Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Giving Stuff Up

*Alert* Many of you have asked about Shut Up and Run shirts. They are in the works. Had to tweak the logo a bit. I’ll let you know when they are available. Right now I am thinking of offering a tech shirt, a tank-type women’s running shirt and a visor.

If I am correct, this is what I learned from you guys about how to fit in high training volume:

  • Suck it up buttercup!” Get up way early. Plan well. (Jason)
  • Less showering
  • Less TV
  • Don’t worry if the house is a disaster
  • Give up reading, socializing, etc.
  • Hydrate
  • Feel free to lie on the airport floor except if you’re EMZ aka germaphobe

I've thought a lot about your advice and it really helped. This training is only for the next two months, therefore temporary. I am willing to sacrifice big time to get to the start line of this freaking race and to complete it. This got me to thinking…what am I not willing to give up?

  • The quality of my parenting
  • I will keep turning off computer/training/everything at 8pm, cuddling up on the couch and watching an hour or two of TV/movie or reading. This is my only down time of the day and I’m not getting rid of it. Probably will keep that glass of wine too.
  • The quality of my work in my “real job.”
  • The quality of my friendships and relationships with my parents
  • The quality of my marriage
  • Yoga/meditation/prayer/inspirational reading
  • Home cooked meals

Things I am willing to sacrifice

  • Sleep; getting up at 5:00 a.m. has become no big deal
  • Cleaning toilets, picking up dog poop and other house chores that I can make my kids do
  • Some extraneous social events that would be fun, but aren’t completely necessary
  • Shopping
  • Answering the phone. I don’t usually do this anyway.
  • Surfing the net
  • Writing a couple of blog posts here and there. C’mon. I write every day. I might miss a few when things really ramp up.
  • Showering, primping, etc. No big deal if it doesn’t happen. That’s what deodorant, FDS and smelly lotions/perfumes are for.

Today I went to Bikram (hot) yoga and am proud to say I still haven’t showered. It could get ugly around here. I’m just doing what you told me to do.


In other news, it’s day two of Sam being in Chicago with the grandparents. Our text exchange:

Me: Emma and I are getting pedicures. Wish u were here.


Yeah, that second toe IS a finger. So what?

Sam: I’m at Marshall Fields

Me: Buy me something

Sam: Like what?

Me: A bra or tampons.

I never got a response on that one. I think he’s traumatized.

Do you embarrass or humiliate your children on purpose?

What are you willing to sacrifice to train for races?



  1. Love, love, love the relationship you have with Sam! I think you have your priorities in check. Your dog will still follow you around if you don't bathe weekly (even more-so probably!) and your hubby is bound to stay by your side in sickness and in smells.

    You will be a HIM'er!!!

  2. Ha, finger toes. That's what I call my husband's toes. His second toe is longer than my pinkie finger. It really freaks me out.

  3. That left foot second toe is grosser than the right. My mom has toes like those... thankfully, I don't :) I just have chilblains... do NOT google it.

    I love to embarrass my kids... and my husband... and myself :P

    I would happily sacrifice: a clean house, folded laundry, television, real meals in favor of simply nutritious fueling, showering and washing my hair... wait... sacrifices are things we need to give up, right? Shoot. See, I already don't those things! shhhhhh... but I would give up time with my kids if I had that option.... don't tell.

  4. ok
    1. so happy you are still rockin the R,R, R, Runner Tee!!

    2. we have the same 2nd toe finger. It's a flip off toe. They are rare and should be loved.

    3. germaphobe [I'm totally the founder of GA!]

    4. I want/need a shirt. I wanna go on the pre-sale list.

  5. Look I was #4 - awwww heck ya!!

  6. My kids are still too young to get embarrassed by me, but I CAN'T WAIT for them to hit puberty. That's when the real fun will begin.

  7. Today was my first (of many) mornings to get up at 4:30 to workout. Goin back in a few for my 2nd 1 1/2 workout.

  8. Ha that text exchange between you and Sam!
    I would definitely buy a tech shirt if you offered one! And, maybe a visor too if it was women specific. I have a crazy small head and most hats/visors don't fit... :(

  9. Ditto what Aimee said about the visor. I would get the Tank too. Can't wait to see them!

  10. Honestly showering is totally optional these days. If I have a run in the evening and plan on swimming in the shower. What's the point?

    Recycle old posts to save you time as well. You write everyday so you probably have some great inspirational ones that you can recycle from a long time ago.

    If you ever lost the remote you could turn on the tv with that toe.

  11. Really? I thought not having to take a shower was a privilege. Funny how I'll train like a dog but be too lazy to shower. It's all good.

    Heck ya I embarrass my kids (and hubby). It usually involves me making a fool of myself in public and them pretending not to know me. Puts a smile on my face every time!

  12. Love your text exchange with Sam! Love to embarrass my boys...can't wait for the teen years :) I would so love a tech shirt - can't wait to see them!

  13. 1. would love a tech shirt
    2. love to embarrass my kiddos especially my 9 year old:)
    3. who cares if you smell...there are far worse things.

  14. I'll sacrifice wine. I kind of miss having a glass of wine here and there, but a glass gets me drunk (yeah yeah), so I kind of had to give it up completely.

  15. I am starting to realize that if I really want to move up from mediocre, I need to get up early and run. Have committed to that yet though.
    Your toes are beautiful. Don't let anybody tell you different.
    I love the SUAR shirt idea. A reasonable price will have them on the backs of every woman in America, whether they run or not!

  16. I love to embarrass my teens, my babies are too young and love me no matter what (as long as I give my 2 year old chocolate milk he does anyway). At least your priorities are in the right place! Relationships are far more important than a clean house, and a little bit of body odor! Although, the little bit of body odor may make keeping relationships close a little difficult. LOL. I wear mostly t shirts (you should see the sweat!), so I would love a tech shirt, or a visor (don't have a hat either). What? I'm new to this running thing~ I also liked your reply to your son, too funny!

  17. I'm happy to sacrifice most of my TV watching any day (don't take away my Bravo, though!), lots of social events, sleeping in, shopping (I go to the mall maybe 2x/year), and making myself look presentable on occasion. I spend lots of my day in my workout clothes!

    Very similar in what I won't give up though--the quality time with kids/husband comes first. Reading has to be there too, as does time to cook a decent meal.

    Love your exchanges with Sam!

  18. Those are definitely some long second toes you have there, but your feet look great all pedi'd up!

    I like your 'willing' and 'not willing' to sacrifice lists. I know you'll make it work!

  19. I figure if you swim every other day, you have to shower to get in the pool. Then you're bathing in a pool of lightly chlorinated salt water. How much cleaner does anyone expect you to get? You are as near to having sterile skin as a human can be. Besides, lots of guys think pool smell is hawt. So that cuts out showers at home totally. Think of the water you're saving.

    Keep that glass of wine! It's good for you. I second not answering the phone. Ours rings a dozen times a night, and we never answer it, unless someone we want to talk to actually talks to the answering machine.

    No kids to embarrass, but I totally would. I settle for embarrassing other people.

  20. Oh, and I'm totally in for a T shirt. L. Please and thank you. If the post office up here ever finishes their stupid strike. I'll let you know if it needs to come UPS or whatever.

  21. Haha, I have embarrassed my son by saying really wrong and possibly inappropriate things for 19 years now. He is the most awesome shit talker ever, I like to take credit for that. I too will give up socializing for training, but not wine. I just cut back due to long runs being hell on a slight hangover.

  22. Can't wait for the SUAR gear!

  23. Thank you for helping me cure my foot fetish.

  24. I'm ready for a SUAR visor. I'll order a sticker or two to vandalize Adam's car while Im at it.

  25. I definitely give up sleep. I'm up most days by 4:15 am...and I give up alot of tv etc for the often 2 a day workouts.

  26. Ha, hysterical. I am beginning to suspect I will need to give up my diet of cheese and desserts if I ever hope to get faster!

  27. My 2nd toe is way longer than the rest of mine as well. My husband thinks it's weird and nasty. I'm glad I'm built different. :) Ha.

  28. Yes I would & have sacrificed.
    YES I love to embarrass my kids!!
    Yes I want SAUR gear! Do you make bras or tampons with your logo?
    Yes it does look like you are totally flipping us off.... very cool :)

  29. Niiiiiceeee... I spelled SUAR wrong.. apparently my kids aren't the ONLY one I embarrass :)

  30. I see television-watching as a fundamental part of training. I will appoint myself your coach (although I know nothing about triathlons) and mandate that it gets written into your program for EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    You will thank me for this.

  31. I think your tootsies are adorable, and didn't notice you had fingers for toes until you said it yourself!

  32. Holy crap lady, you have not only a longer second toe, but even your third toe is longer than the big toe. That has to be some sort of world record.

  33. We love embarrassing our 12 yr old - it's the perfect response to her giving us attitude! We just start kissing & she freaks out and leaves the room!
    Yeah, I live on less sleep and give out more chores to the kiddos when I'm training. Its a limited time- u can do it!

  34. 1. I want your "runner" shirt. That is awesome.
    2. I don't have kids therefore I can't embarrass them, but my mom does own a tshirt that says "my kid is a genius" and she wears it in public. That counts.

  35. You are a mother it is your RIGHT to embarrass your son. I can say that as a son it is one of the ways my mother prepared me for when things don't go as planned. Here is an idea from another blogger

    not my original idea, but hell if it isn't funny.

    as for the second part showering is a must (I sweat), but otherwise your list of "will not give up" is awesome! I could go with out injury though or delayed onset muscle soreness.

    otherwise keep getting at it and kick that HIM

  36. Lover hte runner t- shirt and I woould love to purchase your t shirt when you get it ready..
    Read your blog every make me smile!!!

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  38. When we were just married and we had to care for those who couldn't care for themselves, I would often go to the drug store to buy feminine hygiene products. I would hide them under the bag milk or the big pack of toilet paper, and I would help bag them quickly after they were scanned at the cash register.

    But once, during the Gay Pride week. I was standing in line and a guy started hitting on me. The first thing I did was pull out those tampons and lift them up over my head and yell at the top of my lungs that I was married ... to a woman!

    Thank you gay man in drug store for making me a happy husband!

  39. Andrew - dying laughing over here. You do have a way with words.

  40. I like your finger toe and it also creeps me out at the same time, j/k!

    I want a SUAR t shirt......

  41. never ever get rid of the glass of wine. Showering is overrated. Then again I live alone.

  42. I swear you are living my life.. this is what we get for this! LMAO!!!!!!

  43. Yes, I go out of my way to humiliate my child. I figure it's my job.
    I'm all for skipping showers to save time.

  44. Another LAUGH OUT LOUD to start my day! Thanks!!

  45. Well unfortunately my children are all grown but I have done my fair share of embarrassing them over the years. The way i see it, its a parents right.
    I would give up cleaning, it will always be there because no one else will do it. LOL
    Shopping, not a big shopper. Sleep, don't sleep well anyway.
    Sure hope you do not give up your blog...but i'm sure we would understand.
    BTW....would love a SUAR shirt, tank and visor.

  46. I love messing with my kids and don't they get older it's even more fun. And btw, where is your shirt from? I love the runner, runner, runner shirt!

  47. I actually PLAN how Im going to embarrass my kids!! However, the improv embarrassments are always the best. Like the time when . .
    1. I took gigantic granny undies off the rack at an Atlanta department store, put them on over my clothes, and walked around w/ them on (step-daughter and friend, age 14)
    2. Flashed my stepkids at a public pool, when they were whispering and laughing about my 30-something bikini (same kids as above,age 13)
    3. Would regularly pick them up from late-night track meets, soccer games, etc. in crazy pajamas, slippers, and clay mask. This was usually planned and completely on purpose.

    I think we have the same "stuff I'll give up/keep" list.
    Can't wait for the shirts!

  48. Yes I love to embarrass my children on purpose! Especially my 15yo who likes to think he is way too cool for me. Once he left a $50 bill in his pocket that he had gotten as a gift from his grandparents. I found it when I was doing the laundry. Later that day I told him that I would pay him $50 if he ran around the outside of our house in his boxers. After he completed his challenge I gave him the $50 and told him it was his in the first place. Yeah I'm mean but it's important to keep them humble. At least I didn't post on Facebook that he wore my mom jeans to school by mistake...

  49. I live to embarrass my children! That's why I changed all those diapers, built it targets of my witty humor. heeheehee

  50. i have really nasty, gross running feet but i think your one long finger toe is the longest toe ive ever seen. dont worry, my snaggly feet are still vomit-inducing-er.

  51. All I saw was Shut Up and Run gear... I want a freakin' shirt!!! :)

  52. That last text exchange was hysterical! My hubs & I talk like that--- and he is also totally traumatized. lol

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  53. The glasses of wine are the reason I run, so I would never give that up! All of my running clothes smell the same, so showers are optional around here.

  54. I love to embarrass my kids - especially my 13yr old. He just looks at me and shakes his head and says "wow mom" So funny.
    The one thing I'm then willing to give up for training is making dinner. Since I work a FT job - like most of you - if I plan to work out after work then dinner gets pushed way back and sometimes its some version of hamburger several days in a row.


  55. Ok, about what really happened in the airport floor picture. It was the first time travelling w/ the kiddo so arrived at airport super early. Then plane had mechanical problems which led to a missed afternoon nap which lead to a meltdown of epic proportions. Then sweet kiddo finally exhausted laid down on nasty floor and mom was so relieved that she cried herself to sleep, thus no pillows or blankets.
    What to give up to train: sleep and clean neatly folded laundry that is put away, TV.
    What not to give up: reading, bedtime w/ the kids.
    I am not training for the big races that you all do but I just love the community you have going on here!!! Thanks for the great posts!!!

  56. It sounds like you have your priorities straight :) My kids are not old enough to embarrass unfortunately, but I cannot wait until they are, lol!
    I made the mistake of not showering after Bikram yoga last week... Usually I hop in quick and rinse off at the gym before I run and pick up the kids. This time I just left because the showers were all being used... My car still smells... Not cool.

  57. Sure sounds to me like you have your priorities straight! Well, except for the showering thing, but I sweat like a man. Is it just me? I seem to be the only female covered in sweat like I just stepped out of a pool when I'm at the gym.

    LMAO At your text exchange with Sam, and your finger toe.