Friday, February 10, 2012

Tomorrow’s Virtual Run for Sherry

On the eve of this very important run, I want to thank you for being on this journey with me. Your emails, comments, generous donations, blog posts, Facebook posts and Twitters have spread the word in a way I could never have imagined. Your willingness to organize runs within your communities, to venture out into the cold early on a Saturday morning, and to think about Sherry all the while, gives me goose bumps and warms my heart, for lack of a more eloquent way of saying it.

So, tomorrow – run and walk your hearts out. Despite the circumstances that will bring us together, smile because we are collectively doing something that symbolizes compassion and connectedness.

Make the earth move! Feel the power of what you are doing.

Races 2 Remember, who created the bib for Sherry, was kind enough to send me my own keepsake bib, and I love the quote they included in the envelope – “Determine that the thing can and shall be done and we will find the way”:



Local Virtual Run in Longmont/Boulder (this is where I will be with my family): 

  • Meet at Coot Lake (west side of the Boulder Reservoir, behind IBM on 63rd St) at 9:00 a.m.
  • Bring friends, family members, your pet pig, whoever!
  • We’ll like to start with a moment of silence for Sherry and her family, then start the run/walk together.
  • Feel free to  go as far as you’d like and to fart if you want.
  • We’ll start by making our way around the Reservoir heading south. My guess is most people will go around the reservoir, which is about a five mile loop. If you are bringing your kids with you, like I am, you may choose to go out a mile then turn around. Whatever works for you!
  • Note: Fox 31 News may or not be there to cover the story


Local Virtual run in Denver:

Runners Edge of the Rockies will begin their Saturday run at 7:30am (arrive around 7:15 for bib and training tip) from the Einstein's Bagel Shop at 2730 South Colorado Blvd., Denver.  This is at the intersection of Colorado and Yale.  The group will run east on the Highline Canal.

Let me know how it goes. I would really like to get an idea of numbers of people, so if you wouldn’t mind, please fill out this quick, 4 question survey HERE.

See you tomorrow, bibs on, ready to GO! Don’t forget to send me pictures, I’ll post as many as I can.



  1. Wish I could come and run with you!

  2. Savannah, Georgia will be doing our best to honor Sherry.

  3. We just got hit with a huge storm so my plans of running with my whole family may not go through, but I will be running on the treadmill if necessary!

    You should be really proud of yourself. xo

  4. Hey Beth,
    My son has a basketball game so I'm missing out on running for the day (will do my moment of silence at the start of his 9am game) but I know the Columbines-Distance Divas will all have their bibs on when they meet for the morning run. I'll remind them to take a picture.

  5. I will be running on the treadmill tomorrow for Sherry due to some scheduling conflicts. But you and her entire family are in my thoughts as I run in her memory!

  6. We've got a blizzard in progress and I'm actually happy about that. Sherry is so worth a really hard effort! I'll,be out there dammit!

  7. Thinking we will have a nice group of women running together here in Seattle tomorrow morning. Looking forward to running in memory of your cousin, and to remember all the women who have been hurt doing something they loved to do.

  8. I'll be hitting the treadmill for 45 minutes tomorrow morning in-between gym classes!

    COngratulate yourself at some point for successfully organizing such an event!

  9. The hubz and I are planning to run some more colorado springs trails for Sherry. We'll say a prayer before we start.

  10. I'm going to run tomorrow for Sherry, but will also be wearing her bib on Sunday morning when I run my first half marathon in 4 years. You have done something really amazing with this...

  11. My plans to run haven't changed although due a chest cold and incoming weather I might be on my treadmill or slogging around my neighborhood for a shorter than planned run. It won't matter. I'll wear Sherry's bib and think of her and you while I move my little piece of the earth in Stratham, NH. xo

  12. I love that quote, that was a very sweet thing for them to do.

    I'll be running tomorrow with Sherry, you, and her whole family in my thoughts the entire way.

    My best to you always.

  13. Can't wait to see everyone's pics! I'll be doing mine next month w/ a group of friends at a local 5k!! Just got out of the hospital or I'd be right out there too. Much love to all!!! Just amazing!

  14. I'm traveling for work but plan to hit up the hotel treadmill tomorrow night.

  15. I'm running 23 miles in honor of sherry tomorrow.

  16. I'm thinking of this as a 48hr window, since a bunch of us are running a race in B'Ham, AL on Sunday. Can't wait to see pics from around the world. We have 3 teams of teachers running for Sherry!!!

  17. This is such a nice idea. Sherry's story has been in my head every time I've been out exercising alone. Scary! I am glad you put this together and I think it is great that we can do whatever mileage is on our schedules! I'll be doing 7 with my group tomorrow!

  18. We are having below zero temps tonight but 5 of us from the small town of Cohagen, MT will be walking tomorrow, no matter the weather, for Sherry! xo

  19. We will be thinking of your run from Pullman, WA and honoring Sherry here. You have done an outstanding job creating awareness for runners' safety AND sharing Sherry's spirit with us all. So amazing Beth!

  20. Hi Beth,

    After a six month hiatus due to injury, I finally got the motivation and courage to lace up my sneakers and ran this morning here in Melbourne, Australia to honour Sherry.

    Had a blast, but just wanted to say that I'm sure she'd be very proud of you and what you have done.

    Keep smiling (and running) Beth

    Some pics here (excuse the grainy iPhone shots and my sweaty face :P) -

  21. Now doing a 5k with some friends. We will be wearing Sherry's bib during the race. Seems fitting to do a run about love in Sherry's honour.

  22. Just picked up our laminated bibs that my friend Dollie and I will wear tomorrow. Feeling sad for Sherry and her family, but feeling grateful to be a part of this. Also grateful I had them laminated.....the rain is coming down in Seattle. We will say a prayer for Sherry before we run, and think of her throughout the 5k.

  23. I hope you feel the power, strength and beauty tomorrow as so many people collectively come together to do such an amazing thing. What a great way to honor Sherry's memory. I hope this event brings a small amount of comfort to you and your loved ones. I will be running 8 with my bib!

  24. I will be running tomorrow in Maryland. I am running alone, but then again, not alone. I can feel the awesomeness that surrounds this virtual run. I will have my bib on for sure.

  25. We are honored to run in memory of Sherry! I am in awe of how the running community has come together for Sherry and her family. We are strangers, yet we all share a special bond, that is unbreakable.

  26. We are honored to run in honor of Sherry. I am in awe of how the running community has come together to support Sherry and her family. We are all strangers, yet we share a special common bond that is very unique.

  27. Running the inaugural "Catch Cupid" 5k tomorrow in Hannibal, MO in honor of Sherry. Angie and Karen

  28. We are honored to run in memory of Sherry! I am in awe of how the running community has come together for Sherry and her family. We are strangers, yet we all share a special bond, that is unbreakable.

  29. Becky in Bismarck,
    I am one who is a beginning runner. I didn't know Sherry, but think of her often while I am out on my runs. I say a prayer for her and her family many times as I am out. She has inspired me to be one of those out to support her in the morning as I run (or walk depending on the temperature) tomorrow in Bismarck. In memory of Sherry!

  30. I just saw the posting for the virtual run on Facebook via Runner's World. I was planning to run tomorrow, late afternoon hoping the sun would make it warmer, but now I will now run at 10am CST in St. Louis, in memory of Sherry. Thoughts and prayers are with you and all of your family.

  31. I am at a girls weekend in midway utah. after a great conversation about farting I needed to tell you beth tomorrow some of the ladies here with me will go walk for sherry. 10+ ladies going out for sherry.

  32. I am not braving any bad weather..but I will be out there tomorrow! Every steps for Sherry!

  33. Seattle runners are gathering for a group run for Sherry! Best wishes for tomorrow's run for you, Beth. You ARE STRONG.
    Remember that.

    Sherry would be proud.

  34. Hi Beth. I ran seven miles for Sherry (and for you, and her family and friends) this morning. Much love from London x

  35. Beth, just finished a humid 5K here in Wellington, Florida, covered with sweat, tears, and rain. I prayed for your family the whole way. Honored to be a tiny part of the crowd assembled across the world to honor the memory of an amazing woman. You should be very proud of what your little blog sparked, and I hope everyone in your extended family feels the love, support and good wishes today.

  36. We just finished our group run to honor Sherry.. She was with us with every breath and every step.

  37. Heading out now in Rolla, ND. Prayers to the family!

  38. My run for Sherry turned into a bike for Sherry as I'm out of town and didn't have proper clothing for the 5 below zero this morning. But, 20 miles later, I walked out of the hotel 'fitness room' wearing my bib. :)

  39. HI~
    Will be thinking of you and everyone out running this morning. Just printed my bib and will be off for my run in a bit.

    Here's to spreading love, strength and compassion out into the world

  40. Ran for Sherry first thing this morning. My thoughts and prayers continue for her, your entire family, and my hometown of Sidney.

    With love from Michigan...

  41. Just got back from my run. Proud to wear my Sherry bib. God bless all the runners today!

  42. I'll be running, but just a short one as I'm coming off a bad calf injury. So this is the perfect reason to try to get back into the running groove...

  43. I finished my 3 mile walk early this morning at the Longmont Rec Center proudly wearing my Sherry Bib and holding her in my thoughts and honoring her.

  44. Just finished my powerful. It felt like Sherry was running right along side of me. I wish I could have met her - she sounds like an amazing woman.

  45. I did 7 miles with Sherry on my back, posted a pic to her virtual run FB page. Hillsboro, Oregon

  46. Thinking of Sherry and all of you at the Boulder Res...I started my run here in Cedar Park Texas to match your run start there - couldn't be a more beautiful morning for a run.

  47. I have my bib waiting right here. I'll be going out this afternoon for my ten miler with Sherry's pic on my back. Good going, everyone!

  48. 5K for Sherry in the cold rain.
    We were 4 and I just emailed you a picture!

  49. I happened upon your blog this morning at 8:30 est. I called my friend Kristin and she and I ran in Simpsonville, SC at 9 est in honor of Sherry. Thank you so much for sharing your story and allowing us to be a part of this journey. May your family feel comfort and love in our thoughts and prayers.

  50. Remembered a bit late to run for Sherry this am, I am so sorry for your loss. Please know her legacy lives on.

  51. Here is a post I wrote about Sherry:

    We did our run this morning in Rochester, NY.

  52. Here are some photos and a blurb of our run this morning

  53. I live in East TN(near Knoxville) and this morning I ran a race called Strawberry Plains half Marathon. There were people wearing run for Sherry shirts. I thought of her as I was my fastest half ever! She inspired me to not give up!! :) I dont want to ever take a run or day for granted. Each is a gift from God.


    my post

  55. Just posted a couple pics from our Sherry run in Seattle:

  56. "fight for sherry" was on repeat during 9 hard miles in the wind & snow in Blacksburg, VA this am. And believe me, I usually wimp out when it comes to wind or snow & take it indoors.

  57. It was 15 below this morning in Sidney, but there was a huge turnout to run/walk/bike,etc. for Sherry, her family leading the gathering. Then, after, we gathered in the football field for a prayer and to release baloons with hand-written messages written on them. What an amazing tribute to a very special person and one of our own.

    Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family, Kim

  58. We had a moment of silence, then our run/walk/work out in honor of Sherry this AM in Butte, MT, in conjunction with our YMCA's "Lighten Your Load" work out we do every Saturday!!!!

    Great job on organizing this virtual event!!

    Cheryl in Butte, MT

  59. I wasn't sure if I was going to run outside today and didn't print the race bib. But I did.

    It was about 29 degrees and I started the run with my running friend at 6 a.m. About a mile into it, I couldn't help but think about Sherry's possibly last run at that time. I didn't have a race bib but every step along the way, she was in my mind. When the hills got tough, I thought about the strength Sherry has (she is your relative, and you are strong, so she must be strong too).
    The run was quiet. The head wind was cold. The hills were painful. But seeing how the sun slowly rise, and a big huge flock of black birds flew across the sky, the smell of someone doing laundry in their homes. I am sure these are a few reasons why Sherry was out that morning.
    I don't think my outside runs will be without Sherry anymore. Since the day it happened, whenever I run outside, I carry her with me.
    Bless her family.

  60. I ran 5 miles this morning with our local Galloway training group in Portland, OR. I wore my bib and ran for Sherry. It was wonderful to see so many others out around the Portland waterfront wearing their bibs, too.

  61. I ran 7 miles in Sherry's memory this morning. I posted about it on my blog:

    I forgot to print a bib.

    You have done an amazing job spreading the awareness and bringing us all together for this. I am humbled to have been apart of it.


    Sunny, cold and windy here in Missouri - but nothing could have kept me from knocking out a few miles in Sherry's memory.

    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, for You are with me"

  63. What an incredible run I had this morning in honor and memory of Sherry. I chose to run at the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge near my home in Stevensville Montana. The snow started to fall as I began my 6 mile. I meditated and reflected on the grace and love Sherry showed others that crossed her path during her short life. Wherever she is I meditated on white light to surround her and help those search be able to bring her home to rest. The more I focused on this white light the stronger the snow fell and then the sun began to peak out from behind the dense snow clouds. I really do not even remember of transports in time. My thoughts and prayers are with Sherry's family.

  64. Saw many Sherry bibs today in Syracuse, N.Y. during my 7 mile run. This must be a very bittersweet day for you and your family. Hang in there.


    We did it!!! Here's to Sherry! It was a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate and remember her life.

  66. I ran 6 for Sherry in the snow in Newark, DE today! I wasn't able to print a bib, but thought of her and said a prayer for you and the family!

  67. My running partner and I ran for Sherry today. We picked a fun run that we love so we could run for the joy of running. Here is a link to my post about our run and a photo.

  68. oops and here is the link. :)

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. I wish I could have ran with you all but I live in California so I printed my bib and ran in her honor today. God Bless you all... <3

  71. 22mi for Sherry this morning. Thinking of you and wishing you and your family happiness and peace.

  72. Ran 11 miles to honor Sherry in New Jersey.

  73. I ran for Sherry today and wrote about it here:

  74. Ran for Sherry this morning. Prayers and hugs to her entire family.

  75. I ran this morning and posted a post including many pictures. Much love to Sherry's family and friends.

  76. A friend and I ran 9 miles in Sherry's honor today in Chantilly, VA. The only time it was sunny was when I read a prayer authored by my much more eloquent than I sister. It was a goosebump moment. Here is the prayer:
    God of Light, Creator of all that is good. We thank you for this day. We pray for Sherry's family, for those who love her, for all mothers, for all runners. Remind us that a single, dark, heinous act does not have victory over us. Love wins. Let us all be mirrors that reflect Sherry's light and your love into the world, for the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. In Christ, Amen.

  77. P.S. I had a friend run a race in Dallas, TX and she told me she spotted several runners with Sherry's bib.

    Peace be with you.

  78. Ran 9.56 miles this AM with my friend for Sherry!! I filled out the quiz!!!

  79. I am a Sidney native now living in Bozeman MT. I know the family well and wanted to honer her. So i printed out a bib and I went to the animal shelter where I volunteer and walked dogs. A great day for a great cause.

  80. Here is the link to our recap. 23 people came out for the first group run of the Star Valley Running club in Afton Wyoming to honor Sherry today.
    hugs Beth!

  81. I did 8 solo miles for Sherry yesterday. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  82. Beth,

    I did 10 miles on the Monon Trail in Indianapolis, IN in honor of Sherry. I have an acquaintance in Nashville, TN and she and her friend did a half-marathon in honor of Sherry.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  83. I did the Valentine's Day TC 5K in her honor here is balmy Minnesota!

  84. 20 miles on Saturday in honor of Sherry!

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