Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spare Change

Sometimes in the off season of training, I lose focus. So what?  Do we always have to be super focused and perfect in our workouts? No. Do we always have to be crazy overachievers with a flawless plan in place? Hell no.


But, I know myself and I do better with some structure, even when I am not following a strict training plan. I came up with this schedule until marathon and triathlon training begins in March:

Monday: Boot(y) Camp (1 hour) – I call it “Booty Camp” because it works the glutes, among other body parts. I will be picking up spare change on the street with my butt cheeks very soon. These classes are tough and leave me sore and sweaty (TWSS).  Booty camp has shown me where my weaknesses lie. I have no ass strength. I am in need of challenges for my upper body, and that is what 100-150 pushups will do for you. For one hour I never stop moving and get pretty anaerobic. It is intense.

Tuesday: Run 5-6 miles on treadmill (1 hour). Warm up for half mile, increase speed by .1 mph every half mile. Cool down for half mile at speed I started on. This usually looks like 6.6 mph->7.5 mph or something like that.

Wednesday: Spin on trainer for 1 hour in dark, cold basement while watching crap on TV or listening to Today’s Hottest Hits. I just downloaded Suffer Fest, so this should break up the monotony and increase the sweat factor.

Thursday: Run 6-8 miles, easy (1 hour)

Friday: Run 4-5 miles hills or Boot Camp (1 hour)

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Long run 8-12 miles depending on how I feel (1-2 hours)

I like to say I do it all, but if I miss a day, “toughski shitski,” as my dad used to say. Not like I’m training for the Olympics or anything.

I realize that this “schedule” pales in comparison to the 12 hours per week of training I was doing this summer in preparation for the half ironman. 12 hours! Of exercise! That is 12 hours I could spend reading the comics in the loo or twatting on the Twitter! bethsuit

This plan is devoid of any swimming, because I don’t like hairballs, band aids and mysterious floaters in the pool. And let’s face it, I don’t like to swim all that much. I do sort of miss my pussy posse, but I have moved on, despite how hot I look in my white underwear.

This schedule is also very light on the cycling. Both of these things will change in March when I start to ramp up my tri-training and when I can get outside with my bike.

Here are how my race plans are shaping up. It is  a work in progress.

June: Turkey Track Trail Marathon
June: Longmont Sprint Triathlon
June: Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic Triathlon
August: Wild West Relay
August: Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon
October: Marine Corps Marathon (this is not for sure, but likely)

Not sure what else I will add in there. I am thinking about a 25 mile trail race in April as well.

What kind of schedule do you keep in your off season? BTW, It’s okay if you are always in off season.

What race are you looking most forward to in 2012? I can’t wait for my first trail marathon. I hope I see this guy out there.



  1. Oh wouldn't it be soooo cool to see Anton?! yum yum ; )

  2. Wow that's a lot for an off-season! I am training for my first half now and am following a modified Hal Higdon training schedule. Lots of tweaks for my schedule. Keeping track of it on google docs which is pretty sweet since everyone can see it...

    And helps to keep me accountable.

    Just started reading your blog and it makes me laugh so that is a good thing. :-)

  3. Yeah...lately 'off season' has been sort of all-encompassing...not by choice :(

    Your slacker training is still pretty awesome :) And the Wild West Relay sounds super fun...but then again, trying to sleep in a van and running in the dark are two of my favorite activities ;-)

    I need a booty...think I'll start looking for some booty camp.

  4. The Wild West Relay is SO FUN. Of course, I did it with a sprained ankle, so it could have been funner, but hey.

    Wait, you aren't going to be one of those crazy mofos that do the whole thing on their own, are you?

  5. NO off season here. I have my first (and likely ONLY) ultramarathon in May. I'm starting out as a 5K/10K runner, so lots of running ahead. I am jealous you can plan things out so far in advance. I can't even think about what else I want to do until after May. I hear 5Ks will be easy after this. Sure hope so! Right now it's 22-50 miles and 5-7 gym classes a week.
    Looking forward to reading about your trail training!

  6. I am most looking forward to Boston -- but I also plan on running a fall marathon for a PR.

    During the off-season I like to keep a long run of about 10-12 miles because it feels easy to progress from there.

    Toughski Shitski. My new favorite phrase.

  7. Generally speaking I just try to keep up any kind of training plan or else I end up training to be a contender for TBL.

  8. Very funny that you would post about this because I just posted about my own weak a** a few days ago. The difference being that the rest of you is in shape and almost the entirety of me is weak. ;) But, I'm working it!

  9. I did the Wild West Relay last year, it was really a very pretty route! Get the one and only crap hotel in Waldon before everyone else does...just make sure you bring a sleeping bag so as not to touch the love stained bedspread!!!

  10. YES! MCM! It would be awesome to meet you :)

  11. Love your blog...I am so glad you posted this because I often get lazy in the off season! You have motivated me tonight and come up with some sort of plan so that doesn't happen again! Thanks! ;-)

  12. Your schedule sounds exciting, especially the trail race(s).
    I hope you come to DC to run Marine Corps Marathon! I will cheer you along the course with big obnoxious signs. And I'll bring you a beer after!

  13. What XLMIC said! I'm seriously slacking in the distance department! I can't wait to read your review on the Sufferfest! I'm always looking for ways to crank up my spinning profiles! Please share! :)

    Denver RnR?

  14. In my "off" season per se; I do NOTHING; as in no running. I bike ride, walk, hike and do other things except run. I'm actually in the midst of training right now for another half marathon, in doing so, I've incorpored strength training and yoga, stretching; and rolling out my butt to help with my butt pain. My next half is in May which is the 500 mini marathon in Indy, and then the Womens half marathon in September, in Indy.
    The race I'm really looking forward to, is the Chicago Marathon, this will be my first marathon, and I'm super excited! My ultimate dream race is to qualify for the Boston before I'm 50 but that doesn't look like it's in the cards unless I can crap out a 3:50 in my very first marathon, and then at that, i'm looking at the 2014 qualifying. UGH! My husband really wants me to qualify for the Boston so we can visit there. I say forget me qualifying, because it will be a fat chance in hell, and lets just go, that would be easier. :) so enjoy reading all your post; in fact I look forward to them!

  15. Your off-season looks a lot more impressive than my on-season!

    Thanks to your help, this has been the best off-season I've ever had. Usually in the winter my workouts consist of sporadic weight training, and group fitness. I've never been this consistent.

    I'm most looking forward to the finish line of my first half marathon.

  16. Sorry if this is off-topic. I tried emailing you but you're too popular for your mailbox and it's full. So... Check out the new Running Blog Database link. If you like, please contact me from a not-so-full email :-), hopefully you will lend me your ear (or email). Thanks.

  17. Yay! I'll be at the Lake to Lake in June also!

  18. Is that first photo a host of you at Booty Camp? If so, it doesn't look particularly anaerobic. You might want to push yourself a bit harder. :)

  19. Off season is summer. I suffer through as many 100 degree 100%+ humidity late evening easy run ls as I can tolerate. Usually 3/ week. I try out new classes in the gym and do more yoga. Unfortunately it doesn't last all summer due to a half I run in October.

    I cannot wait to run the trail series! We've already had one and 3 more to go!

  20. I see you do tris too... I din't realize this until now. My friend (crazy friend) seems to think we can do a mini-triathlon April 21st. I do half marathons and other short races pretty regularly, but don't swim and really don't bike. I've been trying to integrate it more though.

    It's only 300 yard swim in a pool, 12 mile bike and 2.5 mile run.

    Is this even do-able? What do you think?! Shouldn't one need to train for months to do a tri?

    Any advice on trying to conquer swimming in that short of time? (I can swim, just don't.)

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  22. Impressive off-season training! My big race this year will be my first (and likely last!) 50k on May 12th here in NS. I want to run at least one ultra in my lifetime and this year (the year I turn 50) seems like the time to do it. Look forward to reading more of your posts for big time laughs and inspiration in the months ahead!

  23. Thanks for this post! I have been beating myself up like crazy... Not working hard enough, long enough, etc. I finished running Goofy marathon but haven't had the heart to sign up for anything else. Keeping hoping it'll come back in time for MCM!

    BTW - your off training is very impressive!

  24. Do the trail race Beth, you'll love it! Such good people in the ultrarunners community.

    I don't really have an offseason due to the tropical climate year round in South East Texas. This is good because we have races year round but also bad because sometimes a rest is needed!

  25. Two sprints and an oly.....adding more tris to the schedule....SUAT is coming soon!

    What is this offseason you speak of? Train, train, train some more then slather yourself in nut butter....haha!

  26. Yeah! I am so glad you ordered Sufferfest, you will love it.

    Kerry Van Renterghem

  27. Cheezits and beer... you are me.

  28. I'm so glad you posted this... as I sit here drinking my beer. I've been so uninspired since completing my first half in January. I can't summon up any motivation to do anything. I've been running, half heartedly a few times a week, going to a boot camp and zumba class.. but my heart's not into it right now. Not sure when my brain will wake up.. probably after I gain a few pounds and suddenly realize I'm on the wrong side of 40.

  29. Yoga and weights added to swim/bike/ there IS no off season here, really.

  30. I am super excited for my first ever marthon, Napa Valley, in 3 weeks! Also for The Relay, the one Dean Karnazes has done solo a bunch of times... 199 miles from Calistoga to Santa Cruz! Though unlike Dean the super human runner, I'll be part of a regular 12 person team ;)

  31. I am stoked to read about someone that is in the "off season." Everyone seems to be gearing up for spring marathons and are freaking out they are slow, lazy, mentally off.

  32. Is that the mega box of Cheezits? Holy Cow! Originally, my "off season goals" (my first off season so take that with a hunk of salt) were to swim, bike and run 1x/week (each). But that kind of fell apart as the weather turned cold. Then it was more along the lines of "just do SOMETHING 3x/week" and I've been doing that somewhat ok. But now I'm trying to do CTER's 140.6 by March 10. So I'm going to have to figure out the bike thing (running is easier in the cold and swimming is just not that bad - though I have to not think about the gross stuff in the pool).

  33. Well, right now I don't have an off season, just injury season. Like the week I took off in Nov for my ankle, or last week when I fractured my wrist. I'm currently training for a 10k race in March.

    RMS Women's Run in May, b/c I'm running 12k and it's in Canmore.

    I can't believe with that kind of schedule, that's "off season"!

  34. First time commenter..your off season looks a lot better than mine, that's for sure :)

    Tried to email you but got a failure delivery notice saying your inbox is full. Do you have another email address or is the one on your contact page the only one?


  35. Hey Amy try I deleted a bunch of stuff, so not sure why it is still full.

  36. I'm supposed to be in training and I feel like it's off season! I have a 10K on Saturday that is going to kick my butt... and hopefully going to kick start me getting back in gear.

    9 weeks til my next half marathon!

  37. I am so glad you posted this. I am an Arizona girl living in Colorado and after 7 years I still whine " but it's cooooooooooold!" My husband is signed up for the Platte River Half and I have a delusion of running it with him except I'm only logging 10-15 miles a week. I am officially signed up for Steamboat in June so my procrastinator voice says "See, you don't really have to get in the groove for another MONTH!" Speaking of which I should be out running *right now*. Ugh.

  38. What off season? That sounds like a pretty good training plan any time! Not too much of an "off season" for me, though right now is a little lighter on training than it will be soon. Last year I decided to try and do a race a month, figuring I could do 5Ks and 10Ks; did my first half marathon in June and proceeded to do another 7 half marathons plus shorter races the rest of the year. I'm not going to do as many this year in hopes I can focus more on getting faster (I'm S-L-O-W!) as well as going farther. First full marathon scheduled for June!

  39. If I miss a day I don't sweat. I've learned in 20 years of running a day off does the bidy good. I am kinda off kinda on right now.
    Monday: 45 minutes run at pace
    Tuesday: 45 minutes run at pace
    Wednesday: 1 hour yoga
    Thursday: 30-40 minutes with dog on beach and yoga
    Friday: off or 45 minutes at pace
    Saturday: yoga or off
    Sunday: 1 hour - 1 hour 15 mins at pace

    I'm on the East Coast in Maryland (The Eastern Shore). My schedule looks like this for those looking for races nearby.

    March 4th- Tim Kennard 10 miler Salisbury Md
    March 17th- St. Patrick's Day 5K Boardwalk OC Maryland
    April 1st- Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC
    April 28th- Ocean City half-marathon

  40. I will be doing MCM this year as well! Did it last year, and it's the first marathon I actually wanted to do again because I loved it so much.
    Such a great post. I have entered an off season (just ran my 4th marathon a couple of weeks ago) and I can say that it is nice to not have such a strict plan for the time being.

  41. Oh too funny! You just described me without a training schedule to a T!!

  42. LMAO! You never fail to make me choke on my own spit every time I read your blog! No off-season here this year. Training for my second half in March then training for my first full in October, MCM, starting in April!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scared, excited,, scared, excited....