Friday, June 24, 2011

Alcohol Is a Health Food

I’ll tell you what sucks. You finally get the chance to go to a conference and “network” (i.e., shoot the shit) with like minded individuals and you have such bad laryngitis you can’t talk any body. 

Really, the only thing left to do is dance around, pass gas and take pictures.

Amanda, Jill, moi, Jason, Clair eating some beignets at Lucilles in Boulder:


I take this conference thing very seriously. No Harry Beaver comments please:


Cozying up to the bar because we are fitness and health bloggers and it’s better than smoking pot or doing meth:


I hate it that Jason frowns all the time:


They both look so shiny:


Kyle, the bartender. Because everyone wants to be friends with the bartender. Plus, he carded us all, which is weird because I’m like 25, but my friends are all pushing 60.


The whole  conference walked to dinner at Whole Foods. 80 of us. As Jason said, it was like a field trip.


Dinner outside at Whole Foods. An incredibly healthy, vegetarian and fart inducing plate of goodness. The food bloggers were losing their minds:



Overall, a great day learning about this crazy world of blogging and all the opportunities it can lead to. Loving every minute. Glad we have two more days.

Tomorrow 7am is yoga. Hope the Whole Foods meal doesn’t come back to haunt me on the mat.



  1. It might. You'll have to sleep, or try to, knowing that. But there are certain poses to avoid. Do that and you'll be fine.

    Geez you post a lot! I love it.

  2. Yoga in 12 hours? Dinner will revisit for sure! Looks like a lot of fun... all that hard work :)

  3. that food looks yummy! It's making me hungry. :)

  4. "better than smoking pot or doing meth"... hahaha I'm cracking up!

  5. I Love your blog and I am glad you are having fun at making it even better. Love the Athleta shorts, too! (did I get it right?)

  6. "Alcohol is a health food"


  7. I just ate a banana, protein bar and two slices of pizza for a carb-load before yoga in the AM.

    Clear the room and I hope there are no fans in the room either....see you in the morning.

  8. I'm dying at the fart inducing plate of goodness comment. HILARIOUS!

    Good luck with all that in the morning. ;-)

  9. Oh, this sounds like so much fun! Not including your laryngitis. I can't wait to hear more about this conference, what you're learning, hearing, etc. So great that you get to meet up with these people.

  10. how fun. yea that meal might come back and say hello this morning :) good luck!

  11. So jealous! I wanted to go to that so bad mainly because it's in CO! Looks like a blast. Love the shorts and yoga is so fun wish I could go today but the group run kills that idea :/

  12. Ha that Kyle has you all sussed!

    I have interesting mental pictures of your lunch revisiting during yoga and how you will manage to gloss over its arrival.

  13. Unless you're off in another time zone, it's almost time for that yoga to start. Can't wait to hear about how it comes out.

  14. I'd pay you about one million dollars to remove that double chin and red face I'm sporting. Damn cameras!!

    Heading up to Boulder in a few...

  15. I can see you've been working really hard on this conference.

  16. Awesome. Alcohol is definitely one of my nutritional staples. You guys all look so healthy and shiny. Make sure you email me some of the great tips and insights you have learned. Thank you in advance.

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