Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Newest Follower

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Yeah, so the big news is that Dolvett is following me on Twitter. This might be because I stalk him. Let’s face it, not only is he amazing eye candy, but he is a damn good trainer. And, I have never seen earrings look so good on any man in my life. Go see for yourself if you think I’m a liar.  He asked if I would have his children, but I told him I’m already taken. He cried. If you don’t know who Dolvett is, you clearly have a life and do not watch enough TV.

Ken and I went to meet some of his buddies from the Colorado Relay for a 7 trail run this morning. Like a dufus I work a tank and arm warmers, but soon found out that it was 40 degrees at the trailhead and things got a bit nipply.


I know you just zoomed in to see the nipply, but you can’t because this picture was taken later in the run when it warmed up so joke is on you.

When we first arrived, our co-runners were not there yet, and I felt a rumbling, so I headed to the pit toilet. It smelled so bad before I even opened the door that I decided to take a small dump outside of bathroom instead of inside. I doubt many people do that, but I am such a nature girl I prefer to use the dirt as my canvas and smell pine trees when I am having a special moment. I did have Huggies wipes in the car, so this isn’t as rugged as it seems.

We started up the trail:


We passed some deer and elk but fortunately no mountain lions  came out to play even though I saw this sign:

As always, the views were gorgeous and as always my camera phone sucks and does not do them justice.


It was a gorgeous run even though I had my same old aches and pains in the LAC (Left Ass Cheek). I start my treatments this week with the sport’s med doc/chiro. He will do adjustments, ultrasound, gait analysis and some “drills” as he calls them. I am hoping to the high heavens about that this will be the trick to me getting my running mojo back. It’s been a long time since I’ve been ultra confident on these legs. Yes, I’ve kept running and racing, but something is not right in Denmark. Or Longmont. Or my ass.

Now for the funny part (and you thought the dump OUTSIDE of the bathroom was the funny part). Ken and I headed back before the rest of the group because we to get back from some kid thing. We were about two miles from the car, Ken was ahead of me, when it happened. We were on a single track trail and I lost my footing. I tumbled off the trail, did a full body roll as I hit the ground, grunted very loudly and came to a full stop in the weeds, laying on my stomach, stunned. Ken came back to make sure I was okay. I was okay. He then immediately said, “Since you are okay, can I laugh now?”

I used to be a gymnast and fell on my ass every day of the week. But a fall like today’s tumble when you are 44 years old makes you a sore, complaining whiner. I swear, my left boob hurts and my elbow. I even got this:


Ken said, “Oh my. I cannot believe you made it back to the car with that injury without me carrying you.” Sarcastic much? I did marry him because he never fails to make me laugh. And some other reasons too.

Did you get your workout in today?

Ever fallen on a trail? I’ve tripped before, but never had a full-on tumble to the ground.

Ever pooped outside of a bathroom because it stunk too much to go in? Confession: this was actually not my first time.



  1. Well done, on both the Dolvett and falling fronts. Yep, I've done my share of falling on trails. Worst one was a major sprained ankle, 5 weeks out of IM. I think Ken is mean for not carrying you! ; )

  2. Ouch. I'm afraid to trail run for that reason. Did your hubby at least offer to disinfect your hand with one of your wipes?

  3. Fell down the side of a ravine last week...felt pretty rad and looked even better....the stories we runners can tell

  4. Yes! We need a to make a clique... the Followed-By-Dolvett Club :) I still think we can get him to come run Vegas with us.

    Did you tell Ken that you were dodging a Jackalope when you needed to do that dive-roll? I really hope you are okay after that tumble.

  5. How about that...I DID NOT know who Dolvett was...however, after I checked out the man I do remember seeing some BL commercial so I did recognize the face.

    Anyway, I don't really watch TV ..who has time when I am reading your blog and others...(talk about stalking..ha!)

    Hubby and I ran today...Gawd we are such wimpy,slow, old runners...I have said it before but OUR FIRST EVER half marathon is in two weeks...we tried running 12 miles today...made it to 11.74 and thought we were going to die.

    We have 2 weeks ...God help us!

  6. What's a trail run without a little fall, eh? Or, maybe that's just me but no trail run (or bike ride) is complete without some blood. Awesome badge of honor! Welcome to the club, you can be president if you'd like. Invite Dolvett, too!

  7. I don't need trails to fall, I just trip over the sidewalk. Took a pretty good tumble over a weird crack about 2 months ago and my shoulder is still sore...

  8. I have fallen (and torn a ligament in my ankle) on an uneven trail in a race.

    In high school, we did an overnight camping trip IN THE SNOW. Using snowshoes. I left quite something out there in the snow rather than use the smelly (freezing-cold) outhouse.

  9. I trip over flat surfaces...

    Haven't had a full on tumble in awhile though!

    Glad you're OK =)

  10. Now you've been fully initiated to trail running! I've tripped over a fat tree root and went flying-landing on all fours and I still have twin scars on my knees.

  11. Have you considered changing the name of your blog to Shut Up and Sh!t?

    Haven't yet gone directly outside the potty myself ... must have smelled pretty nasty inside.

  12. You tease you! All this talk of nipples, and boobs (well one boob anyways) and the LAC, and what do you show us? A right hand with a tiny, barely noticeable scratch. No blood worth talking about.

    Next most important thing, in the hand photo that doesn't have any blood, there is a small electronic device. What is it?

    I admit I'm beginning to wonder about Ken. Here you have a sore LAC, and we all know that massage is good for sore muscles. Is he not on the job or what?

    Colvett. I clearly have a life! Thank you for affirming that. I don't know who or what he is, and unlike the small electronic device, I don't want to know.

  13. You are so funny.. thanks for the morning laugh.
    Yup , fallen some and I'm the one who fell and broke my ankle- well aware of my footing these days.
    I really would like to meet you. I am moving back to Longmont from NY at the end of the month. Do you have an email? I lived there 12 years and 20 in Lyons. Mom issues in NY so have been here 2 years, but CO is in my heart. Glad to be coming back.

  14. YES, to all three of your questions!

  15. You never fail to crack me up!! I fell off a trail once and landed in a swamp! I was picking burrs off me for hours! Um Dolvett is gorgeous....He can follow me any time he wants!!!

  16. I cannot do a pee outside for love nor money let alone a poo, don't know what it is but never been able to. And I'm such a klutz with my legs its only a matter of time before I trip myself up !!!

  17. Vanessa endo'd her bike on a bad, rocky downhill during our first training ride, way back when. As I passed her, I yelled a, "You okay?" while she sat on the ground. I got a thumbs-up, so I kept going.

    10 minutes later, as the group waited at the bottom, she rolled up bleeding, bruised, torn leggings. I was stunned. "Why didn't you say something?"

    She said, "I thought you would stop anyway." And so began a long and loving relationship, but with a helluva lot better defined rules: I stop EVERY time she's on the ground.

  18. Peg: my email is

  19. Keith: think you may be referring to my XM Radio?

  20. No trail running for me, because, hell yes, I would land on my ass or face at some point.

    As for going outside the bathroom, we (my entire immediate family) all did at this one place in Puerto Rico (though I think we were just peeing). Beyond nasty.

  21. I had a great workout today!!!! I ran my first 1/2 marathon!!!! With no problems along the way I might add. It was awesome! You are going to have to give us "pooping outside" rookies some kinda guide to how you poop outside so well. I think that if I tried to do it I would make a huge mess. Somehow I dont think I could get just the right angle.

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  23. Trail running is like mountain biking - if you don't have a little blood, it's not a good run ;-) I always manage to trip myself over when running trails. :( Then this one time, we even had to take someone to the emergency room for a dislocated shoulder - yes from trail running ...Crazy huh?

  24. Rubbing salt in the is my mission to get D-train to follow me!

  25. Jess, just a matter of time. No doubt. Then we will have a party.

  26. I've fallen running on trails, often but not recently. And walking, on sidewalks, often, and very recently. I'm clumsy and no longer try to fight it.

  27. I'm a professional KLUTZ. For real. Sorry about your fall.....NO FUN. Trail running would be a DISASTER for me. I'm all about a trail walk.....

    Get Up & Go

  28. Yeah, I've stumbled and fallen on the trail. I actually fell twice around miles 3 and 4 in my last 50k, tweaking each side of my back and setting off the sciatica earlier than usual. I've fallen other times to like the first run I did with my Garmin. I hit a root and as I fell I held my Garmin in the air so it wouldn't hit the ground. Dumping outside a bathroom bcse it stank? No, but I've hit the cornfields on long trail runs. The husks make for nice TP. I've only done that once, but I love living in farmland as a just in case...

  29. Oh, and you've had some kids, so quit whining about a little tumble and scrape, you're making women look bad :)

  30. Not sure I've ever fallen while running, but I wreck my bike every time. If I don't draw blood it wasn't a good ride :D. Worst was in a race, tag a root with my face. Told everyone hubby hit me cuz I wasn't fast enough (daughter bought the story :/)

    Grats on Dolvett!!

  31. Congrats on Dolvett hehe

    I definintely got my work out in today. I ran my 2nd half marathon!!

    Glad you are okay from your tumble!

  32. I have definitely taken a couple of spills -- the worst (now the funniest in hindsight) was running on a trail in San Diego's Balboa Park. I tripped over a tree root and did a couple of summersaults before rolling to a stop.

    Hubby was a couple of miles ahead, and was going to meet me at a breakfast place. I had to dust myself off and finish the run to meet him. When I got there, I had major scuff marks and still had twigs in my hair! Needless to say, I made him order takeout and take me home. ;)

  33. The Mountain Lion looks like he is showing you how to take a dump.

  34. Nice job on scoring the follow. TEENY bit jealous! If you ever need to come visit him in Atlanta, you can stay at my house. Oh wait, what I am saying OF COURSE you would be staying at his house, right? ;)

  35. Did an 11 miler this morning.
    I have made quite a reputation for myself due to my frequent falling while trail running. The last two races I had messy falls, but managed to place in my age group! High five to the clutz.