Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Laying on the Airport Floor

Here’s what I want to know. How the hell do you do it? Fit it all in?

This half ironman training is ridiculous. I seriously do not know how anyone trains for a full ironman and ever sees friends, gets work done, reads a book, cooks a meal, takes a dump, or washes the stains out of their shorts. Or, maybe they don’t. It’s insane.

This week I am trying to do a ten hour training week.


This is harder than it sounds. This means that most days I am doing double workouts or very long workouts. Today, for example, I got up and ran 7.17 miles and a few hours later went and swam 1,800 yds. That’s a total of 1:43 in workouts for today. Might not sound like much but when I’m trying to sandwich it in between work, kids and breathing, I find it challenging.

But, I did shower today mostly because the stench of my sweat and chlorine made me gag. I might have also had a skid in my skort from the run, but I’m not saying.


And, no, there can never be a picture without my dog in it. I think he is licking my scab. Bad dog. He follows me everywhere I go. He even doggy paddled while I swam laps today.

I was thinking about something. Why is this training kicking my butt so much when I train for and run marathons? I realized that even with marathon training, I would max out at about eight hours per week.

Maybe what I feared has come to pass. I really am a pussy.

A very small part of me is questioning why I signed up for this thing. I swear, I would consider dropping out (pussy) if I hadn’t paid $250 to sign up. Well, knowing me that is a lie. I wouldn’t drop out, but I will continue to wonder if I can keep this up.

In other daily news, son Sam left to go to Chicago for four days with my mom and dad. Yes, he’s 13, but I run a prison and he’s never been away from home without me for more than two nights. I like to think I am not an overly hovering or controlling mom, but I’m sure my kids might say different. Last night while watching his baseball game I texted him.

Me: I miss you already

Sam (after the game): You do? I’m looking at you right now.

When he left today I told him to call/text me so much it was annoying. I quickly got a text with this picture:


It said, “mom and baby laying on airport floor. knew you would like this.”

Made me smile.

I lied and told him he and I used to always do that. NOT. You won't catch me doing anything on an airport floor.

And now, I had a work appointment to get to in a hurry and my car is dead. Can you come over and jump me? Not in the dark alley sense, but in the jumper cable sense?

Do you lay on floors in airports?

How do you handle high high training volume without burning out or getting bitchy?

Are you a controlling parent? I like to think I am involved, but not controlling. I may be kidding myself.

It’s only 1:57 pm, but wine might be calling my name. I’ll try to hold off until 5pm.



  1. well - let's see ----lay on the floor - no because I am a germaphobe[ya I should probably learn how to spell that].

    Bitchy? IDK what that even means . . . . oh ---- like when I got the email this morning from a reader who was all "bitchy" about me talking about horse herpes [I'm crude, inappropriate & I forget the other one]

    I'm a control freak. parenting included.

    Hope Sam has a blast!
    I love that he sent you that photo. YAY for loving kids!!

  2. Four words for you: Suck It Up Buttercup!

    Seriously though I manage by getting my workouts done before the sun comes up. This morning I was on the road running at 4am and I only had a 45 minute EZ run.

    Why do this? Well what time are you going to get up on race day? That's right. You don't want your body to go through shock of having to wake up the first time at that time of the day on race day.

    I also go to bed early. I don't worry anymore about something I might miss on TV. I could care less these days and you want to know something I feel better about it.

    I also put things into a time frame. I will read for 30 minutes, then check out blogs for 1 hour, then setup my day in terms of calls and meetings for 1 hour. It all has to be compartmentalized that way because if it isn't I'm screwed.

    And 10 hours is going to feel light once you get to 15 hours.....then you will look back and think that those 8-10 hour weeks were easy.

    I can't wait to Ironman train. I have a meeting on Friday where I am going to sell my soul to a sponsor so that they cover the two IM races I want to do in 2012.

  3. Melissa C here from Double Jogger Diaries
    Totally thought of you this weekend. I just did my first HIM on Sunday, and you can totally do it if I did, based on what you are doing. You are a runner too, and I think that has got to help so much to have the "best", most familiar event last, where you know what you can or can't do and can just leave it all out there. I also felt really crabby and like what the crap was I doing paying so much money to do this before the race...Like right before I started my taper. It was a lot of training, and I have 2 babies, age 4 and 2, and my husband is working out of state, so I did not put in all the training I should. I hardly biked and had to get all sorts of babysitter, and maxed out my 2 hours/day of gym childcare on most days. Made me feel like a cruddy mom somedays, but it was my only break from the kids. I can't say I handled the high training volume without entirely getting bitchy, but training is part of my stress relief, so that helped a lot.
    I have another one in a month that I have not paid for yet. Honestly, during the swim, I was thinking, do not pay money to do this again, but today, looking back, I want to do it again. However, I have no idea how to do a full IM, especially with very young children, a house for sale, and a birthday party to plan.

    How controlling of a parent can I be if I use gym daycare 10+hours a week? ha ha. I do control a lot, though, and they are will me the rest of the hours.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B03dFMG8nR4
    Check this out :)

  5. I dunno, I never stayed away from my parents for more than a night until... um... college? Can't think of a single time. I didn't feel controlled (of course, I keep moving back in with them, so maybe you don't want that...)

    And maybe the training thing is just a matter of perception... like, I have been thinking how awesome it would be if I had a whole hour more than a couple times a week to work out, and feeling jealous of people who don't work full time or commute or... whatever other excuse I have. Which is just an excuse. There is always a way if I don't get lazy.

    I don't know if this helps, but schedule in some down time to read or watch your shows, otherwise training is a burden instead of FUN. Right? Fun? Isn't that what this is about?

  6. Beth, I don't know how you do it! SEriously, I've been reading Ana Maria's training for the half Ironman and I'm wiped out after reading what she does. I don't know how I would ever find the energy to do it! Seriously impressed!! I'd say I'm probably somewhat controlling at times but I'm way better than I thought I'd be. I'm pretty cool. And with the third kid....ah, good grief...he's had everything my first kid never had until she was 3 and he isn't even 2. But he's got the best sense of humor and is definitely going to be the most "chill". Airport floors, hmmm.....depends on how tired I am.

  7. I can't imagine training for a half ironman, good luck!

  8. I like your training plan-would you mind posting the rest of it? I am preparing for the same one in Boulder and have been unhappy with the plan I have. I have 4 kids and yes, this has been a killer. Plus I am getting over a stress fracture of the tibia and am just barely starting to run again. I will be lucky if I cross the finish line...

  9. My home is, has been, and will continue to be in complete disarray. 1/2 IM training is just so much more fun than laundry!
    The family is starting to rebel, but I can handle it ;-)
    You can, too!

  10. By virtue that Sam did not automatically call Child Protective Services on that woman for allowing her baby to lie on a filthy airport carpet, it is obvious that you don't instill enough neurosis on your children....so I am going to vote that you are not controlling enough. My son, age 9, would have called...after he'd gone over and pointed out the error of her ways....

  11. Jarrie - if you want I can email you my plan each week.

  12. That would be fabulous!!!


  13. Wow. No wonder it's called an 'iron' - 'man'.

  14. Just flippin' LOVE your posts, you always make me smile and nod with recognition. Well, not totally! Not about a 10 hour training week, and definitely not about skid marks in my skort (uh... yeah. definitely NOT!)

  15. If you're looking for a good wine, and have a Trader Joe's in your area, I highly recommend Tribunal (california red wine)... delicious AND it's got a funny label!

  16. Love that Sam thought you would enjoy that picture and that he took it and sent it! Love that he knows you so well!

    I have added biking to work to my workouts and it has taken a few weeks to get used to it. Usually I bike 2-3 days per week for a total of 15 round trip per day. This week is "Bike to Work week" so I have committed to biking 4 out of 5 days and actually hope to do all 5 - but the weather might change my mind - we are suppose to get rain later this week. Sprinkles I can deal with - thunderstorms - not so much. Today and yesterday my ride home temp were 94. HOT HOT HOT - so the ride home was slow!

  17. i'm controlling - no way around it. I'm getting better at my micro managing, but I'm sure hubbs thinks it's terrible. I am bitchy whenever training volume gets high. I honestly don't know how normal people get it all in for 70.3 and 140.6

    ps. the anonymous poster is a jerk

  18. I've slept on aeroport floors when I have a long wait. It's not the most comfortable (or hygienic) place to sleep, but when it's 10:30 at night and your flight out isn't until 7:30 the next morning...well, screw germs.

    As for training - well, I would appear to be in a cycle where I'm doing double workouts every few days, though it's for no reason other than that I have energy and, well, I like exercise. But I try to go into every workout with a goal of some sort. A lot of my time spent on ellipticals or stationary bikes involves actually having time to read (I might go postal otherwise). Saturday's goal (on a run) was to work off the freak-out that I was having about stepping out of my comfort zone the previous day. Sometimes all I care about is sunshine and offensively peppy music and, you know, rainbows and butterflies. Spin class is pretty much the only social exercise I get. Etc., etc.

    Oh, and the other thing that keeps me cheerful: HYDRATION. Dehydrated me -> tearful me -> even more dehydrated me.

  19. Ha ha - Controlling parenthood is a topic that's close to my heart at the moment. I'm trying to give up my nasty controlling habits for Lent (I know it's nowhere near Easter and I'm not Catholic). It's probably time I let my little chickens fly - they're in their 20's now (except for my 17yo who I get to micromanage for at least another 3 years - you can't go cold turkey on this thing after all)

  20. I have to admit that this year, when it was 2 a.m. and we were stuck in LAX waiting for our flight to Sydney after a 4-hour delay, the kids and I ditched all standards and put our heads on the floor. It was so disgusting but, desperate times, right?

    You'll get through the tri training and be happy when you have gained all that awesome fitness from it too!

  21. I wouldn't touch an airport floor with a stick. Sam sure has led a sheltered life. By the time I was his age I routinely traveled across the country alone, and the best part was spending weeks, sometimes months without seeing or talking to my parents.

    The way to make half IM training seem easy is to train for a full IM. Seriously up to 12 hours a week is no big deal provided you work up to it. For most people dropping their TV habit is more than enough. The reason it seems harder is that you are working a bunch of muscles that didn't use to do anything but ride along.

  22. I always say, it's 5 o'clock some where, 1:57 pm is well after noon.
    Good luck w/ the tri training. Better u than me.

  23. oh gosh, you are not a wuss at all! triathlon training takes a lot more full body work. And like you said, time! You got this beth, go grab a donut. haha

  24. Only one kid…not a blue stroller…no mountain of crap next to her…must not be me :) though if the previous criteria were also met, it could be. I've even slept on the floor with a baby in an ER waiting area.

    Putting in those kinds of training hours while working and wifing and momming is incomprehensible to me. Hard enough to juggle intense training with any ONE of those things. You are awesome for being able to do all that you do.

    I am controlling about some stuff and really lax about other stuff…as usual, I don't fit a mold.

  25. I want to hang out with Sam for a day - this kid sounds awesomely sarcastic and fun. :) I won't even SIT on an airport floor. That mama is cute with her baby, but probably has ~5 diseases now...worth the Kodak moment?? Ehhh.

    I don't think I've ever done anything outside of work/school for 10 hours per week - I've also wondered how the heck people fit in LIFE with Full IM training. It just doesn't seem possible!

  26. Ohhh Beth...I wonder almost daily what I got myself into. :)

    I love love love Jason's answer/advice and also Julie's words...I too train so I don't have time for house cleaning. :0

  27. Yep, most days I don't shower until 8pm. My van is stocked with baby powder, wipes, antipersirant, lotion, change of socks, change of thong...really anything that might make it seem as though I am not covered in my own bodily salty sweat. Mmmmmmm, "Hi Girl, want a hug?"

    We do what we can....

  28. I hear you on the training! My ironman training is ramping up and it's hard to fit it all in. I actually get up at 4:30A some mornings to get my swim done and make it home before my husband and boys even wake up!
    Fitting it all in is tough, but it's all about balance! You can do it!!!

  29. I am not as ambitious as you, but I still have problems finding time to squeeze in workouts while maintaining some semblance of sanity. I often fail, either with workouts or the sanity thing (both?), but I still wouldn't call anyone who has completed Boston a pussy just for getting psyched out about trying to figure out a training schedule. Consider it your mental training for the HIM.

  30. I was completely overwhelmed when I was training for my first half marathon, so I can't imagine how you manage all your workouts. My husband runs too, so between balancing work, trying to cook healthy meals and running, there was little time for anything else. I'm not really training for anything now, and it's so nice to not stress out about running. I think it's important to take a break from serious training to recharge. I'm enjoying it now because marathon training starts in just a couple of months!

  31. That's some intense training! I guess it is possible to juggle training and the rest of one's life. I mean a lot of people do it, right? I think my big fear is injuries. I never would have thought I'd say that, but given my track record, that's suddenly become an issue. Take care of yourself!

  32. Get it all in - hah. A friend of mine trained for an Ironman and it was like a second full time job. We didn't see that dude for nearly a year.

  33. I have logged up to (almost) 10 hours in a week and yet somehow the thought of putting in the same amount of hours with a combination of running, biking and swimming just seems soooo much more overwhelming. Maybe because so much planning and prep goes into the other sports? Either way, triathletes are badass. It will be worth it!

  34. You are pooped!
    I don't know how you are doing it either - but I've seen your fortitude with everything you do. Kinda makes me live vicariously through you, except that you are the 'angel' on the shoulder that says 'you can do it!' and I'm playing the 'devil' on the other shoulder that keeps putting stuff off. So, come on Beth! Do it for me! I've always wanted to do a triathlon! :-)

  35. Uh no I don't lay on those! LOL

    Funny you wrote this because just as I woke I thought, I don't want to do this anymore! Why did I sign up for this CRAP!!!!!! I'm tired.. seriously what the hell was I thinking!!

    I have no idea why I'm doing this but yeah the cost of the damn race.. that keeps me going!

  36. Lay on airport floors - all the time but I travel about 80K miles a year. Controlling parent - hell yes, I make my kids lay down on airport floors just for practice. And as for getting bitchy, I am always pretty crabby but the over training can seriously make it worse; Jack Daniels helps.

  37. I use whatever extra time I can get and slack off on housework. I don't really watch tv anymore - unless it's while riding my bike on the trainer. I almost never read books. I do some of my bikes with the kids (I'm a sahm) in the bike trailer. I get up early and sometimes I stay up sort of late.

    Having said that, the year I train for an ironman will be my final year as a sahm, when my daughter attends school 5 days a week for 3 hours a day. Not enough time to get a job, but enough time to do a lot (but not all) of my training. It's the only way I can conceive of getting enough training time while still having a family.

  38. Best of luck as always - I am enjoying following your training!

    I just completed my first full marathon and feel burned out to try again - I am hoping time to rest and relax will help that?!

  39. Holy Moly! I am a married woman without kids. I need to say that before I comment on the cutest/dirtiest thing I've seen in a long time. I feel like that picture represents adorableness; the setting makes me a little sit to my tummy. I don't do much floor-laying in public, unless it was that one time I lost my earring under a shelf in a TJ Maxx. I took a shower and washed those clothes immediately after getting home. I love the love between Mommy and Child, but there are so many germs!

  40. i have always wondered how everyone fits it in?! I mean I am just doing a marathon, but trying to cross train and it feels tough!

  41. I have lain on a airport floor, but NO WAY would I let my face touch the carpet. Cute, though!

  42. I don't lay on floors. I try even not to eat at airports or use the washrooms.

    After ports, airports are the main entry point for cross-continent human illness (and russian brides).

    I'm weary of both ...

    Controlling parent? - hell yes!

  43. You always crack me up! I definitely do not believe your number fear is coming true. HIM training is hard core...I don't know how you running mamas balance it all, and now you go a through 2 more sports in there?! AMAZING!

    You look adorable in your picture (great color on you) and I totally get the doggy shadow. I can't take a dump without Cooper on the tile next to the toilet.

    Hope Sam has a great trip!!!

  44. Hey... I thought you only drank wine on the weekends during training. So I gave it up during marathon training as well. Are we back to drinking on weekdays now? Is that your secret strategy?

  45. Yes Jen, I drink a glass of wine every single night.

  46. Aren't we all bitchy when we train? I thought it came with the torture territory?

  47. I did my first HIM this past Sunday. I think I peaked at around 14 hours/week. I got up at 5am to work and since I work from home I was immediately at work. I could then take time off during the day as I needed to to get the workouts in and work as late as I needed to. I could not have done it without my husband though - he kept the house together while I worked and worked out.

    It was so worth it at the finish line though, the whole family was so proud.