Monday, November 8, 2010

Nine Week Stripper Training Plan

I’m off to the pool for some DWR (deep water running, duh!).  Thanks to Kathy for directing me to Pfitzinger’s Water Running Training Plan. Now I am convinced there is a training plan for anything you want to do. Want to become a stripper? Check out Candy’s 9 Week Plan to Making 100 Dollar Bills a Night.

Today's workout:

5 min warm-up
2 sets of 5x1:30 hard
(30 sec easy recovery)
(2 min easy btw sets)
5 min cool down

Total workout = 32 min

You can do anything for 32 minutes, right? Kovas was kind enough to point out 10 reasons why water running doesn’t suck on his blog today. I think he was directing this post at me. My personal favorite is, “if ever you long for a surrogate granny, there are plenty of gentle, smiling faces in the therapeutic lap lane.” You don’t get that at the track, so suck it you sprinters.

I leave you with these. I am not a teacher, but I was once a student for 18 years.

Why Teachers Drink.....
















Looking forward to getting wet,



  1. Thanks for making me laugh this monday morning. So, if you get to the point where you can never run again are you saying stripping is in your future?? lol

  2. All right, now you are the DWR guru forever more!

  3. Sweet! As an educator -- I have seen many answers like these. Too funny.

  4. no link for that stripper how-to? shame on you ;)

    as someone who debated going into teaching (and is considering it for a year before i go to med school) i laughed so hard. you almost have to give credit to those answers!

  5. Hahahaha - thanks for the laugh. Have fun at the pool - I have to try to get a workout in today, too - blech!

  6. Watch out for those grandmas at the pool. They'll lull you into a false sense of security, and then ... BAM ... they're on you like a monkey on a cupcake. It's a rough crowd.

  7. "Looking forward to getting wet" She says. LOL

  8. Those are all funny. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  9. This is awesome.

    Like when . . . .

    I saw a car from ALASKA and asked the Pita, "how'd they got that car here?"

    They do students/adults/blonde's a HUGE dis-service by putting Alaska in a square box in the lower left hand corner of a map.

  10. wow. what a dissapointment. I was expecting some cool new stripper moves :( no pole-no super high heels-no link-nothing!!
    thanks for the laugh-those are funny!!

  11. LMFAO at Emz's comment!!

    There truly are training plans for everything. Glad you are keeping busy in the water!

  12. Water running training plan? How great is that. Have fun and thanks for the laughs!!

  13. have fun with the water running! hahaha! Those problems you posted are hilarious!! lol...

  14. Gotta love the stuff kids do :) They are our future you know, we are totally screwed.

  15. I love the first one with the "x"! You don't know how many times in calculus class I SO wanted right something like that!

    Do they have a water stripper training class? Because THAT would be interesting!!

  16. AWESOME! I love adolescents! (THANK GOD mine are still toddler/kindergarten! LOL!!

  17. Well, I must say Candy's plan sounds more enticing than Pete's...Way to stay determined and get out there!! Honestly, doesn't 32 minutes in the pool seem like 2 hours on the me anyway! Hope it went well-LOVE the little homework funnies-that is totally something my oldest daughter would do!

  18. Hahaha!
    Hmmm...a stripper with crutches - I'm sure there is a fetish that matches up! LOL!
    Keep up the good work in the pool, it will pay dividends!

  19. Aqua jogging is hard work! Thanks for your plan, I'll have to use this in the future!

  20. Huge kudos the water-jogging queen here!! It takes a Lot of patience, especially since it's a little dangerous to bring the iPod into the pool...

  21. Should have read it before I started my day today. Really could have used some laughs.

  22. Ha! Great post! Love the student blurbs! Made my evening! :D

  23. What a rip off. I read this post twice to see if I missed the mention of strippers. What did I get for my effort!? No strippers, I'll tell you that much.

  24. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious!! I posted it on my facebook page so don't be surprised if you get a few more followers as a result;)

  25. Funny! I guess I took my tests too seriously.

  26. Hey ... this is exactly how I passed my MBA!

    "innovative" was the comment from the professor ... "INNOVATIVE!!!"

    Chris K at BQ or Die went through training in a tub (or pool) ... I think it does at least keep you busy.

  27. From one former math teacher: your plan lacks one HUGE detail:
    Strippers don't make money from being fit...they make money from having sales skills.

    Teaching sales is so much more fun than teaching algebra!

  28. OMG that last one from Peter had me laughing out loud. That was TOO funny! I'm glad you found the (other pete) link helpful - I would do the x-country running during the rests (between intervals) but I'm not sure that's a good idea with your hip. At any rate you get a VERY different workout from it. I didn't hate it much until about a month in.

  29. I will NOT be showing my son these homework and test samples. He doesn't need help "trying" to be funny.