Saturday, December 3, 2011

Me and 43,999 Other Bodies

Late last night as I was contemplating getting into my PJs and labeling myself as loser of the century for going to bed at 10pm while in Vegas, this girl kept pestering me to come on downstairs and lose some money. So I put my big girl undies on did it. I sat down to play some blackjack while EMZ watched and had the privilege of singing some Hall and Oats (Sarah Smile) with this gentleman.


I lost money quick and we went over to do some roulette. I was distracted, throwing chips here and there on random numbers, slugging down Coronas. Before I knew it  I had won $200. EMZ put it upon herself to give me the famous finger as did her husband. But I didn't mind. I had my winnings. At least they both have nice middle finger form (MFF).


Loved my time with Ms. Emz. So fun to hang out with the tallest and nicest couple in Vegas this weekend.

This morning I spent some time with my chocolate milk friends filming some footage:


We then hit up the expo which was a freaking madhouse of healthy people. For a moment I turned into a middle aged male with man boobs.


My friend Erika and I had to recover from the the stress of packet pick ups and vendor booths by having a big fat spicy bloody mary. We then met Jason, his wife and his brother and sister in law for a tasty lunch. Sorry, I failed as a picture taker for both Jason and EMZ. Bad blogger points.

Erika and I knew that if we had any hope of going out tonight we needed to come back to the room for some chill time. To me, that meant putting my feet up and checking email, but to Erika it meant getting PJs on and climbing into bed.


That is a dangerous thing to do because there is a chance you will never get up again. But, then I did it too because I am a sucker for peer pressure.


I suppose you will have to check back later to see if we made it out of the room later or not.

I have to admit, the race tomorrow is freaking me out a bit. 44,000 runners is the population of Oro Valley, AZ (fun fact for you, go look it up). More than the massive size of this race is the fact that it is at 5:30 p.m. I find it tough to wait around all day to race. I just do. It’s kind of like waiting around all day to get on a flight, it’s hard to focus on anything else for the rest of the day. I will say, however, as a huge fan of VEGAS it will be an amazing thing to run on the Strip, in the dark, all roads closed. Just me an the road and 43,999 other people.

I tried to find famous people running Vegas besides me but I only know of Kate Gosselin and Andy Baldwin. Know anyone else?

Do you prefer the excitement and energy of big races or the intimacy and mellow nature of smaller ones? I think both have advantages

Are you DONE once your PJs are on for the night? Yes, always. I make a commitment once my comfy clothes are on that my day is DONE. Except for tonight.



  1. Since all of the colorful personalities come out after dark, I can only imagine what that will be like!

    Have fun!

  2. Sounds like a blast. Congrats on the winnings.

    PJ = I'm done time.

  3. I spent the afternoon collecting picture cards. You know what I'm talking about, right? I was trying to get one of those card-passer-outers to teach me how to do that weird, creepy clicky-snappy thing they do.

  4. Yes, I'm done when the PJ's go on...actually I am usually done before that.

    Congrats on the win and have fun tomorrow night.

  5. I would luv to run in Vegas! Definitely, once the pj's are on I'm DONE, but I don't know i think if I took a nap and I were in Vegas I would go out! I tend to run small races but I'm open to BIG races just to say I did it once...and I love spicy bloody mary's too! Have fun & good luck!

  6. Well, I consider races big if they have 400 people...As for jammies? I'm done if they are still on at 10:00 in the morning...

  7. I looked for you everywhere today! I did snap a stalker-like pic of Dan and Jackie from the Biggest Loser! And I got a cool pic of Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars in the Venetian. I should've gone to lose my money with you last least I would've had a better time! Good luck tomorrow!

  8. Nah, this stay-at-home mom just wears pj's all the time. I wake up and put on clean ones! None of my pjs are actual pjs so that probably looks SOME better to the FedEx man. Slouchy tshirts and jogging pants are the pjs in this house. For me, once the (stretched out sports) bra comes off, THEN i'm done and going to bed!

  9. oh fun times! i can only imagine the laughter. Good luck tomorrow!

  10. Pjs for me just mean that if I leave the house again, I'll add lots of eyeliner to confuse people. But I just really enjoy confusing people.

    You are going to rock it!!!

  11. you go girl! Should be fun. Good luck!

    (ps I would be that loser chick ~ in bed by ten)

  12. Oh, it's all making sense to my slow self--the race is today, not yesterday! I was trying to find results.

    Anyhow--I would have been in for the night, the old lady that I am. I love that you got to go play blackjack w/ EMZ--worth staying up that night!

    Good luck to you and the masses. There are so many blogging buddies I want to follow today!

    Oh, and small races, all the way for me! But you knew that.

  13. Big races seem so daunting to me (born and raised in a microscopically small town), so I'm always impressed by those who sign up for the huge ones like it's no big deal.

    Have a great race! I'm sending happy thoughts and prayers your way!

  14. im already anxious and just want the race to start and be done with and its 7:22am!

  15. I really prefer small races. For me the perfect size is around 2,000 runners. Anything over 10,000 is too much.

    PJ = Good night!

  16. Wow, that's a whole lotta sweaty people. Have fun and kick some butt!

  17. Have so much fun!!

    I like smaller races best.

    PJs= DONE.

  18. Good luck and have a great time!

  19. Since the local races are usually small in number, I enjoy smaller race venues. Guess it's what you're used to.
    I'm done for the night once my PJ's are on.

    I originally was going to make the Vegas marathon my Fall/Winter marathon but running at 4pm didn't appeal. I really don't know how you do it, espec. in Vegas.
    1. Unless you plop yourself down in front of the slots or a table, how are you going to minimize time off your feet?
    2. Vegas = wine/bloody mary's/beer - all other things to pickle the liver. It was be tough forgoing the sins for a day. *I'm weak.

    With all the bands, it should be a blast. know so many folks. Have a great time and a perfect run.

  20. I like both types of races for different reasons. I'm SO SO SO jealous that I"m not "stripping at night"!!! First because I live 7 hours away in Reno, NV and STILL didn't manage to pull it off. Second because I want to do a race called strip at night. And to meet some "imaginary friends" from blogging world.... Vicariously living here!!!
    Thanks for the pics and input!!

  21. I'm always envious of the big exciting races... but I always leave disappointed... chaos and cluster-running are just not for me. I always leave unhappy with my time and frustrated with the masses of people. Not to mention really stressful maneuvering around a city with a young family. Lesson learned. I now stick to medium-size races. Love the ease and small town feel of them.
    Once comfy clothes are on, I'm a goner. Early to bed gal here.

  22. I think big races are fun (definitly have better free stuff!), but I prefer smaller ones. I like being able to run a race and have a good idea where I am finishing based on who I can see in front of me, which is usually most of the pact, but regardless it's nice to have an idea. I also like that smaller ones are over sooner. Sorry, once I'm done I want to check my official time/standings and leave, not hang around for hours to get the info.

    And once the jammers come one, that's it for the day. And lately those are on right after the kids go to bed. Man, I lead an exciting life!

  23. I like that there are spectators for big races because I like to heckle the little kids with "Yo mama is so slow..." jokes. But I like smaller races, too; in fact the smallish race I ran yesterday is probably my favorite ever, I mean the swag bag had socks with chickens on them. How you could not adore???

  24. Could that clock be any bigger? Seriously, that might be the biggest clock I have ever seen.

  25. MFF.

    Freaking love that.