Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who’s Steve?

Ken gets me a new Christmas ornament every year. I started this tradition during our first Christmas together when I excitedly proclaimed, “We should get each other a new ornament every year!”  These are the kinds of things we girls say because it sounds really cute and very couple-like.  Kind of like writing your own vows and wearing matching sweaters and asking each other what the other is thinking when it’s quiet. My guess is men might hate these things, but I don’t know for sure. Do you?

Since I’m all about being cute and bossy and controlling, I insisted that this ornament thing happen.

Yesterday was our 15th Christmas in marital bliss. I stopped giving ornaments about 14 Christmases ago. I’m lame. But, NOOOO, Ken had to continue, just to show me up. Little characteristics of our personalities continue to emerge over the years, and his adherence to the ornament rule gives him points for continued determination, dependability and creativity.  I just continue to get more controlling and crude.

In reality, those gifts are my favorites every year because they’re nothing if not unique. You can see some others HERE.

This year ornament boy really outdid himself:


If you watched this video of me skydiving in September, then you know the minute I hit ground I looked at the photographer and said, “Holy Shit, Steve!” Hence, the ornament.

Good relationships are about remembering and honoring the little stuff. Giving gifts that tell the receiver, “I know you. I love you. I care about what you care about.”

Holy shit, Ken. You outdid yourself again. (I also got an iPad, which might have scored some additional points).

Get anything good this year?

Back with MRI results tomorrow,


PS: If you want to read about someone who is less materialistic than I, and truly gets the meaning of Christmas, go HERE.


  1. That is awesome! We had the same plan. It fell apart at year one. LOL. Your husband rocks!

    I got a pain free run for Christmas and a handmade medal display rack from my dad. The ipad happens after Christmas. ;o)

  2. Wow your husband sounds amazingly cute :).

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  4. oh wow! That is awesome. My husband would be great at that, too! It would just be getting him to do it...

    He did get me bike tires this year, though! He knew JUST what would make me happy :-)

  5. Amazing! I don't believe that will be on my bucket list :)

  6. Loved that you liked this better than the ipad ;p Very sweet =)

    Merry Christmas! =)

  7. That is great and how cool that he took the time to put something together like that for you! Not to mention the ipad...

  8. Great story. I'll pass on the skydiving though! LOL

  9. "Cute and bossy and controlling". Sounds like my wife! Come to think of it, sounds like most wives, only some are more or less cute. So he keeps getting you the ornaments. Why are you surprised? You told him to. That's us men, obedient.

    The trouble with asking what you're thinking when it's quiet, is that no women, or certainly no woman I've ever met or heard of, really understands that "nothing" can be true. Think of other large mammals snoozing in the sun after a meal. Cats of any size. Polar bears. Wolves. They aren't thinking of anything, just enjoying the experience. Same with guys. Naturally, that state doesn't exist for long. Then we think about sex, but often we can't admit that.

    I used to think about trying skydiving, but once I figured out all the things that could go catastrophically wrong with the experience, and what the odds really are, I stopped thinking about it.

  10. I love the ornament!
    Ipad is ok also!!!
    I got a GARMIN!!!!

  11. That ornament is AWESOME! Thoughtful and hysterical is the best combination.

  12. Awesome ornament. Love your description of the "men vs. women" thinking. Your husband gets extra points for keeping up that tradition.

  13. That ornament is awesome!! I do the same thing every year with the ornaments. I let my kids get a special ornament each year, then I pick out ones for me and my husband based on something that happened during the year.
    This year, I got a "marathon" ornament b/c I did my first marathon this year. I actually love the tradition b/c it's fun to look over all the ornaments from years past!

  14. I got a NOOK! I wanna read a million books at one time. Love the ornament!

  15. That's so cute! I love that he thought it out! My husband wanted to exchange gifts and bought me a gift card. Gee thanks.

  16. Love the ornament!! My hubs surprised me with a Garmin!!

  17. Great gift and that video is awesome. I had never seen it before. I wish I would have before the AP.

    Anyway the look when they tell you that you are going up 2.5 miles is precious. Imagine being told to run 2.5 miles and you think nothing, but told you are going up that high and the face looks like you just shart a brownie....LOL!

    But once you are out of the plane that face turns to true happiness. Maybe sh*t smiles but still smiles.

    Karen got me a spedil and a lap counter and I bought her a new pair of running shoes.

    Life is grand and thanks for the link. Appreciate it tremendously.

  18. that is an awesome ornament! Ken gets lots of points for that (and the ipad is pretty cool too if you can keep it away from your kids)

    I got a new Cervelo P2 bike frame :) and an empty box that should have had some cool aerobars (they were out of stock)....

  19. Man, that Ken is Da Man. If I swung from the other side of the plate, I'd steal him away from you. I watched the video.....rad.

  20. omg that is the best ornament ever! my parents have done the same thing with the kiddos but the ornaments have never been as great as that. for real.

  21. Ken rocks! So does that cute little ornament. Hope you had a FABULOUS Christmas.

    Winks & Smiles,

  22. My son, who is stationed in Afghanistan, sent his father and me EACH an iPad this year. I was stunned. I wish he wouldn't spend his money on us, but my husband reminded me that when I got big gifts for my parents I wanted them to be excited about them - so, we were excited! But I still wish he'd spend his money on himself!

  23. LOVE the ornament - and your PS made me laugh because, Jason is a GREAT guy and I didn't even have to click the link to know where you were going there :)

  24. We still do the ornament thing. Granted I've been doing it since I was young so I just continued it with Hunni.

    I got a Nook which I love and have read a ton just since getting it.

  25. Ok, I am loving the new 'Beth' ornament - your hubby is good!!!

  26. I seriously didn't know that men like him existed.

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  28. Ken sounds like a keeper . . . But you already knew that! The ornament is GREAT! Too funny and so thoughtful.

    Lucky you - iPad - very cool. I want one - but really don't need it - but heck when has that ever stopped me.

    Merry Post Christmas . . . It is off to work I go!

  29. awwwwwwwwwwwww... LOVE the ornament

  30. Great ornament! That's a good man you snagged. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!

  31. Ha - nice! I'm sure that he had to do very bad things to find something like that. You should buy him another ipad so that he has a spare.

  32. Your hubby rocks! i love sentimental gifts! :) i remember this post last year! wow ive been stalking you for a long time... after this many years does it make us friends? id hope! :)

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