Friday, May 6, 2011

Winner and Going Bald?

The winner of the Interval 4G Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle is #130 Lisa! She wrote:


Please email me at and I’ll tell you how to claim your prize!

Moving on…

Something is wrong around here. I am going bald. How do I know this? It’s not because my hair is seeming terribly thin or you can see my scalp. It is because my family is finding my hair…in their meals.

Gross. I know.

Last week my dad came for dinner. I made Tuscan Stew. I saw him eat a bite with a long hair hanging out of his mouth. I knew it was the cook’s. I knew it was mine.

Yesterday I peeled an orange for Emma (yeah, I know she can peel it herself. I’m so damn enabling sometimes). An orange is innocent enough, but I heard her panicky voice yell, “There is a hair in my orange segment.”

And if that wasn’t enough, last night I whipped together a breakfast burrito for Sam after baseball. He’s 13 so he stuffs his face with anything edible and consumes about 13,000 calories in two seconds. As he wolfed it down, he did the “hair move” – you know the one – when you realize there is a hair in your mouth, you grab hold if it and pull it out while simultaneously gagging and making a face. I knew it was my hair because he kept pulling and pulling.

Mom you need to start wearing a hair net while you cook!

He still finished the burrito though.

Yes, it’s gross, but more than that it’s disturbing. I am only 44. A hair net is not a bad idea. I might ask the cafeteria ladies at school for one.

Here’s the thing. Maybe I’m just going through seasonal shedding, like a dog. Or hormonal changes.  Probably not a big deal.

I did hear something disturbing recently, however. About hair loss. The headline was, “Causes of Pubic Hair Loss.” Yes, balding down there with age. Dang, it sucks to get old. At least I’ll be clean shaven for the pool. No wonder those pussy posse ladies always look so trimmed. Good news is, you can buy a wig specifically for that area. It’s called a merkin. I’m not kidding. Look it up.


Do you shed? What hair care products to you use to keep your hairs healthy?

Speaking of, I’m off to the pool for 2,000 yards. Happy Friday.



  1. I shed, and my hair's only shoulder length! I use all sulfate free products (Pureology, L'Oreal Everpure...). These keep your hair from drying out too much! Pureology products are great too because they're 100% vegan so you know you're not putting a whole bunch of man made crap in your hair. I still suffer from sticker shock when I buy it tho... Seems when I stick with these products I only really lose my hair when I comb the conditioner through in the shower.

  2. I shed all the time, but my hair has always been crazy thick, so I'm pretty sure if I didn't shed my scalp would run out of room!

  3. 1) Darn..I didn't win..but congrats to Lisa and 2) You should see the size of my forehead. You can see it through my helmet. It's getting bigger every year. Mine is genetic and thyroid related. My friend called one of our bald friends "Worf" after a ride..he got a sunburn and didn't use sunscreen. It was so funny. I guess we should be happy that we still have hair. I would not want to be called "Worf".

  4. some things are better left unsaid....

  5. You have to have hair to care about hair products. My motto is that if it's long enough to be combed, it's long enough to be cut. What little there is of it.

    And how could you award a prize to a person that gets bored swimming? I am astonished. But then, I suppose they need it and will make good use of it. At least they won't be coming to my pool taking up lane space.

  6. As I post this comment, I realize that this is a monumental moment for me because I am a virgin in the following areas:
    1. Your SUAR Blog
    2. Posting on ANY Blog
    3. RUNNING much less setting a goal for myself to complete a marathon
    4. Ever even hearing of a MERKIN!!

    I'm so glad that i stumbled onto your site. I will need a good kick in the ass to SHUT UP AND RUN! I hope that at 43 years old, newly divorced, and a bit on the chunky side that I can find a passion and the humor for this thing called running. A NEW LEAF has turned over for me! BRING IT ON!!

  7. Guys know better than to even discuss hair loss for fear of angering Rogaine, the god of follicular ejection. I may have already crossed the line just by typing this. Forgive me Lord Rogaine.

    The first rule of Hair Loss is, you do not talk about Hair Loss.

  8. Beth I am bald. Not just a little either, and I'm only 33. In my 20's I tried it all, Nioxin is the best. I must have rinsed it wrong though because now I have a hairy ass back...

  9. Had to comment on this one: I shed enough hair to make a wig a week (I have long thin hair but a lot of it). It's horrible. It's especially bad when I shower or blowdry my hair. I have to swiffer my floors every. single. day. and I'm still suprised by the amount of hair. I can't even blame it on anybody else (I live alone). My boyfriend says I mark my territory at his place because he always finds hair on his jackets/shirts, etc. My parents know when I'm home because my mom has to sweep more often. I could never be a secret agent since I leave a hair trace wherever I go...

  10. Merkin is one of my husband's favourite words. He likes to casually drop it into conversation now and then.

  11. My husband tells me I'm shedding all the time! But I don't have straight hair so I don't really brush it until I've taken a shower. So when it comes out it looks like I've lost half my hair!!

    have a great swim!

  12. Weird, I was thinking that I must be going bald recently, too. And my hair is long enough that I can sit on it when it's down. Why do I get these fears? I have always broken and shed a few hairs, even as a child, but you find ONE hair in your milk and it's all "OH CRAP I'M GOING BALD I AM GOING TO HAVE A MONK RING AN I'LL PROBABLY TRY TO COMB OVER THE REST OF MY HAIR, CRAP WHY AREN'T BEEHIVES IN STYLE ANYMORE..."

    Yeah, you get the picture.

    And yes, I do wear a hairnet when I am brewing beer. You can get them at Walgreens.

  13. Stress (physical or emotional) can cause you to lose your hair. Given you rinjury and prep for Boston this may be the cause. Because of the cycles of hair growth it starts turning loose 2-3 months after the stress event. It's called telogen effluviam. Gross name for a gross thing. I know much about stress-related hair loss, unfortunately.

  14. I have a ton of hair and shed like a dog all year round. It is surprising that I am not bald at this rate. Right now I am using Moroccanoil shampoo and Aveda dry remedy conditioner. During the summer I use Aveda's damage remedy line of treatments...adds lots of great nutrients back into your hair and combats what the heat, pool, and wind do to your hair.

  15. This is the first time I've ever posted on a blog Beth. Loved following your Boston experience and all your hilarious stories! I'm running the Indy Half tomorrow. My first 'destination' race!

  16. Okay, I must read this pussy posse post that you linked because it was written on my birthday. It is a sign. Stolen penis? I'll check it out. my husband wouldn't mind me losing a little hair down there. ONe of the things I've let go during marathon training. But never fear honey, this strained groin will give me plenty of time to focus on my crotch now! No running and many hours thinking of that area. It will get a full re-haul. Thanks for your comment about the skinny issue.

  17. Yea for Lisa, bummer for me! Next time... Yep stress is a biggie for hair loss as is aging and 'the change', heck seems too many things fit the bill. I have been trying all sorts of different products, so will be anxious to read if anyone has a 'golden' product they swear by, I need some too! And Happy Friday and an early Happy Mother's Day to you!

  18. I have the same problem b/c my family has been telling me to wear a hair net for years. Apparently they'd rather find hair in their food than cook for themselves, though.
    Funny post.

  19. I shed like a freaking DOG in the spring. Obviously my DNA is confused, and didn't get the memo that I am, infact, a HUMAN, not a regular shedding mammal.

  20. If you find the cure, let my wife know. I find her hair EVERYWHERE! Food, showers, sinks, clean clothes, cars, my workout clothes, jackets, bikes, vacuum cleaner.... the list goes on. =)

  21. Congrats to LISA!!! I have to move on from the loss now…I really did give it my best effort and couldn't have done anything more in my quest for winning ;-)

    Could be hormones…could be stress…you aren't 3-4 months postpartum, so that's not it.

    I went to a costume party as a shaved pussy (cat) one year…LOTS of merkin jokes toss at me, so I know what that is :)

  22. I am NOT clicking on anything referring to a merkin of any sort.....oh damn I just did and found this to be hilarious:

    something george bush is constantly saying he is proud to be
    "ah am proud, to be a merkin citezin"

    As for hair, well let's just say now that I'm shaving my legs my head is sure to follow. Need to convince Karen of this.

  23. I always shed in the spring. And sometimes the fall. I must be part Shitzu or something. Wait. Do they shed? I just wanted to use the word "Shitzu" on your blog. ;)

  24. i shed like there's no tomorrow. luckily i have thick hair so you can't really tell at all

  25. You probably just don't brush your hair enough. Shedding happens a lot more often if you don't brush your hair on a regular basis to get out all the dead strands.

  26. GAG! Not much worse than finding hair in your food - but I am guilty of that too. My hair is cnostantly coming out. Don't believe me? Take a look in the bathroom sink. Or in Mark's dinner. (hehe, kidding - I don't make his dinner!)

    It's a miracle I'm not bald already.

  27. Oh shit, a merkin. Too funny. I needed that laugh today. Here's to a head of healthy hair!

  28. A Merkin, who knew--i am aware of hair color for "down there" it is called "Betty", comes in all kinds of colors, red for Monday, brown for Tuesday, etc...I recently purchased this product, am not grey "down there" YET, but thought it would be fun to mix things up a little, been married 30 years, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Seriously, Beth about your hair loss, you may be anemic, also, you are approaching (don't hate me) perimenopause, and things start happening on the inside way before you notice it. Hormones(lack of or too much) are powerful and effect our bodies. So do get this looked into. By the way, I have been a Registered Nurse for 30 years, yes I got married one week to the day after nursing school graduation. As always, thanks for the laughs!

  29. I shed. My solution was to go short - mohawk. The hair still falls out, but much less noticeable.

  30. I shed ALL the time! My hair is so thick though that I hardly notice it until I find these random strings of hair around the house.

  31. Ask the "Go Headband" lady to make you something that says. RUN, COOK, REPEAT.

  32. My thick hair sheds all the time. It's odd how everyone loves my curly hair while attached to my head but if they find it on the floor or whereever it's suddenly too gross to touch.

  33. Hi Beth,
    On a serious note, have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? One of the "red flags" is hair loss. It's easy to check, just a simple blood test. So "Shut Up and Run" your Doctor's Office. :-)

  34. At the ripe old age of 46 my hair is getting thin too. I have also had the issue with the family and food. I will read the comments with hope of an answer!

  35. Will you be hosting a Merkin giveaway? I feel like I was googling that the other day! ha ha! :)

    I'm so with you on CHEERING for EMZ...I don't think I could do ANYTHING for 24 hours straight!

  36. Hi Beth,
    I'm 47 and have dealt with hair loss/thinning hair too. I'm going to echo what Cupcake Runner said...Pureology products have really, really helped. I order from Amazon...a bit cheaper. I use the Antifade Hydration shampoo and conditioner (for my highlighted hair). My hair looks so much healthier and shinier now and it seems to be staying attached to my scalp better :).
    Hope this helps!!

  37. Ahhhhh...the things you learn...or wish you did not learn while reading the comments section of a blog...too funny.

    Am very lotsa hair still and not much grey... absolutly slay me!!!

  38. Oh my god, you should see the amount of hair that comes out of my head. I have dark, thick, and curly hair. And it's long. Hair is everywhere. A few weeks ago my boyfriend had TWO pieces of my hair in his meal. I swear I brush my hair and I could make a wig with all the hair that comes out.

    Not sure what to suggest to you since I can't even help myself.

  39. I made peace with my super thick curly hair while in college only to have it straighten out and chenge texture after three pregnancies. I embraced my straiter finer hair only to have major loss the last few years. Thryroid, stress (that caused the loss or from the loss?) perimenopause, natural chenges anemia, surgery, body trauma...on and on. Check it checked out. I am noticing growth but it isn't anywhere near as much hair as before. The purepologu or sulfite free stuff is good. Best leave in - Las Brasiliana Deici Leafve in hair treatment. GO luck with the tri-athalon!

  40. So much hair is falling in my face I can't even type correctly on my lap top mini...

  41. Ahhhh the hair loss! I'm going through the same thing! I have lost 121 pounds (THANKS RUNNING!) in the past 18 months... about 6 months into the weight loss I noticed I was losing GOBS of hair every day when I got out of the shower. I literally lost almost all my damn hair! It's growing back in now, which makes it look like a mullet... so that's fun. But It may just be your hormones and stuff, especially with training. I'm training for a marathon and was getting really into running when the hair loss started. Also maybe have your thyroid checked - I did, and doc said it was fine. GOOD LUCK!

  42. I am 29 and have ALWAYS shed like crazy!!!!! My hair is super thick too, always has been. You should see the drain after I shower. GROSS! My other half has to use draino every other week because even with a hair catcher, our shower drain gets clogged. Shockingly though, we don't find hair when I cook. Hm...

  43. I am 34 and have always shed a lot. After my kids were born it was the worst. My hair is super long (it need to be cut, but it won't make it much less gross unless I shave my head), and it gets everywhere. I wish I had a solution. I hate it when it gets all wrapped around the vacuum cleaner brush and I have to cut it off. That is the grossest.

  44. I actually laughed out loud reading the description of Sam doing the 'hair move'. Not in the "LOL" kind of way, but in an actual, snorting-coffee-out-of-my-nose kind of way. And for what it's worth, I shed too!

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