Saturday, October 1, 2011

What You Got Under That Pink Dress?

Today I got my skirt chased. In fact, I got “dicked” (opposite of “chicked”) by somewhere around 15 guys although it was 90 degrees and I was so hot and parched I didn’t give a crap. The guys started 3 minutes after the girls, so getting dicked that many times doesn’t make me look or feel very good (TWSS).


Kathy and me. Love that shirt!

Seriously. The Skirt Chaser 5K started at 3:00 p.m. and cry me a river, but I struggled in the heat. I finished in 22 and something minutes, but by my watch it was only just shy of 3 miles.

The real fun came when the beer started flowing and “That 80s Band” took the stage. This was actually the band that played at my 40th birthday party. We 44 year olds know how to bust a move to the oldies like “I Like Big Butts” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” I even did a front handspring and I’m not kidding. I have witnesses. I might feel that one in the morning.

Here is a friend I found to dance with:


I even have the cute white-woman-overbite we get when we’re really concentrating:


Emma hanging with the lead singer, who she wants to be when she grows up:


I loved introducing myself to this guy:P1110113


He may look like just another pretty face in a dress, but he is Will Kelsay pro triathlete for Timex. He mostly specializes in Xterra Triathlons and he is as nice as they come. Plus, his hourglass figure and that special something hiding under his dress really turned us all on. Will, if you are reading like you promised, nice to meet ‘cha.

I also snuggled up to this hunk of love, although he scared me a little. He might be Richard Simmon’s brother.  I think my son, Sam, is scarred for life. Although he did ask if this could be his new FB profile picture.


I will say that Skirt Sports did an amazing job with this race. They have found the perfect way to combine running with looking good and having fun. And a bonus: running through the Bronco’s stadium at the end was a blast!

Next up, Denver Rock ‘n Roll Half next weekend with Team Marathon Bar. Can’t wait.

Did you race this weekend?

Do you ever wear costumes when you run? I have yet to do this myself.



  1. I did Race the Reaper - my first obstacle course. Apparently I need to work on upper body strength and learn how to climb over fences.

  2. I ran it as well as part a motivator in the KickStart program and came in close to your mileage. Probably a little off since my watch lost satellite coverage in the tunnels into and out of the stadium. Fun times though and so proud of my racer who ROCKED her first 5k.

  3. I just can't imaging having that big, thick chain banging around on my chest for a hot, sweaty 5K race.

  4. It was hot out there!!! I saw you run by in the first out and back portion and then never saw you again...I guess I wasn't looking in the right places. :)

    Loved the guy with the hair and the gold. :) He had a strut to go along with the outfit too!

    It was a great race and I was so very impressed by Kick Start racer who ran the whole thing after only 8 weeks training!

  5. Hi, I'm a friend of Keith Cartmell, who recommended your blog to me, as I'm 6 ft tall.

    Your race sounds like a lot of fun! I'm doing my 1st 5k tomorrow - CIBC Run for the Cure, for breast cancer awareness.

    Anyways, nice to meet you. :)

  6. I raced Santa Rosa Island Tri in Pensacola was really tough. Really. The white sands and 81 degree water, with a flat course. Man, this life is challenging.

  7. Love these pictures. Man, that guy has a nice...dress.

  8. sounds like a fun race! Love that guy's hair - but that necklace looks like it would hurt to wear for a run!

  9. I "participated" in a 5k run/walk (Jog for the Cause - breast cancer fundraiser). I'm not sure at 42 min if you call that "racing" or not. Congrats on your 22 min time. Dang that heat! It was 44° when I left home for mine yesterday. I'm glad we are done with 90° weather here!

  10. I missed the Chaser because of work. Bummed after all the fun we had last year! I'll be doing the Denver Full next weekend. Might be able to see you, but probably not what will all the peeps. Have fun! ~Lynne

  11. Go team Timex!!!

    How awesome is it that your adolescent kid wants to use a pic that include his mom as his profile pic?!

  12. Of course I'm reading your blog Beth! My friend Courtney saw it before I did and told me on FB. Didn't realize you are so famous! The blog is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

    That was soooo much freakin fun yesterday! Can't wait for the next one.

    Thanks for the Timex shootout Alecia ;-)

  13. Love it! What a fun, fun time!!!

  14. i did the atlanta 13.1 today - sans any fun costumes or skirts! so sad! :( maybe at my next half in two weeks! good luck at the denver half!

  15. That looks like a super fun day. We have a skirt chaser here in AZ, and we are planning to go but now I really want to go. Looks fun.
    I have never worn a costume while running but my Ragnar team had costumes that we wore for two days. We took it off while running though. The flamingo hats wouldn't stay put while running. hahaha

  16. Well I ran 8.6 miles, training for my very 1st R&R half on the 23rd and then headed out on our Harley for Bikes, Blues and BBQ...great day and saw some crazy characters there as well

  17. I did the Photo Finish 5k in Rochester NY. Set a PR!! It was freezing and windy.

  18. I did a 5 miles called Wine at the line...and yes we got wine at the end! I love wine after I race...and when I don't...
    Last year I did a race around Halloween and wow some people really go all out. I only had Devil Horns...because it is so fitting for me to wear them! :)

  19. Beth--

    You are hilarious! I am going to start reading all the time. It was nice to meet you and I will be ordering a shirt....and for the was hot!!!

  20. You always have the best fun at these things!! :)

  21. Yes. YES! I was in a race this weekend! Really! My only race this year. Even though (whisper it) I didn't really race. I chugged along. Through the mud, and rain, and wet, up hill and down dale, or something like that. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't fast.

    No, I have never worn a costume when running, other than the costumes designed for running. I can barely run even then. Why handicap myself further?

  22. I do wear costumes, when appropriate. There is a trail race called Dances with Dirt, in Hell, MI (how awesome is that????), where I had big horns. Our sister team was team Tutu, which was full, and we had a dude on our team so we didn't have tutus too. However, for mountain biking, I am a member 3 years running of team tutu bellas, and we wear tutus over our cycling kits. Thankfully the sponsors don't mind. I also wore what I would consider to be a "costume" during the underpants run as part of IM LOU. I wouldn't normally wear underpants that say "awesome" on the rear.

  23. Looks like so much fun. But it's a little disturbing that so many guys like to dress in drag or in very strange costumes.

  24. You walked by me a couple times yesterday during the pre-race expo--and I saw you and your daughter dancing away to the eighties band. I was a little nervous to say hi--almost like you were a celebrity that I've been stalking through your blogs.

    It was such a fun race! I do agree the weather was a little intense--complete opposite of what we're going to experience next week at the Denver Rock n Roll half.

    Good to know that your watch registered less than 3 miles too. Mine said I only ran 2.92 miles.

    Maybe I'll be able to say hi next week at the RNR half if I see you again!

  25. Ha, man this year's race was quite a few notches about last August! I did love the free Chipotle and Dale's IPA, but an 80s band + a Pro athlete in a speedo/dress?! That's hard to top ;)

  26. It was so hot on Saturday, I did the SkirtChaser too!

  27. so the lead singer wants to be like Emma when she grows up? That's awesome.

    You, as always, look like you are enjoying life. Love It!

    Yeah, I raced this weekend and I wore my fast costume....I think!

  28. I am so glad you called it Bronco's stadium instead of Invesco. Or Sports Authority. Or whatever in the world we're calling it now.