Sunday, October 9, 2011

Denver Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Race Report

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You may have read that yesterday I was kind of dreading today’s race due to some ass discomfort. I’m happy to say I survived the half marathon this morning with my left ass cheek (LAC) in tact. It did not feel good for much of the race, but was manageable.

As a runner, I think one of the toughest things is to know when to stop to avoid further injury. I never got to a point where I felt like it was detrimental. That said, I will take some time off from EVERYTHING and get some attention from a sport’s doc to get me back into tip top shape before Vegas.

The goal for this race was to pace my friend, Joie, so that she could break 2 hours. She missed the two hour mark by ONE SECOND at her half in August. I was damned determined to squeeze her in under two if it killed me.

In lieu of a pace band, I used my trusted Sharpie to keep track along the way:


I actually got a great night’s sleep last night after 1.5 glasses of wine, some bland chicken fettuccine and a little “Dateline.” Up at 4:30 a.m., had some coffee and we headed to Denver. About five minutes out from finding a place to park the colon started hollering. Like it was emergent and emerging. We parked at the Hyatt, but I could not hold it and left an amazing pile in the parking lot. Fortunately, Joie had some TP. I worried some detective would test the DNA and the TP and arrest me for leaving a steaming load of crap, but decided there were probably better things to worry about like the fact that it was 35 degrees and my ass hurt.

Good thing I got that pile out before the start!

We huddled at the start with throw away blankets and millions of other bodies. Then we were off through the streets of Denver on this chilly, yet clear and sunny morning. Our pace was spot on. I knew we had to keep about 9 minute miles throughout to sneak in under two hours. The crowds were so massive for the first mile we did a 9:30, but made up for it with an 8:30 for mile two. We plodded along and as I warmed up I ditched my beanie hat, my hoodie and my gloves.

By the halfway point I knew we were on track for a strong finish. My LAC was hurting quite a bit, but it was also becoming kind of numb. I tried to disengage from the lower half of my body. Mile six I took a vanilla Powerbar gel.

Mile 11 I told Joie we would pull back a bit, then really kick it in for the last mile. I knew we were golden and that she would exceed her goal.

Mile 12 we were home free as we cruised downhill through the streets of Denver to the finish. I will NEVER EVER tire of the feeling of the last .1 mile of a race when the finish is so close you can see, feel and taste it.

We tearfully crossed the line in 1:54. We both felt amazing. The ass hurt, but not too bad.


With our boys: Sam (left) and Joie’s son, A.J. (right).


When we finished the race you HAD to get your picture taken by the RnR people. So Joie and I decided to kiss just to make it a bit more exciting. Ken was sad he missed the kiss, so we re-enacted for him after we found him at the finish. For your viewing pleasure:


So proud of Joie who started running only a couple of years ago. Her first half was 2:21. She has come such a long way!

I can’t thank Ken and the kids enough for getting up early, parking, fighting the crowds just for that 30 seconds to watch us finish. It is like getting the most thoughtful gift from someone: when people love you they pay attention to what means the most to you.

How was your Sunday? Win any races? Kiss any girls?



  1. She looks a little surprised!

    Awesome job, Joie! And way to go with the awesome pacing, Beth! I need someone to do that for me next time! Are you available for Vegas? LOL

  2. Well, what a day you and Joie had! Awesome pacing and loving.

    Go take care of that dumb ass!

  3. Great job pacing Beth! And congrats to Joie!!

  4. Nice job gutting thru the ass issues!

    I got thru my final 22 today and now embrace the taper. If the taper were a girl, I might kiss her. Otherwise, no kissing of girls today.

  5. Omg, this is awesome. You crapped in a parking lot! I think I spit some of my lunch on the computer screen, I laughed so hard:)

  6. Great job - way to pull your friend through and get her goal time!!! Now rest up that cheek ;-)

  7. Great job on the half! I just finished chicago's 26.2 & was amazed by the sheer number of people finishing a marathon! Now it is pizza in the hotel room and hopefully enough energy to uncork the champagne!

  8. What a greay friend and pacer you are. So sorry for the parking lot cleaners.

  9. What a great friend you are. I am trying to break 2 hours at the Jazz half Marathon in New Orleans at the end of the month. I will try to use your pacing strategy - but just don't know if it is possible. My fast friends aren't running this race - hope I can find a good pace group - or fast strangers.

    Heat not cold will be a problem - it is still pretty warm down here.

  10. I am impressed. Cruising along 1:54 for a half mary, LAC hurting, pacing your buddy. I yearn to break 2 hrs, and expect it to have to be the best of my life so far, everything firing on all cylinders.

  11. Congrats to Joie!! And to you for helping her cruise to an awesome finish!

    The parking lot dump is a good one! And can you imagine the look on someone's face when they found it. I sure it was a good WTF moment.

  12. Congrats to both of you! I looked for you but never saw you. Gosh darn it. Did you see the girl who won? She tore it up! I ended up being plenty pleased with the weather and even got a little bit of a sunburn.

  13. Congrats to you both! Wow -- I can't wait to sub-2 in a half. I ran the Army 10-miler today, also with LAC discomfort, but I made it through. Like you, once it went numb I could ignore it and was able to relax a bit.

    Must find myself an awesome pacer like yourself for my next half... Want to race in Washington, DC, next spring???

  14. Dang, I missed the kissing part today! Nice job keeping your friend in the right place at the right time. Those hills through Cheeseman are not easy but so comforting to know it's all downhill from there! Glad the glute keep in check and I hope they get that thing figured out soon! (my friend had horrible glute pain. Changed shoes and all better. ??)

  15. Uhh, sorry, I couldn't concentrate on the recap.

    You seriously dropped a deuce in the parking lot? That's awesome. I bow down to your glorious, unselfconscious load.

  16. Wait, did you run a race? I got distracted by a kiss....


  17. Congrats on finishing! I'm sure that meant the world to Joie to reach her goal. It was definitely a colder race (especially compared to last weeks skirt chasers) than j would have wanted and I made a huge mistake and dropped my stuff at gear check too early--but I smashed my goal time (stated 2:15...secretly 2:10) in my first half! I netted a 2:09:40! Now I'm off to punish myself and foam roll--oh btw...thanks for not choosing the Hampton Inn & Suites parking lot :)

  18. Congrats on your race! Keep up the great posting, I love to read your blog! :)

  19. Kissed lots of girls!!!!

    As for your ass I've had those problems too... it's a lot to do with sitting, so now I ride a motor-bike!!!
    Good luck.

  20. I kissed a girl, and I liked it!!!!

    Love running to that song... Congrats on a race well ran!!

    (I'm excited about winning your Day in a Life Contest, BTW.)

  21. Congrats to you and Joie! Can't believe it's already been (almost) a year since the Denver RnR, and also can't believe you guys endured 35* at the start! Ew.

  22. A day in the life is in progress. First photo taken. This should be fun.

  23. Nice work to you both!

    My Sunday was spent tending a sicky. My next race is this coming Sunday, so hopefully I won't get sick too, and this little guy will make sure I taper right since I can't swim if he's sick.

  24. Congrats- sounds like you both did great.. Nice of you to pace your friend. Now time to rest ( and heal).

  25. What a great feeling - running with friends and helping them exceed their goals! You're a good friend, Beth. FANTASTIC JOB JOIE!! Sunday was a beautiful long run day for me, no girl kissing occurred.

  26. I have kissed a girl and I liked it. Hahaha!! JK.

    What a great friend you are! Congrats to Joie, such an amazing run you guys had yesterday! The weather was perfect for racing in and I am SO glad your ass wasn't hurting.

    I got my SUAR shirt in the mail last week. Wore it on Saturday and got a ton of compliments on it. It's such a cute shirt.

  27. Great job pacing Joie in to a solid finish! Congrats to you both. Now take care of your a##!

  28. Was going to email you about this race today, but now I don't have to.

    Reynaud's, Morton's, Farting and now the same thought process about crapping in public spaces. I always think that some f'n detective will test it for DNA and come knocking on my door. Nor more NCIS, L&O, The Closer, CSI for me.

  29. I ran the RNR half, too. It was my first and I finished spot on where the training said I would but was hoping for that outside goal. I'm glad to see that Joie knocked so much time off from her first to now!! That gives me hope that I can do it, too!
    Glad that your LAC wasn't too big of a problem and that you are getting it taken care of!!

  30. Hey...Did not Run the RNR Half or Full, did not kiss a girl, did not crap in a parking garage...but have some ideas for your LAC. I am seeing a PUSH therapist for my hip and she is amazing! This is quite different and a little more intense than the regular old massage, it may work for you. Moe is in Boulder and she became a PUSH therapist after someone treated her for her chronic aches and pains. Check it out: Marcia(Moe)Skaro Money well spent, Maria

  31. Congrats to you both ladies. I am about to do my first 1/2 at the RnR in St. louis in 2 weeks. Nervous and excited....i've done the training and would like to finish in 2 hours but....probably more like 2 1/2. I plan to work on that, if i only had you as a friend to pace me.
    Hope your a** gets to feeling better soon.

  32. Could it be that your LAC hurts as Karma's way of saying, "stop leaving your pile in the parking lot"?

    Love that you were able to pace a friend to a PR, Congrats Joie.

  33. BHF: LMAO! Genius!!!! I never thought of that. Makes perfect sense, tho!

  34. I have done the sharpie "pace band"!

    Big congrats to both of you. What a feel-good race! Nice pacing.

  35. Way to go Katy Perry...I mean Beth!! How special to get ur friend the sub 2! take that LAC!

  36. Rode my bike after a 4 day "rest" on Sunday. No race since Oct 1 (if you call what I do "racing"). Never kissed a girl, but think your pic was hilarious. Gagged a little at the thought of finding one of your piles in a parking lot. Working on a "day in the life" post. :)

  37. No kissing, but I did a fast 7.5 miles in my training for my second half....the Seattle Marathon! Glad your ass is not too sore and you got some action at the finish line. :)

  38. What's so funny is that one time when I dropped a load outside a parking lot, I was worried about the same thing - would the cops come and do a DNA test or something to see whom it belonged to. Congrats to you both on a great job!

  39. In. The. Parking. Lot.

    Speechless. Mostly from laughing, but speechless, nonetheless.

    Well done, both of you!

  40. Well done! I ran Denver too, although I did the full. We could have not asked for better weather! Clock a PR at teh Half point, so over all it seems to have been a great day for everyone!

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