Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clothes Are Over Rated

A few people let me know that part of my Channel 4/Denver interview was incorporated into a newscast on KTVQ news station in Billings, Montana. It means so much that the local communities in Montana and North Dakota are so involved in this run. I had hoped that would be the case, but was not sure.

{Watch video of newscast HERE}.

Sherry’s husband told me that for the run in Sidney runners and walkers will carrying helium balloons with notes attached that they will release at the end of the event. There is something very symbolic and healing about notes to Sherry, or about Sherry, being released into the big, open sky of her home town.

I know some people thought the run was today – so we’ve got a couple early pictures to wet our appetites for next weekend!!

Here’s Tim running in Cincinnati, OH!


Some of Miss Zippy’s buddies running in Maryland:


Claire and Cassie running for Sherry in Chicago!













As for me – today I am going to take a much needed break from life, having been kidnapped by two of my best girl friends. My friend Julie’s parent’s have a second home in Frisco, Colorado that they generously let us use. It is amazingly beautiful mountain home with floor to ceiling windows, a huge stone fireplace and a hot tub.


Pictures from last year:


This is what happens when you are so hungry after hot tubbing you don’t bother with robes or clothes.


Tonight, we’ll grab some Nick and Willy’s take ‘n bake pizzas and stock up on wine, beer and margarita fixins’. Being with these girls is always so healing for me.  It is a place let down walls, to have no obligations, to fart when the mood strikes and to be completely and totally not judged. It feels safe, warm and just right.

Before leaving town I had a date with the treadmill. I wanted to do 8 miles and knew I’d be on there for awhile, so  I just settled in. I set the speed at 6.8 and the incline at 1.0. I promised I would not skip songs on my iPod, I would just go with whatever came on. I got so lost in this run, I hardly remember a few of the miles going by. Until I had to stop to poop, I do remember that part. I did not do it on the treadmill in case you were wondering.

How did your run go today? How many miles and where?

What’s your ideal place to take a break from life? If I can’t get out of town and need to keep it simple, I make some tea, grab my book and draw a super hot, deep bath. It’s one of my most favorite things in the world.



  1. What a wonderful tribute to your cousin....not just the run or just the enormous interest and empathy. But also the mere fact that people are a week ahead of schedule because we can't wait to pay tribute, to celebrate Sherry's life, and remind ourselves that life is good - most of the time.

  2. What a touching idea, to physically send thoughts to Sherry.
    I hope you have a great time with the girls.
    My way to unwind is to bake. It's very comforting to me.

  3. This might be a double post because I don't know if I was logged in properly....

    Just 3 miles today. Getting ready to take it up a notch for my first half marathon. I agree about not skipping songs on the iPod and just taking it as it comes. Why do I get zoned/lost so much easier when I don't try to control everything around me?

    I am so inspired looking at the people who have already run for Sherry. There is such power in numbers. My friends and I are going to meet at a trial next weekend in Bel Air, MD. Sending you hugs from MD!

  4. We're trying to gather everyone in the Seattle area for Sherry's run next week. There's a race the same day, so some people will be dedicating that race to her.

    That home looks amazing. We are picking up our new motorhome today. It's a big'un, so we are considering parking it in front of our house and watching the SuperBowl in it tomorrow. LOL.
    Anyway, I suspect we will have a lot of "getaways" in it to come!

  5. Did 6 miles today. Longest in a while. Gearing up for my first half. My get away today will be a movie night. Haven't done that in a long time and sitting in a theater sounds like the perfect way to rest my weary bones! Although the margarita sounds like a plan too!! Can't wait to run with my training group next week for Sherry. Love seeing people thinking of her ... no matter what the day.

  6. I ran 7.8 miles today! I love to getaway in my bed snuggled in after a long day to watch the food network and be inspired!

  7. With Sherry in mind, I wrote this column for my local paper:

    It can also be accessed on my Facebook Page:

    Be safe & train smart!

  8. Hi Beth! I'll be doing a race tomorrow for Sherry. Taking some extra bibs for my friends. Should be a nice race since we didn't get as much snow as you. Hugs! ~Lynne

  9. I love the balloons idea for Sherry's run.

    I did run today, but so far maybe 2k. To be honest, it was a terrible run with lots of walking...but I was in a hurry to join my hubby and daughter at the Y after their swim class. I had a volunteer session at church at the other end of town, so I drove home and ran to the Y.

    I hope to run later in the afternoon to redeem myself and finally enjoy nice spring-like temps here.

    I ran, walk and play video games to unwind. Esp the Legend of Zelda ones.

  10. For me it was 10.6 around a lake here in Dallas. The wind was brisk going out, but it was still beautiful, with the sun on the water, and birds, dogs, and people everywhere.

    My runs are the place I really "get away"...I don't usually travel since the little one always wants to be where Daddy is.

  11. The balloon idea is pretty awesome :)

    Say 'hi' to Erika from me! And have a great time unwinding...I had to look up what that meant ;-)

  12. Pushed through a hilly 5 mile route. The last mile was all uphill. I wanted to stop. I didn't because I thought of Sherry and how she will never run again. Sherry helped me finish strong. I have an adventure race next Saturday that I am dedicating to Sherry.

    Beautiful house. Love those cabinets.

  13. Beth...just got my shut up and run shirt the other day...Love, Love, Love it!!!

    I will be "walking" the run next week with my friend in Sherry's honor...

    what a great tribute to her

  14. 5 miles...home on the treadmil...watching a couple of taped episodes of Cake it!!

  15. Brick run today so short and fast :) I miss CO. Have fun! I have to run Sunday not Saturday but I know that's ok!

  16. Ugh, I did 20 today and it was freaking 78 F with 98% humidity. Seriously! Nonetheless I felt really good at the end; I hit under 7:15 for the last three miles and this was an un-fueled run!

  17. Oops! I was one of the ones who thought it was today. I ran 11 miles for Sherry. It was beautiful here in Phoenix, warm and sunny, and I kept her and her family in my thoughts and heart the whole way.

  18. Very cool balloon tribute! I love it!

    I was glad today wasn't my run for Sherry. 13.1 miles that really sucked. My head wasn't in it.

    Have a great time with the girls!! We need that!!

  19. There are two men that are actually from Colorado, who went missing in my town of Price, Utah, last weekend. My run today was for both the families of them and Sherry.

  20. I did 17 in the rain today. I am glad Sherry's run wasn't today, because I don't think there would have been any way that I could have waterproofed the bib except maybe by putting it in a ziploc and attempting to tape it to myself. I ran in Louisville today with a group who seriously thought I was nuts when I did their loop twice, plus 1 more. They didn't think I was really going to do it again.

    I get to go to Utah to ski on the 13th. I can't wait. It will be a much needed break from tri training and my kids will get to see their only living great grandparents, which they may or may not get to see again since we don't get there too often. That will be my retreat.

  21. Yay for an escape!! My favorite escape is tea, a book and a HOT bath. I always feel so much better after!! I ran just over half a mile and walked a mile today, which felt amazing after not being able to run for 5 days post my first half marathon, runner's knee stinks!

  22. Didn't run today (yet), but I went for a 6 mile walk on the beach. Took a dump in the sand at the halfway mark. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
    About 2 miles out there is a broken barrier wall. That is my favorite place to go when I just want to get lost. The snowbirds never used to walk that far, but now more of them do. Maybe they will stop if I keep marking my territory.

  23. Hi! I don't usually leave comments on your blog even though I read it on a regular basis but I think you're hilarious!

    Anyway, this is totally unrelated to this post and wasn't sure if I should post it to your FB page but have you heard of The Color Run? It seems like something that is right up your alley! Here's a link to the website...I am not in any way part of the organization of this race, I just thought of you when I saw it.

  24. I got in 9.3 miles beautiful fun trail miles today with 5 other "dirty girls" but every run I've done since I've heard about Sherry has been a run for Sherry. She is always thought of now when I go out to run. I imagine she is having a blast watching and, unbeknownst to us, probably joining in and accompanying us on our runs for her as well.

  25. Loved the photos from those who already ran for Sherry. The balloons with notes is a wonderful idea.

    I'm glad you enjoy a getaway!

    My run was 17 sweaty treadmill miles since I didn't have help with the kids but I still got it done.

  26. Wonderful. You're giving me some great ideas for this Saturday!