Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo Op

Some people will do anything to win a giveaway. And I LOVE it. Here are some pictures sent in by readers when I asked to give my your best swim pose as extra entries for this giveaway:

Run Dash, who hopes this doesn’t constitute animal cruelty, sent in this beauty. The only thing cruel about that picture is the damn float belt. Hate that thing. But, it paved my road to Boston so I’ll shut up.


This is Bernadette who shares her story of triumphing over obesity. Read it HERE.


Allegra sent this one because “Shut Up and Run told her to.” If you don’t know what she’s referring to, you have to watch this animated video I made because I am more proud of this than my grad school diploma. And you didn’t think I was smartt. I guess she farted. Something obviously smells.


And lastly I give you ultra runner girl who says she is doing the carpet breast stroke. I call it the carpet humping stroke, but that’s just me.


And since we’re sharing pictures, why stop now?

I love that Chris sent me this picture today because it made him think of me. He called it, “The Stuff of Runner’s Dreams”:


I can see why it made him think of me. Last year I had an emergency while running on a busy road and had to leave a gift in a tree. Yes, that is my fuel belt I left outside to avoid contamination. You can read the full story HERE.


I really wish my tree had looked more like Chris’ tree, but you can’t have it all.

Still time to enter the H2O Audio Giveaway. Click HERE.

Off for six miles. I may be in multi-sport training, but my heart still belongs to the the run. Always will.



  1. I think I need to equip my dog with a float belt... He doesn't take too kindly to water. =/

  2. Hi there.
    thank you.
    that's all.

  3. People are HILARIOUS! Love the entries!!

  4. Great laugh on a rainy day! Thanks for posting. The "Hump stroke" is my fav.

  5. Those are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!

  6. LOL! Great photos. I needed a good dose of hilarity for HUMP DAY.

  7. great pics~~ thanks for the laugh!

  8. Bahahaha. That is great! Love all of the photos. How convenient would that tree be?? LOL.

  9. HA! I love that Ultra Runner Girl is CLEARLY at work for that picture. Awesome.

  10. those pics are GREAT!
    And the tree bathroom..EPIC!

  11. This is fantastic. Thanks for the pick-me-up today.

  12. The Human Spirit is incredible. I mean really. I cannot stop laughing at carpet humping, or the idea that she stopped whatever she was doing to write your blog on her swim cap and then get on the floor and take a picture.

    I mean I am in tears from laughter. Was she embarrased and wait for everybody to leave the house? Did she have somebody else take the pic? I have so many questions and yet can't stop laughing.

  13. Love these photos, awesome! Thanks for posting them!

  14. Hi SuAr! Thanks for humoring me and following my blog. I will try not to annoy you very much, but I can't promise anything.

    Now that we are close friends, do you think you could repay my friends kindness and go follow her blog? She is an equally desperate Canadian, although she lives in soCal and claims she misses snow.

    Thanks tons! Your tree is awesome.


  15. You make me laugh BIG TIME!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  16. You are hilarious. But the poor princess that lives in that hollow tree... I think you owe her an apology.

  17. Bahahaha, I love when Cheryl dresses up Dash for things. She is such a patient pup.

  18. You know, those tree poop stops are a great idea. They certainly look more appealing and environmentally friendly than porta-potties.