Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Remnants of Vegas, I Promise

I loved my finish line video from the race. I loved it because I leapt (literally) over the finish line at :10 seconds into the video and did not even notice the girl puking beside me! (Girl in white shirt at :07. Poor thing!). I’m glad me and my vomit phobia did not notice. It’s called emetophobia in case you were wondering. Check it out HERE (be sure you are looking at the finish line video because there are two).

Most of all, I liked this picture of me. I think it’s good form to run with your arms spread wide so you can take up as much room as possible on a crowded course.


If you by chance thought I was kidding or exaggerating about the crowds in Vegas, eat your heart out – these are post-race conditions in the hotel. Or maybe all these people are waiting to grab coffee at Starbucks (photos stolen from Skinny Runner’s blog).


I am glad there was not a fire. There would not have been any room to stop, drop and roll like I learned in third grade.


I will end with Biggest Loser impressions (spoiler alert):

  • I completely disagree with Antone. It is NOT possible to get a good workout in with your entire family at the gym.
  • I’m with Dolvett (of course). John is going to have a harsh adjustment to “real” life once this is all over and he’s back to work. Not sure why his wife is doing everything for him.
  • Courtney really held her own at the marathon. I was impressed.
  • Jess kept up. Those stomach cramps slowed her down, however. I’m pretty sure she had an accident, SUAR style.
  • What the hell with that wind storm? That would have been enough for me to get into a fetal position on the course.
  • If Bonnie didn’t drop out, she would have won the whole thing. Blubbering, crying.
  • I hate how Dr. H walked backwards while talking to the contestants at they ran. He should have run beside them. It was awkward.
  • I can’t believe they pulled that dude out of the marathon at mile 21. I know there were medical issues (bone on bone or whatever), but he’s made it this far, let him finish even if it means crawling.
  • OMG just shoot me if I have have to run that course through the mud caked desert. AWFUL!
  • Got to give it to Ramon. But, still don’t see him and Jess together. Just my two cents.
  • I think John’s going to win this whole thing.

Any impressions from TBL? Were you surprised Ramon won? Who will be picking confetti out of their hair?

Do you freak out in crowds or are you able to roll with it? I don’t like crowds, but I keep pretty calm unless I need the bathroom or someone is pushing me. Then I get feisty.



  1. Oh my gosh on the puking. I'm sure she'll forever love that video!

  2. I saw you jumping over the finish line like you had just gone for a stroll instead of running 21km!! At least you didn't jump into someone's puke!

  3. On the video of my finish for my first half marathon, RnR Mardi Gras, it cuts off before I actually cross the finish line, but off to the side it captured a guy proposing to a girl after they crossed the finish line. Pretty neat. Much better than puking :)

  4. Thanks Ingli!! I couldn't find myself until you pointed me out!

  5. Not too good in crowds, ALWAYS need to see an exit. I tab bit claustrophobic I guess. And I would have NOT entered that hotel with that crowd, OMG!! Not happening, scary!

    As for TBL, only saw if off and on this season, so don't have a fav, but they all have a few pounds yet to drop so depends on who really goes after it at home, but John or Antone would be my guess.

    As for that marathon, could it have been a more boring course? And they never talk about hydration or nutrition, I wish that was discussed some. And not too much cover if you needed a tree!! I like that the marathon is back, but they CAN do better.

    Does a new TBL start in Jan? You know? I saw an ad for the new Bachelor, a show I have a love/hate relationship with. :)

    P.S. How is Lucky doing??

  6. I would have been furious if someone pulled me at mile 20 or 21 (they pulled Vinny at 20)... and agree about the awkwardness that was Dr. H - what a strange man.

    I just read an article in People about Jess & Ramon where she said she was just more private about their relationship then he was... I don't really see them together, but he seems like a giddy schoolboy so maybe it works! I wanted her to win the marathon though.

    I think John's gonna win too - at least I hope he does. But his wife does need to stop doing everything for him. How are all these people able to not go back to work for so long? Crazy.

  7. I was wondering how much footage from the marathon stayed on the editing floor! I still think it should be age-graded somehow.....

  8. Oh, I love crowds... especially when I need to puke. Just kidding.

    Agree with look like you just had so much fun. The puker does not.

  9. I still don't know how we managed to miss the craziness that was the Mandalay Bay! We met up inside to get our gear and then tromped outside to some shuttles (crossing over the half marathon course). We never got stuck in that mob, thank goodness.

  10. Ok thank you for the spoiler alert as I haven't seen it yet. Now I can't say I've puked at a race as if yet not sure if that's good or bad, but to have a video of a puker next to you for eternity.. Priceless.

  11. omg - that crowd is horrific. I would've had an anxiety attack and puked on every single person there. eh, at least that would've cleared the place!!

  12. I told my husband I was quitting running forever if Bonnie beat my time. I'm kind of glad we were spared that.

    That course looked awful! I'm not sure I would have stuck it out.

    I agree as well on John. My husband didn't see what the big deal is. I think you have to take responsibility to make changes, including food. You don't have to cook every meal, but you need to be in the middle of it. I'll be disappointed if John wins the whole thing because I see him gaining the weight back.

    I'm hoping for Antone, even though he won't be able to pick confetti out of his hair.

  13. Way too many people at Vegas...those kind of crowds would freak me out...

    I watched BL for the first time last night!!!! When I heard they would be running a marathon I had to tune in..I was so curious to see how they would do.

    The sand storm was freaky.

    I want Ramon to win it all since he did the majority of his weight loss on his own at home and not at the "ranch" or with his wife doing it all for him.

    Workouts are way better with out children.....doesn't every one need a break from their kids some time? ;-)

  14. just looking at those crowd pictures makes my anxiety level go up!

  15. I think I see myself in those pics. That is exactly where I was and when they had us all turn around. AWESOME!

    I picked Ramon to win and I picked John to win weeks ago b/c I love a competitor. If he is that determined to win then when he is home for good and for real then he will be determined to keep it off as well.

    Some people just do well as all intense all in guys and I believe he is one of them.

  16. I would NOT have quit on mile 21! They would have to forcefully pull me into their big black bus! They let a 66 year old walk for like 12 hours, what is the difference?

    John will win and I will be annoyed! He will not keep the wife off if his wife keeps up what she is doing and then has to stop. I wanted a girl to win the race!

    The Vegas crowd has me scared off for that race. I would straight have a panic attack. I would maybe do the half with a friend for fun but NEVER the full and NEVER be alone in that crowd.

  17. I used to be a sympathetic puker myself. Didn't get rid of the habit until the kids came along and I saw enough of it to just flat get used to it.

    Not fond of crowds either. That finish would have been a challenge for me.

  18. I'm pretty sure I ran over that exact spot she puked, except 30 minutes later, AFTER all the other runners tracked it all away!

    Anna had a reason to come back with Ramon winning. Boston Johnny is crazy, but sentimental! Jess really likes Ramon now that he has $25,000 with the possibility of winning $250,000 more. I want Antone to win cause John's a douche bag. And Dolvette is HOT! My prediction for the finale is that Ramon proposes to Jess!

  19. I do not like the person John has become! I wish Antone would not even pay attention to him. Great jump at the end SUAR.

  20. I don't watch TBL, but I watched that puking video about 30 times. She must have lost some weight there, no?

  21. Just looking at the crowd pictures makes me dizzy.....

  22. Haha...that's hysterical...I'm glad the race volunteers saw her and helped her!! While not on the same scale, I did the Hot Chocolate 5K in DC over the weekend and it was by far the WORST race I've ever be involved in...

  23. I think Jess is going to drop him like a hot potato. He is annoying me with the "I love you SO much" and I don't have to spend any time with him.

    I would have had something like a panic attack in that crowd. I didn't even know I had things like that until I tried to see the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center one year.

    Nice job on the finish! At least she can say she left it all there!

    The Kidless Kronicles

  24. I have a vomit phobia too. Like ridiculously huge phobia. I go running in the opposite direction then proceed to have a stomachache for days. Not good. Therefore - I relate 100%!

  25. THAT Is ridiculous (the crowd)

    I LOVE the finishing vid!!!! That is so FUNNY!!!

  26. i think john has way too many other issues that he will gain in back, he is a bit batshit crazy

  27. i stole that picture from someone on facebook. have you read the rnrlv facebook comments? some peeps are MAD. and rightfully so.

  28. I think that Antone will win the BL and I was so supriaed when Ramon won

  29. Welcome back to Colorful Colorado! We missed you.

    I generally stay away from crowds; which is why I don't fall into the Black Friday Black Hole. I also keep my time in expos as brief as possible.

  30. First, I have to say that I laughed my ass off at that girl puking, not because I'm a jerk (I have been there, I almost puked at the finish line of my last 10K), but because that's how I deal with puking, I laugh. You and I would do well together, you'd freak and I'd laugh!
    Second, I agree with every impression you had about The Biggest Loser!

  31. Speaking of crowds, totally forgot to mention on your last post that while you were rockin' it in Vegas, I saw a couple people wearing "Shut Up + Run" gear while trying to find my corral for the St. Jude's Memphis Marathon.

    It was so fun to see how much other people like your blog (in real life). Just thought you should know! =)

  32. I am an emet too! How have I been reading your blog for a few months and not known that. Sorry but there is no way in hell I'm watching the video (I'm sure you understand why). Thanks for the heads up about the puke though!

  33. THose pictures is exactly why I prefer small local races

    - I agree you cant get a good workout with the whole family, what I saw was Antone including his family in fitness
    - I also agree with Dolvet, in 2 years, it will be interesting to see John in "Where are they now episode
    - Bonnie didnt even start the run
    - ITS WAS MILE 23!!! A 5K TO GO!!! Poor guy, let him walk it in, I felt for him
    - My pick Antone, strangley fascinated on his ability to cry like a baby during a workout

  34. Skipped over the TBL spoilers. Still haven't watched it!

    Those pictures are insane!!!

  35. Before the show aired, I thought Jess would have won the marathon. Glad for Ramone though... VERY impressed with Courtney, she did a great job.

    Oh that course! To think we complain about races where they don't allow headphones. Imagine no headphones and nothing of interest to even look at along the way. UGH!

  36. I had to laugh on TBL when Courtney hit mile ONE and said she felt good and thought she could win it. But she did great! I was impressed too. Feel bad for the 2 guys who got pulled. I don't think any more damage would be done since they already had done over 20 miles. Hate crowds! I have to mentally prepare myself just to go to Costco:)

  37. Your photo looks fabulous! When we were waiting in Mandalay, I saw someone clearly ready to hurl and had to get up an move!

    I don't see the Ramon and jess thing working either--watch the marathon last night and the conditions looked terrible! Holy wind!

  38. Nice! I hate crowds, esp during Christmas season at the mall. That is when I start to do some real absurd things like.... save that for later. I don't know what I would have done there in that bunch. Glad you kept it together, and that jumping scene is something else. Thanks for sharing.

  39. You look awesome in that photo!
    I read in the comments on another blog (so it MUST be fact, right?) that it had been determined that so many runners at Vegas RNR were sick from drinking the water on the course and it came from fire hydrants! AAAAGGGGHH! I'm not the suing type, but that sounds pretty negligent if it is true.

  40. I saw that wind on the marathon course and holy crap that was bad!! Of course, not as bad as the garbage I ran though last weekend! :)

  41. Did you see this article?

    I guess there were MANY!

    Take care.:)