Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking for Change

I told you we all did the Bolder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day as a family. Well, sort of. Ken ran with Sam to push him towards a PR. I ran with him last year and we got 55 minutes. Ken ran with him this year and they got a 53 minutes. Emma ran with my friend, Kathy, who was doing her first 10K.

Sam’s take:

Me: How was it running with dad?

Sam: Well you don’t get any of the motivational speeches like when I run with you. Dad just takes off and I had to keep up.

How’s that for male vs. female?

This is one of my favorite all time pictures of life. My two favorite males in the world (well, my dad fits in there too), both wearing Shut Up and Run shirts. Totally in synch. I love my family.


Emma  and Kathy did the slip ‘n slide, watched the belly dancers and took in all that the race sidelines have to offer. Emma got lots of attention in her hula outfit. Yeah, she did not get those nice, long, svelte legs from her mama. They must belong to the milkman.



Then there was me, all by my lonesome.

Here I am getting overpowered by a tall man. Get of my ass, dude!


Here I am at about mile 3 before I was at my puke threshold.


Here I am at the finish. I have never had any pictures taken of me in any race post-finish, but I suspect I looked enough like I was going to faint/puke/shit myself that the photographer wanted to catch it in action should it happen. Talk about drama queen.


Here is where I was depressed. Or melancholy. Or looking for change on the track.


For all the carrying on I was doing, you would have thought I ran a five minute mile or something.

What a Saturday it has been so far. Neighborhood garage sale. I love how you mark things really low, like a wok for $1, and there is always that person who says, “Will you take .50 for it?” Damn penny pinchers. And, I always say yes. What the hell, it’s all going the dump later anyway.

I am now off to the pool for a quick test run before my tri in the morning. The other day my goggles were leaking like a pregnant woman and I am so paranoid I’ll get in the water tomorrow to race and they will mess me up.

Last year I did this same tri and I was very tri-illiterate. I spent all kinds of time in my transitions. A total of 4.5 minutes for a sprint tri! I know. Tri-newbie. I don’t know what the hell I was doing. Watching TV, wiping my ass, who knows. I’m fairly certain I can take at least two minutes off just in transition. My bike chain also fell off since I was riding a bike from 1910. Hoping to avoid that tomorrow with my sleek Trek Lexa.

Major thanks to Running Sane who gathered the family ‘round to make me poster for tomorrow. Check out her studly son, Max holding my sign. Yes, it contains the word “pussy” and shows me kicking some gray haired pussy posse ass.


Good luck to me tomorrow and to all of those racing this weekend!



  1. Oh that picture just cracks me up!!! How fantastic! Have a great Tri!

  2. Ok I love runners but seriously some folks have no common sense. I hate it when I'm racing and someone comes up behind like on my rear. Either pass or get the heck out of my way. They try to suck my tailwind or something. Very annoying.

  3. I ran a half-marathon, and the girl in front of my came to a dead stop at mile 1, which meant that I slammed into her and knocked her shoe off her foot. So yeah - I completely understand how annoying it is when ppl around you don't realize that their actions affect other runners:)

    I do love your pictures! Best of luck tomorrow!

  4. Goodluck at your tri tomorrow! Hope you kick some butt!

    Um, I wish I was leaking like a pregnant woman... that would mean things have started moving. Which they haven't but need to! :)

  5. My BF has his first sprint tri tomorrow, he is worried about his transitions, I cant wait to go and cheer hi on! Hope it goes well, can't wait to hear about it.

  6. Best of luck to you tomorrow! Love that picture!

  7. I have not practiced transitions except in my head - some how I don't think that will help much tomorrow! Love your post race pix but I mean you did BOSTON - and BB kicked your butt?


  8. Milkman? Did you say milkman? I do know that you have milk it all adds up....LOL!

    Good luck tomorrow at the tri. You are going to kill it.

  9. No worries. If u felt like u were going to die than u were pushing yourself which is great!

  10. I love Emma's race pics. I never get a celebration pic. I always gt caught just before or just after.

  11. I love that picture of your boys too. Great family moment.

  12. That's an amazing picture of Sam and Ken, Emma is totally whooping it up and your post-finish pics are priceless! How cool is it that your whole family showed up to run a 10K? Love it!

    Good luck at the tri tomorrow!!!

  13. Good luck on tormorrow tri - Hope you have a great time in more than one way!

  14. I hope that tri goes swimmingly... I love saying that even though it is super annoying and really dorky.

    You look so runner-ly in those pics... just like a running superstar. Really.

    The males-in-sync pic is awesome... as are the pictures of your daughter getting all there is to be gotten from a wild, costumed running event!

    Seriously, I wish you the best for your tri tomorrow :)

  15. Good luck tomorrow. I think you look like a pro in those post-race pics. What a rockstar!!

  16. How do I set a SUAR tee shirt?!

  17. jessicah - yeah, sometimes the sprint can be harder in a differnt way than the long grunt hall of a marathon...

  18. karat - working on it, working on it. Just tweaking the log.

  19. I need me one of those WTF tanks! Love the pictures of your fam! Love that you have such a healthy active FUN family!!! The American dream and you're LIVING it!! OH-and HOT legs girl!!! Hot legs and killer abs-I'm so damn jealous...I've saved my SUAR sticker to put on the back of my shirt during my marathon!!! I'm a bit of a sweaty snag and the corners may be peeling by the time I'm done but I'm wearing it with pride!

    Max has now used the word "pussy" 3 times since I told him to write it on that paper. ALL 3 times in compromising conversations....

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow Beth! Totally virtually cheering for you!!!!!!

  20. I think some of the photographers at races are a little obnoxious looking for the "it" picture. One year at Houston a photographer stayed in front of a guy who was in obvious and doing his best to soldier to the finish for a couple of hundred yards taking picture after picture after picture. No need for that.

  21. Jenn - the only thing that matters is that Max is using the word "pussy" in the right context. He is one smart dude.

    Thanks for the well wishes!!

    Twist Yoga has the WTF tank, btw.

  22. Sometimes I wish I had someone giving me motivational speeches while I run.

  23. I love that your entire family runs! Good luck today in your tri!

  24. I'm so disappointed that your blog is now full of ads... guess I won't be coming back too often.

    Best of luck with your 1/2 Ironman

  25. Good luck tomorrow!! Great BB10k pics. I can barely see myself in the ones from Briteroom. Sucks.

  26. Runny Bubby - oh well, sorry you feel that way. This blog has become almost a part time job with how much writing I do. I think I'm entitled to a couple of extra bucks a month.

  27. I have recently started following your blog and I am enjoying it so much.
    good job!

  28. made my otherwise crappy Monday much better

  29. I love the last photo... It says it all! But it is also cool to see you all enjoying the same activity together!