Sunday, February 5, 2012

L-U-V Madonna

The girls’ trip away to the mountains was a much needed getaway fueled by tequila, pizza and Ghirardelli brownies. 

Do you ever sleep in the same bed with your girlfriends?  Erika, and I always share a bed when we travel, unless Ken is along and no matter how much he begs me, we do not share a bed with Erika. Don’t get all excited. It’s not like Erika and I get naked and/or spoon, it’s more of a just a friendly thing. We don’t even cuddle. As a matter a fact, I stay fully clothed (sweatshirt, socks, sweatpants) and I lie very still. Unlike when I’m with Ken I kick all around and twitch, fart, Dutch oven, etc. I am a much more polite sleeper with Erika. We have our system down. I get up early, she sleeps in late. I always head out to read my book and have a few cups of coffee while she snoozes.


I think I used to have a jumper in third grade that was that same plaid material.

If you’re wondering, I am reading the book the Murderer’s Wife, which is as uplifting as it sounds.

Early morning is my most favorite time of day. I love the tranquility and the possibility of what the day holds. I sat quietly, taking it all in.





This house backs up to a bunch of Nordic center trails, so it’s fun to watch the speed skiers go by. They are so skilled, well dressed and slick it makes me want to go back to bed and not even try anything new ever. I’m not much of a skier anyway. The last time I did it I fell on my face and broke my wrist. I had to be hauled down the mountain by the ski patrol on a stretcher. I asked the clinic for some drugs for pain and they waved their hands saying, “Oh, no you're fine, let’s wait for the x-ray.”  Then all of a sudden those sons of bitches came running back in pouring codeine down my throat. X-ray was bad. Surgery followed. That’ s why I don’t ski. End of story.

After awhile, Julie got up and we shot the shit for three hours about training. Julie is an amazing runner – she set her high school’s record in the mile when she was a freshman. She went to Duathlon Worlds in Spain this year and kicked some ass. She trains hard and is an incredibly gifted runner. I love picking her brain about her fueling and training and how she balances it all with two kids and a job.

Some egg/cheese/bagel sandwiches in our stomachs, we headed down the mountain and I threw together some Chicken and White Bean Chili for Super bowl Sunday dinner. Thanks, Epicurious, for the recipe.


I didn’t watch the game. I watched Madonna during half time. Emma said, “She looks so young, is she young?” Nope, honey, she’s as old as dirt. She’s just had reverse-aging-work done and personal trainers and okay maybe I’m a bit jealous. Although, I must say I wasn’t so impressed with the performance – it was just okay for me. I wished her underwear had fallen off for an invigorating wardrobe malfunction. L-U-V Madonna! Full of herself much? And, Ce-Lo Green just doesn't look that great in a sequined choir robe. IMHO.

What’d you make for Super bowl Sunday? Above-chili, spinach salad, crescent rolls.

Are you a skier? Nope. Too much of a hassle. Too expensive. Too dangerous for my coordination level.

Reading anything good these days? I’m having a hard time getting into anything new. I hope the Murderer’s Wife sucks me in.

What’s your favorite time of day? Morning. I love everything about it from the coffee to the donuts to the morning breath.



  1. Beth- you are crazy as ever! That was the best half-time performance EVER!

  2. Since the Packers were not in the Super Bowl - it has been very low key. A little twitter, a little Facebook, a little blogger and a little game watching. I made a ginormous spinach salad for dinner . . . Oh and a little wine.

    Well I love to ski, even though I hurt my ACL this last time in Colorado - I will be back skiing next year.

    I have been reading Steve Jobs and just downloaded Her2, which is a book about the discovery of a cancer drug.

    I am a morning person. Nothing better than an early morning run and then a good cup of coffee on the patio! Well that only happens in warmer temp's - but I love to be up early.

    I enjoyed Madonna and was thinking about loading some of her songs on my iPod for my next run.

  3. The place you're staying is so fantastic!! I love the morning light filtering through it.

    I knew about Superbowl, but didn't make anything for it. Not into football. Also have colleague who will give me the play-by-play. Whether I want it or not.

    I do not ski. Took ski lessons once and knew my potentially illustrious skiing career came to an end when I found out I couldn't turn, I'd just fall over. On the bunny hill.

    Nope, I just re-read the kids' classics all the time. Right now it's Black Beauty.

    Morning is my favourite time of day if I can get up early enough. That's when I truly get me time. And my best runs in.

  4. Love to ski, but. Ohio is unseasonable warm this time of year. I hate football, but married a man from Indy and he can't get enough of the Manning bros. So, here I am. Madonna is abfab, but is it bad that I was a little glad that she had a bit of trouble stepping up on the stage at one point? She's in her 50's for pete's sake!

  5. I would like to learn how to cross-country ski. Downhill- not so much. I stay away from anything that I could fall on my butt (broke my tailbone twice, surgery once for cysts...not going there again if I can help it).
    I tried to watch half-time on-line, but all I found were half-time reports. Really? If I wanted to know about the game, I would have watched the game :(

  6. Madonna rocked at 50+! Even my husband who is not a fan said that was the best half time show ever!

  7. Oh man, I just commented on another blog about this, but seriously, I felt so icky from Madonna's egomania I had to take a damn shower.

    Seriously, what ever happened to aging gracefully? Oh well, pretty sure she's really a robot anyway...

  8. I love, love, love skiing and am insanely jealous you are in CO while I am in mountainless Iowa. Blech. We had a spread of chips and dips for the super bowl, homemade spinach dip, hummus, little smokies, roasted chickpeas, purchased cupcakes, and I'm sure more bad stuff that I am forgetting. I am and always have been a morning person.

  9. Madonna is all about nostalgia for me, and without a single cone shaped boobie I have to give that performance two thumbs down.

  10. Superbowl?
    Not since I moved to Calgary.
    Reading Game of Thrones, and Allen Steele's 4 book Coyote series. Plus the Training with Power book.
    Generally I'm a morning person.

  11. Don't ski. Expensive and cold. Not my thang. Kids do though. Spoiled. I'm a morning person. By 8 pm I'm drooling on myself. VERY sexy. I'd love to sleep with girlfriends. I don't like girls "that way" so it would just be cool, like my sister. I don't have close gf's though so I'm a teensie bit jealous. I'm totally jealous of Madonna's entourage. I want the anti-aging reverse thing she's doing without going under the knife or spending $. We had it on, kicked back, emailed, read my book (A slut novel) and ate steaks on the grill, homemade macaroni salad and veggie trays. Now a fire in the fireplace and 7 pm means I'm winding down

  12. I love mornings. Coffee, breakfast, run, coffee, 2nd breakfast.

  13. I had hoped Madonna would've put some kind of snarky message in her performance, which would've said something to the effect of, "suck it Gaga!"

    Book recommendations -- you've got to check out The Hunger Games. I'm on the second of the series and it's so good I have to go to bed an hour early just to get in enough reading time. It's about a girl who kicks ass in a dystopian society.

    Also, I just finished The Long Run. The writing was good but the author spent too much time on his addictions, and not enough time on the running. Not a bad read overall.

  14. Madonna's performance was horrible...every time she bent down it reminded me of a "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercial.

  15. yeah - Madonna is as old as dirt - I'm around the same age and I remember when I was a lot younger how long it would take her to fade away...30+ years later and I'm still waiting for that to happen. Demi Moore is around my age too and I always wanted to be her - thought she had the world at her feet. Guess everyone goes through hard times...I sure am glad I'm not a celebrity.

  16. AHahah - love the previous comment about the Material Girl. Seriously, although I can only hope to look that good at 53, which by the way, is right around the corner from me, she like almost fell down several times. She couldn't get up on top of the bleachers in those stiletto boots! asked: yes, I am a skier. I am Scandinavian, so I better take to snow like a duck takes to water. I love to downhill, although xcountry really is an awesome workout. That and snowshoeing however pretty much makes me look like an awkward duck out of water. So I pretend I do it well and just have fun.

    I didn't make anything for SB Sunday. Yet I ate like crap. My husband ordered some wings, made some little smokies, and I grazed on sausage and cheese and some left over Gooey Butter Cake (a fave here in St. Louis). Bad me. I only ran 6 miles this weekend, and I rested today. I shouldn't have.

    I am not a morning person, but I am a teacher, so I've been forced into the morning person role for 25 years. I half do it. If I could, I'd stay up all night. But alas, I get up shortly after 5:30. So I fall asleep at around 9 pm. However, I love running in the mornings, but I like running in the night much more! Haha!

    Reading - now and seems like forever, since apparently my job makes me fall asleep before 10 every night - Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series - I think I'm currently on 16 or 17. Seriously, if you haven't red these, Beth, you should. The lead character sort of reminds me of you. Hilariously funny! Wickedly devious! :-)

    Have a great vacay there in that awesome little retreat. Looks SOOOO wonderful!

  17. That is funny that Emma thought Madonna was young. She does look good for her age, though.

    I am a skier. I leave for Utah a week from tomorrow YEAH!!! I can't wait. I haven't been to utah since I was pregnant with Soren. I skied pregnant with both my babies, so I guess I am not terribly worried about ruining my Boston Marathon experience with a skiing injury. It has crossed my mind, though. I am committed that as long as I don't break my femur or tear any knee ligaments, I am good to run, even if I bust up my shoulder, hand, wrist, ect. My biggest concern is other people hitting me.

  18. Love, love, love mornings! Didn't catch the game tonight until the second half so I missed Madonna. My guess from what y'all have said is that she looks great, but is a tad uncoordinated these days. I can empathize, when ya hit the 50's, it gets pretty dang hard to walk around in heels, much less dance in them! I grew up in Colorado, but moved to Florida (husbands job) nineteen years ago, I miss Colorado, skiing, the mountains, so many things that I took for granted when it was right n my own backyard. I'm envious of you Colorado girl! Oh and my idea of a "super bowl" is a self cleaning toilet! (borrowed that from a cartoon)

  19. I made white bean and chicken chili and buffalo wings for Superbowl! I have never skiied (sp?), but my 3-year old nephew is on his second season! Guess you have to start much younger than 49! And I wish I had Madonna's trainer and moneyand time to dedicate to training...

  20. Wow. I wouldn't ski either. What a terrible experience. Nice digs! I didn't make anything for the super bowl because I didn't watch it.

    I snowboard - broke my nose doing it but I enjoy it so much I still get out there at least once or twice a year - these years.

    I am not reading and thing currently. I was trying to read the lord of the rings but I discovered the movies were much more entertaining than the books - at least to me. I will be perusing these responses to see if anyone offers up anything interesting. :)

    I LOVE the morning!!!! It is the best time of the day to chill out, drink coffee, and work.

  21. The place you stayed is beautiful! No skiing for me, the speed down hill makes me nervous. Not so good at stopping. Just started reading the The Pact by Jodi Picoult. Only 10 pages in so don't know if it's good yet. Chili looks great!

  22. Yes, I love to ski; in fact we make a family trip usually every year and take our son who is 6. My BFF running partner and I also sometimes share a bed when we are racing, if I forget to order up two beds instead of one king. I am the early riser for races; I get up at 4 to eat, relax and drink coffee and eat; while she will wait until 6ish to get up.
    As for new things; I started a blog just a few weeks ago or so, and I started strength training which i have found to be invaulable with my glute issue. I also started rolling out my left glute that has been hurting me which has been tremendously helpful.
    We were at Great Wolf Lodge over the weekend; I did watch the superbowl, but I didn't make a thing for dinner.
    I happen to love Madonna; I was not too impressed by her show; I don't like her new song, and I don't care for Ce-Lo but, I'm old too, just like Madonna (she is older). Of course she looks incredible, but I would too if I could arrange to have what she has.
    I am definately a morning person, this is the time that I can relax and find a sliver of peace in my day.

  23. I'm in full-on escapist mode. I really enjoyed The Rook - well written, funny, clever lines, long enough to last a few days and one of the few books I've read recently I wished was longer!

  24. You deserve that tranquility in your life right now. I hope you bottled some up so you can drink it down when you need it.

    Super Bowl? There was a football game on? If my team isn't in it (Steelers) then I'm only watching the commercials. (Doritos wins).

    I skied before kids. Now I pull kids around on a sled. Same thing.

    I just read a book called "Chasing Rainbows" and it sucked me in more than I expected. And it was free on my Kindle. Win/win!

  25. Sounds like a nice weekend! I was just really impressed with Madonna's cartwheels!

  26. I love mornings but only when alone because I am pretty cranky around people! Whoops!

  27. My best friend and I often end up sharing a bed when traveling and we end up sleeping the exact way you do - totally still. Haha. While in Paris we shared a tiny double bed and never touched.

    I tried skiing once and loved it, but haven't taken it up because it is just such an expensive investment! So sorry to hear of your experience. =(

    After the horrific Black Eyed Peas "performance" last year, I thought Madonna was a 100% improvement. Loved the Cleopatra-esque entrance and the first half until she started with her new song. Blech.

  28. I made S'mores bars. Yumm.
    Madonna I love, the performance and her new song were not so great.

  29. Well i made red velvet cheesecake bars and taco dip for our party at church.
    Skiing has not happened since high school for me (which has been about30 years) but i love to cross country ski. We do not have any mountains in Missouri and i do not get to travel much these days.
    I thought the halftime show was the best one in many years....i'm not a big Madonna fan but it was pretty good and appreciated no wardrobe malfunctions.
    I'm not reading any books at this time.
    Hope you girls totally enjoyed your time together.....girl trips are the best!!

  30. I didn't watch the Super Bowl..its too boring! I don't ski either. I think it's boring too! :-)
    Madonna was OK, but her new song was kinda dumb.

    My virtual run for Sherry:

  31. I was entertained by the half-time show. The production itself was really good. I could have done without her cartwheels though. Just close the legs Madge.

    My contribution to the Super Bowl Party was a bag of kettle corn and a bag of Pirate's Booty. I also brought my heated snuggie, but that was for when I wanted to lay on the couch like a lazy person.

    I used to snowboard, but I'm going to give that up. Too painful. Eventually I'll take up skiing. I used to figure skate so many of the movements are similar.

  32. I had a girls getaway this weekend too! It was so nice to go on a little staycation, even if we drank way too much and couldn't do much of anything the next day. :) Glad you had a nice time!

  33. Wow...we had a similar Super Bowl....

    Ate: Chili, ice cream and a beer

    Skier: scary...only in MN where its more like smallish hills than real mountain skiing.

    Halftime show: Liked it but expected more out of my material, virgin, strike a pose, desperately seeking what?, Vogue ...kind of girl! Come on she's 52? 53? let's show the younger half how its done!!


  34. Man, looks like an awesome vaca. Loved the pics!! just gorgeous!

    Skiier: never actually been. Would love to though. I used to be a decent water skiier back in the day. You should try that Beth! I bet you wouldn't break a wrist falling in the water!

    Superbowl: didn't watch it. Fell asleep at 9...still not feeling 100% after hospital stay:P

    Best time of day: afternoon/late night. Never been a morning person, but wish I was. THe days I pry myself from under my warm, comfy covers it just feels amazing to hear NOTHING in the house, as my 2 crazy boys sleep.

    Book: just made it 1/2 way through "In the Garden of Beasts" about Hitler's Berlin etc. I had to think too much, as it was well researched. It's going back to the library tonight bc it's overdue. Thinking I want to read Hunger Games next. The movie's coming out and I've heard rave reviews about how awesome the books are, although I want to read "Omnivore's Dilemna" by pollan bc I'm trying to learn more about changing my eating habits. So much to little time.

    Hope you got yer batteries recharged at the cabin. Much love!

  35. I didn't make anything when we watched the Super Bowl, just watched it. I thought Madonna was kinda blah, it was fine. She is totally full of herself!!
    I have skied, it is fun but not anything I do a lot.
    I am reading the 16th Stephanie Plum book and am a bit tired of her! I'm also reading a book called Skipping a Beat, which I am enjoying.
    My favorite time of day is in the evening because I read to the girls all together, then separately and then I relax with tea, tv and hubs!

  36. BTW, I just spent the last 5 minutes searching for Murderer's Wife on Amazon and then finally looked closer at the book cover and realized it's called Murderer's Daughters. Silly Beth, you confused me A LOT (not that it's hard to do!)

  37. There was a halftime show? Damn....too busy making pizza and wings and pacing the house.

    I am reading Heart of Iron. Hasn't sucked me in yet either.

    Morning is my favorite for the exact reasons you list.

    I was a skier when I was younger but haven't done much of it lately. 1x in the past 20 years I would guess.

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