Sunday, May 29, 2011

It’s All in the Numbers

I’ve got a big training week coming up including:

Tomorrow: Bolder Boulder 10K
Sunday 6/5: Longmont Sprint Tri

Neither of these are my “A” races, just part of my overall half ironman training.

Strange for a girl like me, I but I do not have a 10K PR time. I don’t run many 10Ks, and always do them with my kids. Tomorrow, I will actually run by myself. Along with 50,000 other people. I am not in my tip top running shape, but I’m going to push it and see what happens.  I’ve got my playlist ready to roll. I call it “Beth’s Bolder Boulder” because I am creative that way:


Yeah, so it’s 1.4 hours of songs – hopefully will not be needing all of that time. Unless the poop fairy visits mid-race.

And, before you dis the Canon in D Power Music Workout, you should hear it. The processional in our wedding was to Pachebel, so it’s always got a special place in my heart. And, now, I can run to it!

In last week’s training I pulled back for a nice dose of recovery. Only 7 hours of training including 2 runs, 2 swims, 2 bikes. In addition, other weekly stats:

# of falls off of bike: 2 (I only wrote about one of them)

# of masters swims attempted: 1

# of son’s baseball games attended: 4

# of dinners cooked: 6

# of trips to Chipotle: 1

# of times I cried: 4 (post-masters swim, end of year slideshow, neighbor’s graduation, fall off bike)

# of times I cussed in front of my children (usually in the car, I love road rage): 5

# of times to Starbucks: 4

# of pissy comments I got on Facebook: 1

# of times I was the tooth fairy: 1

# of servings of almond butter: 6

# of dumps: 4 (yep, I never said I was regular)


About to do #5 if you know what I mean,



  1. Who did the pissy comment on Facebook?

    I'll put them on the no fly list ... and I'll get them to send you the pat-down video at the airport (fun to watch for the whole family!)

  2. BTW good luck on the run tomorrow

  3. Good luck with your race...I love the name! :)

  4. You're creative that way! Ha!

    Im going to have to check out this Cannon in D power workout! computer crashed so I can't download it and then I dropped my ipod down the port o potty hole before my 10k this morning. I'm a good mom though so my kids witnessed no foul language of course....

    Hope you have a great race Beth! Have fun, run hard! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  5. I never did get to run the Bolder Boulder. My brother ran it every year and we would all go cheer him on. But when I started running my parents were fizzled out and never came to my races so they never gave me a ride to the Bolder Boulder. stupid.

    Good luck. Bummer about not being of my fav parts to every day. What kind of pissy fb comments do you get?
    And I went to Chipotle this week too. I'm always amazed at how I can put down an entire chicken burrito from there but I've learned not to try to do a tempo run an hour after consuming one.

  6. Good luck at the 10K tomorrow! I don't think you need QUITE that many songs on your playlist! I am all about nontraditional music to run to, though. That was my processional as well - definitely going to look that up!

  7. Maybe if you ran every day you could get things moving…there's also Smooth Move tea from Traditional Medicinals :) I stay away from bulk-forming laxatives…they really stop me up.
    Those races with 50,000 other people are so … crowded! I hope you have a great run and get your groove on with that playlist :) And you ARE going PR on this one!

  8. Lots of my favourite running songs on your playlist there :O) Good luck with your 10k!

  9. I hope you win Boulder to Boulder. I believe in you.

    Um, interesting playlist. I never wear an ipod during a race, but never do a training run without it.

    #of poops for me last week: 14. I am very regular.

    Have fun tomorrow.

    p.s. please join Twitter. It's microblogging and can be fun. I will give you crap all day long. No wait, oh I get it, you are afraid that I'll be wittier than you.

  10. Good luck tomorrow...I'll look for you....BAHHAHHHAHH

  11. # of awesome responses on Facebook: 1

    I think I need to add to your snarky comments on Facebook total....let me see what I can come up with.

    And I am with ChrisK....get on THE TWITTER.

  12. Aw, love Pachelbel's Canon in D...was played at my wedding too! (never tried running to it though!)

  13. Good luck, good luck.... GOOOOoooooOD Luck!!!!

  14. oooh! My HIM is on 05 June. Have a great race!

  15. So, you've got me beat in every numbers category except poops (and maybe cussing - I drive A LOT). I'm at 12, I think, although I don't usually count (although I will NOW).

  16. Good luck with you race! Love the playlist - I have a lot of those songs on my running playlist, anything that makes me want to dance makes me want to run!

  17. I always love checking out other workout playlists. Let me just suggest this song (if you really want to run hard enough to PUKE!) I always end a run with this.
    READY, SET, Ben Gidsjoy Have a great race!

  18. Thanks for sharing your list. There's a few songs I never thought to use but could work. :)

    Wishing you speedy feet!

  19. Anon - thanks! Must mean you are boring for taking the time to read it.

    Or jealous that you probably have no blog and no readers and no name.