Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winners and Reverse Brick

The winners of the Champion giveaway are: Dash from Dash’s Bites and Chris from Evolving Through Running. Shoot me an email at and I’ll tell you how to get your prize!

Thank you for all of your kind and supportive comments on yesterday’s post. It truly was one of those magical days. Coverage of the event made the front page of the paper today, and there was even a picture of my mom and dad!

Just to clarify. I did not organize the race myself or come up with the idea. That was done by teachers and my friend, Joie. I helped by getting sponsors, help put stuff together and volunteering on race day. Not my credit to take!

Today’s workout:

I got up today to rainy skies and 30 degrees. I almost trashed the workout I had planned for today in favor of coffee and the morning paper. But, I know better. Training is not meant to be easy. It involves sacrifice. It replaces Sunday mornings on the couch with the Denver Post. It pushes us and makes us better. But it is not easy.

I was to do a brick today with 2 hours of cycling and a 20-30 minute run. But, with the rain and cold, I knew the bike ride wasn’t going to happen. Plus, I’ve been missing my runs. Half ironman training does not allow for the kind of higher mileage running weeks I love.

So, I opted to first do an 8 mile run, then bike for an hour on the trainer. I had read in the Triathlete's Training Bible, that of three three sports, running carries the most risk for injury. For this reason, it’s not advised to run on very tired legs during training. That’s why most bricks include short burst of running – like 30 minutes, not ten miles. They say if you want to run longer and bike together, do your long run first. So I did. I call this a “reverse brick” or a Kcirb (“kurb”).

In this picture I’m faking being thrilled. I hate being cold, but I love running so I knew it would get better. And whenever I’m feeling lack of motivation, I remember how I couldn’t run for so long and now I can and that is one big fat gift not to be taken for granted.


I ran by my favorite country store. The one that has the bathroom tip jar. I have used and abused this bathroom for years. I’ve laid down some nice ones in there. I have left generous tips to make up for my smell and skid marks. I have also bought many a bottle of Gatorade or water at this spot.


You can imagine my dismay when I got closer and saw this sign:


Dammit. All the best mom and pops disappearing before our eyes. But, more importantly, where will I crap?

The 8 went well. 8:52 average. I grabbed a banana and some muscle milk and got on the trainer with Oprah. She takes up a lot of my bike seat.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea. I love this gargantuan headphones. I think I will wear them during the half ironman. Not sure how they’ll do during the open water swim, but I’m going for it.


I got in trouble for keeping the remote in my sweaty crack while I rode. That’s what Clorox wipes are for, right?P1090859

I was tired after this. It was only 2 hours and 11 minutes, but I was ready to be done.

That gives me a total of 7 hours and 24 minutes of work outs this week. I had to take two days off due to regular life craziness, so I guess I’ll be okay with this. Next week hoping to get in at least 8 hours.

Off to find some food,


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  1. First off, I loved your post yesterday - so inspiring!

    I really hate watching all the mom-n-pop stores disappear. It's so sad. I love going into a store when they actually speak to you and know who you are...

  2. I just voted you in to first place! Woo!

  3. You are superwoman in my book!!!
    I voted for you again!!! You are winning Missy!!!

  4. Total bummer about the Country store...that sucks! I love the pic with the remote in your crack!

  5. I have that same remote. Glad I didn't have to use it after it was in your crack! And good luck finding a new place to crap. I just found your blog and LOVE it. Keep 'em coming!

  6. Awesome kcirb :)

    Where did you end up crapping?

  7. so inspiring.. need that today! rainy here in oregon:( but must get out and run..

  8. I've always LOVED mom and pop stores.. I did my first brick on Saturday. 1.5 hour ride and 1.5 mile run. I'm trying to be cautious on the run. It was my first so far!

  9. Love the headphones. Although WTC will disqualify you for wearing them. BUT I won't at the blogger conference if you show up with them on.....LOL!!!!!

    I am going to buy the bakery out by Jill and this gas station near you in June so I have a reason to come back to CO and make a living there.

    Way to go MotherRunner.....pass that along would you SUAR....I am to lazy to go to her blog or email to congratulate her.

  10. You're making these workouts happen no matter what. I've always loved that about you!!
    Too sad about the little stores closing down, that's happening everywhere. Is there an end in sight??!!

  11. booooooooooo to mom and pop (i almost wrote poop hahah!) stores disappearing. that sucks.

    great job on the workouts. nowadays i barely have enough motivation to do one sport never mind two+!

  12. Great workout!!! How sad about your store. :(

    It was cold out there today! Did the Community Classic Metric Century out of Loveland...BRRRR!!!

  13. "she takes up a lot of my bike seat." DYING LAUGHING.

  14. Sorry about the store.
    So with the reverse brick action, are you so sweaty after your run that you change clothes for the bike? It's still so cold here I think I'd freeze on the bike after a run.

  15. Thought of your blog about "Ropes and Nipples" yesterday when I was running a 1/2 marathon in cold drizzly rain and some perv took a picture of my headlights. Keep me laughing....

  16. Oh no about the close of that great pooping place. It is really sad that small stores are not able to stay open these days. :(

    I was wondering... when you have to take days off because of life craziness do you start where you stopped or do you start on the day you are supposed to be on on your training schedule?


    I voted for you, EMZ & MCMMama a few times!

  18. That store had a sign up for a while, "We have to close because our employees keep stealing from us". I use to stop there on my way to work. The sign made me think much less of them. Mom and pop places shut when they have poor management skills, the franchises less so because they have plans they have to follow that work.