Monday, December 6, 2010

A Morning in Pictures

Yeah, it’s the everyday things that make life grand, n’est-ce pas? (If you didn’t know I spoke French, I don’t, but I used to. I like to throw in a phrase every now and again just so I feel like I’m using my college degree).

This is how it goes down around here in the mornings. After shoving kids out the door and dropping them at school, I head to the pool. Watch out because it’s about to get really fascinating up in here (this is where I’m trying to be like Bob on the Biggest Loser, “It’s about to get really crazy up in her for this last chance workout. It’s time for some vomiting and crying up in here.”):

{So rry about poor picture quality. All from my phone.}   <- that was my best Emz  imitation. I don’t know how she does it. That took me f o r. f r e a k i n g. e v e r

Heading into the pool:


Not my car, but there are clearly like-minded people at the pool. Mr. Ironman and marathoner just needs an SUAR sticker to make it all complete. I’m so slapping one on there.


Swiping my card to get in. Chick thought I was nuts when I asked to take her picture. At least she smiled:


The locker room, I like to pretend I am a famous football player in here:


The necessary gear for any respectable pool runner.


Putting on the suit. That’s all you’re going to see. That white part is not a pad. It’s part of my suit. As if I’d wear a pad in the pool. Now that would make for a good post. Clean up, lane 3!:


Today’s workout. Brought to you by Pfitzinger. Yes, that’s 52 minutes of water running. I told you I was a stud:


Full frontal clothed view. I shaved


Where it all happens. Pre-pussy posse arrival:


Getting ready to get in and feeling pretty serious about it:


You know who these ladies are. It’s the posse:


Post workout treat. I was ordering and taking a picture, not realizing they can see you! Yes, friends, big brother Starbucks drive thru has a hidden camera. The lady said, “Wait, are you taking a picture?” Damn straight.


They even let me take their picture:


And all this business was before 9:30 a.m.!!

What’s your morning/day like in pictures?

Smelling like chlorine,


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  1. 52 minutes - that is crazy long! And you cannot even tell that you have your waterproof kitten mitten on, that is sleek.

  2. AWESOME! :)
    Sounds like you had a great day!
    52 minutes of water running though!? I hope you listen to some awesome tunes in your iPod!
    ha I my day? I slept in too late, had a fabulous breakfast and now I am trying to decide to go to the gym now, or go later so I can watch the Jet's game while working out...tough decisions! :)

  3. That's a fantastic idea, a day in pictures... I love it! I don't think I could do this on a work day, though. I would probably lose my camera to the corporate enforcers, and possibly my job. NOT that I would mind THAT much, at least I would have more time to run while homeless.

  4. Ha, love it!! And who knew Starbucks had a camera at the drive thru....creeeeeeepy.

  5. You need one of those spy-cams to be more discreet with your photo-journalism documentation of your daily routine.

    I will try to play along...

  6. Wow! 52 mins in the pool, WITH the pussy posse - very impressed!
    By far, your mornings are way more interesting than mine :)

  7. Hate to tell you, every drive thru has a camera. I worked fast food all through high school and it funny to see what people are doing, when they think you cant see them.

  8. Jeez. No more nose picking at Tim Horton's. Gotta say though I'm very jealous of a Starbucks drive-through so close. I can walk to 3 Starbucks from home but have to get out of the car when I drive. Sucks.

    Oh, and when you started out with "dropping" the kids off, I thought this was going to be another one of THOSE posts.

  9. Darn - who knew they had a camera at Starbucks! Now I have to wear CLOTHES when I go through the drive-thru!

  10. You have a degree in French? Moi aussi, mon ami! Do I use it? C'est un grand, gras, NON! Merde!!! Except it allows me to kick some serious butt while watching Jeopardy. Totally worth the student loan hanging over my head.

    Love your blog! You rock!!!

  11. At my old gym they would never ever allowed to take pictures. Once they bitched about my son taking a video of me swimming (I was trying to check my form). We were the only people in the pool!

  12. Up to 52 minutes! Kudos to you. Come 1/1/11 you will be strong and ready to hit the road with no worries!

    Cameras in drive-thrus? Will be on my best behavior from now on.

    And my day has been good but boring, no pics: get up, eat, get coffee, walk 10 steps to my office (still in jammies), work awhile, change, go do a 30 minute hills workout, then back home to work.... average morning routine.

  13. I didn't know SB had cameras in the drive thru either until one day I was ordering my paragraph long drink and the guy taking our order started laughing hysterically at my husband making faces at me/my order. Awesome.

  14. Fun post in pictures! Way to knock out 52 minutes of pool running! Woohoo!

  15. You should just start covering up 26.2 stickers with SUAR stickers! Just not mine...

  16. That's kind of creepy that they have a camera at the drive through. Now I just want to screw with their heads.....

  17. I love how you point out that the white thing is not a pad. I snorted. That funny.

  18. Dont think I didn't notice those killer gloves.

  19. Patrick - yep Target special. Spent .50 on them.

  20. I like stripey knit stuff. Don't know why.

  21. The lady at the front desk of the gym definitely looks a little like "who is this crazy lady?" but at least she was a good sport and smiled for you. Do you think when you walked away she told all her gym worker friends about it and asked them if they knew that lady taking pictures with her phone was? or did she know you?

    So glad I know about the camera at Starbucks now. Had no idea.

  22. Splendid! I especially like the locker shot.

  23. my las vegas expo had me noticing some shirts that said, "shut up & run" with the symbol for "and". you might look into copyrighting/trademarking you blog title and (&) stickers before someone else does?

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I got my SUAR sticker the other day! I need to find the perfect place to stick it and I'll send you a picture.

    I wish I could have had the same dedication to the pool when I was injured. I hated it with such a passion and felt like such a total loser in the water. I still have to plug my nose everytime I go under water. You should've seen the snobby looks I got from the "real" swimmers.

    2010 will be over before we all know it and that means you'll be running again, and we can back to the poopie stories that I miss!

  26. btw n'est ce pas is the cooliest sounding phrase. crazy english types need to use it more often.

  27. Yes you need to slap a sticker on that car. And I'm glad you like the pool running article.

  28. Yay! I love "A Day in the Life"! Creepy about the drive-thru camera. We didn't have those when I worked at McDonald's!

  29. Ahahaha! That white part of the suit, it's called a gusset. Worst freaking word ever!!!!

    haha! I found out Starbucks had a camera when my little sister started working there so now I smile and wave first hoping they don't charge for a an extra espresso shot.

  30. You look serious and ready to workout!

  31. Very excellent idea indeed. A day in photos....might have to borrow that from you.

    And not be all high and mighty but maybe 26.2/IM is a WO-man. It is possible you know.

  32. All the best bits of the day happen before 9:30. From then on it's seriously down-hill.

  33. No Jason. It could not be a woman. Woman do not do IMs or marathons. Ever.

  34. I did some laps in the shower.

  35. That is such a baller idea. A morning in pictures... hmm... perhaps I'll have to document my morning tomorrow and make a blog post about it! Genius. Don't worry, I'll give all credit to you!

  36. Love the pictures :) Enjoyed seeing your morning.. My morning just involves lots of stuff.. Imagine a nurse only at home and with mental patients (me being the mental one!)

  37. Niiiiice. I can imagine the looks while taking some of those pictures. We need a hat... "Shut Up and Smile"... cause we're about to take your picture!

  38. Dude!! I am totally going to steal this idea :) A day in pictures is great and tomorrow will be jam packed so very busy fun!
    You need to get some SUAR magnets so you can slap them on peoples cars without them getting mad and finding you out!!
    Have a great day stud!

  39. cute!! it's 9:42 and i have no pictures other than bed to show. but it's off to the gym now...

  40. Was that just an awkward photo or do you have several hammer toes? We may have to have a talk about proper foot care...

  41. Love. the. photos. (that was my EMZ imitation :)

  42. How.

    d I d


    M i s S


  43. LOL @ the EMZ impression. I don't know how she does that either. It takes forever!!

    I laughed out loud at the mental picture of you slapping your sticker on random people's car. DO IT and post the video!

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