Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Asked for It - Part II

Here is the second installment of “You Ask, I Answer.” Try not to get too excited.
Indyhume asked…

How did you mentally survive your injury?

One day at a time. I had to constantly remind myself the injury was not permanent and I would run again. I did every single other active thing I was allowed to do to keep my fitness, even if I hated the activity (water running). I read a lot. I focused on other things I was good at. I cried with friends and family when I got discouraged. I blogged and wrote about my frustrations and you all were such an amazing support. I kept my eye on the prize: Boston and I did it. Plus, the crutches beefed up my arms.


Julie at ROJ Running asked…

I know your work is in the social services industry. What I want to know is, do you ever wonder if one of your clients or someone with influence on your employment will see your blog and it will affect your work in a negative way? 

Yes, and no. If people want to Google me, they will find the blog. There is nothing I can do about it shy of taking it all down and there would still be pieces there. I worry more about future employment opportunities and if it might hinder the process. Who knows, maybe it would help!

How do you decide which blogs to follow? Do you ever go looking for new blogs to read? Again, with such a large following you can't possibly return the favor for all your readers, so what's the method to your madness? 

This is such a great question. I always feel behind and guilty about not reading and commenting on more blogs. There are so many outstanding blogs out there and I just can’t do it all. I rotate who I read and try to add new ones every once in awhile. I don’t always comment when I read a blog post either. So if you aren’t getting comments from me, it doesn’t mean I’m not reading.

Runner Wannabe asked…

Are you unsatisfied with any part of your life? If so, what? Yes, I’d like to have more of a career path.

What is your favorite "mom" moment? When the kids go to bed. Just kidding. Kind of. Sharing a good laugh with my kids. Today we went to get donuts and were listening to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. We pulled up to a stoplight and I told the kids we should pump up the volume and dance like maniacs to see if the cars around us would stare. We were laughing hysterically. No one else cared.

How many hours a night do you sleep? 8 to 9, unless I have a bad night for some reason. Yes, that is drool.


Have you ever been to Oklahoma? Yep, have driven through it.

Amanda at Runninghood asked…
What were you like as a little Beth? You know 8 or 9 year old Beth in school and at home? Good girl?
Half good girl (rule follower in school, good grades), half whiner and bitcher. Look! I had the long 2nd toe even back then.Bethat5

How many years were you in gymnastics? 5, ages 12-17

Hardest parent moment?

Emma fell off a stool when she was four. She shattered her elbow. Her bone was coming through her arm. We got to the ER and they took her into emergency surgery because the swelling was cutting off circulation. They let me get dressed to go into OR, but then I had to leave her laying there once it was time for them to start the surgery. Leaving her there was ungodly awful. I still can’t talk about it. She came through fine with pins in her arm and a three night stay at the hospital.


Jamoosh asked…

What is your super, secret, goofy running goal you have been afraid to share?

Don’t think I have one of those. I’d like to do an ultra one day, does that count? How about an ultra in the nude?

Jamie in Arkansas asked…

Do you follow a specific training plan? Can you share?

For the half ironman, I made my own plan. Each week I would devise what to do based on number of goal hours and where I needed the most work. It’s pretty complex, but sure I’d share it if you want! I also do all my own marathon training plans.

How did the VO2 max testing affect your current plan (if at all)?

Since I was in the middle of my training cycle, I did not change much. I will in the future though. I plan to start running with a heart rate monitor and do more zone training.


Best training advice besides SUAR

Don’t overthink it. Just go. But, be smart and don’t view “resting and recovery” as a weakness.

Nutrition "day in the life" post while you are training?

See previous question/answer post for this one!

Kovas asked…

Ever ridden the Alpine Slide in Breckenridge? Yep, a few years ago.

Best place to eat in your neighborhood? Wahoo’s fish tacos, Old Chicago pizza

What product are you dying for me to review? Therma Jock extra large with menthol (and directions)

Chris @ Heavy Steps asked…

What is the air speed velocity of a unladen swallow. What does unladen mean?

How did you get your kids involved in running when they were younger?

Just invited them to do small races with us. In middle school we encouraged cross country. The kids fell in love with doing races because of the positive energy and the food at the finish.



SMESS asked…
How do you get yourself out the door on a day where the LAST thing you want to do is get out and run/bike/swim/etc?

There is no secret here. I just get out of my head and GO. I don’t negotiate or give myself an out. It has to happen unless I am sick or injured.

 What is your definition of an 'athlete'?

Anyone who pushes themselves to reach goals they once thought impossible.

Dash asked…

When you run, are you a greeter, i.e., do you wave at an approaching runner or do you look away?

Always. Same way when I hike and bike.

If you are a greeter, does it bug you when the other person looks the other way and doesn't acknowledge you?

Yes, I think it’s rude and I don’t get it.

Caroline asked…

How long were you engaged? One year. We got engaged on the top of a mountain in June 1994 and got married in June 1995. These were the days when Ken thought it was cool to wear a Marlboro hat and I wore John Lennon glasses. Sexy.


Who would you like to meet? Obama, Katie Couric, Kenny Chesney

What poster did you have on your wall when you were in high school? I can’t remember a single one. Probably something dorky like “Hang in there!” with that cat hanging from a tree. I think every girl pretty much had this at some point.

Adrienne asked…

Say there is one question that nobody has asked yet and you wish they would and you haven't shared it on your blog yet...what would it be?

How has your life been different than what you’d imagined? (I never said I’d answer it).

Thanks for playing along!



  1. You and your daughter could be twins...

  2. I just spent 10 minutes looking at a ThermaJock online. Seriously, just wow.

  3. I clicked "next blog" at the top of mine and ended up here, a fellow mom on the run ;) Just saying hello!

  4. I swear it looks like Little Beth is giving the photographer The Toe!

    And your arms do look AMAZING in those crutches! maybe I should get a set...

    My cousin knows Obama... if you are ever in that area maybe I can set you up ;-)

  5. That thermajock thing is so funny! Now I'm gonna spend the rest of the night wondering if my BF would like one for x-mas. lol!

  6. Pic of little Emma (poor her) and little Beth...same same...I LOVE it.

    I had to leave one of my son in the OR once, he was 4 and this was so hard. He was a lot braver than me that's for sure.

    I love that pic of you and your husband! you look happy!
    thank you for answering my questions!

  7. I gather this means your hard drive survived? Yay! Back to the blogging treadmill. No excuses, hear? Just SUAB. Which reminds me I've been a couple days. But I've been working on the next one. The title is "I am helpless in the grip of cookie lust."

  8. Ever notice how little Beth looks like little Emma! Wow!

    Love Wahoos!!

  9. i thought that was 2 photos of yur daughter. Amazing!

  10. Stupid reader, I scrolled to far up and clicked on the wrong post to comment (so if you think my previous comment makes no sense, I'm not high, I'm just highly distracted).

    Here it goes (again): My question... Since you're looking for a career focus, have you ever thought of quitting your social work related job and going into coaching runners or triathletes instead (or something else running-related)?

  11. Wow,those were some good questions-and yet you took the time to answer mine as well, or sort of anyway;)! Thanks!

  12. ThermaJock? seriously, where the heck do you find these things? lol Bet you haven't heard of the camelflage..... :D


  13. Carla - great question: yes, I have considered leaving my social work/therapy roots and drifting over the fitness world by either coaching, doing marketing or writing or a mix of those things. Not quite sure how to make it happen, though!!

  14. Do you think his Tractor is Sexy!!!

  15. Fun to read all these answers. Some people come up with really good questions.

  16. reuschmike: I think his everything is sexy. Even his bald head and 28" waist.

  17. Ok I will never get that jock strap photo out of my mind! LOL

  18. Its wonderful that you still kept exercising (with what you could) during your recovery period from the injury. I know its not easy. I tore the cartilage in my right knee (trying to run too fast to early in my new exercise regimen)and the Dr. told me not to run for a while but I could do other things like the elliptical and swimming (low impact). I was discouraged from exercising just from that, but somehow I pushed through and kept exercising even though all I wanted to do was run. I was glad I did in the end because my body changed in good and different ways doing different exercises, although when I could run again I was VERY happy:) p.s. your arms are killer :)

  19. I was quoting Montey Python with the question "What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow." They were talking about how the coconuts got to england. Unladen is when they are not carrying anything. I will have to find the clip and send it to you. It is funny!

  20. There is some great advice here especially on reading blogs and injuries. Also I was so sad reading about your daughter's injury :( you two looked sooo alike when you were younger

  21. I broke my elbow (carshed my bike) in March and it required surgery and pins to get it back together. It was scary for me, and I'm an adult. Can't imagine how scary it would have been if it happened to my kid.

  22. Ooohhh...menthol sounds cool and refreshing!

  23. I'm really enjoying these "getting to know you" posts that everyone has been doing. It's fun and funny and interesting!

    P.S. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog the other day. I feel cool now ;-)

  24. I love when you answer questions. Now I can really pretend we are best friends because I know so much about you. It's okay, just play along.

    You were such a cute little kid!!

    Haha! Remember when you were always hanging out with the pussy posse? I forgot about those ladies! It feels like a lifetime ago that you were a water running fool. Bet you're glad those days have passed.

  25. Soooo.....I now have a question:


  26. Therma Jock?! Omygood! I love that, hilarious!