Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Job of the Year: Bed Pan Changer

Thanks for all of the well wishes. Sam’s surgery went off without a hitch. He even let me come into the O.R. with him and hold his hand while he fell asleep. I kissed him and told him I loved him as many times as I could. 14 year old boys LOVE it when their moms do that.

I have to say, I hate everything about an O.R. It freaks me out. Bright lights, cold, shiny cutting utensils. But, this is why I write a blog and am not a doctor. That and the fact I am not smart enough to be a doctor. Maybe a candy striper is more up my alley. Or, bed pan changer.


Apparently I should be going in for botox of the forehead

When we were in recovery, Sam was coming out of the anesthesia and still hooked up to all the beeping stuff. He asked what would happen if he ripped it all off to make the machine stopped and played dead. I told him that’s not funny. They would call a “Code Blue” and freak out. He seemed very impressed that I knew what code blue was and asked if I watch a lot of hospital shows. Why, yes, I used to be a huge ER fan. “To the O.R. stat! GSW!”

Moving on. Thanks to those who entered the GU Roctane Endurance contest. You have no idea how much I appreciate your feedback, compliments and support. It wasn’t easy, but I chose Julie at ROJ Running as my “Reader of the Year.” Julie is someone who has been reading for over two years.  She’s a dedicated blogger and runner. Her determination and kind hearted spirit really come through. I think she “gets” what I try to convey in my blog:

“I read your blog because I feel like you're the woman I'm going to become in the future. I started reading you somewhere in June/July of 2009, just after starting my own blog. I was drawn to your humor, sincerity and the fact that you work in social services. At the time as a newer runner I liked having someone I felt I could relate to and I also liked pretending I could be you in 10-ish years. 

My earliest memory of you was when you won the trip for Hood to Coast. I also recall writing a poem about your toenail and "winning" although I am glad you didn't send me the actual nail! Ha! You've worked hard for all your successes and that's why I enjoy continuing to read you. No matter how "popular" you become you don't seem out of touch.

Oh and on a final note, I admire how despite being injured at times you keep up with you posts, encouraging positive outlooks and commitment to recovery, instead of simply going on hiatus.”

Thanks, Julie, for the support. Drop me an email at beth@shutupandrun.com and I’ll tell you how to claim your prize.

How about you? Do you like medical dramas– Grey’s, House, etc.? These days I’ve traded in hospital drama for Real Housewife drama.

If you weren’t in the job you were now, what would you rather be doing? Not sure. Freelance writer. Trapeze artist. Candy striper. Who knows?

Ever try botox or would you? Never. Undecided on whether I’d ever give it a shot.



  1. I did botox as an xmas present last year and it worked for about 5 months. I would do it again if I could afford it every 6 months and if I didn't make a frowny scowl face every second of the day.

    Glad your son is ok and all is well.

  2. I am obsessed with Grey's! Code Blue! Code Black! Code Red! I know them allllllllllll!

  3. Glad to hear your son is OK!

    I would totally get the botox if I could afford it. No shame in that game.

  4. I like Grey's and have watched every episode. I work as a Social Worker in the ER and I have never heard anyone say "To the O.R. stat." I have seen them start the surgery in the ER though and that is pretty cool although not usually a good outcome for the patient. We do use the term GSW all the time. Seeing that I work in St. Louis, it is seen daily, unfortunately.

  5. Glad it all went well!

    (And where did you get that outfit? You should save it for Halloween... or wear it to "career day" at school - impress all the kiddies by telling them you're a doctor.) ;)

  6. Glad to hear your son is doing good! Sounds like something my son would say after he came too from anesthesia.

    I used to watch ER back in the day. Sometimes I like to watch the real live medical shows on TLC.
    Now i'm more into True Blood and American Horror Story. Speaking of, season finally is waiting for me on the DVR, must go watch it.

  7. If I wasn't doing the job I'm doing now... I would be a writer, and artist, a climber of mountains. I do that stuff now, but I haven't figured out how to get paid for it!

  8. Dude my life is a medical drama. I couldn't watch them for fun. Glad your kiddo is doing fine!

  9. The closest I ever got to a medical drama was Six Feet Under. No botox for me!

    Somehow, no offense implied, I can picture you as a Candy Stripper, whirling around your pole in the spotlight.

    If I wasn't doing my current job, I'd be doing something else that makes me happy, probably along much the same lines. I think I'd like to get paid to give advice, with dream interpretation on the side. Maybe I'll do that when I retire, or between other gigs. I'm good at advice. Any topic.

  10. I missed the post about your son going in for surgery but I'm so glad to hear he is ok!

    I don't think I'd do botox because it wears off every 6 months, plus I'm afraid I'd end up with a droopy eye or nostril.

  11. I am so glad all went well for Sam! So stressful and scary as a mom to have a babe go 'under'.

    No botox for me :)

    As for other jobs to hold, I could be a doctor. Or a lawyer. Or a movie star. Or a talk show host. Or Vanna White.

  12. Glad your son is doing well!!

    As for med primetime dramas...I honestly don't like them. Been in the hospital too often in the last few years to know how things really go on...it's hard for me to get into the shows on TV. I did watch House for a while...the early seasons were just so outrageous and too damn funny!

  13. Glad to hear Sam is doing well.

    Congrats to Julie.

    We watch Grey's and The Closer. Those are our must see TV. Seperately we tolerate the other's choices but those two are a must along with BL.

  14. My dream job--cheesemonger! And I plan on pursuing it in 2012. My boss turns 80 tomorrow, time to think about the future.

    I love Grey's for the drama and fun (and McSteamy). Certainly not for the medical 'realness' since there is NONE!

    No Botox ever.
    Glad to hear Sam made it through OK.

  15. I LOVE Gray's. Even during the "strange" stage it went through.
    If I wasn't doing what I do for work ... I would love to be a city planner. Or a professional horse trainer.
    Finally, I have never tried Botox. I would be all over it if I had the money though. Amen...so glad I'm not the only one.

  16. Glad Sam was in/out of his surgery without a hitch. I am impressed they let you into the OR that way. My oldest had surgery a few years ago and I got to go to pre-op but no farther. But don't know which would have been harder, standing there watching him get wheeled away or me doing the walking away as you did. Either way, just damn awful to feel so helpless.

    Watched ER when it first stated, but not a big TV watcher, so don't know the newer ones.

    And no botox for me, the downside scares me too much.

  17. Glad Sam came through with flying colors!

    Ok--I'm all about the Housewives, although BH is a bit painful this year when you know the sad ending.

    Job--Honestly, I'd be a librarian. Kind of sad I didn't know that earlier. Yes, I'm that exciting.

    Botox--Was just talking about this yesterday with a friend. I'm interested, but also afraid of that frozen face look!

  18. i would try botox. what the hell right? at least then i could actually look surprised when people do really dumb shit. lol!

    glad the surgery went well. :)

  19. So glad it went well, and that he let you hold his hand. I bet he secretly loved it...

  20. I love Grey's Anatomy... although it isn't so much about medicine as it is sex and relationships now - I didn't see any of that going on when I spent a day at the hospital while my mom had surgery this summer.

    I wanted to be a marine biologist from the time I was a tiny tot. I even started out college with that as my major- but I couldn't hack working 40 hours a week and organic chemistry and physics so I changed my major to criminal justice on a whim and got the heck outta undergrad in 4.5 (the average at the lovely California institution I attended was 6-7 for a bachelors). So I'd be swimming with the dolphins at Sea World or making diddly squat as an Aquarist at the aquarium I used to work at.

  21. hee...hee...no job would be my dream job for awhile at least. Actually I love my job as a software engineer but I have a lot of hobbies too. So it would nice to not have to work and focus on my hobbies!

    no botox for me. I'm 50 years and have been very consistent in taking care of my skin - i just did a blog post on it. I think microdermabrasion and topical products do a great job. http://brginredsidis.blogspot.com/2011/12/whats-your-secret-skin-care-regime-part.html

  22. I couldn't stand the wrinkles in my elbows, so I had to use some botox there. Oddly enough, it didn't do any good.

    Glad to hear Sam's surgery was no biggie (for him, at least).

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