Monday, July 25, 2011

You Asked for It–Part I

I should have know when I opened myself up to the firing squad I would get shot in the ass. So, thank you for your insightful, funny, clever and just plain nosey questions on my “You Ask, I Answer” post.

Rose @ Eat, Drink and Be Meiri asked…

Where's the weirdest place you've ever taken a dump? I thought you’d never ask. Probably in the Atlantic Ocean when I was ten. It washed up on my brother. More recently I had to escape into a hallowed out tree during a long run.

Anonymous asked…

(I thought this would be really mean coming from anonymous. Like, “Why would anyone want to know anything about you? You’re just a no-good hussy”, but it wasn’t).

  1. What do you think you possess that sets you apart from other athletes? I’m not sure I’m that different from most of you, but my strengths are discipline, motivation and determination. No excuses. Ever. Plus I have more energy than your two year old on crack.
  2. Why do you think or what do you do that allows for such fitness success? I think this is a compliment!  Accountability to myself and you all.
  3. What are examples of daily diet? food/calories/supplements? These days I eat a ton. Pre-workout is coffee and a whole wheat bagel with butter and cinnamon sugar because it gives me 50 g carbs. Post-workout is chocolate milk and a banana. Lunch is a quesadilla on whole wheat tortilla with cheddar cheese and pinto beans and sautéed spinach. Then come the snacks like home made banana bread with chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar pita chips. Dinner is usually some sort of pasta or grilled meat with a starch and a salad. After dinner is popcorn with melted butter and parmesan. And at least one glass of chardonnay. For supplements I take calcium, a women’s multi vitamin and fish oil. Total calories during high volume training is usually 2,200-2,500 per day.
  4. How much protein do you try to take in each day? Don’t know. I eat a ton of fish, eggs, beans and cheese. My priority is to make sure I get at least 15 g of protein within 30 minutes of working out.
  5. Do you do any weight training or ab exercises? Just lots of yoga. No weights. No crunches.
  6. Does it irritate you at all and/or do you have the urge to push your children into a more physical activities? I think kids are too overscheduled. We keep it pretty mellow around here, so that there is plenty of down time and family time. I love to see my kids active, but I don’t push them. If they want to do a race with me, great. I always encourage them to get involved in team sports, but only if they want to. My hope is that some of my fitness focus rubs off on them for the rest of their lives.
XLMIC asked..
  1. What’s the craziest/weirdest place you ever had sex? Your mama’s bed.
  2. Where did you lose yours? My what? My keys? My mind?
  3. Which apparatus was your fave? (I’m guessing this means gymnastics and not sex toys, but my answer works for both) – Floor
  4. Which were the least good on? Beam
  5. What were your high school colors? I went to two high schools. And, I don’t remember. That’s right. I don’t.
  6. What was your high school's mascot? Wildcats and I can’t remember the other one. That’s right. I can’t. I hated high school. Can we not talk about this?
  7. What size bra is that one? you know the one I'm talking about. I think she’s talking about the one I’m wearing in this picture. 34B. “Maxim” material for sure.
Cupcake Runner asked…

How on earth did you become so infatuated with poop/farting? I’ve always been this way. My family was really open with this stuff, so it’s forever been natural for me to talk about it and to admit when I’ve clogged a toilet or let one rip. Bottom line: I think farts are hilarious and everyone poops, especially runners, so let’s open the damn dialogue!

Lisa @ Eat.Pray.Run asked…
  1. What high school did you go to? Do you ever go back to Maryland? Wilde Lake High School  in Columbia, MD for 11th/12th. American Community School in Athens, Greece for 9th/10th. No, I hardly ever go back to MD since my parents moved to CO 7 years ago.
  2. When you started writing your blog did you think it would become what it's become? Did you think you'd make as many connections as you have? I had no clue what to expect. I’ve been very surprised and humbled by the response and by all the amazing people I’ve hooked up with (not in the biblical sense)!
Baby Weight My Fat Ass asked…

How great is it to all Colorado home? When we moved here 18 years ago I hated because I was so homesick for the east coast and my family. Now I’d become a hooker, pimp or one of those people who holds advertising boards and dances on the corner just to be able to stay here.

Heidi T asked…
  1. Do you prefer running alone or with a buddy (besides your most favorite Dean moment)? I like to train alone for the most part. This helps me to stay in the zone that works best for me. It also gives me some solitude that I hardly get any other time. Plus I can fart and dump at my leisure. I do love an occasional run with a good friend or Dean K.
  2. Listen to music when you run? Absolute favorite power song? Lately I don't listen to music because I won’t be able to in my next race. But, I do enjoy it a lot sometimes. Favorite power song right now is , “Edge of Glory.”
Marlene asked…
  1. What have you liked most and least about the 70.3 training? I love that it has pushed me in very different ways than I’m used to in terms of variety and volume. I’m probably in the best shape of my life. I also like that it forces me to make cross training a huge part of my life and not just focus on running. The training time commitment is what I have liked the least.
  2. Do you think you’ll do another one or is it too soon to say? Too soon. In my high volume weeks I’ve said never again. But I know myself better than that.
Keith asked…

We all know you are going to have a great day at your half ironman. Will you then do the full meal deal? I promise if you do ironman Canada I'd come cheer you on. Holy Sh!t Keith!! I honestly don’t know if I have it in me, but you’ll be the first to know. Can’t we just meet for coffee?

Anonymous asked…

I'm sure everyone would want to know what kind of friend you are...the absolute best...I know first hand!! Not sure who wrote this, probably my mom. Or that one friend I had in third grade. I try to be the friend that my best friends are to me. It is important to show up, remember important things your friends are going through, check in ‘just because,’ and listen. My friends are everything to me.

Did you learn anything new about me here? What’s one thing I don’t know about you?

More goodies to come in the next installment of “You Asked for It.”



  1. I've learned oodles about you!!! Love it!

  2. WAY too much info. Beam huh, don't know that sex apparatus.

  3. You know how nuun gets all fizzy? It think it's reason I've been getting the farts on my runs recently. Does that happen to you?

  4. @Alecia - hilarious. I'm going to have to think about that next time I drink Nuun. I know I can't drink it while I run, it upsets my stomach.

    I love my answer - runners do poop, omg, of course I love it cuz then that just means I can eat more (it does, doesn't it?).

    You'll appreciate this story:

    Last year at my first race ever (naive newbie) I had to pee when I was done. I marched over to the potties and opened one, the smell overwhelmed me so bad, I turned around and almost threw up on my mom. I dont use port a potties after race anymore.

  5. Green and white (Wilde Lake)!

    I like how you dodged XLMIC's questions.

    You have a place to stay in Columbia so come any time for a trip down memory lane. And a run.

  6. Zippy: I even have my How Co running shirt thanks to you!

  7. Cupcake: that is seriously hysterical. Must have been a really gross PP or maybe you have a weak stomach? Whatever the case, hilarious. But not for your mom.

  8. Mom was amused after I didn't throw up ON her.

    Weak stomach yes, it was my first race ever so I pushed hard, but more like a nasty nasty potty.

  9. I so enjoy these Q and A posts! Gives u a feel for what ur readers want to know. I'm excited for ur HiM!!! Your prep has been stellar!

  10. I loved,loved,loved this post! I love finding out stuff about bloggers. You should do it again soon!! I'm nosy and want to know all about you. You make me laugh and I love your easy-going,happy,but tough attitude. I bet your kids think you are cool!! Please tell us more about you.

  11. ah, youre the best! love it. and really, all you do is yoga? nice arms lady!

  12. Your accepted wisdom is great. I do welcome your treasured thought. I am enchanted to know your valued intelligence.