Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Strolling at the Wynn

I’m back and let me give you a quick rundown so that I can go and remind my family of who I am. First question when I walked in the door from Emma: Want will you be making for dinner tonight? Answer: Toast.

I will work backwards a bit here and say that this trip was the shit because of the first time in going to Vegas for 9 years, I actually won enough money to cover my entire trip. It was a sweet, surreal moment that had me doing this:


In case you can’t tell, we were on the 60th freaking floor. Highest floor of the Wynn. When I checked in I said, “Don’t you all know who I am? I am SUAR. I demand the best room on the property.” If only. No one has a freaking clue who I am except you and my children and parents.





This fine tale of victory took place at the Hardrock last night. Erika and I walked in, it was kind of dead and we were adopted by a bunch of young 20-something's in town for a bachelor party. I was wearing a scarf, so I was called “scarf” for the night. And the scarf became very lucky – so much so that everyone rubbed their chips on the scarf for good luck. Remind me to dry clean that thing. Who knows where those chips have been. Here is the famous scarf. Target special.


The beers went down easy, the table got very rowdy and the pit boss had to get involved on a couple of occasions. One thing I have learned over the years is when to walk away, and I actually had the discipline to do it. I walked away a winner. I am a winner. And I like myself.

Our frat boys tried to pull the old, “what are you ladies doing later, want to party in our hot tub?” These kinds of things make me laugh my ass off. Let me get this straight. You want this 44 year old woman wearing a scarf and a wedding ring who is drunk off of two beers to party in your hot tub? Let me call my 13 year old son and see what he thinks.

Don’t they know it was already passed my bedtime and I had reached my drink limit for the day?

Instead, Erika and hooked up with an incredible sushi dinner at Wazuzu (Encore) and went to bed early. This morning’s workout sucked. I was dehydrated, exhausted. I barely got through a 60 minute run, but I did. I tell you, the Wynn Fitness Center is heaven. I walked into the spa changing room to put on different shorts (no, mine weren’t soiled. I was changing from bike shorts to running). It was insane in there. I stole a bunch of stuff including that lamp.



If I am ever homeless I am going to break into he Wynn spa and night and live there.

And I just love this picture because who doesn’t lie down at the slot machines?


Pretty much everything went well on the trip. I can only complain about a few things, because I have to.

  • The weather sucked. It was 20 degrees cooler than normal. We were stubborn and tried to lay by the pool, but at some point you had to stop pretending the weather was nice and cut your losses. See how crowded it is?


Okay, the lifeguard is a bit overkill with the scarf thing. It wasn’t like we were in the middle of sandstorm.


We always go to the “European Pool” which is optional topless. I never go topless because who wants to see mosquito bites, but I like looking at other people’s boobs. Yesterday some woman had the nicest body on the planet. She was gorgeous. She took off her top and shared her perfect round perky fake boobs with us. We stared. Suddenly, security came up and escorted her out. I’m guessing she was looking to make some money. I was about to proposition her myself.

  • The Wifi in our room didn't work. I complained to the front desk several times, mostly because you pay a mandatory resort fee of $20 per night for Wifi and Fitness Center and I wasn’t paying it if I didn’t get Wifi. So I put up a stink and got my way. And I spent a lot of time in the hall where the Wifi was plentiful. I’ll probably sue someone.




  • I was boarding the plane out of Vegas today, got down the jet way and realized I left my suitcase in the bar. I had only had one drink and I still left my suitcase in the bar. I was wearing a shirt that says, “I run for wine,” and the United Guy called me “Girls Gone Wild.” I am not wild, I am just aging and forgetful. He let me go get my bag and all was well.

Other than that, perfect trip with my perfect friend. Despite the Wifi issue, I LOVE the Wynn. Great rooms, great pool with boobs, great games, really good food. Good customer service.

Good to be home, though. Now get to go love up my kids and hubby a bit more. I might even wear the scarf later if everyone is really nice.

Do you go on girls’ or guys’ trips?

Any vacations planned? After Costa Rica, Boston and Vegas, I think I’m done for awhile.

What are you making for dinner? Ken just went to get a rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes.


Don’t forget to vote. Upper right hand corner. Give me the love. Everyday.


  1. Totally using "toast" next time I'm greeted with what's for dinner, after a hard days work. I use to say cereal, but toast is much better. Glad you enjoyed your trip

  2. This sounds like so much fun. A girls trip sounds lovely... o shit I need friends. Seriously though, I love reading your blog because you are such a cool mom. A cool running mom who can party in Vegas and get invited by your frat bits to party heck ya!!!

    You are a Badass!!!

  3. No pictures of the frat boys rubbing on your scarf? And no pic of Fake Boob Lady? SUAR! You need that secret spy cam ;-)

    Sounds like a fabulous time…60th floor and a winner! Doesn't get much better than that :)

    Only trip sort of planned is my psycho road trip across the country with 4 kids and no husband. And we have a fantasy-plan of going to Switzerland and Italy in August…contingent on impossible-to-get frequent flier tix. A girls' trip sounds like such a blast!

  4. Peanut butter and banana is my go to dinner. Paired with a glass of milk, it's got 4 food groups covered.

  5. Sounds like an awesome trip!! So happy you won enough to cover your trip!

  6. Sounds like a blast!! I have only been to Vegas once (my 21st bday), so will be FUN to go back in Dec - watch out!!

  7. I freaking love Vegas!! I looooove the Wynn. I realllly love girls' trips.

    No vacations planned until chemo is over - dislike!

  8. Glad you made it back safely.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Very cool of your friend to take pix (for us, really. She must have known they were for your readers. We love 'em. So please thank her for us).

    I gotta agree with XLMIC, I'm wishin' you took pix of the frat boys and Super Boobs!

    Congrats on a great trip and getting a workout in even though your were clearly hung over. That's dedication! And toast is GENIUS!!!

  9. Vacation this year will be to San Fransico to run the Nike's Womans 1/2 marathon.

    Dinner was Pulled pork and "buttered" noodles with peas. (I say "buttered" because we use vegan butter since my kids have a dairy allergy)

    Vagus sounds like a blast! I will have to try and do a girls weekend sometime since my husband wont go!

  10. The pic of you jumping looks like you're on the outside, suctioned to the glass!

  11. Headed to Quebec City for 20th anniversary trip with my fab hubby. LOVED the vegas review!

  12. The last girls' trip I went on was in Jan. '10 to NYC. LOVED EVERY MINUTE.

    Next vacation is in July to Napa Valley. We're celebrating my husband's 40th b-day. Can't wait!! Sans kids too! WOO HOO!

    Dinner... Um, yeah. Definitely eating out tonight.

  13. oooo, youre giving me the itch to go to vegas again. sadly we only get to go about once every 2 or 3 years. i love the wynn too, want to stay at aria next time. every time we plan a vaca we tell ourselves we are going somewhere different, but always wind up in vegas. LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!

  14. When I'm greeted that way (which more often then not, is via text, when I'm returning from 5 days of directing Jr high summer camp), I usually respond (via text with attitude) celery.

  15. You are totally awesome!
    Naked lady, frat boy parties ... How cool is that?

  16. sounds like a great time!!! next vacation for us: VEGAS! going in March 2012 for the kickoff weekend of March Maddness/St Pattys Day!

  17. Makes me pretty jealous! I can't wait to head there in July and hopefully the sun will be hot as hell so I can float in the water all day.

  18. I love the Wynn! Your blog rocks. I have a crappy running blog, but I did once write a post about running from the Wynn, and it has video. So how can that not be good?

    And it's got a catchy title.

    I had a room on a lower floor and it was still awesome. It's a great property. And like the rest of us, it's aging well!

  19. The Wynn is awesome! Glad you enjoyed and won some $$$ as well. Lots of girls gone wild time here as the Caveman is away for 2 solid weeks....he's in Vegas of all places.

  20. I just got home from a girls trip to Key Largo! There were 8 of us mommies and we had a blast. We stayed up till 4 in the morning partying and acting like idiots. It took me four days to recover. The Wynn looks AMAZING, glad you had fun!!

  21. Sorry it was cold. That stinks. The pic of the lifeguard is priceless. Sounds like a great trip - awesome jumping/excited "win" pic!

  22. 'but I like looking at other people’s boobs'
    Does this mean you're an equal opportunity boob watcher? Man boobs, woman boobs - they're all good to watch.

    Don't you just love young men. They have absolutely no idea how old we 40-something women are. I got chatted up on my long run last week by two 20-something men who didn't believe me when I told them that I had two sons in their 20s.

  23. You always make me laugh. Most of the trips I go on I'm the only female - most of my girlfriends are either out of shape or afraid of sweat (they kinda go hand in hand, eh?), and most of my trips involve racing. Plus, I don't know any other females as vulgar or crazy as me (or you!).

    I totally plowed a HUGE bowl of homemade mac and cheese tonight after hitting the gym.

  24. Sounds like a super awesome trip! I'm so looking forward to vegas in december

  25. what an amazing trip!! I've totally been that one person laying by the pool before...but that life guard is hilarious!!

  26. Total wild girls trip coming up.... 14 girls running Tahoe relay dressed as Rock Stars; gonna run like a rock star and party like a rock star after race...who are we fooling? We're all 40ish and will probably be hitting the sack early, but until then, we have big rock star dreams. Love Girl trips!

  27. I have a girls/Blogger trip coming up, but I can't spill the beans yet. It's in NYC, though, and I have been hoping to go there for a year and a half so the UNIVERSE answered!

  28. What a fun trip! I bet Costa Rica was amazing too...always wanted to go there and see the sloths.

    I'm planning a trip to Stockbridge, MA in July, Halloween in Salem, MA, and November in New Orleans.
    Dinner was turkey burgers and veggies, boring but good. :)

  29. I love that picture of you and your friend Erika. That kind of friendship is priceless isnt it? I am going on a trip in 8 days! i am going to the best place in the world: HOME. Quebec city, Canada. I have not been in almost 3 yrs. Long overdue. cannot wait.

  30. That all sounds amazing. I've never done a girls trip... most definitely need to.

    We had pork chops, mashed potatoes, asparagus, applesauce and cornbread. It was actually quite impressive for a Wednesday night. :)

  31. Based on the spa alone, I now know where I want to stay if/when I go to Vegas. lol

  32. your blog continues to kill me! so funny. love!

  33. hahaha that was funny.. I love the part when they want you to party with them. A 44 yr old woman with a wedding ring? You are too much!

  34. Oh my goodness - hilarious about the leaving your bag part!

  35. I love Vegas. Can't get better than a a trip there. Lucky duck. Can't wait for blogger convention there!

  36. I am waaay behind and working on getting caught up - wow, what a trip! Congrats on your big win!!

  37. I want to stay at Wynn next. I stayed (and got married) at Mandalay Bay and that was beautiful. It's time for me to give the other side of the strip some lovin'. :-)

    I love me some girl trips. I try to do one a year. But this year I'll be in Vegas for the Rock n Roll half and the hub's is joining me. So, no girl time.

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  41. I think I'M going to live in the Wynn spa. Holy crap! Looks spectacular.

    My next trip is Disneyland to run the half in September. My kids are 5 and 7. It's gonna be spectacular. :)

  42. Great trip and good job on coming back a winner!
    Too bad the weather was cool - that seems to happen to us all the time as well.
    Glad it was a safe, enjoyable and successful trip.

  43. I LOVE girl trips, we ladies know how to have fun. In fact the last Vegas trip was a ladies trip and it was a blast with pictures to prove it. Glad you enjoyed yourself and WON. WooooHooo

  44. I went to Vegas last summer to run the ET Midnight half marathon - cool at night but 100 degrees in the day. All my vacations coming up are for runs - Chicago, Virginia Beach, San Antonio - then of course Disney World in February for the Princess Half Marathon.

    I just got my SUAR stickers in the mail. As soon as the car gets washed - the sticker will go on.

  45. Nice win! When I would ask my mom what's for dinner, she would always say Bread and Pullet. It took me a long time to get that one.

  46. Great trip recap! Lifeguard is hysterical. How is he/she gonna save anyone with all that clothing on? Heading to Iceland for girls trip TODAY! You have inspired me to take lots of pics. It will only be about 40 degrees there but I will wear my bikini - in the geothermal pool. ;)

  47. Love trips!
    The hubs and I take one every year - I find myself bored out of my mind with other women. Probably because they won't give it up for me like the tall man.
    Glad you had fun. And glad you got hit on by frat boys - You still got it girl!

  48. I have not been on a girls trip. I have wanted too, but I am selfish and would rather not sacrifice my ski trip and beach trips with my family b/c they usually pay for some of it. Also, since my races are more expensive than my husbands, if I want to do races, I can't do girls weekends.

    I am an aweful cook. I need to get it figured out b/c that is one of the stipulations for being "allowed" to train for a full IM. Have dinner on the table everyday. That's not happening any time soon. We'll be having pb&j for dinner or Kraft Mac N Cheese. When I am in super clean eating mode, all I eat is grilled chicken, sweet pototoes, whole grain pasta, and spinach, and my family hates that even more!

  49. ok is this I love Lucy or why do you have 2 beds in your room?

    Love the 60th floor.
    Love Wynn
    Love the lifeguard.

    never - ever been on a girl's trip. yep, never.

  50. Looks like you had a great trip. Haven't taken a true vacation in a while. Will be hard now with the little one! Now I'm

    -Oh--I voted! Good luck!

  51. I stare at nice boobs too. Mine aren't mesquito bites. More like pancakes, after two kids and all. I have a picture of me flashing in my early 20's. I keep it around as a tribute to their glory days.

  52. Congratulations on covering the costs! Very nice.

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