Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Between the Sheets

You know I love Vegas. You know I love the pussy posse. But, who ever thought the two would meet in perfect harmony? Stephanie let me know I have inspired the shirts for a friend's bachelorette party in Vegas this year (Pussy Posse 2011). Going to have to get some pictures of that one. Thanks for the Stylish Blogger Award too!

Moving on…I don’t know why I get so hung up on fortunes. You know the ones from the cookies. It’s not like they’re the gospel or anything, but I always take them as some sort of an omen. From yesterday’s lunch:


What do you take this to mean? Good or bad news?   The only significant news I have this week is coming from my MRI on Thursday. Technically I don’t get the news until next week when I see my doc.

Naw, it has nothing to do with the MRI. It probably just means I’ll get news that that really was a turd on the bottom of the pool or that the toilet really is clogged for good.

I covered up Lucky’s non-existent eye with the fortune for some luck.


I put it on my forehead for good vibes.


Speaking of fortunes, did you ever play that game “Between the Sheets"? 

The deal with the game is that you take whatever fortune you get, read it, and add “between the sheets after.” For example – “This week you will be able to handle whatever comes your way between the sheets.” That’s what she said. Sounds like fun. More fun than a stupid MRI anyway. However, it didn’t seem appropriate to play yesterday at PF Changs since it was just me and the kids. So we played spin the bottle and quarters instead.

Are you superstitious about stuff?

Handling whatever comes my way,



  1. Did lucky then quickly knock it off his nose and eat it?

    Do you knock it off your forehead and eat it?

    Maybe "between the sheets" of toilet paper?

    Your blog just causes me to ask more questions!

  2. I'm very superstitious ... I never like to be first on posts!

    Second is much better.

  3. *crossing my fingers* for good news

  4. Ever notice that fortune cookies very rarely contain fortunes? Usually they're just weird advice or sort of faux-fortunes. I wonder who writes them, anyway.

    As for "between the sheets", I've always said "in bed" after I read the fortune. Maybe it's a Midwest thing.

  5. Well, I hope (given the emphasis on turds around here sometimes) that that doesn't mean you are going to find a turd... between the sheets! Sending positive hip-healing vibes your way!

  6. Terris comment made me LOL. Im not too superstitious.

  7. Sending positive thoughts your way for GOOD NEWS with the MRI!!! Personally I like the other side of the message which usually teaches us to speak Chinese like Gunggungchicke (Bus). This is how you say it not write it for I don't know how to use those characters on my keyboard.

  8. What kinda fortune is that? Yea- I'm superstitious, but I think that fortune was written by a substitute writer, or something...really, really lame.
    Sending you good vibes for the MRI!

  9. Some posts ago, you were talking about sports bras. Here's some suggestions: http://www.smosh.com/PC/smosh-pit/photos/25-super-cool-bras

  10. superstitious.. sometimes esp before a race. My husband once untied my shoes and I about FREAKED OUT!!!!

  11. i'm sending major good vibes your way lady. and my friends were more blunt with that game: we always said "in bed". we still are actually.

  12. Played between the sheets this morning. superstitious No! LUCKY :-) YES.

  13. we also say in bed...

    supersticious...as a coach yes (been coaching basketball for over 20 yrs)...I have all these stupid things I have to do or else I think we will loose...it is quite ridiculous..but after 20 + yrs not much I can do about it !!!
    hoping all goes well for you! come on now!

  14. so are they saying that you didn't handle what came last week worth a damn.....thats rather rude of them.

  15. Between the Sheets! Ha-I was almost going to type that I played that game with my dad before!!! CREEPY! Truthfully though my husband introduced that little fortune game to my dad at a classy family dinner! We are classy folk you know!

    Sending every possible good vibe I can muster to you and throwing a few prayers in for good measure!

  16. We add "in bed" to the end of ours, same difference. :)

    I'm sure all is well with your MRI. Positive thinking helps! You'll be great.

  17. 9 1 1 -nuff said.


  18. We always add "in bed."

    Speaking for fortune cookies, have you seen the Upright Citizen's Brigade sketch about fortune cookies? I think you can just google for it and find it on Comedy Central's website. We block those sites at work or I'd pull it up for you.


    I once got a fortune in college that said "You will be invited to a karaoke party."


  19. PF Changs = yum. I'll need to remember that game.

    I know you'll get GREAT news.

    So funny that you have inspired a shirt! I think they should invite you to the party.

  20. Love it, but I have always used "in bed" instead of "between the sheets"! Might to mix it up!

    Give Lucky a hug for me!!

  21. At the PFChangs in my town, there was a really sour employee that was fired awhile ago. they were really upset about it apparently so they bought those really dirty, perverted fortune cookies and mixed it in with the regular cookies. People got quite the surprise.
    Your fortune was definitely good! Hoping for good results!

  22. Like everything else, only you can make the fortune positive or negative. Two more sleeps - just be careful with those sheets.

  23. That fortune is interesting.

    I'm wondering what it means too!

    So this week "you will be able to handle" whatever comes - as opposed to the usual mental and social breakdown that you usually experience?

  24. yes, we always just add "in bed" after our fortunes. Makes it fun.

  25. I try not to be superstitious... but sometimes its inevitable

  26. I think the fortune has to do with the bathing suit issue...and the lifeguard...

  27. We also always used "in bed", but "between the sheets" sounds a little more classy.

  28. I'm with Deb and "in bed." I'll take trashy over classy.

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