Sunday, November 20, 2011

Road Warrior

Today’s run: 9 miles in 1:21.

I was excited to get out the door. Probably because I wore fancy gloves.


Yes, it looks like I have a mini-penis. I assure you I do not.

Do not be jealous. You too could have these gloves for $.50 from Target. I don’t talk about Target a lot because as much as I love it, I try not to go there. Just walking in the door and I am $50 poorer. It never fails. Yet somehow going there, like going to Costco, puts me in a good mood.

Conversely, going to Wal-Mart puts me in a horrible mood and makes me think the world is going to shit. It is the ongoing Target vs. Wal-Mart debate and Target will always win out for me. Maybe it is because you see a lot of this sort of thing at Wal-Mart, and I don’t care for it:

I swear I never see crap like that at Target. I’m not being uppity, it just hasn’t happened. Yet. 

Back to the run. It was stinking freezing when I set out. 25 degrees. Slightly overcast. I was going into the wind on the way out and I thought my face might fall off. My snot froze to my flaring nostrils. I ran along this road towards the foothills.


I passed this grave.


I don’t know who Cinnamon is. Person? Dog? Doesn’t matter, this being was LOVED.  I used to have a guinea pig named Cinnamon but I don’t think she was buried here.

At the halfway mark I had some watermelon GU Chomps, stretched out my ass and headed for home. I passed a bunch of peacocks which was totally random. I think they are lost because they are a long way from their homeland of Sri Lanka or India. I wanted to tell them, but I don’t speak Sinhala.


It was  decent run. Not perfect in terms of pain (I had some stiffness in the last three miles), but leaps and bounds from where I was four weeks ago. Plus, my pace was about 30 seconds per mile faster than on my 8 miler last week, and that was without trying in the least. I came home and chugged some chocolate milk while rolling on the foam roller. Good to go!

I do think the active release work with Matt is really working. I have also been doing yoga at least twice per week. I like to do the sweaty crack aka Bikram yoga - I think that helps to keep my muscles loose and supple.

So, the Rock n Roll Vegas half (2 weeks from today) starts at 5:30 p.m This is not my normal run time and I never have run a race at night. If I was smart like some people I would be doing my long runs in the evenings to get ready. But, I’m not. I just don't want to. I figure I’ll wing it on that day and hope for the best.

My toughest challenge will be to watch what I eat that day I figure if I have a huge plate of Mexican food at about 3pm I’ll be golden. What’s a SUAR race without a porta potty or squat story?

I am getting excited for the race. For all of the times I’ve been to Vegas (way too many to count), I’ve never run the Strip at night. I’m also excited to be working with the Chocolate Milk campaign as a Team Refuel Road Warrior. SUAR the Warrior. Has a nice ring to it. Be very afraid.

For more info on the science behind why chocolate milk rules after a long workout, look HERE. Basically, you’re getting the perfect ratio of carbs to protein for recovery and helping to build leaner muscle mass. Hello! Who doesn’t want that?

Which do you prefer to shop at, Wal-Mart or Target?

Ever run an evening or night race? How do you recommend eating/fueling during the day of the race?

Do you do the sweaty crack version of yoga? I’ve been doing it for about two years now. Love it. Something about the sweat and the intense heat. Maybe I should move to the equator.


PS: Check back tomorrow for the SUAR Christmas shopping extravaganza! There will be a long sleeve tech shirt (with a new design) and a couple other new stocking stuffer items.


  1. I ran the ET Full Moon Half Marathon which starts at midnight. I ate during the day like it was the day before a race, had a bagel around 9 pm, and a 5 hour energy about a half hour before the race. Worked for me.

  2. I recently ran a night race, a 11k race, on 11/11/11 (cute huh?). It was amazing. We all were given head-lamps. It was quite an experience and the icing on top of the cake is that I PR'ed! Have a great time in Vegas - I have a few running friends running there! Should be very very fun!

  3. I LOVE TARGET and I am allergic to Walmart. Everything at that store is depressing to me..the people who work and shop there and our Walmart is always a huge stinky mess.

    TARGET forever.
    now that soungs like a tatoo right?

  4. Target all the way - I haven't been to Walmart in at least 5 years.

  5. I once ran a midnight race. I hiked all day the day of the race, then had a huge dinner complete with salad, spicy food, and salami. I would not recommend my pre-race strategy! (But running at night rocks.)

    As for sweaty yoga... does yoga in Florida in August count?

  6. I do have a stupid question..
    first pic...I see you have same belt I have and your tops dont look super long...the UA is longer I can see that does it stay down while you run? I mean in place, (English is not my first language and sometimes I dont make sense..)

  7. I have only been in a Walmart once. There are some things that have to be seen to be believed. I did. I do. Never again, please and thank you. Never been in a Target.

    Never done an evening race, so no advice there.

    Not a fan of the hot yoga, but the regular stuff is great! I like working up a good sweat on my bike trainer, or on the run, but then I stretch a bit, shower, and stretch some more. I cannot fathom going from hot yoga into my car without a shower in between. The few times I've driven to where I want to run, I've put a towel down so I don't rot the seats.

  8. Caroline, yeah it stays down. I used to wear my belt more around my hips, but it moved around a lot. Now I wear it more on my waist and pull my shirts down. They stay in place because the belt is tight enough (but not too tight) to keep them there.

  9. OK..just had to say that I love that you know they speak Sinhala (btw :)) in Sri Lanka. That's where I am from and what a odd thing to find peacocks here!

    I need to do more night running to get used to it. Its always so peaceful!

  10. Wal-Mart is only 2 miles from my house and Target is a 30 minute drive. So Wal-Mart wins by default. I shop between 4-5am, so it isn't bad.

  11. Which do you prefer to shop at, Wal-Mart or Target? Target, hands down. But, there are things that Target doesn't carry so I have to brave Wal-Mart.

    Ever run an evening or night race?
    Haven't done it, yet. I'm planning to sign up for the RnR Vegas for 2012, so I'll be living vicariously through you this year.

    Do you do the sweaty crack version of yoga? I'd love to try it, but we live in a small town and no one offers hot yoga. I think it would be fantastic!

    Loved the run pictures! The peacocks are gorgeous.

  12. I just posted about my first experience at Bikram yoga...good to hear you like it! And yes sweaty crack or "wet your pants" yoga is a very fitting name!

  13. I'm a little worried about the evening start in Vegas...not enough to do anything about it, like move a long run to the evening or anything...but nervous nonetheless.

  14. I'm not a big fan of night races because I just can't trust my stomach at that time of day. Mostly in the morning it's been trained to behave itself but if I run in the evening it just gets confused.

  15. Walmart is super close (1.5 mi) so if I don't need a lot, I shop there out of convenience. I like Target better on the whole though. I also shop KMart sometimes. But online is still preferred if it isn't something I need to try on.

    Never done an evening race. Never done hot yoga.

  16. Target girl and I have the same problem--always drop too much cash in there!! lol

    Also an early morning girl so no advice but lots of hot sauce and mexican food

  17. Target, absolutely. And I've never run a night race, but I'm running Vegas. I am totally a morning running and I tend to puke when I do long runs in the evening, so that should be really awesome. I've been practicing (the evening runs, but the puking practice just comes with that) and I think my best bet is going to be eating something on race day that I chew very well. No spaghetti breakfast for me. And don't run to my left. I puke left. :)

  18. I'm a Target girl for sure. One look at that logo and my wallet is at least $50 lighter. My dad openly hates WalMart (he's one of those HUGE pro-union people) and gives me crap any time I got there. But, hey, WalMart is 24 hours and has stuff that Target doesn't (and it's closer than the grocery store), so it wins out occasionally.

  19. I've never been to a target but I HATE going to Walmart, brings out the utter lack of class in SO many people. I've seen people get into full on domestic fights in WallyWorld, so ridiculous. I'd love to run a race at night, but running A race at all is probably a better place to start lol! I love yoga but I've never had the chance to try hot yoga, we don't have a class here :( Glad your run was good :)

  20. Glad to hear you made it through yesterday! :-)

    I have run a night 10K which is not such a long ways. I just ate bland stuff... oatmeal and bananas for breakfast and I think a PB&J for lunch because I was worried about getting sick or something while I was running - it worked out alright.

    I don't really like to shop at either of those places. If I had to pick though - I woud pick Target because I have been there more than I have been in Wal-Mart.

  21. I love Walmart because I consider it highly entertaining but if I had to choose one for serious shopping I think I'd have to go with Target too.

    Nice job on the run by the way.

    I wish I was running Vegas - it must be one of the most fun runs in the world but yeah - what the hell does one eat during the day!? Oofa.

    Can't wait to read the race report.

  22. I effin' HATE WalMart. I am actually headed out to Target right now to by some $5 knee socks to turn into my first pair of fashionable arm warmers. I'll be the one with Christmas tassels in Vegas :)

    I run at night all the time, but not usually that early. I'm thinking I'll eat a chill lunch...hoping for some digestible something...brown rice, fish or chicken... yeah, lots of luck, I know :P Then again, I'm thinking maybe protein bars...

    I LOVE Bikram yoga. I wish we lived closer to it... and it was cheaper.

  23. The only time I end up at Walmart is when we are in Summit county and it's the only choice. Of course, then it's the upscale Frisco version and not the ghetto Lafayette one.

    I have never done a night race but I did Boise 70.3 which had a 2:00pm start. I ate a regular breakfast around 8-9, then a lunch like my regular race breakfast - a bagel with PB.

  24. So glad you are ass is feeling better! It was a bit cold today, but always feels warmer when the sun is shining!

  25. Target drains my wallet too! I love your pics. Running by gravestones makes me feel peaceful. Great blog!

  26. In love Bikram. I think it's the yoga we runners most need and crave - after all, if there's no sweating and it isnt hard, how can it be a workout?
    Target is better, but scary in its own way - one cannot leave without paying $200!

  27. Target is soooo much better than Walmart. A year ago, I swore never to go back to Walmart.

    I love night races - Chicago has lots of them in the summer, usually after work during the week. There is beer and pizza at the finish. It motivates to run faster!

  28. ugghhh HATE walmart....avoid it like the plague...what kills me is some people do say target is uppity and more expensive...things are roughly the same price....anyhow I always run in the evening during the week so I don't have to run with the stroller..I try to up my water intake and eat normally then hold off on dinner until after Im done...just my two sense!

  29. I hate walmart. Totally Target. I am not sure how much cheaper Walmart will need to be before I start going there. Maybe if they gave away Target gift cards for free, I might go in there.

    I am not sure what to say about the night run. I have done evening tris before, starting at 6ispm (wave start) , and I just try to eat a normal breakfast higher carb lower fiber lunch, and then a few bars (clif, marathon, ect) in the afternoon to keep me from getting too hungry but still being easy on my stomach. I have only had major stomach problems once, and that was due to having major mechanical issues before the start because of 104 degree temps, crying and getting a stomach knot before the swim, and then not being able to take any nutrition on the bike due to yet another gear problem. I tried to take it all on the run, and puked it all back up, with almost a personal worst. I placed 5th in my AG.

  30. I have never run a night race, but I want to! All my long runs are in the evening, and every race I've ever run has been in the morning. So far training at the wrong time and winging it has worked for me.

  31. If we could get a Target here asap, I'd go there! If it wasn't for my daughter, we would NEVER shop at Walmart. That said...they do have cheap yet cute things for kids. Evie's boots which light up when she walks (or kicks or jumps) is a unique Walmart special that actually doesn't look crappy.

    Not yet - but I will Dec 31st after I get off the plane after visiting family. Gonna run the Resolution Run!!!!!

    Per doctor's orders, no sweaty crack yoga for me. Sometimes it's just not cool to be a kidney transplant recipient.

  32. MOST definitely Target. But Walmart does have it's uses and is considerably cheaper for some items. I have run at night, but only 5k's. So not much was necessary in terms of changing my routine. I don't do yoga but think I would like the sweaty crack version.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  33. before kids, loved Wally World. Would spend hrs going up and down the aisles. Now i despise the place and the new remodel w/ lower shelves means they don't carry a lot of what they used to. Going to Target is like going to Kohl's...I want to LIVE there, esp in the home decor dept!!

    Night race? Ran an awesome beach run in Jax beach, FL called the Never Quit Never beach fest. About 2,000 or so ppl runnning down the beach in the evening. It was magical and so much fun!! All the women got this kickin' sea turtle pendant that was engraved on the back, handed to us by hot guys in Navy dress uniforms!!
    Never done buttcrack yoga, or whatever you called it:) Only done yoga once (sad), and was so relaxed I fell asleep face down on the floor for an hour! hhaaa.

  34. Target clearance is like winning the lottery for me!

  35. I cannot stand Wal Mart. My boys both recently got two giftcards from there, and I don't even want to go there so they can use free money. Hate that place. Target all the way. The best way to deal with WM is to go super early before all the crazies come out.

  36. I can't wait to see whateveryone does for the night race. I had huge stomach issues with my night time half a few months ago.

  37. I am so glad you asked these questions, because I'm having the same dilemma. All my runs are in the morning or at lunchtime and I'm really bad about my eating habits pre-race. I was thinking some beer/carbs the night before and some protein (chicken sandwich) early enough on Sunday (noon-2pm) so it'll be down and out by 6 (when my wave will probably cross the start line). I always do this dry heave thing before a race anyway, so as long as there's nothing to come up, I should be fine! Good luck to you!

    I may be your only Walmart fan!

  38. I've run a night race (Disney Wine and Dine half marathon) but it had a slightly later start (9-10pm). That being said, I had a carb-focused breakfast (since it was 12 hrs or so prior to race, I likened it to carb-heavy dinner "timing" for a morning race) and then ate a ligh late lunch. Immediately pre-race I ate a lighter version of what I might normally eat prior to a long run (like 25-50% of what I would usually eat). For me, it would be tempting to not really eat right before the race at that time but I didn't feel too full since I had basically been tapering down my food intake all day.

    Have a wonderful time!!

  39. If Target was closer than 75 miles, I'd be there! I probably and saving myself a lot of $$ by living in BFE.

    I haven't done any night runs either for the RNRLV half....hoping the distractions of the strip help me make it through!

  40. Unfortunately we don't have Target here YET... just Wal-mart. But Target is coming in 2013 apparently!

    Awesome job on the run - you have made some great progress.

    RIP Cinnamon!

  41. Target is definitely my go-to, but like you, I spend WAAYYY to much when I go there. I can't stand Wal-Mart. My least favorite store on earth. Call me a snob, but that's how I feel. I did hot yoga a couple of times. Liked it, certainly felt a little queasy at first, but pushed on. The only problem was how expensive the classes were, so I return to the great, free outdoors. (Love the SUAR long-sleeve shirts. Will have to get one of the holidays!)

  42. I Freak'in Hate Walmart. I haven't been there forever. I'll go to Target and Albertsons first. I am a Costco addict also, but recently got a Sam's Club card also and the food selection there is a lot larger than Costco.

    Please don't tell Costco that I am cheating on her. I'll always come back.

  43. Target is #1 in my book, although Walmart is good for people watching!
    My first timed run was a New Years Eve 5k that started at the stroke of Midnight. It was held on the grounds of the California State Fair, so it was well lit.
    I love Bikram yoga, but don't get to practice it enough. The amount of sweat I lose is gross, but feels fantastic afterwards.

  44. Vegas will be my first evening run aside from little fun runs at local running stores.

    I haven't done much evening running in prep either. I went out one night after work to do some hillwork but by the time I put on my headlamp (and took the obligatory picture for Facebook), flashing light, etc it wasn't really worth it because I got spooked by something moving in the bushes and only made a couple of passes before booking it another direction and heading home

    I hope Vegas isn't super cold, because the coolest it has gotten during my long runs in So Cal is like 50. I haven't been able to test out much of my cold weather gear.

    Don't your Chomps freeze in that weather?

    I did a week of Bikram a few months back and it really seemed to jack up my problem knee. It wasn't for me. But I love me some hot power yoga. Don't get to travel the 35 miles nearly enough to do it, but I'm planning to try and make it more after Vegas.

  45. Target or Walmart? Walmart has pretty good deals, but the people there sometimes (all the time) are very strange. No word comes to mind. I prefer Target, and love their running stuff. I have never done Yoga, and I love Chocolate Milk in an iced glass after a long run or run period. Speaking of squating, my last half marathon, I had the shits at mile 9. Took 15 minutes off my time. lol. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!