    (Ok. Kidding on that last part, but he does give me the "you'll feel better. just go do it." talk when I need it.)

  25. A run, lift, or ride will ALWAYS cure what ails you. Unless, of course, bears are involved. Or pooping. Unless poop was the problem to begin with, but I digress...

    An Indian Summer in the Ozarks has us planning a couple of rides this weekend together.

    Thanks for the great pics!

  26. OK, so I'm moving to Longmont now. That is just gorgeous.

    I love moving and I have a funny for you.

    Last night I decided I'm going to start riding my trainer in the garage so that I can get my morning ride in and not bother the house.

    I put my tech shirt on then a sweatshirt hoodie so I could pour sweat.

    I was riding and had Karen's iPod in and blasting. Adam Lambert's song came on and I started singing and when it went something like this:

    What Do You Want From Me? Speed....
    What Do You Want From Me? Endurance....
    What Do You Want From Me? Desire.....

    And LOUD. So Loud that she called me to pipe down and that I woke them up at 4:30am and that dogs in the neighborhood were howling.

    Then after that I got a nose bleed. I stuck the end of the towel in my nose and flipped it over my head and kept on riding.

    Never once did I regret it.