Monday, December 19, 2011

2012: The Year of the Trapeze?

It’s that time of the year when I drive myself crazy re-evaluating my life. I’m not a huge resolution person.  I do, however, usually have one or two that I don’t follow through on (drink less wine, floss more, meditate, keep my closet neat, figure out what I want to be when I grow up).


Yes I do wear my down coat in the house, especially when I’m pondering things. It helps me think. If you look closely, you can see my nose is running.

One area that I do follow through on is training. It seems I have no lack of motivation in that part of my life. Right now I’m focused on figuring out my race schedule for next year. I do not yet know what it will include. A run here , a triathlon there. I’ve always wanted to learn to swing on a trapeze, so I may do that too. I’m not kidding. I even found a place in Denver where you can learn to do it.

January through April 2011, I was recovering from a hip stress fracture, then the race fun resumed. Here’s what last year looked like:

April 2011 - Boston Marathon
May 2011- Bolder Boulder 10K
June 2011 - City of Longmont Sprint Triathlon
August 2011 - Boulder Stroke 'n Stride 5K
August 2011 - Irongirl Boulder
August 2011- Ironman 70.3 Boulder
August 2011 - Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon
October 1, 2011 - Skirt Chaser 5K – Denver
October 9, 2011 - Rock 'n Roll Denver Half Marathon
December 4, 2011 - Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

I am only picking goals I am extremely excited about. No cop-outs or “shoulds.” I’m liking the idea of a trail marathon and maybe, just maybe, an ultra marathon later in the summer. I will definitely add in some triathlons, for sure the Longmont Sprint Tri, the Boulder Irongirl Tri and an Olympic distance race.

I’m very very very still on the fence about an Ironman in 2012. Don’t get me wrong. I know myself and I have no doubt I could complete the race (see how humble I am?). I am torn about the time commitment to the training. I do not want to over-commit myself and I don’t want to drastically take away from my family life and the quality of my work.  If I do an IM, it will be Arizona in November. I know it’s sold out, but I’ve got connections, baby!

What are your race goals for 2012?

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Why or why not?



  1. I don't set resolutions because I feel like I need to change something, I should start right then. I do a yearly bucket list, but I base that off my birthday. The only thing I do on the calendar year is my oh so epic race calendar.

    I really recommend learning trapeze, or at least taking a class. I took an aerial dance class, we didn't really swing, it was more of the flip over and hang type class, but it was AWESOME. I'm going to go take it again. Bonus points, excellent arm workout. I wasn't able to dress or undress by myself for a week. Holy lats and delts.

    And may I also suggest the Eugene marathon/half...

  2. Just one----the Mind the Ducks 12-hour (hopefully for me) Ultramarathon in May. I've only ever raced a 10K. Lots of running in my future. I love the idea of a race with a set time and not a set distance.

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  4. What kind of connections do you have for sold out wtc ironman events?

  5. No resolutions for me. No real set in stone ones that is. I want OUT of my current job and INto one that includes fitness or at least values it. Already have my training laid out from 1/23/12 - 7/7/12 and plan to focus on Ragnar Madison-Chicago and the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon!

  6. Doing a 50K that I still hope to talk you into :D. A couple of marathons- NOLA RnR to start. Do an obstacle race Super Spartan. Get my citizenship so I can not be an alien anymore and clean out the stuff around me that has no purpose (I think that will be the tough one).

  7. An Ultra! Awesome. Bucket list to do Leadville for me!!

  8. You should do the Ironman! I watched that here a couple weeks ago and was so inspiring! I don't think I would be able to , but there were tons of people older, bigger who finished! I would never be able to put the time in to train. My biggest thing I would like to try and do is the Soldier Field 10 mile. I have never run past 5 so it's on my bucket list so to say. Good luck

  9. Boston in April 2012 (1st Boston 3rd marathon) and NYC Marathon in November 2012 (1st NYC and 4th marathon).

    Blue Ridge Relay September 2012

    I also hope to do an ultra just not sure how/when.

    With youngish kids and a heavy work/volunteer schedule I am already stretched...but I normally figure out a way.

    I don't set out with any resolutions at the start of a year but once I decide to do something I can be pretty sure I will follow through.

  10. I like the idea of a trail marathon. I love trail running and just did my first 5K trail race about a week ago. Aside from that, just a couple of full marathons, a handful of halfs, and shorter races for me.

  11. If you're looking for a good Oly, the Loveland Lake to Lake in June is a lot of fun! I'm doing it this year for the second time because I enjoyed it so much the first :)

  12. I love how you mention an Ironman and an ultra marathon so casually. Can't wait to see what you decide to do! Like you, I have no doubts in your abilities!!

    I'm trying to be much more selective in my races for next year - perhaps because the three that are certain (Boston, Chicago, Muskoka 70.3) are all $200+ each! Yowzas.

  13. I would really love to qualify for Boston this year although I am trying to accept more and expect I guess that's it! That's my resolution...hmm we shall see...Oh I'm running the Boulder Bolder too! My sister lives there! Would love to meet you.

  14. I like your idea of having a tentative plan for the new year, and I also like the idea of committing to certain behaviors and disciplines, but "resolutions" are starting to seem kind of silly.

    If changing or improving something is so important, why not commit to it now? Resolutions just make me think of Special K commercials. They seem so temporary and gimmicky.

    I'm planning to run the Helvatia half in June, and am committing to things that will help get me there injury free... no need to wait till January.

  15. You had a lot of races in 2011! I like the idea of not doing races that feel like "should do's."

    My schedule, so far:
    * Arizona 1/2 marathon in Feb.
    * Boston
    * Bay swim in June
    * Sprint tri in July
    * Fall 1/2
    * Fall marathon

    Having a tough time deciding which marathon! Suggestions? I want a PR dammit.

  16. I do make New Years Resolutions but I didn't meet most of them. So they will become my new race goals for 2012. I have a 5k goal and a Half Marathon goal. The one resolution I did meet was to read more. I am on my 20th book of the year.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  17. I don't but, I do take the new year on to look over the last year and see what worked and what didn't and what I should do differently. ;-)

    Hubby and I signed up for our 2nd HALF in April, some smaller stuff during the summer with the kids and then another Monster Dash HALF in October.

  18. Wow - that's am impressive race schedule! Go get 'em!!

  19. I envy so many great races being so close to you! I may join you for Georgetown next year if I can get up there before school starts!

  20. I'm also not a big resolution person, but I too have been contemplating an ultra as a future race.

    My biggest challenge beginning @ New Year will be balancing a new job with restarting my running (out per Dr's orders). I know me, and that means I will dive head first into this new job and have to be reminded to balance.

  21. uh, can you throw a couple of those IMAZ connections my way? I've been trying to get in for 2 years and never have been able to do it. :)

  22. Just do the f'n IMAZ race would you. Don't leave me hanging. We can get the crew together in AZ for late in the year and it is the week prior to Thanksgiving so it'll give me an additional something to be thankful for.

    Do you need anymore reasons? Maybe one more: I can work with you on peeing on the bike.....there DONE! Sign UP!

  23. I like resolutions, so I am currently putting pen to paper... jotting down what I want to get out of 2012. Races will def. be apart my list.

    I am totally not as ambitious as you. Your 2011 schedule is very impressive!

    I'm thinking... a couple half marathons, and at least one full marathon.

    Marathon's I'm looking into include Chicago (my hometown), Detroit (because the course goes into Canada!), and the California International Marathon.

    Anyone have fun marathon suggestions for 2012?

  24. Trail races... I vote for Pikes Peak, either the Ascent or the Marathon, or both. My favorite races of the year!

    Also, the Barr Trail Mountain Race is a GREAT prep race for them.

  25. I'm trying to figure out my race schedule too..ugh..I just don't know what to do!
    BUT, I have thought about trail running! I'm thinking about doing one of the Greenland races and maybe an ultra late summer?? Which ones are you thinking about??

  26. I don't set resolutions, but I do make goals. I didn't meet last years goal, but I am better off for setting one.

    How did you fit in all those tri's in one month???

  27. No resolutions for me. If I want to do something, then just do it damn it! (until reasonable sense prevails anyway)

    I'll be running my first half marathon in 2012. Haven't decided if I'll be silly enough to try for two in the year...

    Hubby suggests that a sex swing would jump start a trapeze career....his words, not mine.

  28. Rock and Roll in Seattle! Just signed up today! :)

  29. No resolutions for me. I'm already as good as I'm going to get.
    The plan so far includes Chinook half IM, and Sylvan half IM. Maybe other stuff. Maybe not.
    I still think you should do a Calgary race. I will cheer you on. I will even Sherpa. You have fans here.
    No rush to do IM. The training is a huge commitment, fitness and family and job wise. Think about it. You are so young, you have lots of time.
    As for your buddies trying to get into the race, here's a tip. Volunteer at the race you want to enter. You will get a chance to register before the general public that is lining up.

  30. My race goal for 2012 is to break a 2-hour half. My PR is 2:29, so I have my work cut out for me- but I know I can do it. When I reach that, then I will start toying with the idea of running another marathon.

  31. My goals for 2011 were to improve on my 5k, 10k, and half time and run a full marathon. I hit all 4 with the support of my running friends.
    My goal for 2012 is to shave 23-24 minutes off my Calgary marathon time and hopefully qualify me a trip to Boston in 2013.
    Another goal for 2012 is to continue to enjoy running and improving.

  32. I could see your nose was running without you bringing attention to it... I am a mom of a toddler and see it all the time :)

    Trapeze sounds so cool!

    My big race thing is Eugene Marathon in late April. Then there's the San Francisco half-marathon in the end of July. And I want to run Hood to Coast again...if I can find a team. And then there are the time goals... which I set and don't seem to hit :P

  33. The trapeze thing would be cool, if I wasn't a wuss. If you go to that class, we better get pics!

    My 2011 New Years Resolution was to run the Seattle Marathon along with 2 other races in the year. I completed my goals. I don't know what I have planned for 2012. Maybe lose weight or something common like that.

  34. The trapeze goal is pretty neat! I have a perfect metal picture of you hanging upside down, wind in your hair, arms outstretched and posed, and big smile!
    I'm pretty excited about my race schedule for 2012! It's fun to share it here as not so many in my off-line life understand how exciting it is!
    Looking forward to...
    "Hypothermic Half" in Feb. (I have finally resolved to brave the cold!)
    30K Around the Bay in Hamilton,ON in March
    My very first marathon in May!! Trying to decide between Mississauga Marathon and Toronto Goodlife Marathon -they are on the same day!
    Muddy Buddy, Detroit in July - Pumped to do it with my hubby!
    Hoping, hoping, hoping for Chicago Marathon in Oct.

    It's a pretty ambitious year for me, but I am so excited about it all!

  35. I love that I'm not the only one making plans for 2012!!! I can't wait to read about your upcoming races!!

  36. I've got 2 half marys on the calendar and my first oly tri-- in April and May, in Knoxville and Nashville. Nothing else planned. I'm looking at fall races in Johnson City, Chattanooga, and Memphis-- Make it a TN year!

    I keep thinking I'm going to do a New Year's 5K. Haven't ever made it to one... There's a broken resolution right there!

  37. No resolutions here, b/c I will decide what I want to decide when I want to do it.

    I had no idea I need to plan this far ahead for an entire year's worth of races.

    I know though that I am already committed to at least one set of races....the National Transplant Games here in Calgary. I am going to run as many distances as I have trained for (so far 5k, maybe 10k by then) as they will let me, as a transplant recipient.

  38. I'm with Laura in the #1 spot up top. No resolutions - just goals. (And I'm still working on that goal list for 2012.) Resolutions scream "meant to be broken!" whereas goals and training plans stare at me from a list on the refrigerator urging "do me!"

    No! Not "do me" like that! (You people have dirty minds...) I meant "do me" like "accomplish something!" ;)

  39. Dang, you had an insane August!!! WOW! The trapeze thing sounds like a def must. DO IT!

    I set a couple fun "resolutions" last year and stuck to them. I try to only do like 2 and really follow thru. One of last year's was to cook more and try new things, and I've cooked SO much this year and had a blast with it. I even eat a bunch of veggies that I've hated for the last 33 yrs of my life:) Just living outside my boring comfort zone and living life and enjoying it!!!! that's the kind of resolution I like. One that enhances my life!

  40. I expect to see the Wild West Relay on your calendar for August!

    I am thinking that the Leadville Trail Marathon in July could be a great warmup...

  41. I worked at the Trapeze School of New York. There is nothing better then the feeling of flying :) GO FOR IT! It really is an experience - and you can take a lesson with your children (talk about some family fun!)


    I don't know how to link in a comment so maybe it'll work or maybe not. But if you want a trail 1/2 at the end of July, check out the Living Journeys 1/2. It is in Crested Butte & raises money for Living Journeys which provides Community Cancer Support. The course is awesome...amazing single track!

  43. I made resolutions when I was younger, but over the years I've learned I just don't stick to them as well as if I set a "goal." Plus, I set them any time of year and just use New Year's a way to evaluate my progress to that point.

    I think if you get too locked into the idea of a calendar year as a benchmark for the year's progress, you get too lax in the middle of the year, then either become frantic or apathetic by the end, trying to figure out how to get it completed. I prefer doing my own thing, I guess.

  44. Oh Man... SUAR - *I wish* I had connections like yours!! IF I could still get into IM AZ, it would solidify my commitment to just DO it!
    So, you know, if your connections can get two in, *ahem* (OMG, I think I'd have a stroke - which is probably not conducive to committing to training one's butt of for the next eleven months), that would be AMAZING!!