Sunday, November 27, 2011

Refuel Your Body

Today’s run: 10 miles in 1:28 (8:48 avg)

I loved every stinking thing about today’s run from the 19 degree start temp to the coyote who crossed our paths to the gift I left in the dirt (at least I was kind enough to cover it with a tumbleweed). By far the best part of the 10 miles was how great I felt. Now that my body has less pain, I am able to run more effortlessly. This is a gift beyond words. You have no idea how happy it makes me. Or, maybe you do. It takes so long to come back from injury and it can be so debilitating mentally and physically. When you can finally run half way okay, it is reason to celebrate.

I think I owe my life to Matt at Handled with Care Massage Therapy. His active release work is doing the trick.

Out on the run: there goes Ken trying to ditch me, or maybe he’s just gunning for that porta potty at the bottom of the hill. (Yes, my phone camera sucks. But, 15 years ago I would have been carrying a huge Polaroid camera and that would have sucked worse).


See if you can pick out my coyote friend. Hint:  he looked nothing like this:



I think turquoise is my color. It accentuates my large breasts.


This was my last longer run before the Rock ‘n Roll Vegas half marathon next weekend. I got my running gear in the mail a couple of days ago from the Team Refuel folks. It is seriously the coolest. I am going to do my best to not soil it. I love the “Refuel Your Body” logo.













A lot of people ask me what the big deal is about drinking chocolate milk. I’ll tell you why I like it so much. After I run, I never feel like eating. Chocolate milk is the quickest and easiest way for me to get the right amount of protein, carbs and calories for recovery right away post-run (8g protein,  24g carbs, 150 cals per 8 oz). It’s also got potassium, calcium and magnesium.

I don’t drink it after every workout. I usually drink it for workouts that are greater than one hour and are fairly rigorous. You don’t have to buy any particular brand of chocolate milk – I get the cheapest low-fat, one gallon jug from my local grocery store. 

Here’s what the research says about chocolate milk:

    “Low-fat chocolate milk contains high-quality protein to help repair and rebuild muscles after strenuous exercise. It’s also been shown to help athletes tone up – gain more lean muscle and lose fat – compared to drinking a carb-only drink.”

Did you run/race today?

If you have been injured and returned to running, have you been able to pick up where you left off in terms of speed and endurance? I am slowly getting there. Even though I raced a lot this summer, I never felt like my running was back to where I was pre-stress fracture.



  1. Yes! I ran my usual Sunday morning group run. I was sad to forget my iPhone but I felt a lot better running today than I did yesterday.

    I agree with the chocolate milk part (altho I must admit I've yet to do drink it post-run). Had a dietician advise us.

    Glad you are pain-free on your run!!

  2. Oooh! Pain free and choco milk? What's not to love?

    The chocolate milk refuel thing was a lifesaver for me as well. I don't want to eat after anything longer than five miles, but I could be drowning in chocolate milk and still enjoy drinking it. I am an overgrown child.

  3. So excited for you and your pain-free running :) I definitely can relate to that celebratory feeling!

    I ran an easy 8 last longish run before that race coming up. Sadly, mine was not pain-free. I think that was related to my effort in my Turkey Trot and not stretching properly after.

    Very cute outfit. I think I'll be dressing as a stanky I stand out from the crowd ;-)

  4. did 11 crappy miles yesterday..worst LR in a long time..3 recovery today

    I also cannot eat after a LR or a race so non fat choc milk is the solution for me

    I love that skirt! I am still looking for a running skirt...

    raising my cup of tea to running pain free!

  5. Hooray! I ran my first marathon today :) sadly, not pain free...I have a blister BETWEEN my big toe and index toe. WTF?

    I am sad to say that there was NO chocolate milk at the finish, so I made my dear husband pull into the nearest shady gas station (Cocoa Beach, FL is full of them!) and purchase me a chocolate milk ASAP.

  6. So glad you're running pain free!! =) And now for my selfish question - where is that skirt from?? Love it!

  7. Awesome job on the 10 miler- good luck with the half! It's so awesome that you've done it without pain!!

    I ran 17 miles today (then hopped to yoga), my long run before my half next Sunday then off to Houston Marathon on 1/15/2012. Very excited.

  8. Cute skirt. You're going to look great at the half - as well as run great.

  9. gloryrunning: skirt is from running skirts, top and arm warmers are from skirt sports.

  10. I started drinking chocolate coconut water after my long runs. I'm like you- in that I am not hungry for a while after my long runs, so the coconut water comes in handy. And chocolate- even better!
    I never come back with the same endurance...I notice it in my breathing more than anywhere else. A little body soreness is to be expected, but it takes me a little longer to get my breathing to be easy again (regardless of what my injury was).

  11. Did you know that Yoo-Hoo has no expiration date? I looked at the bottle in my fridge the other day as I bought it about 3 weeks ago. I could not find an expiration date and nothing on the ingredients list suggests that it is really milk. Weird!!!!!

  12. jason: eww. that's just like a twinkie. still soft after 24 years.

  13. Great race outfit! So happy for you, you will rock Vegas!!

    I love chocolate milk, best post race drink ever :)

  14. Love the outfit! It will make you even speedier next weekend.

    Have I picked up where I left off after injury? As in, where I was the first time I ever ran? Yeah, I'm that speed. It's ugly. But it's ok. I'm running!

  15. I am thrilled to say I'm back to running half marathons again after some dark days with my high hamstring tendinitis. It still hurts some days, but it's SO much better. I JUST found someone in my city that does ART, and I'm going to make an appointment as soon as possible. Given your success with it, I'm hopeful I can be totally pain free.

  16. I Love that skirt! where is it from?

    I also have a sore hamstring and we do not have anyone in the area doing that type of massage but I find that yoga helps.

    I also drink chocolate milk after my long runs, Great Value has a 6 pk. of individual serving, love it!

  17. :)

    Glad things are rolling along nicely for you - will see you on Wednesday and we'll get you all dialed in for Vegas.

  18. Had an amazing 16 mile run this morning followed by, of course, chocolate milk! I love how there are a gazillion different theories out there about how to fuel, how to refuel, and I have yet to hear anyone argue against chocolate milk. Thank you, science!

  19. I ended up having an insane running weekend. I posted 26 miles and that's odd for me. So yes, I know how you feel about overcoming the injury cycle. For me it's not fractures but ITB in either my right knee or now, left hip. I started out to where I could run high 8's, low 9 minutes miles, then came down with ITB, then had to go back to running 10:30's so my tendon wouldn't rub, then that went away, took me a few months to get back to high 8's and low 9's then my ITB in left hip began to rub. To be honest, I'm just thankful I can run. Period. I just take time out of the equation. I just Shut Up and Run as you would say :)

  20. I LOVE chocolate milk. I have two containers in the frig - yummmmmm.

  21. Dealing with an injury or illness IS certainly debilitating both physically and mentally. Being fully healthy is an invaluable gift. It's funny how satisfied we are when we just a 'coming back' with any type of pace or mileage. That quickly starts to fly out the window after a few weeks when we want MORE - faster and longer - and get impatient to get after it! :-)

  22. I'm so happy for you! That's a great run. :)

    Thankfully, I've never gotten an injury, AND HOPEFULLY NEVER EVER, but it would absolutely suck to not be able to run. :/

  23. Congrats on the solid 10 miles and I agree there's no better feeling than feeling close to 'being back!'

    I always struggle with post run re-fueling and I keep hesitating on the choco milk because I'm pretty sure my son and hubby will drink it before I get a chance to finish my run but will give it a shot.

  24. Woohoo! Way to go on such a great run! I ran/walked for 3 miles today. haha. I’m coming off of IT Band problems. I CANNOT WAIT ’TIL I AM BACK IN THE GAME TOO!!!

    Chocolate milk after a long workout sounds divine!

  25. Yahoo on a pain free run!!! Love the race outfit!

  26. What are you eating that makes you shit so much while you run? It happens to me sometimes but not as often as you.

  27. 711: I think the problem is that I get up early, drink coffee and eat something, but don't shit before leaving home. Then I get to the start of a race or run and I need to get in that morning poop. Once it's out, I'm golden.

  28. ran 8 miles today - felt good, avg about 10

  29. Cute outfit.

    I like to whizz a banana in my chocolate milk! The best!

    Hurray for no pain.

  30. There was a coyote on the side of a trail at the end of a race I did a few weeks ago. I was so tired that I didn't care if he ate me.

    Good luck in Vegas, you will do awesome!

  31. I definitely am not picking up where I left off pre-injury...I figure it'll be about next summer before I'm anywhere close.

    Nice - SPEEDY - 10 miler! Very impressed! Good for you!

  32. I got up and walked today - does that count? I've been very slack since I was injured and went on holiday. But I did some reading and building up your base walking (particularly if you have been running less than a year before the injury) is a good thing.

    So it's been the 8 weeks my physio said to wait. I'll walk for a bit more (with foam rolling and stretches) and then if the hip feels OK, I can start to run!! Woo hoo!

    I think I might try that active release thingy, because I can feel all kinds of tightness.

    Well done on the long run - I love chocky milk after a long run too - can't wait to buy some!

  33. I can only assume the coyote reference was to lure us into associating you with the Road Runner. Well played.

  34. Glad you are pain free at last! Good luck next weekend and have fun in Vegas.

    I had a foot strain after the Denver RnR and after 4 weeks I went for my first run..then an hour later I broke my big toe. I have 2 1/2 more weeks of no running. I don't even want to know how bad my running will be when I finally get to run again after 10 weeks of no running. I am excited to run again but a little sad knowing I will be even slower than I already was! Oh well, I will be back to normal eventually!

  35. Ran my 1st 1/2 yesterday and am so psyched. Didn't quite meet my goals, but learned a lot by trial and error. It was a lot tougher than I had expected, but so worth it. So proud of myself!!!

    Was sick as a dog w/ massive stomach cramps for most the day/night. Finally hubbs went to the pharmicist and they recommended maalox. It worked WONDERS. Have you ever experienced that Beth?? It has happened to me before--after a 9 miler, and then the 1/2. Didn't do any dairy for days, was fully hydrated before/during/after. Is this normal you think??

    Good luck on your upcoming race! LOVE the new refuel outfit!!

  36. Shortney: YES I have had that, especially after a run/race where I have really exerted myself. Usually if I can eat it really helps. But you are not alone!! Next time I'll try Maalox.

  37. Sounds like the perfect feel-good run!

    Great outfit for Vegas!! Fellow chocolate milk lover here!

  38. I had a great run - first one in months with Hubz who's finally on the comeback himself from a hamstring tear. So happy for you that you're back, running pain-free, too!
    And, so cool that you got to see a coyote on your run.

  39. I have had to give up running b/c of knee pain and back pain. I can't say how sad I am but I'm biking a lot now and hope to return to running or at least just train for races. I can understand how happy you must be having the pain lessen and being able to run and not worry.
    I love chocolate milk. I just tend to drink it even if I don't need it to refuel.
    Enjoy your runs!
    Matt sounds awesome!

  40. Girl you get to run in some seriously awesome surroundings!

    Love your outfit. Love Chocolate Milk! Love your 10 pain free miles. If I were running while I read this it would be the best post of all time. okay, I'm getting carried away. But what else do I have to do? I'm stuck at work. yuck.

  41. Half marathon #7 on the year for me on Sunday--and I chugged a big bottle of chocolate milk afterward. Chocolate milk is the BEST post-run fuel ever!

  42. Aweseome gear from ReFuel for Vegas! And, so thankful you had a great run...I am hopeful the ART keeps working for you! Hope we can meet up in LV!!!

  43. I rode my bike today to Niwot.. mild day, wasn't it? Great ride on the LoBo trail. Hadn't been on that trail before.
    Yup, I'm back from fx ankle this summer, but then again I am just starting to run- something new for me.. still in walk/run mode - but enjoying it.
    Good luck at your race!

  44. Okay, nice to know!! Yes girl, getchoo some maalox. he even got the fake CVS brand and it's mint flavored. I can't hack Pepto, so this was much better.not quite so chalky! Still having a funk stomach even tonight. ugh.
    thinking tom will be better! Gotta pay to play:)

  45. Love the outfit!!! Can't wait to see you this weekend - so excited!

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