Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get a New Plan, Stan

The minute I finished my half ironman, my motivation went into the toilet. There is something about my Type-A, uptight, over-achieving personality that likes to have a plan. Give me a plan and a goal and watch the hell out. But, once I reach that goal and have checked off the last “to-do” on the plan, I’m like that show I never watched but a lot of people liked - “LOST.”

I’ve still been trying to do some sort of workout be it swimming, biking, running or yoga everyday. Running has taken a back seat because my ass hurts, but the other disciplines are alive and well.

Funny how when you get up everyday at 5:00 a.m. to workout you get very used to and it seems like no big deal. Funny how when you work out for 2+ hours per day you get used to it and it seems like no big deal. Funny how when you get out of this routine for just a week or two, suddenly getting up at 5:00 a.m. seems very painful, as do long workouts. Easy come, easy go.

The other issue with early waking is it is darker later in the morning. When it is dark my body likes to be where it should be: in bed.

So, when the alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. today for my cycling group, I was kind of pissed.

Tired? Why? Emma saw a spider in her bed two days ago and has been refusing to go to sleep. She has been sleeping on top of her covers and needing some reassurance. In the parenting world, a child needing reassurance means that the parent becomes sleep deprived.  When she first saw the spider and asked me to look for it, I did a Dumb Ass Parent Action (DAPA) and told her I could not find it. Ken looked at me like “WTF?” and reminded me I should have lied and said I found it so the drama could be put to rest. BAD, DUMB PARENT!

So, I was tired. So what? A workout is a workout and should NEVER be missed unless the worker-outer is vomiting or has profuse diarrhea or has a trache or something extreme going on.

I thought this would be a stinky morning and I would tire easily. Nope. My energy was off the charts. I felt so damn good. It might have been adrenaline, it might have been taking it easy for the week, it might have been thoughts of a spider in a bed somewhere, or it might have been my new, fancy jersey with matching arm warmers (review/giveaway coming soon). Funny thing is, I thought it was a jersey, but it is actually a running shirt. My bad. I never said I was smart:


Whatever the case, I was reminded that for me there is no better feeling than getting up early, sweating, working hard and getting it done. I was so jacked this morning it was a drug. So, when you debate your workout, remember that euphoric post workout feeling. Make a decision and follow through. Keep at it and who knows what can happen.

Iron Girl I’m coming for you sister!

After you complete a race you’ve been training for do you lose motivation? Do you need a plan/goal to keep your head in the game?

Would you have lied to your kid about the spider?

Do you like where the arrow on my “jersey” is pointing?



  1. 1. Yes I need a plan always. I like to have one. I do well when I have something to train for.

    2. Yes I would have lied....sorry..

    3. the truth? not really! ha ha!

  2. I can't lie about killing a spider. My guy is afraid of them, so when I kill them, I have to show him proof (without getting too close to him to show him)! Kinda makes me feel special- I get to protect him from the big, creepy spiders!!

  3. Yes - definitely need a plan (as evidenced by my lack of running this summer)
    I'd have lied - no question.
    I didn't notice the arrow until you pointed it out!

  4. a.) Yes. Unfortunately. I didn't think this would happen, especially after the amazing, life-altering race I had this past May. But lose motivation, I did. Having a goal/next race on the calendar helps -- running Nike Women's Marathon in San Fran this October. But still. not. completely. motivated. What is up with that anyway? I'm doing OK - I think it helps to remind yourself that every new training you take on is just different. It's not going to be an exact duplicate of your last experience. And that's OK.

    2.) Yes. But I would have thought to do so after my husband gave me the WTF look.

    c.) Yep. Reminds me of our conversation in the hotel hallway! ;)

  5. LOVE the shirt!!!!
    Yes, I need a plan and a goal I'm working for.

  6. Many years ago, I began the habit of registering for the next event (sometimes even 2 more events) so that I would at least be monetarily motivated to keep training. I am too old to become "not motivated".

  7. Im currently planning all of 2012 so i have no excuse! I love the Jersey!

  8. A man, a plan, PANAMA! (Now - read it backwards - it's the SAME SENTENCE!!!) But - back to the plan. Yes. Girls like us need plans. The calm us down, keep us focused, and most importantly, keep us out of the mall, browsing and buying stuff we don't need. Personally, my expenditures go WAY down when I'm in training, so I try to always have something in the works. Finally, the "same backwards as forwards" thing is called a palendrome.

  9. I, too, would have neglected to find the spider, then kicked myself!
    I can also totally relate to that sleep deprivation.. we were on vac at the beach last week when little man decided to get sick (always in the middle of the night.. wtf!). I still got up and ran, but they were some mighty sucky runs.
    Dig the shirt, but yeah, what's up the with the arrow?

  10. 1. Yes - in fact, currently struggling with being "without a plan" and no races on the horizon doesn't help.

    2. Probably wouldn't have thought to lie, but would have wished I had after missing the sleep.

    3. Didn't notice the arrow until you said something - now LMAO!

  11. I totally need a plan too, otherwise I get laaaaaaazy :) Although, I have to admit that I'm kind of excited about not having to train for anything. There is a bunch of classes at the gym that I've been meaning to try but have been putting off because they don't really fit in my training schedule. Next week!

    PS See you at Iron Girl :)

  12. 1. Even when I have something planned I suck at sticking to my plan..

    2. Would have lied

    3. Uhhh your legs? As in see how fast my legs are moving?

  13. I'd have told the kid every time she thought of the spider, it would get bigger and stronger. More cunning. Developing an appetite for small children. Growing longer and stronger spider legs.

    Then I'd have explained how spiders are really good at eating bugs, and don't much like kids, unless they're really hungry.

    After a night or two, or three, with no spider showing up to eat her, she would start thinking of something else and start sleeping at night again. She would be stronger for it.

    Then again, all my advice on raising children boils down to two words. Duct tape.

  14. You are so hilarious. Didn't even notice the arrow until you mentioned it!

  15. After failing pretty much every time I have a plan, I decided to not have a plan, except to run.

    I am doing better than I have ever done.

    The trick for me is to remind myself I LIKE running, even when it sucks, just like I LIKE hiking, and I LIKE biking. When I sign up for something to "motivate" myself, I freak out, shut down, and stop training.

    But then, I never said I was normal.

  16. I am definitely type-A when it comes to running, Beth! I need a plan, and then I'm golden. When I have no accountability, I flounder - and ultimately slide into couch potato-dom... So, when I finished my 5k race series this summer (on a disappointing note, I might add), I moved right on to another plan. Otherwise, my temporary depression would have turned permanent in a hurry.

    Would I have lied? No, I'm too honest, even when it works against my own good! I'm a terrible liar, anyhow.

    And the arrow? LOL. I, like RLR, didn't see it until you 'pointed' it out (he he, get it??), but I would probably be into it if I was a guy, I'm guessing...

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  18. Let's try it again logged in as myself and not my son. :)

    Totally lost with no plan!!!!

    Have a blast at IronGirl! And enjoy the breakfast buffet! You are going to kill it out there!

  19. Love, love, love a plan and am like a fish out of water without one.

    Sorry I have learned the hard way about bugs so, yes TOTALLY would have lied.

    Love the jersey! Only I hope that there is a big arrow on the back too, that would make it awesome!LOL

    I am already bummed about the later sunrise too. Summer went by WAY too quickly.

  20. The arrow is cracking me up!!

    I think I would have done the same bone-head move you did with the spider and then later regretted not lying!

    Glad you rocked the bike ride...maybe the Colorado Pro Cycling race is motivating ya! :)

  21. Oh my. Yes, that arrow is definitely pointing down. That shirt just went from G to PG-13.

    Yes, I would have lied about the spider just to put her mind at ease. But who knows what I would have done if asked point blank. I probably would have thought to lie about it later.

  22. 1. Love plans, but discovered that maybe I shouldn't have planned this summer. Total burnout (right before HTC of course) for my 1/2 clinic. Could be/I know it's because I've had plans for the last 2 years straight...

    2. Spud would never sleep in his room again if that happened to him. I wouldn't have lied because I'd send my husband in to look for it and kill it.

    3. Was wondering when you'd get around to mentioning it! :)

  23. haha...the only better option for the shirt thing would to have two double arrows pointing up.

  24. Plan? What is this "plan" you speak of. I typically have a plan because I map out an entire season. That said, it doesn't take much motivation for me to go out and go long during the off season.

  25. I absolutely have to have a plan! I haven't even finished training for my first full marathon and already I'm looking for another one to sign up for! Gotta keep the motivation rolling :)

  26. Got. To. Have. A. Plan. Only problem is...you have to be healthy to work the dang plan!!!! I had lots of plans, but injuries get in the way, my motivation falls off, my head comes unscrewed and I'm a bear. So until I'm healthy again, all plans are off. But like you SUAR...when I've got my plan and I can work it - I'm UNSTOPPABLE!

  27. 1. I was on a skydiving team and we trained all year, doing 20 jumps a weekend. Our team won Silver in the competition. When it was over in October, I lost motivation to jump as much. I was on Caribbean time, taking it easy. And then, I tore my ligament. Go figure! Also, heat as been a super big large de-motivator for me.

    2. Yes, lie.

    3. Yes, I think the arrow is appropriate!

  28. I always need a plan! But I'll be honest I'm on the fence about ditching this new plan. The fear monster is growing. I'm not sure how to deal with it. I always have to have a goal to run for.

  29. I don't really need a plan to motivate, 'cause, well, I'm kind of not healthy that way. I just need to train or I go crazy.

    So funny on the spider--we had a bug on the ceiling at bed time the other night and Mr. Z pretended he got it just to ensure a little peace.

  30. A. I lose motivation after my races. I always need a little break of nonstructured running, but then I have to sign up for something else or else my running goes to sh$t.

    B. I would have lied. Also, no one is allowed to kill spiders in my household. They are to be left alone. But if my kids or husband finds one somewhere that they do not like, they are to come get me and I will move it. (i have to do that a lot :-) Spiders are our friends!

    C. The designer of that shirt has a good sense of humor (or is kind of perverted).

  31. Heck with the spiders, we had 2 bats flying around our house last week. But spiders need to be addressed... Maybe should lie - until the next one shows up.
    The arrow on the shirt totally cracked me up.
    I do best with a plan or a goal. Guess I should always have a goal to have another goal after I finish my goal.

  32. Totally need a plan. I'm dangerous without one - mostly 'cuz I'd revert back to Hostess cupcakes for dinner and thinks that's perfectly acceptable.

  33. I always need a plan. heck, I had to sign up for another half marathon so that I wouldn't quit running completely. True story.
    Lied to my kids?? hahaha all.the.time. I am the worst mom, and my daughter has even gone so far as to tell me so. Darn.
    I forget what question #3 was....

  34. Yes, I feel like I am gonna fall of the face of the Earth if I dont have a day to day plan set out.Yes, I have lied about a spider and many other things to get my children to go to sleep. I went through a few months when I would spray anti-monster spray (water in a spray bottle)around my sons room and under the bed. This of course was to keep the monsters away at night time. It worked! Yes, I see where the arrow is pointing but I dont think I would have thought to much about it until you pointed it out to us. But thats ok we dont mind looking?

  35. You said: Give me a plan and a goal and watch the hell out.

    THIS is why I read you, Beth - I so relate to that. I'm injured right now wondering what to expect for a race on 9/3 and I'm nearly insane. I have reworked my schedule for the next two weeks to rest my leg...but more than that I have planned my workouts through the end of the YEAR. Watch the hell out! ;)

    Thank you for pointing out that your shirt is pointing to your lady parts.

    Yes - I TOTALLY would have lied about the spider. I have a 9yo that is a drama queen and that spider would have ruined my sleep for weeks.

  36. 1. I need a race to keep me motivated, otherwise I want to stay in bed.

    2. I probably would have lied.

    3. That shirt is hilarious. Someone did not appropriately check that pattern. Or maybe they did?

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  38. The arrow? What about those flaming fingers grabbing your boobs? A guy must have designed that one.

  39. 1. yes
    2. nope
    3. too funny not to say yes!

  40. Absolutely need a plan.

    Yep I would have lied in a heartbeat!

    I actually hadn't noticed the arrow til you mentioned it!

  41. The last time I ran a marathon, I didn't run again for six months. At all. That was 18 years ago!! How's that for losing motivation?!! I am finally training for my third marathon at age 42 and I am excited and scared.

    The spider? I'm always honest and often wish I hadn't been...

    The shirt? I like the shirt.

  42. 1. I thrive with a sorta plan, not too concrete, not too fluid with a goal race/outcome defined.

    2. I would have found the spider. No lie needed.

    3. Thanks now I can't get the shirt because all I see is a big arrow pointing to my crotch! ;-)

  43. I need a plan or I feel aimless. I love checking off the days as I complete each workout on my schedule. IT FEELS SO GOOD! I would DEFINITELY lie about the spider. I am just like your daugher. If I see a spider in the bedroom I will sleep on the couch for a week. Still.

    I don't understand how you people drag yourself out of bed like that. I have NO motivation in the morning. The only thing I want to do is enjoy my coffee and not move at all. I set my alarm for a 6am run today, and whadya know! I hit snooze all the way until 7:30! Grrr.

  44. LOVE that jersey!!!

    And yes, need to have a plan. Or at least a sort of plan. And if not, need to have plans to meet people at the very least.

  45. Why do you say 5:15 like it's early? That is every day wake up time, providing the cat let's us sleep that long. Early is 3 or 3:30 to get a run in.

    I've been plan-less for a year now and love it. Still doing regular workouts, just not being over the top about it like last year.

  46. Keith, you always make the rest of us feel like pond scum. I am going to start working out from 1am until 6am.

  47. So awesome love the top.

    love the "pointer".

    Totally would have lied.

    I hate being done with a BIG event. but . . . . then I think ------- I'm going to see SUAR in Vegas ---- and everything is alright.

  48. Yep, I've always got my sights set on the next race. So even if there is no plan, there is some manner of unnofficial plan in my head at all times.
    I would never lie to my kid. Rrrrrriiiiiight.
    Can't say that I care too much for that shirt, but I'm not a chick either.

  49. There is no way I could run for hours upon hours each week if I didn't have a goal I was aiming for.

    I have three little kids. I didn't think I would lie to them until I started reading about your lack of sleep. Thanks for corrupting me.

    Do you want me to like where the arrow is pointing?

  50. hmm. mebbe go catch a spider in the garden and then 'find' it in the bed?

  51. Totally would have lied about the spider, even better, I'd have gone all superhero on the creepy crawly. A show always helps. I loved mornings until I started training again... Now, I want to sleep the mornings away (as if work would let me). No type A here...

  52. It would have been so easy to skip this morning's run - 4 hours sleep and a niggle in my hamstring. But I got up and did it. And I feel great. I may crash in a few hours but right now I'm glad I got up.

  53. Not for nothing but at the end of the day that arrow works if you wear that shirt forwards or backwards....just sayin'