Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SUAR “Oops” Tech Shirts for Cheap–Sorry SOLD OUT!!

During the last round of printing SUAR women’s tech shirts, there were a few shirts that did not make the cut because the runner on the side seam didn’t print correctly. The mistake was very minor, but slightly noticeable so I didn’t want to sell them full price.

Therefore, I’ve got a few shirts to sell for cheap that have this “mistake” on the seam. Here is what the typical “oops” shirt it looks like:


The front and back of the shirt are not affected and look like this:

Shut Up and Run Women's Tech TeeP1100198



If you would like an “oops” shirt, I am selling them for $18 (originally $34.99) + $5 shipping.

I have: ALL SOLD OUT!!!!!!

1 x-small
2 smalls
5 mediums

Here is the sizing/item info for Alo shirts. If anything, shirts might run a tad big:


I will take the first people to email me their request for the shirt(s). Indicate the size and number wanted. I will invoice you through Paypal for $18 per shirt plus $5 shipping (if you order more than one, shipping is still $5) and send out the shirt tomorrow.

I’ll be selling the next round of women’s tech tees in a week or so. Might also add in some Shut Up and Run visors from Headsweats and a hoodie. Stay tuned!



PS: International shipping is $7.


  1. So I hope you didn't beat the sweatshop elves that turned out the slightly defective shirts, or take the discount out of their pay.

    Been busy here and didn't say congrats on the half IM finish. I knew you could do it. And 'tween you and me, people that do a half as their first, end up doing a few more, and then move on to the full meal deal. Just so you know what your future is.

    And the promised rant on doors? Finally arrived. Thought you'd want to know that too.

  2. I will take a small. I have no problem with the seam issue. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. I will take a small if there is one left. If not I can do an XS.

  4. I'd take an XS or small. squirrelgirl44@hotmail.com

  5. What about a few mens sizes? I'd rock a shirt. You can never have enough running gear.

  6. Bouchard@midcoast.com. Small or medium. Thanks! Great job on the race. I hope I can do it one day as well.

  7. Oooo, a visor - I need a visor!

  8. I want a HOODIE!!!! Yay!! Great news.
    Jamie in Arkansas

  9. Visors sound great,any chance youd make a black one also. Also I would love if you made a long sleeve running shirt. Cant wait to see your new stuff.!!

  10. Hoodies...yes goodies are a great idea

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