Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can You Find 12?

This morning I was holding my breath. It was half excitement and half fear. And, it had nothing to do with Joe Paterno. It was time to run. Finally. After 10 days without so much as a step of running or anything else, I was ready to test out this body of mine. Ten days ago, a mere three mile run had me hobbling, tight and sore. My whole left leg felt cramped, wrong and dead (CW&D). Since that time I have had:

It was a bit nipply, but nothing to write home about. What is to write home about is the filth on this thermometer.


Just for the record, we do not keep our house at 57 degrees. I think it reads that because it is beside the cold ass window.


A bit frosty outside, but gorgeous. I hate living in this shit hole. There are some geese above for your viewing. Count them. Can you find 12? I am sure they are pooping because there are geese turds everywhere around here. The dog eats them then shits them then eats his own shit, so it is one big excrement cycle. Did I tell you I saw a coyote yesterday? I did.

Got on my shoes:


Made sure I was wearing my battery operated glow in the dark clothing. That’s why I have sunglasses on in the house.


I ran 4 miles. The cold air burned my lungs. My cardio was in the toilet from doing nothing for 10 days. I focused on keeping my arms under control, and not reaching out. I concentrated on quick turnover and having my feet land under my hips.  My pain was minimal. No pain at all in the butt crease!! Some achiness in lower hamstring and glutes, but much, much better. Progress!

I have another appointment with Matt on Tuesday to do active release again on some troubled muscles and trigger points. I am getting there. I believe that the combination of the massage treatment, strength training and gradual modifications to my gait will get my out of this injury cycle and on my way to being a healthier and more well-rounded runner. There is no quick fix; it does not happen overnight. But, it does happen. This is when being stubborn and determined comes in very handy.

If you couldn’t find 12 geese, that’s okay because there are only 11. Hope you didn’t spend too much time on that exercise.

Biggest Loser Impressions (spoiler alert):

  • Despite BDD and my thoughts that Ramon might throw the weigh-in to go be with Jessica who has already dumped him for a Pittsburgh Steeler, he did not
  • Vinny wears a headband to dinner. Why?
  • I’m sure Dolvett is a great cook in real life. But his beef tenderloin looked like seared ahi tuna. I love you Dolvett, but that was gross.
  • Bonnie took the crying down a notch this week, but she still needs to go. It would be the biggest upset in the universe of she won the marathon.
  • I don’t own and have never been tempted to buy a Biggest Loser cookbook. You?
  • Ramon is immature. Mad because people voted off his girlfriend. Are we playing a game or are we a support group for Ramon’s love life? Get a grip.
  • Bob’s hair continues to recede. At some point he might want to consider a full head shave. I think that will be next season.
  • I like past winner Olivia. A lot. Even if she does have mom hair.

What temperature do you keep your house at? Ours is 62 at night, 69 during the day.

Do you own a BL Cookbook? Any good?

How was your run today? Aches? Pains? Camel toe/moose knuckle in your tights?



  1. Ok, frankly I'm sick of Bonnie.. why do I feel she will make it to the final 4.. sigh. I ran yesterday and my lungs were burning!!!!! My house is kept 64-68. But it's a pain in the arse. The upstairs is hot as hell and downstairs we're freezing.

  2. 67 during the day while we are here and 63 at night when we sleep. DH gets up at 4:30am and the house is still 63 degrees at that time. He's been bitching about that for a couple days now. Sorry man.

  3. my husband keeps our house at like 80. with heat on.
    he's so not green.

  4. I am sitting in my car in front of my kid's preschool, about to put my running stuff on. I am going to run up a hill that I have long wondered what it would be like to run up…we'll see how it goes :P My husband swears I have cameltoe but then tells me not to worry about it :P I am so incredibly happy for you and your new regimen that seems to be working!!! That is super awesome :)

  5. Anytime Bonnie comes on my husband will wail like she does and sends our cats into a major frenzy - they get really freaked out and run away from him as fast as possible. So for that reason alone, she can stay. As for Olivia, I like her A LOT but I loved Hannah more.

    We don't have the AC or heater on right now, so our house is freezing in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. But our electric bill is pretty cheap for now.

  6. We rock the 62 deg all the time. Yes, we are cheap.

    We also have coyotes living around our house.

    I have not, however, spotted any cameltoe lately. Thank goodness.

  7. If you look very closely, you can see the 12th goose is pooping and is apparently a bit embarrassed about it. Obviously not one to read your blog...

  8. I love being able to talk about BL... my husband has ditched me on the BL watching effort. Sigh. Anyway.. I'm with you on the Ramon thing. And why wouldn't Jess run off with a Steeler? LOL.
    Bonnie needs to go. And why isn't Vinny losing more weight? I love him...but COME ON. Maybe his diet needs work?
    I own a Jillian "Mastering Your Metabolism" cookbook. Pretty decent stuff if you're into organic/whole foods. Speaking of.. I MISS Jillian. Sigh. Again.
    Thermostat is at 60-65 at any given moment. This will change when the weather gets super cold, but seems to be working for now.

  9. I should have read your whole post before counting the geese. That is a minute of my life I will never get back thanks to your trick.

    I keep the house at 21c (70f) when we're up and at home. Only go down to 18c (64f) at night. I used to be tougher, but since having kids, I like it warmer. (and it's not just for them, it's more for me.)

  10. I was done with Bonnie the first week. Wah wah, quit crying.

    My husband and I still haven't figured out how to work our thermostat. Should probably do that one of these days.

    I own 2 cookbooks and have never made anything out of them. I need to start cooking. Microwaved spaghettios ain't gonna cut it anymore.

    I love Olivia too. And Hannah. I think they are my fave people ever.

  11. 63-65 while we sleep and are gone for the day, usually 68 at night unless the wife is cold than it goes up to 70 and I feel the dollar bills being ripped from my wallet. Didn't run today, rode the bike trainer in my basement which is considerably colder than the rest of the house, and I still sweated like a mad man. Own a BL cookbook actually use it from time to time, favorite receipe is Turkey Burgers.

  12. OMG I totally thought he made seared tuna. I had no idea it was beef tenderloin.

    He wears a head band for the same reason I were a hat sometimes. It is an automatic napkin. I probably have about 15,000 calories on the top of my hat right now.

    I got ART'ed yesterday on my calf and it felt great today on my run. I am going again tomorrow and FTW I am focusing more on my body......ART 2x per week and also incorporating Bikram Yoga......I am looking to OWN Puerto Rico when I get there in March.

  13. I bought one BL cookbook. It was horrible- gave it to the church rummage sale. I hope they got a quarter out of it. If you already know how to steam veggies and grill chicken, you don't need one.

  14. Yes! So glad you got out and things went well. You will certainly get to where you want to be.

    Ran again this morning myself after swimming. Only 30 minutes but wonderful. Met the girls for coffee after and shed some tears of joy. Perfect day.


  15. You kill me.

    I read your blog for therapy sessions. I seriously laugh so hard.

    Your Biggest Looser recap was AWESOME. I don't think Bonnie cried one time this week. I could be wrong.

    I live in Michigan but am from Wyoming. My family is driving to Wyoming on Monday for a 2 week visit. I'm wondering how the altitude will affect my runs?

    Keep up the great blogging. Hope your butt feels better soon.

  16. Congrats on the run

    We should have a weekly BL show to discuss the weeks episode.

    I am shocked ramon didnt through the weigh, maybe Anna was thinking as well and didnt pick him to weigh in and picked the other guy since only one weight counted

    HOLD ON!!!!!!! So Ramon KNEW he wasnt going home, because his weight didnt count..... SO their is still potential of this happening next week!!!

  17. excrement cycle - now thats freakn funny!!!!!

    congrats on the run.

    I live alone -- winter setting: 55
    summer: 80. Can you say poor & broke!

  18. BDD: Absolutely. I think we need to have that same prediction for next week. Either that or he leaves on a dishonorable discharge, upsets the whole show, goes to find his true love and finds her in bed with....

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  20. Forgot to watch BL on Tue, but watched it online last night. Totally sick of Bonnie, raw beef is gross, Ramon is annoying, and I don't use but a handful of cookbooks (mostly local church ones that have normal food in them plus the BH&G red gingham classic).

    House was 63 when I got up this morning b/c heat had been turned OFF! Oops - quickly returned it to the normal 68. Programmable thermostat drops it back to 62 at 8 AM and then raises it back to 68 from 4 PM - 10 PM (and back to 62 at bedtime). We've had some cold nights this week, but the days have been warm enough it hasn't run much. Fingers crossed for at least one more electric bill on the low side.

    Ran on Tue and was pretty sore yesterday. No camel toe. Took yesterday off and will probably bike today if the temps aren't too bad (50s).

  21. Dogs and geese are gross. End of story.

    SO GLAD you are running without pain. That rocks! 29 degrees would be a heatwave... it was 9 when I left the house. Where the heck did fall go??

    No BL cookbooks here. :)

  22. YOUR dog eats his own POOP?

    MY dog eats her own POOP! (however, lately she definitely prefers the bunny turds...that picky eater!)

    (some think we are lucky ...not much poop to clean/pick up in the yard....seriously..the doggie burps are awful!)

    I just don't watch BL......

    Ran inside ....watched there's a quality show....he only has 6 yes 6 episodes left before retiring...oh, poor Reeg!

  23. Bonnie is the biggest old lady weenie EVER. I can't stand her crying, whimpering and who-who-whooooing like she's being whipped. Ramon, what a baby. And since the hints are dropping about Jessie's less than stellar losses I expect we'll get to the bottom of that next week. Maybe he has a secret stash like what's-his-name the wrestler.

    I do own a BL cookbook and there are a few good recipes -made better with tweeking. But overall, not worth the money and same goes for Hungry Girl with all of her processed foods.

  24. I am really sick of Bonnie. I am racing yet another half marathon this weekend. I am actually really looking forward to it, although it may not appear that way. I did nearly injure my hip last night, when I turned our living room into a dance party for my 3 and 5 year olds. Am I old or what?

    This is the first winter in 9 years that we have to directly pay for the gas to heat our home. We currently have it set at 70 all the time. We kept it at 72 before, because it was just in the HOA bill before that was out of line, and we had babies that couldn't freeze. It will be interesting to see what the cost will do to drive the temp down after we get our first bill of 100% heat use. We haven't needed it yet, but this month will likely the the first.

  25. YEA to your progress!

    As for BL, can't get into it this season. Watch NCIS and Covert Affairs and flip to BL during commerials, seems to be enough. And no BL cookbook here.

    Keep night temp at 58, day temp at 62 and evening temp at 67. But my home office gets to 68-70 since it is not too big and there are 2 of us. Odd that 2 laptops, 2 lamps and 2 bodies (and sometimes our dog) can do that. Saving pennies a day at a time!

  26. all (at least for the most part) are seriously hard core about the low temperatures. We keep the house at 72 to 74 year-round here in the Dallas, Texas area. That may change if finances tank, but I certainly hope not.

  27. I guess that's the difference in living in Colorado versus Arkansas... I think I'm running in cold weather at 45-50 degrees. haha I keep my house at 70 when I'm home, and I just turn the unit off when I'm gone (the beauty of Fall in Arkansas :-)

    And you read my mind... When I saw the thermometer picture, my first thought was "OMG that's what she keeps her house at?!?" :-)

  28. I think I'm over Biggest Loser! Sad but true. I still love Dolvette but man, without Jillian, or maybe the new contestants...I'm just not interested.

  29. I almost threw my mouse at the computer when you mentioned Penn State. Sick. Of. It. Also? Sick. BECAUSE. Of. It.

    Our house is 68 at night and 65 during the day (but our room is 2-3 degrees colder. I don't know why.)

    I had my first run in 10 days this afternoon, too (because of varicose vein "surgery"). I was a bit wobbly but good. And, of course, much, much slower than you.

  30. I skipped over the Biggest Loser thoughts b/c I hadn't watched it yet... but I just remember I watched it last night! Oy, somebody here needs a weekend!

    Well done on the run!

  31. My thermostat is very old, so I don't know what temperature I'm actually setting it at. All I know is that when my mil is visiting, she thinks our house is freezing.

  32. TBL If the picked Bonnie to represent the over 60 crowd I wish they had spent more time interviewing her. She comes across like she could be a real B#tch if she didn't know they were filming her. Ramon, who? I'm too busy watching Bob and Dolvett to notice any other guys...esp. whiny ones who forget they are there to lose weight not pick up girls.

    My house is cold. Go get a sweater. I'm trying to make my kids tough. ;-)

    My runs have been amazingly good considering the race on Sunday. I am a new believer in icing!!! I just need to combine my compressions with the icing and I think I just might PR that 50 miler!!

  33. Bonnie must go...don't like her AT ALL!

    Glad your run went well and hope mine does also. I'm afraid to get out there and run, although things feel pretty good today. Here's hoping my run goes as well as yours. The little bit of ART they did on both my ass and my neck was quite painful the other night. Still thinking of a full sessions with Matt.

  34. In any BL cooking contest, the winner will be the one with the lowest calories. Sure, maybe that one did taste best, but it disturbs me that they consider 200 calories a meal.

  35. Julie: go for it. Matt is great. For $65 you will get your $s worth.

  36. I had my first ARM today! It hurt like crazy but the range of motion in my hip flexors is amazing. I stopped for Greek food on the way home so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to try running.

  37. OMG-69?!? I would freeze to death. Guess that's why I moved to FL!

  38. My dog eats his own shit too....I call him self recycling.

    There are lots of annoying BL cast this season. Bonnie makes me want to throw something at the tv, Ramon should NEVER braid his hair like a girl when he is whining like a girl, Vinny needs to ditch the headband. I am excited for makeover next week.

    I keep my house at 62 since I am cheap and buy a space heater to warm me up when I sit in front of the tv. lame.

  39. I just discovered your blog and love it! I can identify with your geese problem. I use to live in Colorado on a lake and there was geese poop everywhere. Our lab loved to eat it. Disgusting.

    Thanks for keeping us informed about your butt pain. I'm starting PT next week for Achillies tendonditis. Hope it helps!

  40. Since I live in SoCal, we never need heat or air. In the "winter" it's usually about 60 inside the house. I just layer up, because I'm always cold and my husband prefers it to be FREEZING! Haven't run today, but I am going to my first all-women's running group tonight in Encinitas. I'm doing my own min-tri today (biked and swam already today)!

  41. Finger's crossed for continues pain-free runs!! :)

  42. Finger's crossed for continues pain-free runs!! :)

  43. Sorry to hear about your injury. I'm sure it will heal soon and you'll be back to yourself in no time. Love the reflective gear!

  44. i am inspired by the biggest loser, but i have to admit that i got tired of ramon's whining. yeah, and what's up with that headband thing!!!

    i kinda liked the fact that the trainers had a part in the weigh-in.

  45. Never seen BL, never will. During winter a29f run is warm. House thermostat is set at 21' but we aren't sure if it's right.

  46. Yay on the run! Ever thought of those CWX tights (the ones that are like, $200, but apparently totally worth it)? Every time I'm sore and limping after a hard run, I ponder saving up for a pair, especially for colder runs.

  47. When I use the oil furnace, I keep the house at 70 when we are home and 59 when we aren't (and during the night). When I use the wood furnace, I let 'er rip. Usually gets up around 75.

    I save the wood burning for colder weather. It's around 59 here today so I have the oil furnace on.

  48. Congrats on your run.

    And I have a Biggest Loser Cookbook. They actually have some pretty good recipes. Some of them don't work for my tastes, but others are really good.

  49. I hope the dog draws the line at goose and dog poop. We don't want him following you on runs just in the hope of tasty morsels.

  50. heh. I didn't learn what a camel toe was until my senior year of college. that story is too awkward to share more.

  51. BONNIE GOTS TO GO!!! I can't stand it when she bawls.

    Also, I agree about Ramon being immature. That relationship will NOT make it once Jessica is svelte and hot and Ramon is svelte and still a babycryer.

    63 at night, 65 in the day. Minnesotans, Baby.

  52. I have a few BL cookbooks. I especially like the dessert one. But I bought them before I fell into the world of blogging. The blogs have a whole host more recipes than the BL cookbooks do.
    I also enjoy the updates from contestants of seasons past.
    I'm excited for the 'Where are they now' episode of BL Thanksgiving week! :)

  53. Our 13 yr old doggy recycles her poop too! lol and YUCK!

    My hubby went running without me today(having PF pisses me off to say the least). Well, he went running on a scenic route and saw 3 large and long poops on the road. He knew it wasn't from a bear. He was nervous though that it might be a wolf or a pack of them. His thoughts were right....about 80 feet in front of him ran a large gray wolf. He was thinking what do I I look at him in the eye or do I look away? Do I fight back or play dead? He made it home safely (constantly looking over his shoulder) harm done but I told him it was a sign that he shouldn't go running until I was well enough to go with him. ;)