Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dude, Where’s My Car?

I’m not surprised I lost a couple followers on that last post.  Can’t please the masses. I guess not everyone likes to read about Harry Beavers. He’s a doctor for God’s sake. Get your head out of the gutter.

Today I tried something new. I’m not feeling 100%, but well enough to get a workout in.

I drove to the pool at 6:30 a.m. sipping some coffee and stuffing my face with a waffle sandwich on the way. I swam 1,900 yards in 42 minutes and only saw one band aid on the bottom of the pool. I then changed into my running stuff, put my crap in the car and ran home for 6 miles in 53 minutes (8:49 average). No water, no nothing. I am trying to train my body to run in summer heat without much hydration. Did I tell you that the half marathon portion of the HIM will be done in August at about noon with no shade? I’m getting a hot flash just thinking about it.

Here I am doing a post run snot rocket:


Here I am showing you my favorite running shirt from the Boulder Striders. I love it because it makes me look like I have boobs. That’s why I rarely take it off:


So, today is such a fun day because some of my favorite bloggers are descending on Boulder for the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference. We’ve got Miss Zippy, Jason from Cook, Train, Eat, Race, Clair from Own Your Backbone, Paul from Family Fan Club, and Jill from Run with Jill. Just to name a few. Zippy and Clair are staying with me, so lots of estrogen funneling through my house this weekend!

I have been waiting months for this conference and cannot wait!! I know for a fact that Jason, Clair and I will be going to a yoga class together. I never do yoga with people I know because it makes me laugh. I don’t know why. This should be interesting. If I get kicked out for uncontrollable farting or laughing, I’ll blame them.

Any chance you will be here this weekend? Let me know so I can be sure to meet you!

Do you like to switch up your workouts/training routes or are you a creature of habit? For me, the more variety the better. I try new routes and workouts all the time.

Ever been to a conference geared towards health fitness and/or blogging? Not me. I am a virgin.

Are you offended by Harry Beaver posts? I’m sorry if you are, but there is more to life than running, biking, swimming and recovering from running, biking, swimming.

Oh crap. I forgot I have to figure out how to get my car. It’s still in the pool parking lot.



  1. definitely not offended by harry beaver. we are still laughing over here:)

  2. Are you kidding? Since I've READ yesterdays post I've been waiting for the next one. :)
    Actually, I've been quite regular (with reading your blog of course) ever since you were injured, but I've been DEDICATED ever since I got you SHUT UP AND RUN STICKER.
    Sadly, I will not be in Boulder. Although I wish I was. It looks like you have sunny skies and nice weather. If you could picture a tornado, plus intense thunderstorms and torrential downpour with 2 inches of rain per second, you've just pictured what it looks like today in New Jersey.

    Glad I ran this morning...

  3. PS- I appreciate you labeling your post with the tag 'snot rocket' in case I ever need to refer back to a picture for reference.

  4. I was wondering when you were going to get the part about how you're getting back to your car....

    Maybe Harry Beaver can give you a ride :-)

  5. Harry Beaver, Mike Hunt, bring it on! I love it all! Frickin' funny.

    Also, I did a blog about snot rockets a few months ago and was looking for a good I have one. I might just go back and add that pic to my post... lol j/k

  6. Why would someone be following you in the first place if they were going to de-follow over a little harry beaver? It's not like your crassness is a big secret that you just let out of the bag yesterday :P I lost followers when I 'outted' myself as a Barney-lover. Yeah.

    Your boobs look AWESOME in that shirt! And you aren't even wearing that special bra, I'll bet.

    Oh, and your workout... wow! well done :) you could always hit all three by just jumping on that bike to go fetch your car ;-)

  7. break out your bike, to get your car??

  8. For whatever it's worth, I thought your Harry Beaver comment was right in line w/ your usual post content. Hilarious and inappropriate! Those followers were going to bail eventually:) No need to follow if you don't have a sense of humor:) Keep it up!

  9. wish I could be there. Say hi to everyone for me.

    and training in the heat sucks, just come to Austin! freakin 105 by 9am.

  10. The followers you lost have no sense of humor. :)

    Glad you are feeling better and have SO much fun at the conference. We live up in Wyoming and wish I could get down there for it but I was away last weekend for Ragnar and can't get away again.

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word... I have a huge fundraising giveaway going on with over $650 worth of prizes.
    Thanks so much!!

  11. Have fun at the convention, and your slumber party sounds awesome!!

    Hey I live in Fairfax County, VA and Harry is always a big topic! ;)

  12. I come here for the ridiculousness. Keep it up with the Harry Beaver posts. hahaha :)

  13. I get bored WICKED easy - so I'm always, always switching things up - routes, workouts, outfits LOL

    I've never been to a fitness/blogging conference - but I'm still a blogging newb looking for cool things and cool friends. :P

    Your last post about the names totally had me LMFAO. Love it. That and thinking about getting kicked out of a yoga class for uncontrollable farting - there's something about a shoulder stand that makes me unable to hold it in!

  14. Nothing about low-brow humor offends me. The more the better!

    Your boobs look AWESOME in that top!

  15. Really? People were upset at Harry Beaver? It was hilarious, looking forward to more!

    I really could do with one of those shirts, I need me some boobage.

  16. Not offended. :)

    Great idea running from the pool - I love sneaking in runs like that. Variety rocks!

  17. Maybe they were thinking it was a post about Harry Potter? I mean really....everybody talks about how when they were kids life was great and no responsibility but when you throw in kid humor they turn away. Give me a break.

    I am watching Barefoot Contessa and she just said 'if you want to keep the crust go ahead but I don't like the crust' and I am laughing at it. Why? Who the F knows but it sounded funny and so I'm laughing.

    I just ate black beans for lunch so that Denver/Boulder/Longmont will know when I arrive.

  18. I thought it was funny and in line with the rest of your content. No offense here!

    I did stop reading someone recently after she posted about hitting (spanking was the term used, it's still hitting when you put a cute name on it!) her kid when deemed appropriate.

    And there, I probably offended everyone...

  19. See, I wondered what you were doing about your car. Also, I'd be the same way and forget that my car didn't make it home.
    I'd love to be a creature of habit but then I get bored and don't train as hard so I have to force myself to do new routes and exercises.
    Good for you for doing a good work out when you aren't a 100%
    For the record I had a friend in high school whose name meant Queen of Beaver Meadows, she was a girl so that wasn't so great for her and even after the teacher found out what her name meant she still had to do a class presentation on it!!!

  20. I liked the Harry Beaver comment. I'm new here, but love reading your blog, and can appreciate your sense of humor. You have wittiness and the (figurative) balls to cleverly put into words what EVERYONE is thinking, and that is a talent that should be recognized, not frowned upon. :)

  21. Ride you bike, duh!


  22. You lost followers over Harry Beaver? Really? That was the funniest part!

  23. When I was swimming yesterday I thought about your prior post and was happy to find no band aids or foreign objects lingering at the bottom of the pool. :D

  24. LOL, I was wondering about the car too! Harry Beaver, isn't that 'old school'????????

  25. I can't believe people were offended by the harry beaver comment. ridiculous, you didn't name the man or tell him what profession to be!! ;) I quite enjoyed that post! Love the snot rocket photo. I haven't mastered that, I would end up with snot in my mouth, ugh. I wipe mine on my shirt! LOL! Sounded like a great workout and like you will have a blast at the convention. I wish I was coming, I would love to meet you in person!

  26. I can't believe you lost followers over that post. I had my husband come read it I thought it was so funny!

    I'm not much on switching up workouts. I pretty much run and that's it.

  27. baaahaha, just got to reading yesterday's post. hilarious. tots not offended. pshh, please. in other news, nice work on the brick/block workout. and YES! i'll be at the conference this weekend (stoked!) so let's totally meet up! how might we find each other?

  28. I did that once. I live next to a very busy middle school so when I take my son to his elementary school i always take the dog so I can walk her while the traffic dies down at home. One day she and I walked, then walked home. When I left the house to go somewhere I realized we left the car behind at my sons school. Total brain fart. I felt so freaking stupid. And pissed, because I had to walk all the way back to get it.

    ps. Love your tank. Have you tried the Handful bra? I love it cuz I'm flat (sporty, the husband says) and typical running bras are so unkind.

  29. Yeah! I just got here for the conference & am excited to meet you, even though you don't know me yet. I can't wait for the natural running clinic Sunday morning. We've don't have any vendors for the Newton shoes anywhere around us & I've always been curious to try them. I'll keep a lookout for you & your posse!

  30. All those that dropped you can just C U Next Tuesday.

  31. Whatevs, I lost followers for saying potato chips are fattening. And I even referenced it, and geez louise I thought everyone knew that! Can't please 'em all, you're so right.

  32. People are weird. Why would that post make them stop following? I mean, your personality is clear in all your posts, so if they don't like you now I would think they would never have liked you. But anyway, who cares about them? *I* like you and that's all that counts, right?

    i know you don't actually know me and all :P

  33. Sounds like tomorrow will be a run to the gym and then a swim!

    Were people really offended by the Harry Beaver thing? You didn't name the guy or tell him to go into that profession! Geez! LOL

  34. Hey girl! I just found your blog and am SO excited that I found someone else from CO. I just recently moved to Denver from TN and have been desperately trying to find runners to give me tips on where to run, etc. around here! I'm excited to read your blog!

  35. Im afraid if your readers do not enjoy your humor maybe they should follow someone else...personally I look forward to it everyday.
    I am a creature of habit. That's why I've been married for 26 years. Lol
    Glad you're feeling better

  36. If they get offended by that post, then you don't need them as readers. They suck!

    Have a good time sharting in yoga class.

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