Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Decision

You all need to move in with my to be my fashion consultants. Who knew hose were taboo and only for 90 year olds playing bingo and eating Jell-O?  I also ditched the shoes for good. I should have been arrested for even thinking about wearing them. The thing is, I have never had much of a fashion sense. For some people, this is second nature. For me, not so much.

So – most of you chose option #2 for me to wear to the party. That was actually my choice too.  But, when it came down to it I was worried it wasn’t fancy enough. The actual party was at a pretty swanky spot. So, I went with option #1, no hose and cute strappy wedges. You would have been proud.


Of course I froze my ass off all night riding in the short bus, which could only go 45 mph and had no heat. I never rode the short bus in school, so now was my chance. I felt like I was part of the Partridge Family:


The short bus was so not-fancy I could have easily wore a flannel shirt and my corduroys, but once we got to the party, the dress was the right choice. There was some neat writing inside the bus on the ceiling.


I kept looking for “For a good time call, SUAR” but never found it. Look carefully and you can find a phallic symbol I drew. Just kidding, I didn’t draw it but it sounds like something I might do.

Any Christmas parties for you this weekend?



  1. Just a family Christmas party.. Of course there will be alcohol because I married into a family full of alcoholics ( just kidding but the do like their wine and beer etc..). Glad you decided with option #1 and I so didn't notice the hose and yep they are so 1990... I'm at least up to snuff with that bit of fashion but just like you I don't have a whole lot of fashion sense and I'm comfy in my shorts, sweat pants and no bra!! Lol!

  2. You look just right! Good choice, since it's the one I picked!
    No huge plans, I am having a Christmas brunch with my friends tomorrow, but that's about as crazy as my weekend is getting.

  3. No holiday parties for me. Family get-togethers, but they can not be called parties at all!!!
    I am however, dressing up for work on Thursday. I have a red dress that I edged with white faux fur. I have a Santa hat and I think I'll wear my black heeled boots (the outfit- slightly hooker-ish!)...and I'll be passing out candy canes to my co-workers. I started this about 5 years ago, and it's a yearly tradition now (or at least until HR tells me not to)!

  4. I so do not envy women.

    Attended a Christmas event last night hosted by friends and acquaintances, and I wore: exactly what I was told to wear.

    My clothes were laid out for me when I got home from work. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy.

    Everybody needs a wife like mine. :-)

  5. I would have gone with #2 at the brewery and then changed to #1 on the bus up and then back to #2 on the way back.
    But then again, you were trying to keep Ken employed...

    Plans are to make chocolate covered pretzels with the kids and then go visit some family...

  6. I actually liked #2 better but was too late to comment :)

    Need to stop drinking at these Christmas parties - one last night & last Friday too. Makes for painful Saturdays.

    I think we're done with the parties now. My liver is thankful.

  7. Wow, those legs! Mamacita! You looked amazing!

  8. I love holiday parties! We stopped getting invited to them for awhile since we were popping out the babies. ;) People just assumed we were not interested and we weren't. But now I'm ready for them. So we threw our own cocktail party and it was so fun. I got all dressed up and had my friend Nicole (best make up artist around) do my make up and hair. I was someone else for a Nice legs there Beth!

  9. Although I didn't comment on your choices . . . when in doubt choose the "little black dress" . . . it is NEVER the wrong decision!

  10. Weird how the first thing I saw when I looked at that ceiling was the weiner. Very pretty outfit!

  11. Looked good! Glad you ditched the hose and the shoes :) Hope you had a good time

  12. hosting a swedish smorgasbord tomorrow woot woot

  13. LMBO, nice bus there! You looked NICE girl! get it! As for me, I threw a Tacky Christmas sweater party and an As Seen on TV gift exchange:) But the best part of the whole party was splitting up into 2 teams and hitting the town on a photo scavenger hunt, where I made everyone do ridiculous holiday things and take pics as evidence:))) Ended the night awarding tacky trophies to the 3 tackiest partygoers:) HI-larious!

  14. You looked hot! Good choice. Yeah, hose are a thing of the past, thankfully!

    I skipped out on the ugly christmas sweater party last night. So tired and just needed some sleep.

  15. Good wardrobe choice... so who did draw the phallic symbol???

  16. I guess I'm with you on the fashion thing, since I had no idea hose were a thing of the past. My legs just aren't hot enough to go naked. Pout.

    My husband's cousin invited us to his company Christmas party last night (he's the owner) and we had such a nice time! Who cares that we knew no one except him and his family! We had food, drink, band, and dancing.

    Dancing did prove to be a little too much exercise for me right now :(

  17. Holy..I knew you were in great shape are sooo muscular!!! Wow..inspiration!

  18. I don't go to parties much anymore. The tab for a babysitter puts it pretty much out of reach :P

    You look(ed) great :)

    That bus cracks me up!

  19. Well, hell! If you have legs like yours, you'd better show them off!

    Had my one and only Christmas party last week - wasn't so fancy, so I got to wear jeans and a loose-fitting top to hide the muffin-top. Sigh. I'd better start running in the new year if I ever hope to wear a LBD again!

  20. Hose is taboo??? Obviously whoever said that lives where it is warm and doesn't have to wear a dress in the WINTER!! BRRRR

    YOu looked freaking awesome though!

  21. dang, u clean up nice! :)

    i kno i have no fashion sense, i think my mom saved and passed all of those genes on to my younger sis...seriously, i just tell everyone she's the pretty one. :)

  22. Good job!! Glad you ditched the shoes and nylons. You look amazing!!!

  23. Wow! You clean up so nicely. It's so strange to see you out of spandex and in something that can be classified as "dressy". Yes, panty hose are for old ladies. Tights are definitely in with some boots - but nude panty hose? Say good-bye. Especially when you have killer legs like yours, there is really no need!

    P.S. I have no fashion sense whatsoever ... I just listen to what my fashionable friends tell me and act like I know it all.

  24. Very nice - both decisions would've worked. Wasn't loving the original shoes but guess what - hose is back. It's true. My best friend is a celebrity fashion stylist and because Kate Middleton is a fan of hose and has worn them several times, it's now "cool" to wear them again…

    Who knew?

    though if I can get away with it, I do opaque tights with riding boots.

  25. and my question from the previous post was answered.

    Hope you had a great time.

    Or will I read about that in the next post?