Monday, June 20, 2011

Winner & Snow & Pee

The winner of the Zensah Running Bra is #208 Michele from Musings of a Mom. Please email me at and we’ll get you your prize!

I outdid myself last week. Completed my first 10+ hour training week for the half ironman. 10 hours, 18 minutes to be exact.

Mon: Swam 2,700 yds – 1:02
Tues: Ran 6.55 miles – 1:01
Wed: Spin 1:00, Swim 2,050 yds – :44
Thurs: Biked 24 miles– 1:23
Friday: Ran 12.4 miles – 2:04
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Biked 38 miles – 2:35, Ran 3.5 miles – :29

That’s a whopping 106.5 miles for the week. Take that pussies!

Yesterday’s brick workout started early and truth be told I was having trouble getting out of bed, knowing I had three hours of tough workouts ahead. But, I did. Our first climb was intense, but worth the view:


I actually broke the speed limit going down the hill.


We had 1,700 feet of elevation gain on the bike so we sacrificed mileage for some hill work. Felt good except for the part where my ass started to hurt. But, you know what they say: no ass hurt, no gain.

Right off 2.5 hours on the bike my legs were jello – specifically kiwi strawberry. I almost fell on my face going up the first hill. My Garmin beeped at mile one and I expected it to give me a ten minute mile, but was surprised by an 8:40. Honestly, I was shocked at how good I felt. Strong legs, quick stride. 3.55 miles in 29 minutes.

I barely choked down some chocolate milk when we piled in the car to drive up to the top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park (11,7500 ft). There have been record snowfalls this year and I thought for sure those pictures in the paper were doctored. They weren’t:


This would be more impressive if my children weren’t midgets in real life.



It was actually snowing up there and 34 degrees. I had to pee so badly in the car and being above tree line there was no where to go. I eyed my coffee cup and considered trying to rig something up in the front seat. My aim is just not that good, though. Finally, we found a smelly pit toilet and I found some relief.

Rounded out they day with my daddy-o:


How was your weekend? I had a great “off” day on Saturday with a trip to the farmer’s market and a nap. I even made a fruit pizza.


Ever peed into a bottle, cup, bucket while on a long drive? No, I haven’t. Although one time in eighth grade I peed in a cup and threw it at a boy I didn’t like. Don’t get on my bad side.



  1. LOL. Ok I hope never to get on your bad side. eww.

  2. Awesome all around day - A ride, run, a drive, fun time spent with family capped off by a most delicious looking fruit pizza - very nice! So, where did you go - you know, 'go'?????? :-)

  3. Of course I'm super impressed with your training, but, dang girl, I'm in awe of that fruit pizza! It's gorgeous!

  4. Awesome! That about sums it up.


  5. I would be scared to go that fast on a bike! I mean, what if you fall? And I've discovered my point of ass hurting is 6 miles into a ride. Fortunately, I never ride for longer than 30 minutes so I'm good :)

    Over 10 hours! Just wow.

    That snow looks amazing! Wow! My kids have never seen it snow. They would flip out.

    I have never peed into a cup, bottle, bucket on a long drive... but my husband has. I once peed into one of the baby's diapers... so weird to pee into a diaper when you are no longer wearing them!

  6. yummy pizza! and awesome weekend. mine was pretty lowkey, much needed.

    enjoy that ass hurt. better you than me!

  7. Great weekly mileage! When I was about 4 or 5, I put a trash can in my closet and peed in it so that I could have my own bathroom. It didn't go over well with my mom after she finally figured out what was making my room smell so awful.

  8. i will admit, I have peed in a 7 eleven big gulp. I had to! but I did make my brothers hold it the rest of the card ride, haha.

  9. I've never peed in a cup, but I've vomited in a glove... stopped in traffic jam and no where to go. It was gross. Love your blog btw!

  10. That is a crazy week of workouts! Congrats on your first 10+! More to come. :)

    Mmm that fruit pizza looks tasty!

  11. I've not peed in a cup or bottle but out of desperation I peed in a sink before. You can read about it here if you want.

  12. We saw snow forecast for Breckenridge today - will winter never end?

  13. Wow, great week of workouts - I'm very impressed!! Nothing slows you down more than a mountain you have to climb, but oh how much stronger you'll be. Very nice!! :)

    The fruit pizza looks amazing! YUM!

  14. I've not peed in a cup--but hubby and son have both peed in a soda bottle. time saver for everyone! :D

  15. My husband and I were stuck in a blizzard on I-70 waiting for Vail pass to open after blasting, and I had to pee so bad on the way skiing. We had just stopped at 2 Brothers in Idaho Springs for a large cup of coffee and a Sweet Potato burrito. I was screwed, and we weren't moving. Thank goodness we had a diaper in the car. Problem was it was only a size 1/2 newborn and not a larger one. I filled that sucker up. Who knew those crystals could hold so much when expanded. By the way. I am from MD too, lived in Columbia, and now live in CO. Small world.

  16. Beth - if you ever want to come down with Jill and join us for a fun time on the Incline, please do!

  17. That was quite an accomplished week. Bet you feel good about all that swimming, biking and running. Way to go! I was tired just reading it. PHEW!

  18. Looks like you had a great weekend. 10+ hours last week? Awesome!

    My aim is terrible. I am not much for outdoor peeing.

    I had a great weekend, which I just posted about.

  19. I've never had to pee into any odd containers in my life... but I'm waiting for the day when it happens. For some reason, I feel it is an unavoidable life experience.

    Congrats on an awesome workout!

  20. Never peed in a container, but have stopped at the side of the road and peed while propping myself on the running board of the truck! Also peed in a pineapple field on a long run once. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go! :)

    P.S. A fellow racer sat on a planter and peed during transition at my last race. Don't know if I could have done that!

  21. So I am now expecting a fruit pizza upon my arrival to Denver in ONLY three days. Yee-Haa!!!!

    I am always surprised by my first mile speed and I have to always remember to pull back a bit b/c it is not a 1 mile run after the bike, not even in a sprint.

  22. I never did but my dad did once when he and my mom were coming to see me. I live about 12 hours away :) I laughed when my mom told me!!

  23. I love Trail Ridge Road - holy cow that is a lot of snow!

    Hope you don't get a speeding ticket! slow down a little ;-)

    and that is one beautiful fruit pizza - I haven't had one of those in a few years - I think I know what I am making this weekend. thanks for the hint!

  24. I'm confused. Isn't it supposed to be Summer over there?

  25. Definitely had to pee in a Nalgene once on a bus embarrassing but I literally couldn't take it anymore!

    Those snow pics are freaking me out! I have Tough Mudder at Beaver Creek on Sunday and I have a feeling there is going to be a lot more snow than I was planning on!!

  26. It is so much fun to break the speed limit while on bike. There is a small hill where I live that provides the boost I need to break 35 MPH.

  27. That snow is unbelievable! Our family went to Breckenridge last summer and our kids had great fun climbing up the big piles of snow up on Peak 8 (in flip flops!). Colorado is so beautiful--must make for some really amazing workouts. Your mileage and time spent training are incredible (hard for me to imagine, honestly). Keep up the good work!

  28. way to rock that trainig week!!

    haha, i've never peed into a bottle before on a car ride, i don't think my aim would be good enough.

  29. As an Army soldier, we had a little invention that was like a beer bong that we stuck between out legs so we could pee in a bottle, off the side of the humvee, or whatever. Best. Invention. Ever.

  30. Wow, You're one pretty amazing woman! I love it!!!!!!

    My husband still tells the story about the first time we went camping together...I had a bladder infection, so I dotted the forest with TP. He said when he walked out to go, it looked like it had snowed. (He exaggerates of course).

  31. I have peed outside. Hubby looked for a vacant bush and i ran behind and let er loose.

  32. Never peed in a cup, but I did pee on my sister in the tub once when we were little. Also, I peed in a urinal rather than using one of those scary toilets where I can't see the bottom. I don't suggest that one for the ladies! Good job on the training!

  33. Yep. Had to pee in a water bottle. Several times. Was waiting alongside a very busy highway for a tow truck. I was taking a medication that required me to drink lots of water so when the car broke down, I knew I was in trouble! I had to keep emptying the bottle outside the car so I could use it again. Very sad. And yes, I threw that bottle away!