Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 4: Injury Update

I don’t like it, but I’ve gotten used to not running. I know running and races are in my future, so I try to see the big picture. Kind of like when you’ve given up chocolate for Lent. If you know you'll have it again, it makes it a lot more bearable.

Most of all, I’d like to get rid of the crutches and just be able to walk again. I miss going to the grocery store alone while hungry and buying crap we don’t need. Ken has been a huge help taking my lists full of requests for hominy, hummus, ricotta and scouting the store for these items. But, like a good shopper, he sticks to the list and does not deviate. No impulse buys. No Ho-Hos and Cheez Whiz.

While I’ve held it together pretty well considering the circumstances, I have had moments of falling apart. Last night I got in an argument with Emma, my 9 year old.  She was upstairs so I surreptitiously (big, fancy, SAT word) crutched it to the pantry and took her 10 lb. Halloween treat bag. I had barely gotten to the couch and made my way through a fun sized box of Dots when she came in the room. Oh shit. I tried to hide the overflowing bag, but didn’t have time.

Emma: MOM! What are you DOING? That is my bag. My candy. You have to ask me!!

Me: C’mon. Really? You need to share. You’ve got ten stinking pounds of candy. CAN’T YOU SHARE?

EmmaMOM! That is mine. I went out and got it for myself. I had to wear a box to get that candy!


Then it occurred tome she was right. She did wear a box around the neighborhood and this is her candy. She earned every gram of sugar. The least I can do is ask permission. I know she will say, “No” which is why I didn't ask in the first place, but still. You have to give respect to get respect. Another reason I need to go to the grocery store for Twinkies.

I am making progress with this damn injury, be it it slowly. Here’s how the week shook out:

Monday: Blood work including a metabolic workup to see if I have some sort of deficiency or absorption problem that could be leading to the stress fractures. Low mood day overall. Not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. The weather was absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. Shitty, cold and rainy would have fit my attitude and would have made it easier not to run. My mom brought a yummy Greek dinner – Pastitsio (Greek version of lasagna) – and that helped matters.

Tuesday: Dexa Scan (bone density test). Again, to see if my bones are weakening. Another possible cause of the fractures. Mood was somewhat lighter. One week until I see the sport’s doc again and can (fingers crossed) ditch the crutches. Chipotle for dinner. A burrito the size of Texas always cures what ails ya’.

Wednesday: First workout in 27 days. Went swimming. Did about 35 lengths. Very little pain, just some achiness in the beginning. No post-workout pain. YES! Felt wonderful to be moving again and to get my heart rate up. Started taking a holistic food-based calcium supplement that is easily absorbed. I also got some a women’s multivitamin made by the same company. Cheap prices and free shipping at

calciumOur Food-Based Calcium™ product is a holistic, whole body calcium system, formulated with magnesium to support bone and muscle health.  Important nutritional cofactors such a vitamin D ensure optimal assimilation to create a difference you can feel - in just one tablet a day.




Thursday: One hour of water running. I could feel some pain in my piriformis area.  This is the type of pain I had throughout my whole training cycle. I thought it was just an inflamed muscle. Now, I wonder if it is related to the hip injury and might have been a warning sign. Didn’t love water running, but I will do it if it keeps me in shape. Again, mood was better since I was moving and feeling like I kinda sorta got running back.

Friday: Not so great day. You might have read about it HERE. No workout, but I did get in a couple of glasses of wine and a frozen pizza. I read through the injury chapter of Brain Training for Runners.  The author believes runners can outsmart injuries by dong two things:

  1. Running more naturally – the author switched to a pair of minimalist running shoes to correct gait and stride flaws. 
  2. Never running in pain – he had zero tolerance for pain while running. If it occurred, he stopped. Didn’t start again until he could run pain free.

Saturday: Back to the pool. Swam 1600 yards (64 lengths) doing this workout:

Warm up (free): 200
Swim, Kick, Pull, Swim: 4 x 100
Pyramid (free): 4 x 50 (60 secs), 3 x 100 (2 mins), 2 x 150 (3 mins), 1 x 200 (4 mins).

There was more to do with this workout, but I was sick of swimming and ready to call it a day. Plus, there was some chick in my lane who kept hitting me each time we passed. I think she was actually hitting ON me, but I’m not sure. I get my swim workouts HERE if you’re interested. This is #38.

Sunday (today): Another beautiful weather day. I take the high road and bless all the runners on the roads and trails. I even include Jared from Subway and Edison Pena (Chilean Miner) who are running in NYC today. Secretly I have made voodoo dolls of them all and sit in the bathroom with stick pins. If Jared finishes the marathon with a knife in his back, you’ll know why.

I see the doc on Tuesday, we will review my next steps and my test results. Crutches, be gone!!!

One day at a time,



  1. Hang in there. Hoping for good news the next time you see your doc!

  2. Glad things are going well! Great job with the cross-training. Fingers crossed you can ditch the crutches!!! Wierd, my initial pain was in the side of my hip and quickly moved to my butt (then to my groin and front of my thigh) I went to the chiro who thought I had a piriformis problem. I would molest a dang tennis ball on the floor trying to work out what I too thought was an aggravated muscle. Hope the test results come out positive! I can just imagine how glad you will be to get some freedom back!

  3. major fingers crossed that you get off those crutches soon!

    smart kid you have there too :)

  4. I think I've probably sneaked about half my kids' candy... of course I walked them around the blocks so they owe it to me no? I'm glad they aren't old enough yet to realize the parentals don't really have the right to take a candy tax...

    I use those swim workouts too, I feel so much cooler now, knowing you do too!

    Here's to hoping your recovery period passes quickly and beneficially for you...

  5. Sure hope your Tuesday DRs visit is a good one, will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  6. I think you will be up around sooner than much as you may not like the water stuff, you are at least doing something.

    Halloween candy...for the first time in my life I have absolutely no interest in my boys candy, unbelievable....

    Last...I have never run pain free. It takes at least a 1/2 hour to get all the joints lubricated and my brain to accept that I am not going to quit, no matter how many good excuses I have...maybe he needs to define what pain is? 1 advil, 2 advil 3 advil 4!!!!

  7. Now we just wait to hear the results. I'm hoping they find something that's fairly easily rectified.

  8. Google aqua running workouts. I alternated between Pfitzinger's and doing a x-country type of "running". Aqua running is your brain on drugs. except then you want to kill yourself. Gawds I wanted to die after a month of it. Thinking good thoughts for your test results.

  9. Ouch, busted by the kiddo. The really crappy part is that it isn't like you could just swallow the dots really quick either. Those little buggers stick to your teeth like Lidsey Lohan to a bottle of vodka. Heyoooo

  10. Bring on Tuesday! Training for Kiev begins in earnest.

  11. So tough...but you are tougher. I know much water running sucks. And swimming when it's not your number one choice. Hopefully Tues. will bring some answers and some thing to work on to make sure it never happens again. Think of it this way--you've got four weeks down.

  12. Glad you are hanging in ... even if it's by a thread sometimes. I hope you get some answers and ideas moving forward to avoid another SF.

  13. Emma's costume was awesome!
    I wonder how Jared did today too. What's his last name again?

  14. Rio - he ran a 5:13. Last name Fogle.

  15. Swimming in the water is much better than running in it.

    Take a deep breath and try to relax. If that fails, you can also steal a twinkie when the kids are at school.

  16. Like others have said, hang in there! I'm sure you're anxious to get your test results back. Hopefully you'll be able to get some answers as to why it happened! Keep up with the swimming! It's great cross training for when you get to run again!

  17. Love her costume!

    And I love her attitude! I think it is hilarious how these kids think sometimes :)

  18. Stop right there and get out of your non-running funk. Hello, MOM makes the candy distribution rules!

  19. Hang in there!! I sooo know how your feeling!! I HATED aqua jogging and frankly only did it until I got my fracture confirmation, then I just sat home and sulked LOL!! I too had my bones checked. Mine were fine. You have such an awesome attitude! Can't wait to here about your come back!

  20. Hold on. The day will soon be here and you can lace up and head out. The injury will heal.

    You must be a super swimmer! My hubby and I are taking a class at the local college. I'm hating every minute of it because I get SO COLD! Hubby wants to do a triathlon. I USED to want to do a tri but then go in the pool and thought: NO WAY!

  21. I feel like ive gotten used to no running too.... boy oh boy it will be hard to get back at it again!

  22. Oh the shame...stealing from kids again!

    Keep up the recovery. It will all be history before you know it.