Thursday, June 9, 2011

Running on the Moon– videos

Once upon a time when I was laid up with a hip stress fracture, I wondered if I would ever run without pain again. I actually had dreams of running pain free – in these dreams I would be running and suddenly realize that nothing hurt. It was the best and most liberating feeling in the world.  Then, I would wake up and turn over to find my crutches beside my bed and think “Ugh. Another day on those things. Another day of this no running bullshit.”

It was kind of like when you were a kid and you woke up and thought it was Saturday, then realized it was Tuesday and that you had to get up for school. Major let down. Makes a grown man cry.

It was about that time that I learned about the anti-gravity treadmill – the Alter-G.


This machine, designed for NASA astronauts, allows people to run using just a portion of their body weight (up to only 20%!) thereby greatly lessening impact. The injured can run again! Those stricken with arthritis can walk/run pain free! Safe for seniors! Allows overweight folks to run using less of their body weight.

You may even remember that I wrote about how this amazing piece of equipment as I drooled over the thought of being able to run on an injured hip. I searched around but could never find a place where I could try one out. Until now.

A couple weeks ago Outside PR contacted me. Guess who is one of their new clients? Alter G. And guess who just acquired a new Alter G treadmill? The Life Care Center of Colorado, which is about three miles from my house. What are the chances?? Alter G and I were destined to hook up, but not in the biblical sense.

Using this device involves getting into a pair of neoprene shorts topped with a stiff reinforced fabric that encircles the waist. I love stiff things, so this was perfect. I call this my stiff tutu or fart chamber.


The lower half of my body was sealed in and air was pumped in. It felt good.  Here I am trying to figure out the controls. You can choose the percentage of body weight you want to run at, speed (which only goes up to 12mph. Don’t they know I run a solid 13 mph?), and incline. It can also go in reverse. Fancy.


I couldn’t resist some SUAR footage. If you ever felt bad for thinking I was kind of dramatic and dorky, I give you full permission to  embrace those thoughts after watching this (and no I didn’t really wear my medal and yes I need a tan, a haircut and a root job).

The funniest part was, when she was suiting me up the physical therapist said, “I read your blog and just so you know no bowel explosions in the shorts.” Good thing I don’t get embarrassed easily.

I started at 80% body weight and went down from there. Eventually I was at 20% body weight. At this point you feel you are barely touching the treadmill. For every 10% of body weight you decrease, you should add .4 mph of speed to keep your cardio equivalent. Or something like that. I wasn’t taking notes and should have been.


Getting my groove. Not even a fart escaped, but your lower body is in its own chamber anyway, so I say fart away! That alone is totally worth the $30K that these babies cost.


As you are running on less body weight, a forefoot strike is encouraged.


Then they let Ken try it:


I don’t wish I were injured, but I can only fantasize about how amazing it must feel to have pain with walking/running, then to get on one of these things and move pain free and resume training. Thanks to Outside PR and Life Care for giving me the opportunity!

I wish I could do an Alter-G giveaway. When I am rich from my acting skills, I will buy one and give away one.

Would you want to try this thing? Or have you already?



  1. i would love to try this !!!!!

  2. Yes! LOVE LOVE it! (actually, my current post is the same thing...titled the same hehe great minds think alike) Seriously drooling over one

  3. i did NOT expect your voice to sound like that!!! not sure why, but for some dumb reason i always picture people talking in an australian accent because i am australian....anyways that treadmill is amazing!!

  4. I. Love. your. Voice!!! Seriously, great voice...doesn't seem to go with all the talk about skid marks, dumps, farting, burping, etc. ha ha. although, I like these things too. I know that when I started reading your blog I might have seen one video of you skydiving or something or maybe crushing lemons for a girl night but other than that, this might be the first time I've heard you just normally talking...who was taking the video? I love videos like this...makes me feel like I met you. :)

  5. So funny, now I am reading the comments before mind and seeing that they also said something about your voice. :) ha ha...I promise I wasn't just saying something about your voice because of them. But edwina is funny...australian accent. :)

  6. Oh YEAH I want to try it!!

  7. omg@!!!! me and my stress fracture want this!!! NOW!!! Chances of finding this on this godforsaken island? None.

  8. Would love to try it!!!! Especially now as I battle a strained hip flexor. Boo!

  9. This is AWESOME!!! I heard about these a while ago and have always been curious. So cool you got to try it out.

  10. That would be so cool…it looks kinda like a bouncy house! I could run while my 2-year old jumps on the back…workout with childcare :P. Seriously though, that thing looks like it would be such an amazing rehab/PT tool. How neat that you got to try it out! I can't wait to get home and watch your videos on a computer instead of my freezing-up-constantly phone.

  11. of course I want to try it! who would say no to that?!! I also want one..someone tell my is his number 1-800-lucky guy who married Caro-

    love your clips! and I am with Amanda..I like your that weird? yeah a little..oh well I am Canadian that is my excuse..don't know about Amanda though...

  12. oh crap that actually put a real number there..!

  13. Your voice is so much more girlie than I expected.

  14. OK first I need to get home and watch those videos to hear your voice...

    But really I loved to post you lucky girl... I am so going to buy one when I win the LOTTO

  15. You know I have and my only thought when I saw you getting on it in capri's is "she must have been hot!" They are not cool machines to run on by any stretch (as in temp) but they are an awesome tool. I fully intend to use the Baltimore one as soon as I get the green light.

  16. I would LOVE to try that thing! Too cool!!!

    Hilarious that you were warned against "bowel explosions".

  17. OK, maybe you need to try this new product- some kind of carbon fart absorber that you stick in your shorts. Seriously. Someone invented a fart absorber.

  18. Would LOVE to try this! I could see what it would feel like to run fast like you! Could I qualify for Boston on one?? :)

  19. It would be so cool to try an Alter G. The closest one I know of is in Lake Placid at the Olympic Center (like I have high hopes of getting in there!).
    Great to watch you use it. Interesting.

  20. That is SO interesting & very cool! I had no idea they made such a thing! This is definitely the future of rehabilitation!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  21. My chiro had one at his practice but he left it to start his own and I never got a chance to get in it. unhappy baha!!!!

    If you farted in there though would the back wall ripple? Would they know that you farted kind of like being in a pool?

  22. I wonder what they would have done if you had soiled the shorts just a little.

  23. Just heard about these. My husband might be willing to drop the 30K if it was marketed as a fart trapper. Something to think about, Alter G marketing dept.